Season 6 Episode 15

Across The Sea

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 11, 2010 on ABC

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  • Wait, ...WHAT?

    I can only imagine what LOST faithful are making of this episode. After an epic week full of tension and tragedy, the season-ending momentum literally comes to a screeching halt as we are treated to a completely expository episode that does its best to answer some of the series' biggest questions. Not that LOST hasn't done this before. The show frequently will follow one action packed episode with another one that is significantly slower paced, letting things settle down. The problem is, in a single episode, the producers try to service a multitude of long-time mysteries, and I wonder if they needed more time.

    I will admit that I had problems with this episode right from the beginning. I got frustrated early on, and never could get back in rhythm with it, even though a few cool things took place throughout.

    Firstly, We had another (another) shipwrecked scenario, and another pregnant woman giving birth, playing out with us wondering who the child is. It was pretty obvious it was going to be Jacob, but the surprise was Man in Black was also born- they're twins! (because they look so much alike) I don't know why, but now, knowing that Jacob and MiB (or I guess, Baby in Black) are brothers is a little too on the nose with the Biblical allegory of Cain and Abel and, obviously Jacob and Esau. Like at this point it seems too easy. The dualities are right there from birth: One is crying, the other is calm. One is blonde, one is brunette. One has a name, the other doesn't, lol. Mama Claudia only planned on having one kid, so she couldn't be bothered by silly things like naming the other one (you didn't have any back-up names that you now have a chance to use?). They seriously went out of their way to never say this dude's name. The result for me, made some of the dialogue scenes awkward.

    Allison Janney guest starred as the Island's original psycho (this raised a plethora of new questions about her character, that undeniably will never be answered). Janney's a good actress, but I don't think she fits in on this show. I just sat there watching, going, "that's Allison Janney!" Pulled me right out of the show. Her poor Latin (?) didn't help either. From here we're hit with every cliche in the book. Crazy lady steals the kids, (that was kinda cool, though) Good son/bad son, Mum, favors one over the other, etc. And they were playing up the light-dark/backgammon aspect at full throttle. Too many of LOST's great themes were becoming too literal. And then we got The Golden River of Light.... While the "energy" of the island has always been alluded to, with man coming to search for and harness it, now it seems to be an actual physical thing. It still isn't even really explained, but we already know what it can do, and that it must be protected. The task is given to Jacob, after Nameless ditched his family when he found out from his ghost real mom what Janney had done at their birth. It's interesting only Nameless could see Spirit Claudia and not Jacob. Does this mean Claudia did something bad to be 'trapped' on the Island forever like Michael and the other ghosts? Probably not. But one thing's for sure: That is not a Smokey impersonation-

    No, it was after Nameless finally killed Mom, that Jacob tossed his ass down the creek into the Golden Light. This fate was 'worse than death' and in a genuine surprise, the pillar of smoke shoots out, and things between them will never be the same again. I admit, I got chills at this moment, but I also acknowledge how absolutely re-gawd-dam-diculous this all was. Seriously, if I were to describe this to friends, explaining how cool this show is, they will back away, slowly...

    Essentially this is a 'villain rising' tale, and on that level, I think this episode works. We're given the sympathetic backstory that turns Nameless into the monster we now know. Jacob IS the boy that's been haunting him in the jungle this season. MiB's relationship with man has some great metaphor. The origin of 'the Others' stems from the fact that they are literally his and Jacob's people by way of their mother. But how have they been around so long? Generations of Others? What about that little 'no-baby' problem? Were they all touched so they can't die? Those rules between the brothers- was Allison Janney some sort of magical sorceress? She gives Jacob the malevolent juice, and now he's immortal and can grant people deathlessness. It says something that the donkey wheel explanation makes the most sense of anything else going on!

    The other big reveal was the identity of Adam and Eve. Most everyone assumed it was Bernard and Rose. I didn't really care- that wasn't an important mystery to me. But it turned out to be Esau and his Mum. Cool surprise. And kind of poignant. Looks like MiB has been dead long before Jacob has. I'm not sure if we needed the S1 clips to hammer the point home, but still.

    The myth surrounding Jacob and MiB became so intriguing that I feel a little underwhelmed by what the truth turned out to be. I think I liked it better when I thought they were demi-Gods. I think enjoyment of this episode will depend on where you think LOST's priorities should lie. Personally, I'm more invested in the castaways we've been following forever. But if you've been into these two dudes we only just met at the end of last year, you should like this well enough.
  • Continuity error... When you first see Kate she is in a Bra top. When Locke comes in suddenly she is in a T-Shirt

    Unsure if anyone else has noticed (or has already mentioned this) but toward the end of the episode look at Kate in one screen shot she is wearing a T-Shirt... cut to another camera angle and she is wearing a bra.. Perhaps this was intentional - but i would doubt this. Overall - not a great episode.. quite a let down actually.. Was hoping for a lot more, sure we got the history.. but I think the explanation of exactly what the cave is could have been a little better.

    I am sure that the last few episodes will not dissapoint!
  • I'm starting to thinking this will get a incomplete end. I mean, all thge explanations will not fulfill our questions about the island, jacob, and even the name of the black guy we don t know... There remain only 3 episodes to end this...

    Episode after episode we get lot of questions about everything. Some already had some answers, others dont. I have a feeling that the last episodes will not show us what we are thinking to see and we are starved for answers.

    I like this episode indeed, but i feel i had few answers and lot o f questions. Anyway, after this we know how started this "hate" between Jacob and the "black guy", and we know a little more about the island secret, and finally i understand that wheel underground :) The next episode will continue with this slow speed, and only in the "the end" we will get some answers, but I'm afraid, we don't get all of them.
  • is it really going nowhere?

    what is revealed now? who is the "mother"? how long has she been there?
    why did she kill the real mother? is it so difficult to write scripts on the go?
    why are they letting us down in the final season? WTF anyway? seriously it's going nowhere... and most of all why aren't there any riddles from the past five seasons revealed?
    Ok now we now Jakob's a blond guy... mmmh yeah.. he's protecting the "light" now.. couldn't he just be something like the keeper of time or what ever...
    and.. the wheel.. it doesn't seem to have been built.. since "mother" or who ever destroyed the well and all what was in it.. wasn't that supposed to be the wheel good old Lock was turning? well it's gonna be built by smokey himself then.. right? or who ever.. why was he supposed to be special anyway?
    god it's driving me mad..

    now lets resume:

    plane crashes.. people get wasted by other people which have been (also) brought there by the blond guy aka Jakob.. somehow the crashed ones manage to leave.. then they're going back.. smokey kills Jakob... now all makes sense because smokey's evil and has to stay on the island.
    But hey! what did Jakob say while dying away... yes there was something: THEY ARE COMING.. are they already there now? did I miss something or will they still come?
    now second reality also comes along the script since Jack and co managed somehow to have the plane never crashing on the island..

    I guess all gonna die and wake up in the second all so good reality (while we don't know still why things are so different there) - and who the hell is señora faraday anyway? - she seems to know about some rules that our scottish sailor man is going to break by realizing his true himself (is that now on the island as "well"? ;) is anything of this going to be revealed?

    Why does Jakob bring the people there? to prove that they all gonna die miserably? No No it's not like this it is his very special backgammon game.. only he doesn't like to play with stones... hehehe

    I mean so many things that they still don't make any sense at all (apart from terrible script problems already in season 3)..

    Or maybe I just have to stare a while at the ocean..

    i'm still gonna give it a shot since it's only 3 episodes left... but i don't expect a great outcome anymore...

    Now LOST reminds me on something:
    When I was about 10 years old I did a jigsaw with 1000 pieces. Unfortunately I also had a dog back then and when I came to finish the puzzle I realized that it had eaten about 20 pieces from that puzzle..
    So I just cut them out of carton, drew the missing pieces most badly and, hurray, I had the worst jigsaw ever finished.. but, what ever.. it was FINISHED =)
    Does that seem familiar?
  • What? Was that the big explanation we were waiting for? Towards the end an episode where I think we get more questions than answers... not to mention some of the answers where really lame...

    A Light in a cave? That´s it? Is that all we are going to get? A light on a cave that we don´t know where came from and capable of turning a man into a smoke monster? A "wine" that can make you live forever? A lonely woman in an Island "protecting" something she doesn´t really know what is? I think it was too much touble from the beginning just to get to this, so this was a BIG let down, I was hoping to get at least a decent answer... and all we got is an episode it seems they wrote a week ago where they were so afraid of screwing it up giving a white or black answer... and ended up giving a grey one that is neither here or there...
  • Quite a let down from the Candidate and a confusing end?

    Across the sea was the 3rd last episode which explains a brief outline of Jacob and his brother? Honestly i mean does this guy have a name?
    I did like the episode but i don't understand the end? Did Jacobs Brother die? I mean he can't? I guess i enjoyed seeing how he became the smoke monster but it still had many questions Un-fulfilled and personally the episode *sucked* in lost standard You'd expect it to be good? I mean Remember Ab Aeterno about Richard? That was nearly as good as the Candidate! Overall the episode was quite enjoyable but quite slow and boring at parts which was very surprising, all the hype just wasted.....
  • What makes you thé expert? Why should i trust you? Im satisfied so far and probably Will be at thé end too.

    Bottom Line is, ive seen so Many science fiction/fantasy séries that im immune to certain révélations. For example, i dont néed to know where or what thé light is or came from.
    So many star trek épisodes where the créw encounters entities they coudnt fully explain.
    Thé brothers were exposed in a situation where frankly i dont even know how i coule of deal with it. Lost is about souls and Life and death, not about people who are stranded on an Island. I still believe that everyone died in that plane crash and nô one is Alice to Bégin with. So thé souls are lost, which way they Will end up? Heaven or hell?
  • This is the final season, what are you holding back for? It was like watching a dieing man's last request for a balloon ride then watching him spending the entire time tucked in the basket.

    While this did seem to reveal a lot: the origins of Jacob and his brother, why the brother-with-no-name wants to leave, and the "secret" of the island, it was more of a "so what" moment than an "Oh My God!" moment. Seriously, the way they revealed everything, this could have been done in a 5 minute segment of Jacob talking to Hurley.

    I'm glad to see their origins, they're obviously important but could have gotten some real revelation please? Would it have killed the producers to show How exactly he becomes the smoke monster instead of him just flying out of the cave.

    When the brother stabs his "mother" I had no sympathy. When Jacob took the mantle, threw his brother in the pit, I yawned. When the brother talked about his people and showed the magnetic anomaly, all I could think was "whatever." There was no connection, no "spark" if you will to this episode.

    This should have been THE jaw dropping episode! This should have been the one that makes me jump up and scream, "YES! This is why I've been watching it for all these years! I can't wait for the finale!" Instead it had me saying, "WHAT? This is why I've been watching it for all these years? I hope the finale dazzles because this didn't."

    One more episode and then the finale. I'm already "pot committed" so I'll be watching. I'm hoping for better, we'll see.
  • Not the episode everyone wanted

    First of all this episode was hard to rate. In original Lost fashion it answers a lot of questions, but then leaves more unanswered ones.

    This episode is basically the back story to Jacob and MIB. There is a lot to get your head around in this episode, and its definitely not a straightforward one. We are given a vague idea of how the MIB became the smoke monster, and it really doesn't go into too much detail about it. There's also a lot of confusing dialog and much of the episode you will be scratching your head. I can see why a lot of the reviews are people confused and frustrated. But be patient, there is still 3 more episodes left and you may get some more clarity to this episode. I'm sure they won't answer every little thing this episode had to offer, because there was a lot.

    Overall, the episode was very enjoyable for me. You really do have to have an open mind and just take in everything this episode had to offer.
  • An episode going completely no-where, with a lot of trivia mistakes!

    An episode concentrating on the back-story of Jacob and his brother. We get to find out that them both were not conceived on the Island but born there. Their guardian isn't their mother, but is all knowledgeable but doesn't want to pass on the knowledge to the next guardian. Rather bizarre unless that's the theme. That we must learn life for ourselves about value and divine the rest. If this is the message from the Lost writers, it is indeed a lame one!

    We witness the ongoing legacy of another pathological mother [in this case a guardian] whose reasons are not altogether clear. We witness a ritual involving the next candidate and a suspicion of humanity's weaknesses. However, the interpretation of the island's visitors [other humans] by the two brothers does not tell us what we do not already know. We just get to know that one is 'good' and the other one is 'special'. Is this Lost political correctness that 'special' means bad. Come on!.........

    We find out nothing about the temples, the statues, buildings, the deistic attributes, the super powers or real power of the island. We understand even less from the rules we've heard so much about. We're told one minute that Jacob could not hurt his brother. However we see him beating him up and sending him into the light [no pun intended]. We understand the un-named brother, later Smokey seems to have an intuition about the island. We have no idea why. We just get the idea that he wants to leave the island as he was lied to.

    Fair enough. Seems reasonable to me. But then, the smoke it let out of the box. We're still none the wiser about Jacob, although he's inherited some spiritual cup of wine!

    In an episode that had a lot of promise, we're given very little to go on. With 3 episodes left in the series we had been expecting more revelation as to what the island is, what it wants and its purpose. For this reason I've rated it as a 5. They're going to have to REALLY surprise me with the next 3 episodes. We had a very SLOW start to the series, and we're introduced to characters we didn't really need nor get much from. Too much, far too late and for little excitement.

    There was ample opportunity here to give 2 sides of the story with Jacob and his brother. One could have been told one aspect, and to the other another side. Thus, we're left with 2 incomplete wholes. In other words a paradox or a dichotomy. It would have given the last few episodes a little more depth and viewer/fan satisfaction. We are only left with the killing of one protector of the island [namely the guardian of Jacob and un-named boy] with a parting 'thank-you'. We're left with Jack and Kate finding 2 bodies [not in shot] and a black and a white stone. Smokey says, "The Original Adam and Eve". Not a bad deduction, had there been any sense in it.

    On a trivia side, it appears the technology and dress is from the dark ages. This is witnessed by the hunters. I didn't know Castilian [Spanish] was a spoken as far back as that. This was spoken from Jacob et al's mother. If so, this would place their birth at earliest around the 15th century if so. Also we see the remains of a ship wreck floating in the sea... From what I saw from the boat's architecture, it'd place it around the 16th century.
  • Weakest of the Season

    Lost is an amazing show. Let me just preface my review by saying that. It's amazing in positive and negative ways. I think we all know what makes Lost a great show. Character development, story lines, symbolism, acting. No need to delve into those strengths. But for every strength of the show, there is a weakness. Being an avid follower of the show I will be the first to admit that there are, and always have been, severe flaws with the show. And whats worse, they coincide with the shows strong points. Character development: characters have a tendency to be almost too developed. Story lines: the story lines weave in and out of each other so frequently its extremely hard to keep track. I can go on and on. I think what bothers me most about this show, however, is that it is awfully inconsistent. And it has been from the beginning. People tend to forget that the majority of the episodes that this show has put out are forgettable. There are a handful of episodes, and you can probably count them on two hands, that simply blow you away and show you how good this show really can be. There are a whole bunch of episodes that are great but could have been magnificent. There are some episodes that are painfully bad and slow moving. Then there are a bunch of episodes in between that really arent anything special but are more enjoyable then some others. This episode, Across the Sea, does not fall into any one of those categories. Its simply in a world of its own. Almost like its from a different show. Now that that's out of the way I will say that I did enjoy SOME parts of this episode. A few questions, albeit minor questions, were answered. The writers promised that this episode would answer all the important questions. They may have misled us a little bit. While the Adam and Eve question may have been in the top 25 on a list of one hundred questions the show has still yet to answer, it certainly didn't keep anyone up at night. What bothered me about this episode was how special it could have been. Ab Aeterno, the Richard episode from earlier this season, was a groundbreaking achievement that will certainly go down as one of the top Lost episodes of all time. That is because it was linear. It told a story. And in the end every question that we ever had about Richard Alpert had been answered. This episode could have been like that. And that's what is most depressing. Since the middle of season 3, Jacob has been one of the largest mysteries of the show. And here we had the chance to really understand him, and the man in black while we're at it. We do learn they are brothers, which alot of people had already guessed. We also learn what Jacob is assigned to protect...the magical energy that runs throughout the island. What we don't learn is what makes Jacob and the man in black so powerful. They seem to be just humans. Sure Jacob drinks the magical wine that supposedly turns him into an almighty being or something like that, but we don't learn HOW. I think that is the biggest problem with this show. It often answers the Who, the What, and the Why. But it never answers How. How did the smoke monster get formed? Just from the man in black falling into the magical waterfall? How did the mother get on the island? How is she so powerful? How did the other people get there? This episode was good. But it could have been superb if it had just answered some of the questions that are weighing on everyone's minds. I hope the last three episodes really start to answer some questions. I have no doubt that there will still be unanswered questions when its all said and done. What is the significance of the numbers? Why are these people chosen as candidates? What is Desmond's role to play? What was all the Dharma Initiative stuff? What is the nature of Whidmore? Or Ben for that matter. What ever happened to Aaron? Walt? Not to mention all the questions we still have about Jacob and the man in black. SO many questions and I have a hard time believing that they will all be answered. It's nice to think but it seems impossible. I guess we'll have to just watch and find out.
  • Contains spoilers on the episode ... I don't know what show most of these people are reviewing but it can't have been Lost as this episode was amazing. A beautiful episode as always that leaves us questioning good v's evil yet again.

    This was a great episode. Great acting, informative moving and provokative script, beautiful cinematography and just as good as we have come to except, not demand, of season 6.

    I loved this episode we learnt so much and yet so little is clear and ether will be. And this is what is great about this show. After the last episode my theory that MIB (fake Locke) is evil seemed to well and truely out of the window but this week it recieved the kiss of life.

    We got answers we long for without being patronised by being told what they mean. It is left for the view to derive meaning from the answers. It is for us to put on our Socrates hat and discuss if MIB is evil, Jacob is good, who if anyone is right? As any fan should know this is the best thing about this amazing show.

    And the show gave so many answers and left us with still more questions. Is the light what Locke saw in season 1? How are the twins immortal, unable to hurt each other? Who is CJ Cregg and who was before her? Most importantly to what is the light? Is it the source of the big bang? Or could it be the love of christ/god as they are often described as the light of the world.
  • "Any answer will lead to more questions"

    This is the stuff myths are made of, clearly. Myths aren't always perfectly coherent, they don't explain the "why" ( Damon and Carlton were very clear that they wouldn't go down the "midichlorian" road )... Some can brand this kind of tale as simplistic, but I don't. Myths make you wonder about the human soul, in that case, about the very nature of good and evil. Is mankind inherently evil ? Can the pretention to be "pure" lead you, as it does with "mother", to commit atrocities ? Sure, the fact that we know that the two guys we're looking at will one day leave their humanity behind doesn't help to relate to them, but the actors, especially Titus Welliver, try to add depth, tragedy to them ... Just when you thought, after "The Candidate", that the Man in Black was just an iredeemable bastard, his backstory compells you to reconsider, if just a little. That said, I kind of missed our regular losties. So much iconic, mythic imagery ( the Light, the wine, the brotherly rivalry ...) ... and, yes, so many questions. Not all of them need answers, but some of them need to be adressed before everything is said and done. Such as ... how come being exposed to "pure good" turns you into "pure evil" ? And most of all, what's the Man in Black's name ? I felt almost cheated on that one ...
  • He ain't heavy, he's my black smoke monste...err brother.

    A tale of two brothers, this episode provides answers to the most fundamental question of this show and no, I'm not talking about whether Kate picks Jack or Sawyer so if that's all what you want to know you might want to skip this one (or give it a bad review): I'm talking about the actual reason why the island needs a protector to begin with.

    As shocking as it may be, Jacob wasn't the first one to do the job, his mother - or rather the woman who killed his mother - did, much like Locke long after them, it was his brother the one who was special, who shared a natural communion with the island and, much like Jack, Jacob was the obedient son trying to please his parent. Once the spirit of their actual mother reveals them the reason why she's no longer with them, his brother forces Jacob to make an impossible choice: him or his mother.

    Jacob chooses the latter and so one brother spends the next 30 years among the men stranded on the island, fully aware of how corrupted they are, while Jacob is spared of that knowledge believing blindly on mankind until the day his mother kills those men and his brother kills his mother forcing him to take meassures that transforms his brother in the Black Smoke monster we've all come to know. The last recipient of the light Jacob must protect ...until a replacement protects it for him.
  • A disappointing backgroundstory for Jacob and the 'Man in black' and the first sign that Cuse and Lindelof are not up to answering all of our questions with grace.

    Several seasons now we've been exposed to the infamous smoke monster and only since season 6 have we known that it's actually more than a monster: our own little Smokey was once human and is able to take on the form of everyone deceased. Though I still feel this was somewhat forced upon the audience (nothing wrong with a nanomachine cloud imho), I was actually able to come to peace with this story element. The backstory they've provided us with though is everything but satisfying. Apparently our friends Jacob and the MiB are originally of Roman descent and brothers. Especially this last fact came as a huge surprise to me, but doesn't add all that much to the story. To see how they were raised is only vaguely interesting, but mostly frustrating as we are left with even more questions. Where did their adoptive mom come from? How was she able to make Jacob immortal? Why in god's name are there rules that prohibit the characters from killing eachother and how are these linked to MiB's boardgame?

    The Adam/Eve situation has been resolved relatively cheap and the origin of the Smoke Monster doesn't make all that much sense as of now. I'm really hoping the showrunners are able to finish Lost with a bang, but my expectations have dropped significantly.
  • The First Time I Have Ever Felt Let Down by LOST

    When I intially saw this episode, I said wow it is a 10 because many questions were answered.
    Then I thought about it again and thought something about this episode wasn't quite right, so I watched it again and realized that many of the answers came with more questions..so I said maybe a 9.5.
    Then I decided to ponder over it again, and looking back on the episode and how it was told and the meanings that we were supposed to get about what the show is truly about, I realized that the writing wasnt so great, the answers given were sometimes..oh its hard for me to say this about my fave show but..LAME, and in attempts to be different from the classic and true story of good and evil I felt that the writers really indulged themselves too much and left us hanging with something that very easily tried to be obscure because the writers had built something up that even they realized they couldn't explain.

    The plot and storyline of this episode, which was supposed to be sort of a companion to Ab Aeterno, to me felt nothing like it and did not have enough of the elements, such as suspense and creativity of narrative, that I have come to love about this show. In Ab Aeterno, we had a compelling story of a man who was caught in the middle of a colossal struggle while being in an inward struggle over his past actions and the loss of his wife. In that story we were given two sides that he had the choice to believe in and both gave compelling arguments central to what Richard was struggling with: Should he do evil to get his wife back or should he do good to help protect the world from evil. It was compelling and satisfying in its narrative construct.
    In Across the Sea, the plot moved slowly and without any other purpose but to build on the relationship of man in black, jacob, and their obscure mother figure who honestly we dont get nearly enough information about her motives or her past. It was nice to understand that the characters of jacob and MIB were in the same theme struggle of science vs. faith as were Jack and Locke but what was their mother truly? Was she a representative of good who had cracked because of loneliness or was she neither good nor evil. What about the Man in Black? Was he the symbol of evil just because he was curious and tried to find the answers to his questions or is the entity in Locke's body even the Man in Black at all? My problem with these questions is they were served to us way too late in the game and my problem with the answers is that some were lame and some were obscure; like the reveal of Adam and Eve. How does this explain that the writers knew where they were going since the beginning of the show when we were given the revelation that Adam and Eve are 2 characters that we were introduced to at the end of season 5 and last night's episode? And these elements were wrapped in an episode that I thought could have been written alot better with a little better acting to go along with it. Worst case scenario: these questions and answers are left by themselves in their own realm like it seemed like this episode was and we never get a GOOD explanation to any of it. Best case scenario: these questions and answers will be apart of the season finale and will be given a good explanation then but the thing is it seems that if they are explained then, it will take away from what the characters should already know and be fighting for by the finale..not to mention the alt timeline that will still be in play!

    In conclusion, this was a decent episode in which it was nothing like we had ever seen. I had the beief coming in that it would be a groundbreaking episode in which it was like nothing we had ever seen; possibly the best besides the series finale. Darlton I really hope you find a good way to reslove the osbcurity that you have caused but as I said in a previous review this season I think this obscurity of making good and evil something it is not (which is obscure)is very risky if you dont get it right and it doesnt feel to many fans like you did. To me, the classic story of good and evil doesn't have to be obscured if it is told in a new, innovative, and fascinatingly creative way. This is seriously the first time I have felt let down by the show, but hopefully the last 3 and a half hours will make up for it.
  • The mysteries and the answers. The statue, the others, the time traveling, the agelessness, the numbers. Beware that none of these mysteries will be answered within the next hour. Therefore, an extremely disappointing episode of Lost.

    This was suppose to be the episode of Lost that would provide the answers to questions that fans have had about the island. At least some of them. Until now we believe that Jacob and the Man in Black are the first to guys to land on the island. They were not. We also learned they were brothers. What we do not learn is that Man in Black name? Why? God (and the writers) only know. The writers, producers, and creators may know what is going on but "hey guys, we don't". We cannot read minds. This episode could have easily been used to not only explain the origin of Jacob and Man in Black but why did it not take the time to explain some things about the island as well. The statue, the time traveling, the agelessness of Richard, Jacob, and Man in black. This episode should have been an episode about the island because their is alot that needs to be explain and either the finale is going to be te most overstuffed finale ever or it is going to be a bigger let down than this episode.
  • Learned more about Jacob and the Man in Black.

    For everyone complaining about less answers and more questions...watch the episode again and remember what the adoptive mother said to the birth mother: "The answers you get will lead to more questions." So stop asking so much questions because we're not getting every miniscule answer to every question there is.

    I thought the episode was great and we learned more about the island and Jacob and Man in Black. We learned about the Adam and Eve of the island, the origins of the wheel, the smoke monster and where it came from. We got a lot more answers than you think. Just remember the quote at the beginning of the episode.
  • At last, the story start to dig out his secrets.

    I was only half convinced by the begin of the sixth season.

    But, now things are serious. This episode give a lot of information to us.
    And finaly, we can understand "Where all came from?"

    The Jacob birth was - kind of easy - to guess. I was more surprised by the second birth!

    I loved the white and black stones symbolism. However, like the serie shown in past, nothing if fully white or fully black regarding the characters.

    Really an important episode. As we close to the end, there is a clearly (at last) increase of speed in narration.

    Note: I miss Ben and his incredible an terrific role. A pure genius in mind manipulation ;)
  • Terrible television.

    Terrible television. Did the main cast and writers go on strike? The music, the acting, the script, all B grade drivel. Season 6 has been a grand disappointment. This episode had me wavering between yawns and tears. Jacob's surrogate mother was one of the worst actresses I have seen. Monotone voices. Why would they spend an entire episode on this junk is anybody's guess. We love Lost for the characters that have been developed over 5.5 seasons. To virtually leave them out of an entire episode is unforgivable. This, after the repeat we got two weeks ago of the previous worst episode of Lost. Lost has lost its way.
  • Whats up with the reviews,

    I just Cannot Understand why People didn't like the Episode?

    People telling me "is this the great Mystery a LIGHT" EH! people still we need to see whats Jacob Rules for his game. People Telling me "No Great Music" I say !!! the scene when Jacob & MIB are born was very moving. People Say "Adam & Eve was the Greatest Mystery in LOST and it was very poorly answered" what they want to expect the very own of adam and Eve? and for me I really enjoyed how they did answer this question
    People Say "very Bad acting" !!!!! no Comment.

    Finally this episode is better than anything aired that night and people give it 1/10 2.5/10! I don't say I'm not worried. only 3 hours left and I honestly don't know how they will rap up everything. but I'm enjoying the ride and I trust LOST crew From CC, DL, and Jack Bender, and I know in my heart the LOST Finale will be the BEST thing on TV for 100 Years to Come.
  • wasn't as good as the candidate but..... Spoiler alert.

    Its the beginning to the end episode.At last,we get the story behind Jacob and the Man in Black.The story didn't even tell us the name of The Man in Black,but reviled a story about one of the Islands mystery.Black smoke/man in black and Jacob are twins,the good and the evil.The island is like the lost Eden and Pandora¨s box.I'm in tears that Lost will end,one of the greatest tv series of all time.It has given us the feeling of Jacks words "work together or die alone".Lost ending is like loosing someone you love.Im looking forward for release of all seasons in blueray.It will be my best buy ever!
  • I love the people who are reviewing this show and claim to have watched lost for 6 seasons yet when I see their profile, this is the first review they have done for Lost. If you're such a "die hard" fan of Lost, why did you wait until now? It's laughable.

    If there's one thing about these reviews that I've noticed it's that they lack substance and understanding. People are reviewing this show and claim to have watched lost for 6 seasons yet when I see their profile, this is the first review they have done for Lost. If you're such a "die hard" fan of Lost, why did you wait until now? It's laughable.

    Just because Lost takes a break from real-time to provide viewers with a back story on the Man in Black and Jacob, people start pushing the panic button and pseudo Lost fans start reviewing the show with cliched phrases like, "Jumped the shark," "Didn't reveal any answer," "This sets a negative tone for the rest of the season," and "There could have been a perfectly logical scientific explanation" (funniest one so far). To which all of those things I simply have to say, you don't appreciate Lost for what it is. Do I want answers too? Yes! But what "Across the Sea" was was another great piece of story-telling that Lost has provided us with much like, "Ab Aeterno" and "The other 48 days." These episodes did not move the plot tremendously forward but they provided excellent character development on Jacob and the Man in Black. I was thoroughly entertained by the story and not for one moment did I push the panic button because as someone who has actually watched Lost for six seasons, I was able to appreciate this myth-like story. I know that not all of my questions will be answered but the most important ones will be and I'm more than happy with that. I realize that it's the last season and there are only 3 episodes left, but one episode that doesn't answer the questions that you don't want answered is no reason to push the panic button and say ridiculous things like "Lost jumped the shark." Lost, as a series, has been much about providing character development the likes you won't see on any other show since the very beginning. It's the backbone of the show. So to all you pseudo-Lost fans out there who have just tuned in this season to watch Lost or just created an account to bash this episode, look up the word "character development" on wikipedia, actually watch the first five seasons, and maybe you will understand why this episode is great and why character development is such a significant part of the show.
  • Finally find out some of the major questions of the series.

    The last Episode was one of epic proportions. It was a highly entertaining episode that set up the storyline for the finale. However i feel as if this episode "Across the sea" has taken taken away some of the flow of the season. If however the episode was last week and the Candidate this, i believe that it would have worked better. Other than that a brilliant episode. Many Lost "fans" want to know answers to questions that they don't need to find out. All the reviews ive read of this episode, bar a few, go on about the writers answering some questions only to create more answers. Guess what people... thats what happens. No question can be answered on a show without creating more questions. Do you need to know why the light turned Mib into the smoke monster? NO all that matters is that we know where it came from.

    The writers have delievered everything they promised going into season 6. Answers to big questions: Check! Major Character deaths: Check! The origin of certain characters (Mib, Jacob and Richard): CHECK! To those who watch this show purely for entertainment purposes then this episode isn't for you. Those fans that want questions answered, and answered extremely well, then this is a must watch!
  • FINALLY some answers.

    Overall, this was a good episode. We finally got to know Jacob and the monster better and now we know their history and how it all began.

    I'm sad we didn't get enough of the main characters in the episode apart from the part when Jack and Kate find "Adam & Eve" which was a really cool scen...to get a glimpse of how they reacted when they found the bodies.

    And we finally know how th wheel ended up being down under (that Locke and Ben spin to get off the island)

    I'm curious about why Jacob will be bringing ppl to the island "just for fun" as he says in an older episode.

    So, good episode. But season 6 certainly isnt what I expected it to be.
  • People of Science & People of Faith...has the true beauty already been revealed?

    Okay, so here's why I was initially a bit disappointed... I thought this would be THE episode that would deliver answers on one of (in my opinion) the biggest mysteries in this thing. The Smoke Monster. I wanted to see it happen, I wanted to understand the mechanics of this transformation of man into smokey! Also the truth behind "the light" ...how it works. I was hungry for answers that really didn't come... THEN IT HIT ME!!! I was talking just like MIB was in this episode wasn't I? It was then that I realized why the writers would plant an episode with NONE of the series regulars only 2 eps from the end... why they would hold out on delivering solid answers for so long... We are all of us viewers and reviewers just like MIB or Jacob. Some are skeptical, while others hold to their faith in the writers. This faith has at times been blind, "as all faith must be to be considered faith" This polarization that the show has created is perhaps the greatest beauty of the "Lost" concept. I don't know if its a case of art imitating life, or life imitating art. I just know its cool. The writers want us to have faith.

    The only question is...in the END...will faith be rewarded? After all, isn't that the biggest question of all? I for one believe the answer to the question is...YES.
  • Not a bad episode at all, but the two young actors playing young Jacob and young Man In Black took some shine off of what would've been a superb episode.

    I enjoyed this episode, and don't get all the anger directed at it. It was a full mythology episode that explained how the two big figures, who represent Heaven and Hell or good and bad, came to be. It was well done and solved several more questions about the island and gave us an idea of where things are likely going for the final two or three episodes.

    My only problem with the episode was the two young actors who played young Jacob and young man in black. THey were bad actors who seems to force there dialoque. It never seemed to flow as it should have. They are the only reason why this episode doesn't get a better rating, but 8.5 is still pretty good.

    I've come to the conclusion that the producers and writers of the show will never be able to answer all the questions, and I've accepted it. Some ideas are best left up to the imagination, and with this episode I've got that feeling that we're are going to be questioning things long after the series finale. Lost is about faith, and if it ends with an acceptable answer which draws everything to an appropriate conclusion, I will be happy and glad that I watched it for the six years it was on.
  • The guy with all the answers... yeah right

    So now we know Jacob's origins. After years of thinking he was the dude with all the answers, that he knew what was going on, we find even he didnt have a clue and was just doing what his mother told him to do. My frustration with this episode can be summed up with the fact that we will never probably know what the island is. We have 3 episodes left people. 3 EPISODES!!! And they give us an episode that just raises so many questions its untrue. How can the final deal with all this now? My conclusion: it won't. This episode sums up my feelings of season 6 in general. Dissapointing, annoyingly vague and a general drop of the ball. Seriously. "I didn't pick a name." That's just silly.

    All in all this episode simply toyed with us. It wasn't overly bad and that's why I gave it a 6. It just offered no hint of any satisfaction to the series as whole. I really want to give The End 10/10, but if the writers do something like this then Lost will go down as having an extremly dissapointing final.
  • i am fully aware of what this is all about ... i feel sad by some of the reviews that do not understand, and as 2 people said they understand, i fully agree!

    and why do i understand .. right form the off, from the very first episode, we had a mystery, that we were all in awe of, because we wondered WHY things were happening.
    and since then, and i have to say i have watched each and every episode at least 3 times, sometimes more lol but it is because i wanted to make sure i 'got it' .. i said way back, that all the theories, people were saying, and YES the writers have done this to make us understand HOW these theories come about in the first place .. it all has to start somewhere .. its a circle in my mind.

    i said on another place, at the beginning of this last season .. and my words were .. "this is between light & dark' .. or whatever you want to call it," i have said all along that, there will be a simple reason for why THIS island is so special .. and i for one agree with the posters LONG post in explaining, i can not really add to that, except, that i for one am not disappointed in this episode, i do not think i will be disappointed when it comes to the end, because for ME, i think it will say it all .. i was starting to worry at the end of last season .. now i am not .. i just hope it will be in MY expectation.

    although i will also add ... i will be sad to see this so extraordinary .. work of a mind blowing series come to an end when it does :(

    so just in case i do not get back to be able to say this.... i have enjoyed each and every episode .. so thank you writers!!!
  • Basically, this episode is about Jacob and the man and black and how they grew up.

    In my opinion, this is one of Lost's best episodes this season. I don't understand how people are possibly rating it so low. This episode was the first episode to finally reveal some answers to the big questions. This episode has me really excited for the finale. I also think this episode really informed about the man in black, granted, it didn't reveal his name, but I think the episode really showed his motives and allowed for a better understanding of the character. There wasn't a whole lot of action in this episode, but it reminded me a little of the episodes from season 1, when there was more focus on the characters than the plot, which, personally, I like better than the action-packed episodes.
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