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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on ABC

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  • Shannon

    Shannon's first centric episode brings forth how undeveloped her relationship with Sayid has been, as well as leaving the main plot once again with the Tailies, whose events seem to be dragged out more than they need to be.
  • Awesome.

    Shannon believes that Walt is on the island and begins searching for him. With Sawyer near death, Ana Lucia and the tail section survivors travel to the camp of the fuselage survivors. Mistaking Shannon for one of the Others, Ana Lucia shoots and kills Shannon. In flashbacks, Shannon deals with her father's death. Sayid and Shannon get it on. shannon keeps seeing Walt and Sayid thinks she is crazy until the last minute before Shannon gets shot. I love the way Charlie tells off Claire because she woke the baby up. I love the Claire and John scene. I also love it when Sawyer cant walk anymore, and then they have to get him up the hill and then Cindy goes missing.
  • Can Impress.

    From the Writers Perspective:

    How you kill a character amd make her/his death to be a tragedy? This is exactly what the writers did.

    It wasn´t totally necessary and the Character dead mean nothing to me, but when they know that they need more audience and they don´t know a better way to attract attention, they kill someone.

    The trailer indicates that, because you start to think who will be killed and than, you watch the episode to discover who.

    Shannon Flashbacks explain her motivations and actions in the past, and connects with her actual situation, since this is the function of the flashbacks, explain the character actions, their bases.

    At Least, this drama can impress.

    My Point of View:

    The flashbacks + the death + the way that happened, made this episode deserves at least a 8.
  • It all ends in tragedy in the rain

    From the moment she crawled out of the rubble of Flight 815, Shannon Rutherford has been portrayed as a whiny, simpering prima donna who has done nothing for herself, and cared little for anyone, even her own stepbrother. The only flashback we've gotten of her is in Boone's during 'Hearts and Minds' where she seemed even more unsympathetic and practicing a bizarre sexual obsession. When we finally get to see that flashback in 'Abandoned', the differences are so striking, they're hard to believe.

    Shannon was an aspiring ballerina who seemed to have a affection for teaching, and who actually seemed close to her father. Then her life is upended. Turns out that her father was involved in the auto crash in which Jack met Sarah, and he did die immediately afterward. Her stepmother--- who treated her like dirt even immediately after the death of her father--- was more of a jerk then Shannon ever was--- and she demonstrates it by cutting her off from her money, and then isolating Boone from her by offering him a job to make sure that Shannon had no way to realize her dream of an internship in New York. Effectively, this gutted Shannon, and she was nearly destroyed. Ironically, she ended up turning into someone pretty close to her on the island, only here the stakes are far higher.

    And now that she had finally found someone who actually cares about her, the trust is broken when, not coincidentally, after having sex for the first time, Shannon sees Walt standing before. Like the other appearances, we still don't know why this is happening. Is Walt using his psychic powers to try and warn the other castaways. If that's case, why is he coming to Shannon, who he had almost no interaction with before they left on the raft?. The message we hear from Walt is jumbled (it turns out to be backwards) speak for "They're coming, and they're close./ But if the Others are nearby, why don't we see them at all? They don't seem to bear any kind of threat to the castaways, so why is Walt warning them? Is it because his father couldn't find him? Was he trying to get an message to Vincent? This strikes me as an important question, and it gets buried under the far less interesting dialogue of Shannon trying to convince Sayid that she's not crazy.

    Equally bizarre is Charlie's attitude towards Claire. For some reason, even though Aaron is exactly one week old, he somehow thinks Claire should be old hand at this, and considering her behavior over what little we've seen of her over this season, she seems to be doing a pretty good job. Which makes it odd that Charlie seems to be questioning her devotion to the baby. Its understandable that she should be frustrated that other people seem to know to know more about how to handle her a baby then her, but where does Charlie get off just saying that Claire was going to give her child up for adoption? When Locke hears about this, he seems a little bewildered but when he learns the secret that Charlie's been keeping, he no longer seems that he can trust the person he thought he'd saved. Nevertheless, he keeps his mouth shut to the others, and it will be someone who has no use for this kind of secret who will demand he answer for it.

    Really, the most interesting part of the story is on the other side of the island. Eko, Jin and Michael have made it back to Sawyer and the other Tailies, but now they face a worse crisis--- Sawyer's deterioration. He's having trouble walking by the time the episode starts, and by the end he looks like he's a dead man. (I certainly thought he was the first time I saw this episode) Ana Lucia has always seem high-strung, and now we learn why. Where the others seem to have been regarding the survivors on the beach with more passivity, the Others have been hacking away at the Tailies since night 1.Somehow, twelve members have been grabbed, and so swiftly that it's hard to believe.

    Then we have no choice but to believe it. While carrying Sawyer up a hill, one of the Taiilies is grabbed right while everyone seems to have their attention focused. We've seen how strong they can be, now they seem to have this ability to move like stealth throughout the jungle, and we don't know how or why, even now.

    Then the whispering starts, and both groups hear it this time, which leads to the biggest shock when Ana Lucia, in a panic, shoots Shannon. The two groups have finally linked up, but now something has instantly happen to guarantee that there will always be some lack of trust.

    Shannon's death came as something of a shock, but it didn't bother me as much as Boone's did. (And it was nice to see Boone again) Part of it was because I never felt a great deal of empathy for her, even with the flashback, and she was the character I liked the least. (At this point, I even liked Ana Lucia better than Shannon. Ana really had a far better reason to be afraid and angry.) Perhaps now that she'd had these life changing events she could have grown as a character, but considering her problem with trust and love, I doubt even Sayid could have managed to keep patient with her. 'Abandoned' isn't a bad episode, but it does suffer from the lack of presence of Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sun (were they all in the hatch during this episode?) IT also has a bunch of unpleasant characters in it, and some that we have actually grown found of starting to deteriorate Sawyer's sickening to the point of death, Charlie doesn't have faith in Claire, Locke, whose already losing faith because of the hatch is now losing it in Charlie, and Sayid will forever be marked by the death of Shannon. The fact that Shannon realized someone loved her moments before her sudden death seems even more wrong, especially I'm relatively sure this island isn't purgatory (popular fan theory up until Season 3) It's going to take awhile before things get settled, but there is more darkness coming.
  • its funny how they cleverly added 2 sudden tradgedies in 1 episode but i love it and it was very sad

    its funny how they cleverly added two sudden tradgedies in one episode but i love it and it was very sad. If only they were to put a little more action in it or let charlie get caught with the statue of mary. If that were to happen in my opinion this would be the one of the most appealing episodes yet. But i give it an average score for such an amazing drama. I also hate how there is a 100 word minimum for these reviews so i must continue to talk and type over and over and over and over.
  • Crossroads

    Tomé el camino más corto. Buscándote me apuré en pensar cómo. Dejé de lado las formas, los consejos que me dieron los amigos. Tomé el auto y me aseguré de que nadie me siguiera (nadie corre más rápido que Portad).
    Te llamé, te llamé a los gritos sobre The Black Crowes pero tan lejos estabas todavía.
    Llegué a tu puerta, desesperado ya. Toqué ese timbre destartalado, Nando al llamado. Vos en la bolsa y el mundo es mundo y da vueltas devuelta.
    Te bebí tan rápido que el negro del abismo se llenó de mí. Te fumé tan rápido que sobre tu alma morí.
  • We have the story of Shannon and Sayid, how their love for one another is growing, we also have Claire and Charlie and how they feel like they are an old married couple. We have Locke trying to play at peacemaker.

    Sayid surprises Shannon with her own little tarp covered hideaway full of romantic innards, it is a gift, but it certainly gets him into her good books. But the others are on their way to join the big group, and whilst they were resting up, Mr Eko, Jin and Michael rejoin them.
    As Sayid goes to get water, Shannon then sees, or imagines that she sees Walt.

    We have the flashback of Shannon, teaching Ballet and then getting a call to the hospital where her father was taken, after he had an accident (possibly with Sarah - Jacks wife), then to his wake where Boone comes back into Shannon's life.

    Claire has a long chat with Locke regarding her baby, she feels that everyone knows best for Aaron apart from her, she even said to Locke that she feels that she is married to Charlie but doesn't remember marrying him, then she says that he could be a religious freek as he carries a virgin mary statue around with him all the time. This didn't make Locke smile.

    Shannon has flashback to after the funeral, when she opens a letter regarding an internship in New York, only to find that her cheques have stopped clearing, at this point will find out that her father left it all to her stepmom. Then back on the beach, with her looking after vincent decides to go looking for Walt. She explains that Walt isn't on the raft, as they have found the message bottle, Sayid goes with her.

    Meanwhile the group travelling across the island have a problem as Sawyer passes out and in doing so, they have to cut across the island in order to save some time. Going up a steep incline, all of them helping with the stretcher, when they reach the top Cindy is missing.

    Shannon and Sayid get caught in a storm, Shannon spots Walt as the whispering starts, so does Sayid, Shannon chases after him, only for Sayid to react slowly in the chase, there is a gunshot and as Sayid catches upto Shannon, she falls into his arms. The other mini group is there, with the shot possibly coming from the one bullet left in Sawyers gun fired by their undesignated leader.
  • Shannon gets a suitable swan-song episode and after a slow start things build to an unforgettable climax......

    I was hugely disappointed by "Hearts and Minds", the Boone-centric episode from mid season 1 and I entered this episode with much trepidation. However, after a slow start this episode was surprisingly enjoyable and had more layers than it might have seemed.
    The flashbacks are relatively dull but the storylines are interesting. Shannon's stepmother was evil! Looks it too!
    However, I did find the Jack cameo in one of the flashbacks a nice touch and did connect up the dots with Jack's own flashback in "Man of Science, Man of Faith". We now know that Shannon's father, Adam Rutherford, was in the same SUV car accident as Sarah, Jack's wife to be and that Jack made a decision to save Sarah instead of Adam. That's now two Rutherfords that Jack has let die in front of him. Will there be a third???
    Flashbacks tend to slow things down, so it is just as well that the island events go at an equally slow pace for the first half-hour or so. And wonderfully the building tension of the island action subsequent to this is matched with building tension in the flashbacks, with the semi-argument between Boone and Shannon over the money, which is topped off by the sound of thunder on the island as the scene shifts. Nice moment!
    In the first part of the episode there are some nice moments. There is some early signs of conflict between Locke and Charlie surrounding Charlie's possessive affairs with Claire and her baby and, more concerningly, his re-attachment with heroin found in the Virgin Mary Statue.
    Other than Charlie, Claire and Locke none of the other survivors are covered. Hurley and Rose do a bit of laundry and Sayid spends most of the episode chasing after Shannon trying to convince her that she saw Walt only in a dream.
    Abandoned then is quite shallow but somehow it works on some levels. The writing and construction of the episode in leading us to the shell-shocking moment when Shannon is shot by Ana-Lucia is commendable, justifying the slow burn start.
    I was never a big fan of Shannon, so killing her off, was not a problem for me, even though in this episode, you couldn't help feeling sorry for her.
    But I dislike Ana-Lucia more. She is just so pushy, unsympathetic and impatient. Killing Shannon off was the final nail in the coffin. You have to hate her more. At this point in this season Ana-Lucia is just as much an enemy as The Others.
    They somehow made Shannon a more sympathetic character to audiences over time and with this episode. But how they choose to make Ana-Lucia more likeable over time, considering what has happened, will be interestingly. They did it with Sawyer, so who knows?
    "Abandoned" hardly pushes all my buttons and is still a weak effort from Season 2 but it has some nice tension throughout which keeps the episode moving along until the shocking climax. Reasonable effort.
  • A Shannon-centric episode.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as a whole, I really liked this episode an awful lot mainly because I've always been very intrigued by Shannon and her back story. I thought that this episode added a whole new level of depth to the character Shannon. Shannon's story line in this episode was without a doubt my favorite aspect of this episode. I can't believe that they killed off Shannon. That really makes me mad since I really liked the character Shannon. It was great getting to see Boone again since he was one of my favorite characters from season one though. I'm still really upset that they killed his character off the show. I also really enjoyed the continuation of the whole story line involving the "Tailies" and the people from the raft. Once again, I found myself really enjoying everything regarding Claire and Charlie in this episode since they've always been two of my favorite characters on the show. I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost by everyone involved. In closing, I just want to say that I think that this was another amazing episode of Lost, and I can't wait to continue watching my Lost: Season Two DVD set.
  • Boone: Death sucks, doesn't it?

    Shannon believes that Walt is on the island and begins searching for him. With Sawyer near death, Ana Lucia and the tail-section survivors come travel to the camp of the fuselage survivors. Mistaking Shannon for one of the Others, Ana Lucia shoots Shannon. Shannon remembers the events caused by her father's death. I felt sorry for Shannon in this episode after me hating her for many episodes it turns out that she was a good person and when she died I was shocked just like when Boone died.
    I was happy to see Boone back in her flashback and I thought this episode was average untill the ending.
  • Shannen was my favorite character :(

    I am sick of every show killing off my favorite characters. Veronica Donovan,Tweener and Sarah in Prison Break, Tara in Buffy the vampire slayer, Marrissa inthe O.C,Andrea in Ghost Whisperer, Prue and Cole in Charmed and now Shannen. Why did they have to kill her off ?!?! I mean why should her life be so tragic ? Her parents get divorced, then her father dies, then her brother dies an then she dies. :( This is so unbelievably sad and just when I thought hey Shannen is back. Well atleast we saw more of Boone. Shannen and Sayid have their first romantic night together and their last when Shannen sees Walt but when nobody believes her. Shannen is determined to go looking for him. But I don't get it, where is Walt coming from and how did Sayid see him too and where are all these whispers coming from ????? All these questions would get answered deeper into the show. In the beginning of the episode I thought it was going to be Sawyer who will die because of how serious his shoulder injury has become and then I heard a gunshot and bang I see Shannen falling into Sayid's hands. Why don't we see the hatch anymore ? and why where Sun,Kate and Jack not in the episode ? What bothered me even more was bringing back the heroine addicition for Charlie even though I thought her was over it. So many things made me angry in this episode but it was a good episode. The excitement is back and the writing is great, 10 out of 10 for the writing and the direction was good but the way everything was put together seemed chaotic. I cried for a whole day because of Shannen's death but it was a good episode I have to admit. Favorite character from this episode : Shannen .
  • Felt half baked...

    Well, this episode was better than the last 2, but it still felt dragged, and why on earth are the writers avoiding the hatch?

    I thought the visions of Walt by Shannon were masterfully done. Creepy, and it's just so... Lost. Reminds me of Locke's dream in Deus Ex Machina.

    The trek of the tailies come to an end in this episode, but a tragic end... the two groups have their reunion, but someone doesn't survive it - Shannon. Her death was very well done, with basically Walt leading her into it and her falling in Sayid's arms. Who killed her? Ana Lucia. Accidentally... That's going to cause some trouble.

    Unfortunately, not alot happened otherwise. The episode was setting up the big ending. The flashbacks were really good though. Shows why Shannon desperately needed money from Boone, and shows her character flaws. I thought killing her off after this was really cruel. It appears once you find redemption, you're dead.

    Overall, good episode, great but a sad ending, but it just lacked content..
  • Shannon's tragedy

    Shannon has flashbacks of when her father died. Boone appears! She also remembers when her step-mother wouldn't give her money and how she struggled financially.

    Sayid and Shannon spend a romantic night together, but things get weird when Shannon sees Walt again. Claire can't get Aaron to sleep so Locke helps. He learns that Charlie has the virgin Mary with the drugs in it. Charlie seems jealous of Locke. Sawyer is seriously injured now with his shoulder, so Eko builds a stretcher with Michael. Cindy is taken from the group. Michael learns more about why they are so paranoid. Shannon and Sayid search for Walt, but Shannon is shot by a scared Ana.

    This was a great episode! I can't believe that Shannon dies! I already knew it, but I kind of liked her! It was great to see Boone again! I don't like Charlie much. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Finnaly they meet up with the others.

    Shannon believes that Walt is on the island and begins searching for him. With Sawyer near death, Ana Lucia and the tail-section survivors come travel to the camp of the fuselage survivors. Mistaking Shannon for one of the Others, Ana Lucia shoots Shannon. Shannon remembers the events caused by her father's death. I felt sorry for Shannon in this episode after me hating her for many episodes it turns out that she was a good person and when she died I was shocked just like when Boone died.
    I was happy to see Boone back in her flashback and I thought this episode was average untill the ending.
  • "These people are smart, and they're animals and they could be anyway at any time. And if you think that one gun and one bullet is gonna stop them...Think again!

    Wow, it was sure an ending! Shannon dies in Sayid's arms. One of the best but saddest endings ever in LOST history.

    The episode began with Sayid and Shannon going into a tent that he built for her. Shannon saw Walt again. Could it really be Walt? I can understand why so many people couldn't believe her, but it doesn't change the fact that she was never believed throughout her past life. Knowing that someone will die on this episode, my mother for some reason automatically thought it was going to be one of the tailies..hmm.
    Things heated up when Cindy was taken while an unconscious Sawyer was being lifted up over a hill by the tailies. It's exciting, A big discussion over 'the others' came about. Ana-Lucia basically tells Michael that these people are smart and animals. It's shocking but true. Since no one was going to believe Shannon over her seeing Walt (again) she get's Vincent to help her out and the dog only leads her to her brothers grave; Boone Carlysle. Another important even is that Locke discovers Charlie's use of drugs and Charlie is questioned about this.

    In the flashback of Shannon (taking place 2-4 years back) her father dies because of a head on accident with Jack's old wife Sarah. She asks for some money from Sabrina, but she was turned down by that idoit. What a sad life for her!

    As the tailies continued on to Michael's camp, Sawyer is now in a life-threatening situation. Somehow, I knew he wouldn't be the one killed off. In conclusion, Sayid believes Shannon's story then he too sees Walt. This was the Shannon's fate. It was terrible, she was shot by one of their own. Blame it on 'the others'. It is a tragety, she was a nice person who didn't deserve to be killed. This death is one of the many terrible things to happen on this island.

    Overall: the death of Shannon and Sawyer's fall saved this episode from a lower score. It was a pretty good one, but not my favorite.
  • "I need you to believe in me."

    In Shannon's first full flashback episode, we get to see her fear of being abandoned. This causes tension and conflict in all her relationships-with her stepmother, with Boone, and she's even afraid of it continuing with her relationship with Sayid. Maggie Grace is a marvel in this episode, and, like Ian Somerhalder, saves her best performance for last.

    Shannon's story on-island is fairly basic, and actually pretty short. If it weren't for her being the character with the flashbacks, I might think that the tailies' journey through the jungle was the main plot, instead of the subplot. After a passionate night with Sayid, Shannon once again sees a ghostly version of Walt, dripping wet once again. As before, we can't understand a word he says, but the fear that Shannon feels is easily translated to the audience. The rest of her story is her quest to find the boy, all while Sayid is desperately trying to figure out what's going on with her. Vincent leads her to her brother's grave, where she reflects about her relationship with Boone before it went to a bad place, and they did nothing but bicker. The scene in the rain is what Shannon has been waiting for her entire life-someone to promise not to leave her, to help her, to be there for her (also, notice how what Shannon says to Sayid echoes Boone's words from Season 1, about being a joke and being worthless). Unfortunately, just as Shannon has achieved happiness, tragedy cuts across it. Another Walt sighting leads her to run through the jungle, and into Ana-Lucia's gun. Shannon's death is sad and all, but I always wish that her character would have been more complete before this episode. She hasn't been developed before this, and one gets the sense that her character was really only included to help develop Boone's character. It seems that now that Boone's dead, we can get rid of Shannon too, as she doesn't really have much left to contribute. That being said, I think the producers did a good job developing her in this episode, and her death does have an impact.

    The flashbacks for the episode are a refreshing change of pace, because instead of it being a second or third flashback for the character, we're treated to a brand new experience-Shannon appeared in Hearts and Minds' flashbacks, but they were from Boone's point of view. Other than that, we've only seen her flashing back in Exodus-Part 1, although that really has nothing to do with her past. The flashbacks also introduce the character of Sabrina Carlyle, Boone's mother. While Boone mentioned her in Season 1, and it sounded like she was an unpleasant person, we see that she is truly a terrible person. She has no sympathy for her stepdaughter, and when Adam Rutherford dies, she tells Shannon that she's not getting anything and that there was no will as casually as if Shannon asked for the weather. She not only refuses to give Shannon money to help her with her internship, but will not even give her son anything, because she suspects some of it, if not all of it, will go to Shannon. Sabrina's determination to make Shannon's life miserable stems from the woman's jealousy of how close Shannon and her father were. Apparently, Sabrina was never able to get as close to him as Shannon was. Lindsay Frost puts in an excellent performance as the evil stepmother, and she and Maggie Grace work really well together.

    It's also nice to see Shannon in a positive light. For most of the series so far, we've see her as a vapid, self-absorbed, yet resourceful girl. She can fend for herself if she absolutely has to, but if she can simply sit back and relax and let other people do the work, that's fine too. In the flashbacks, she's hardworking and very goal-oriented. Working sixteen hours a day is no easy task, and for her to be completely prepared to do that is a new side of her character, one that would have been something interesting to explore in a further flashback. Ian Somerhalder's reappearance is also very welcome. Even though Boone wasn't a huge part of Season 1, it's nice to have him back. Also, the flashbacks are supposed to take place two years before the crash. I don't know if it's the long hair, or the fact that he's not covered in the grime encrusting all the island residents, but Boone looks much younger than he ever did on the island, and if Shannon didn't speak to the fact that it was only two years earlier, I would have thought it was four or more, based on how young Boone looks. I love seeing Boone and Shannon in a workable relationship-they care about each other a great deal in this episode. The last flashback also explains where their rocky relationship started. Shannon felt Boone pitied her, and Boone apparently feels like Shannon didn't appreciate how he was trying to help. I think the flashbacks are very well done, and if Shannon survived the episode, I would certainly be willing to watch further flashbacks, provided they focused on this likable version of Shannon, and not the airhead version present in Boone's flashback.

    The events unfolding on the other side of the island prove to be very important to the end of the episode. There's lots of tantalizing hints about who the tail section survivors really are-we learn Libby was a clinical psychologist, there are more hints about Goodwin, and Ana-Lucia mentions that Eko was completely silent not too long ago. There's also the brilliant scene in the jungle when Ana finally explains why the tailies are as fearful as they are. The description of what the Others have done sends a chill down my spine every time I see it and, despite Michelle Rodriguez's overall acting problems/character problems, she plays this scene and, I think, the whole episode, wonderfully. Sawyer's collapse is also shocking to the audience, as he's become a fan favorite, and to kill him off would alienate a large number of fans. I do like Sawyer partially regretting what he's done before he passes out-he says, "I did leave you behind" to Michael, and I think it's good that Sawyer does have some remorse for not following after Jin and Eko, because he has really become a pretty good, likable guy.

    Of course, Cindy getting taken by the Others right under the group's noses really hits home to the audience how swift and dangerous the Others are. If they can snatch someone in broad daylight when seven other people (or six, depending on if you count Sawyer) are standing nearby, what can't they do? The accidental shooting of Shannon is shocking, and it's a great way to bring the two camps together. Instead of wandering onto the beach and saying, "Hi, I'm Ana-Lucia. This is Eko, Libby, and Bernard," the first thing that the tailies do upon meeting the fuselage survivors is kill one of them. This will give room for lots of story opportunity, especially for Sayid and Ana-Lucia.

    The last little story involves Claire, Charlie, and Locke. Charlie is becoming more annoying by the episode, as here he's shown bossing Claire around and acting like she's committing unforgivable sins by waking up her baby at night. Now, in his defense, Claire is making some bad decisions, and Charlie is being very helpful. Considering that Claire didn't ask him to help, he's being very generous. However, Locke shows up for five minutes and helps Claire out more in that situation than Charlie would have been able to given an hour and a half. Charlie expresses his fears about Claire to Locke later, and tells her about how Claire was going to give the baby up for adoption. It's only too clear why he does this. Charlie feels threatened by Locke. Claire accepting Charlie's help and being grateful for it is what Charlie has been seeking for years and years-to be needed. When Locke shows up and helps Claire, Charlie worries she may forget about him and move on. Therefore, he tries to show Locke he knows more about her, and I think it's also a subtle challenge. It's like Charlie saying, "I know this about Claire, and you didn't. Therefore, I'm better for her, so you can go back to the hatch and stay away from her." The only difference is that Locke does know about the adoption, so he subtly challenges Charlie by saying (but not saying), "But I did know that. So we're evenly matched/qualified. Your move." The scenes are played excellently by Terry O'Quinn and Dom Monaghan. Emilie de Ravin also does a great job, because she's caught in the middle of these two guys, yet doesn't know there's a tiny rivalry between the two. Locke learning of the heroin statue will be important a couple episodes down the road.

    Overall, I think this episode is excellent. As with the last episode in which a main character died, there's real heart in this one, and lots of emotional content stemming from Shannon. The flashbacks are well done, the subplots are all very fun to watch, the acting is great, the writing is excellent, the directing is superb, and Michael Giacchino once again contributes a great score, especially when he reworks the music from Pilot-Part 2 in the scene when Sawyer's "stretcher" is being pushed up the cliff. There are not a lot of flaws, and the ones there are don't really take any enjoyment away from the episode as you watch it.
  • Proof that the Lost team is capable of writing a tragedy...so capable I didn't miss Jack and Kate. (spoilers)

    In my opinion, Abandoned tells one of Lost's most poignant and original stories. Perhaps it's because I identified with Shannon from the beginning--an ordinary girl who, aware of her own limitations as well as false praise from others, challenges people to say she is extraordinary. This episode gathers every instance of abandonment in Shannon's life and forms them into a picture of the obstacles she's faced before and after the crash. In the painfully bittersweet final scenes, Shannon finally attains complete trust and loyalty from Sayid, and not a moment too soon.

    Approaching from the other side of the island, Michael and Jin lead the Tailies back to their beach, with an injured Sawyer bringing up the rear. Backed by a powerful musical theme, their struggle provides some excellent dramatic (and portentous) moments between the characters: Michael and Sawyer, Mr. Eko and Ana-Lucia, Sawyer and Jin, Ana-Lucia and Michael. Even the scenes on the beach added to the momentum leading up to inevitable future events....
  • I hate Anna-Lucia!!..........

    What a great episode, I mean, It rocked! We see more of Shannon's past.
    We see at the start that sayid invites Shannon into a tent on the beach, the tent he made specialy for them.
    They start kissing and that leads to something else! Later on, sayid leaves the tent to get some water and leaves Shannon.
    Shannon looks up and see's a dripping wet walt standing at the opening of the tent.
    Shannon screams at the top of her voice.Sayid runs in but Walt has left. The survivors are awoken and Sayid tells her it was only a dream.
    He tries to keep her, and everyone else calm.Shannon is very angry that Sayid doesn't beleive her.
    We see Claire arive at the tent with Aaron and Charlie gives out to her for waking him up.
    In flashbacks, we see a younger Shannon. She works as a ballet instructer with dreams of getting a prestigious intership for a New York dance company.
    Her father is killed in a car accident and things go bad. She has lost her father and doesn't get on well with her Step Mother, Sabrina.
    Boone is there for Shannon.She gets the internship but needs some cash for it to start up.
    She goes to Sabrina asking for her fathers money for her.She gives her nothing and tells her she needs to live herself.
    And as Shannon is literally kicked out of the only home she has ever known we see the pain on her face and know she is being pushed down a path that will change her forever.
    On the island, we see Claire getting annoyed at Charlie who questions her parenting skills.
    Locke helps her to get the baby asleep. She tells Locke, she barely knows anything about Charlie.
    She thinks he could be a religious freak because he has a bunch of Virgin Mary Statues.
    The same statues that carry heroin.And as this lands on Locke, we realize Charlie is walking a very dangerous line.
    On the otherside of the island, Anna and Eko are leadig the remains of their crew back to the Fuselodgers.
    They race against the clock of Sawyer's infection and the ever-present danger of the Others until silently and without warning, another of their clan simply disappears. Mistrust and paranoia reign as they fight their way through the jungle and into the driving rain -- never knowing they are on a collision course with tragedy just moments away.
    Elsewhere, Sayid tries to reconnest with Shannon. She ignores him and treks out into the jungle with Vincent to find walt.
    He cathes up with her and She tells him she knows he thinks she is crazy and that they found the message bottle from the raft. She knows he will leave her as soon as they are rescued. She knows this because everyone leaves her. So he should just go now. But Sayid tells her he believes her; promises her that he will never leave her no matter what happens.
    He tells her, he loves her.Suddenly Sayid see's Walt.Shannon see's him too and she is both scared and releived.
    She takes off after him into the jungle and it takes a moment for Sayid to jar himself into action. But that second is all it takes for life on this island to take yet another tragic turn. Bang, Bang. 2 gunshots are fired as we see Shannon stumble out of the jungle into Sayid's arms, bleeding in the chest.
    She is dead. Sayid looks up and see's Anna-Lucia with the gun, she is shocked, doesn't know what she has done.
    Sayid glares at her as dead Shannon lays in his arms.
  • It was all about Shannon. Great episode.

    It was all about Shannon. Great episode. I'm really sad because of what happened to Shannon. I really liked her and now I really hate Ana Lucia. It was great to Shannon's flashback and I regret that we can't see any more of them. There was suprising connection between Shannon, Jack and his wife (Sarah). We also saw Walt twice, he was wet and he was speaking backwords. We heard whispers in this episode. Walt and whispers caused Shannon's death, so I think that whispers are something very bad on this mysterious island. And finally... I hope there will be no more female character's deaths.
  • Review

    I thought that Shannons backstory was short and to the point, which is what I would expect from a character that isnt exactly the shows biggest star. I thought it was interesting to see her before she was all sneaky and mean to everyone, teaching a ballet class. The fact that her father was the same guy that Jack let die to save his wife was really interesting and I like the way that the writers wrote that into the storyline. Charlie and Claires island scenes kind of dragged the episode a little bit, with the only thing of not being Lockes awareness that Charlie now has a Virgin Mary statue with the drugs in it. I expect to see some cool Locke v Charlie drama in the episodes to come. The ending was amazing, with Sayid now also seeing Walt as well. That really confuses me as now I dont know what to make of Walts apprenrance. I thought it was all just in Shannons head, but now even Sayid is seeing things as well? Shannon getting shot and killed by Ana Lucia was devastating considernig that not moments before Sayid told Shannon that he loved her...It will be sad to see Shannons character go from the island scenes, but her flashback story with Boone had just about run its course.
  • another exciting episode

    While the survivors from the rear section of the Oceanic 747 walk through the forest along with Michael, Jin and Sawyer. Sawyer's condition becomes life threatening. Shannon gets vision of Walt. This episode continues the saga of the Oceanic survivors. It's a really cool episode, this episode flashbacks to Shannon and Boone. This episode follows the same mantra of season 1 but adds the element of the tail section survivors, it gives the show something more, it's really interesting, the drama is perfect, something not seen in many current drama shows. I just can't wait for the next episode, I liked this episode.
  • One of the few episodes that doesn't feature Jack or Kate.

    Although I love Jack, and I love Kate, it's nice to see an episode where they aren't the main focus. Consider this: each episode doesnt account for a weeks time like a lot of shows do; Lost episodes usually cover a day or so. After season one, only 2 months (give or take a few days) had passed. Do you really think they can only feature solely what's happening to a few characters, espcially when they have such a large ensemble?

    They could, but it it just isn't realistic. Since the episodes cover relatively short periods of times, it's realistic to see other people's problems. Kate and Jack need a break from all the drama.

    Besides that, I liked this episode in terms of the Charlie/Claire/Locke triangle, and that Locke inadvertantly finds out about Charlie's drug problems. Claire is starting ot realize... what right does Charlie have to tell her what to do with Aaron? He isn't the father! I love Charlie (my favorite character on the show) but why does he think he's got the right to take responsibility for Aaron when Claire never asked?

    Shannon's story was okay (her island story - the flashback storyline was better). Her stupidity shines as she wanders into the jungle with a yellow lab house pet. She was being a drama queen getting so upset with Sayid - sure, Sayid could have lied to Shannon to keep her safe, but Shannon had no right to be so stubborn other than the fact that she's a little princess. A hot princess. It's sort of her fault, what happened to her.

    Her flashback was pretty good though; it explains a lot about her. I don't understand why she'd take her dad's money and not Boone's, or why she's too proud all the time. I do understand why she acted the way she did on the island that night though, in the rain. She lost her father and was left with nothing, and for what? Her father left the money to her stepmom. I suppose that's why she's so stubborn.

    It's just too sad that she's gone, but really her character didn't add much to the show. Losing her, for Sayid, created a lot of drama in his story... Hm. 375 words is enough!
  • One of the Lost survivors won't survive the re-union of Flight 815 passengers.

    The tail-section finally reaches the main camp in this episode.

    But, the reunion isn't as smooth as people may think.

    The episode is Shannon centric. Her father is dead, so she's forced to live with her step mother. However, she's not willing to give Shannon money...

    Shannon tries to proove that she IS capable of making money and handling her own life.

    On the island, she sees Walt - who's appearently speaking backwards.

    Nobody believes her - so she decides to find Walt alone.

    On the other side of the island, Sawyer faints, so the survivors are forced to carry him.

    Shannon has vision of Walt again, but this time, Sayid sees it too. Shannon tries to chase down Walt, but instead of Walt, she runs into Ana.

    But let's not go so far. Ana and co are climbing a hill when Cindy goes missing. Also, they start hearing whispers. They are all terrified and start running. Ana suddenly hears someone running towards her, and without waiting for the person to show up, she shoots.

    Yes, Ana shoots Shannon.


    But still, it was one of those 'Oh my god' and 'You gotta be sh*ttin me' moments. Overally, very good character developing episode, with a shocking ending; but afterall, the passengers are reunited which also means the plot can move on.

    Shannon's a great loss, she was such a redeeming character.
  • A good episode with a sad ending

    The Tailies and Michael, Jin and Sawyer trek back across the island towards the losties camp, but back at the losties camp Shannon has a vision of Walt but Sayid doesnt believe her. It was a Shannon Flashback and it was average and shows how she turned out the way she did, it was an O.K flashback and did have a small appearance from Jack and also an appearance by Boone. This was a good episode and probaly the most interesting thing to wathc was the tailies trek back to the losties camp with an injured Sawyer. This is also the episode where Shannon gets shot by Ana-Lucia and Cindi also disapears
  • So Shannon's joining her brother.

    This is a great episode with amazing character development. If they can make an episode where I acctually enjoyed Shannon's flshback they can do anything. I also liked seeing Boone again. Just when I was starting to like Shannon they kill her, o well.

    I also like what happened with the tailies and Michael, Jin and Sawyer, what with Cindy being taken and everything. I haven't liked there part of the story since Orientation. So it's a big deal for me.

    I love the love connection between Sayid and Shannon, but I think Sayid would be a better character if he wasn't in love. The ending of this episode was pheonaminal, espicially with everyone staring at Sayid and deceased Shannon.


    Michael: What the hell is that?

    Libby: Oh god.

    Ana Lucia: RUN!

  • 6 episodes, 3 fillers, 1 useless. This is the useless one.

    Finally, the filler's strike is over. For now. We advance a little. Shannon centric.

    Shannon's flashback shows her struggle after her father's death. No one is willing to give her money, only Boone, but... She doesn't accept it. Touching flashback.

    On island, Sayid and Shannon 'finally' make love, and that's good. However, Shannon sees Walt again,which scares her fairly well. While the 'lost' survivors are trying to find the way to the camp, Sawyer's wound gets worse, and he collapses. However, his friends, doesn't let him be, and help him.

    But things rapidly get worse, when one of them disappears, and when we hear the whispers. It all leads to a tragedy. A tragedy, which was, only to drag attention, because maybe the writers realised that they didn't really write, they just filled. So to get back on line, and get our attention back, they kill someone. Congrats. Without the last scene, this episode could have been 9/10.
  • OMG Shannon's dead! And poor Sayid!

    I thought that this was a really great and well-written episode. Finally we get to find out where Shannon is coming from wih that nasty attitude! That step-mother was so horrible to Shannon! I think she deserved some of her father's money, but Boone's cruel, greedy mother didn't give her even a penny! And she wouldn't even give her a chance to try a career she really wanted to pursue and had worked hard for! This was the first episode during which I actually felt sorry for Shannon.

    And then Boone-the-gift-to-humanity walks in, offering money to Shannon - the only problem is that she doesn't want to accept money from him. Throughout the series, I have always been on Boone's side, and this was the first time I took Shannon's side. I think that I would be pissed off at Boone too if he tried ot offer me money like that. He seemed really pushy and desperate for Shannon's attention in this episode.

    Shannon's death didn't surprise me at all, as i am an avid seeker of spoilers. (I just can't resist spoilerfix.com. My friend Spikeyslostangel once stated that she wasn't going to read spoilers anymore - she lasted for about a week and then couldn't resist them anymore, lol!) What did surprise me was the second Walt-sighting. Once again he uttered strange backward messages which were somewhat freaky. And Ana-Lucia killed Shannon! I hated Ana-Lucia from the moment she was introduced into the show, and this made me despise her even more, even though I know her killing Shannon was a mistake.

    Poor Sayid! He loked heartbroken when Shannon was killed! And also REALLY angry. I'm glad he recognized that Ana-Lucia made a mistake, though, and didn't kill her. It would have haunted him forever if he had.

    I wanted to slap Charlie across the face during this episode. He's one of my favorite characters, but he was just being annoying and really pushy toward poor Claire - even if he was right....
  • Like Walt would say: A doog edosipe A good Tearjerker at the end. (spoilers) if you havnt seen the rest of the season. The 2nd Time seeing this episode.

    Seeing WAlt was great the first time I saw this epsidoe I compleatley forgot that Shannon had seen him. If you see this episode the first time its like the \\\"others\\\" were whachting Cindy to begin with (Ill talk about her disappearance later). Sawer Nails the descripion Of micheal dead on about how he only cares about him and WAlt. Shannons Mother sorry step-mom has to still remind the doctor that shannons not her daugter. Side note did you see Jack I swear no one will be that upset without Matthew fox in a episode. The Locke and Clarie relationship evolved I think Locke knows Aaron is \\\"special\\\" just like he knew walt was special. I still like how Libby (are elizabeth) used her coverup as being a shink. Sawers wound came to a major blow, Faviriote quote: Micheal to Ana \\\"What are you gonna do? shoot me?\\\" Shannon not wanting Boones help didint make sence as later on she does I still think that gave Shannon the mindset that she coulnt do it. Sayid loves Shannon Awww! Somehow I think that the first time Walt saw shannon it was a way to kidnapp shannon I think maybe the last time He was warning her? SAyids face still makes my sad.
  • "Abandoned" is a Shannon centric episode. A good beginning and middle arc but the end was a tearjerker.

    Now dont get me wrong lost is my favourite tv shows of all time but this episode's ending was truly awful. Killing Shannon(Maggie Grace) off was the wrong choice. She and Sayid's relationship was only beginning to take-off and her characther still had so much potetnial.
    Her flashbacks showed us that Shannon's past was a troubled one and that she wasn't always a shallow person.
    Meanwhile in the jungle Sawyer had fallen from his shoulder wound and a makeshift strecher was made to carry him. On the way up a cliff they lose Cindy. However her dissapearance is different to the taking of the rest of the tail-section survivors. Firstly there was no sound or sign of struggle and secondly she was taken in broad-daylight unlike Walt, and the unfortunate "tallies". Perhaps Cindy isn't what she appears to be.
    Whispers from the jungle force Eko,Ana,Jin,Michael,Libby, Bernard and an unconscious Sawyer to run into the jungle.
    After following Vincent into the jungle Sayid and Shannon spot what appears to be Walt and when Shannon follows him we hear a gunshot. Running after her Sayid finds her with a hole in her stomach. She falls into his arms and looking up we see Ana-Lucia with a gun in her hand. Sayid wants revenge.
  • Scary, sad and everything an episode should be.

    Oh gosh...This episode really did have me on the edge of my seat.
    Progressing the Sayid/Shannon relationship was a good idea for this episode. It makes the viewer feel \"at home\" and comfortable with the characters. And then, in a split second, the comfortableness is taken away with one character\'s death. It is the incredible minds of the writers that kept me watching this episode. The twists and turns that the episode holds kept me in absolute wonder.
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