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  • Adrift

    Besides not having much story line advancement since the previous episode, "Adrift" swings Lost back into life with an entertaining plot concerning the pulse-pounding situation out at sea and a shell shock ending, along with much more answers.
  • 1Hr wasted watching this when I could have beem having some teeth pulled.

    I'm a big Lost fan, never missed a single episode. But without a shadow of a doubt this has to be the worst episode so far. Very little new and what new footage there was didn't reveal anything earth shattering. There was maybe 30 minutes that had already been shown in earlier episodes with what seemed like a little 5 minutes of new stuff tagged on the end of each scene. To say I was disapointed is an understatement. It was like watching one of those 'oh no we're nearly out of budget' episodes you get in near end of season stargate, where a few characters sit round reminiscing on what happened earlier in the series.
  • Awesome.

    Michael and Sawyer drift back to shore. Upon landing, they see Jin running out of the bushes, having been found by a group who they believe to be more of the Others. In the hatch, Desmond forces Locke to push a set of numbers, identical to Hurley's winning lottery numbers, into a computer. Flashbacks show Michael giving up custody of a two-year old Walt to Walt's mother. Wow once again - God I love Lost! This episode shows what happens to Kate and John before Jack goes into the hatch. Sawyer bring back Michael, I love the way Sawyer and Michael are on the broken raft - I love the scenes with them in this episode especially when they argue - so awesome and extremely funny! I loved the ending so good.
  • Just About details and Slow Things!!!!

    This type of episode really separates who is a super fan (people who like the characters so much, that only their presence is enough to a episode to be good) from people who like the show, but also enjoy good Storylines and can see what the writers are doing.

    The producers and writers objective were simple, buy time until the end of this episode.

    So nothing really happens, since we didn´t advance on the plot. Is all about michael, sawyer and Jin.

    We all know that they are alive, but the only thing that was nice in this episode about them, was the endind.

    How to buy time with michael and sawyer? Simple, create a discussion and a uselees flashbacks and you can buy 60% of the time.

    How to buy time in the hatch? Simple, create another point of view and you ara able to do that, since we didn´t show locke and kate entering inside tha hatch.

    So this episode is all about this, and is not bad, but is the type of episode that doesn´t had anything important.
  • They cover the water front, and the underground too

    And here we see another trick that the writers of Lost have worked to perfection: resolving one major cliffhanger, while keeping us in the dark about another. In 'Adrift', we finally see what happened to some of the people on the raft, though there are still more questions be raised.
    Michael has all the flashbacks, but the character who we see the greatest revelations about is Sawyer. After Michael goes under, and despite the fact that he's just taken a bullet into the shoulder, he dives into the water to help 'Mike' (perhaps the first nickname he's ever used that isn't demeaning), pulling him on to a larger piece of the boat, and performing CPR. This is the first truly heroic action Sawyer has taken on the show, and quite possibly in his entire life. It therefore comes as something of a real shock when the first words out of Michael's mouth are one's blaming him for Walt's being taken in the first place.
    But then this is a typical reaction of Michael: he tends to develop a certain instinct about people early on, and then refuses to trust them, no matter what they do. On the island, he didn't like it when Locke tried to make friends with Walt, and then, despite all the things that Locke did to earn his trust (including saving him and his son from a polar bear) he still doesn't There are some examples of him going past this--- he hated Jin's guts for a long time, and it was not until they built the raft together that he finally started a friendship with him---- but otherwise he refuses to deny his instincts. The only reason he wanted Sawyer on the boat was because he had things he needed, and even after everything that they've gone through, he's still not going to regard him as a friend. Even as Sawyer makes powerful arguments that the Others were the ones who took Walt, Michael continues to blame them.
    The flashback that we see of Michael reveals almost nothing new about his character--- Susan retains the attitude of the holier-than-thou when Michael fights for custody, Michael eventually gives up the fight for the good of his son, and now we see that he seems to be reliving the same nightmare over again, only now on the open ocean. But think back to the last flashback we saw with him and Walt at the airport. It's pretty clear that he wasn't going to make the most of his second chance, and was trying to ask his mother for help (there is definitely foreshadowing there) By the time he got Walt back, he didn't feel the same needs that he had eight years ago. Now it seems the island is cursing him to go through this over and over. Right now, of course, there's the small question of whether he and Sawyer (Jin is nowhere to be seen) will survive the night. In addition to all their other troubles, a shark has started to circle. Not just any shark, this animal has the same Dharma symbol, we saw in the hatch. The mind boggles at what this could mean, or for that matter, if the shark itself is real. It's true that when Michael nearly empties his gun into, its bleeds, but maybe that's a false lead to go; perhaps it's built on the same system as whatever the creature on the island is.
    Speaking of the hatch, this time we get to see a look at it from the point of view of Locke. We see how he managed to get down there in the first place, and how he dealt with Desmond. Even as he's trying to absorb everything, he does his best to try and protect Kate who Desmond has taken hostage already. Right now, Desmond sounds like he's gone nuttier than a fruit bat, which begs the question that Desmond doesn't answer: how long as he been down here, and how deep is he so that he didn't even notice when the plane crashed? (Later events involving the hatch will make this even harder to understand, if Desmond has truly been the only man down there for years) He has an old style record player, a lot of guns, and antiquated timer that makes a certain beeping sound until you walk to an equally outdated computer, and type in six very familiar numbers, after which a visible counter goes to 108.Unfortuantely, all of this stops at the exact moment we left Jack and the other last time, with one critical difference: now we know Kate is wandering through the hatch's ventilation system. The one thing that seems extra important is when Kate gets locked in the pantry, and sees that's it filled with enough food to stock a jumbo-mart. This raises two questions, where did the food come from, and how did it get down there if Desmond's been sealed in there for years? At some point, he has to have made contact with the outside world. Perhaps there's some kind of shifts every few months, but if that's the case, how did he not notice the plane crash? Again, we don't get answers on this for awhile. (This also leads to the funniest moment of the show, as before Kate frees herself, she gulps down some chocolate bars, and stuffs them down her pants before getting out.)
    'Adrift' is not as good as the season premiere, and it still does seem like we're shutting out half the cast, but it does feature some very critical moments (in addition to some stand out performances by Holloway and Perrineau) By the end, the current carries Sawyer and Michael, all the way back to the island, and when he sees it, Sawyer says 'We're home." A critical line , because Season 2 will be all about learning to live on thee island, making the best of a bad s situation. Sawyer and Michael think they've reached when they wash up on shore, and a find a tied-up, panicked Jin shouting others, with the appearance of five people. As we'll find out, despite their attitudes, they are not the enemy. Almost as important is Michael's spoken resole that he will get his son back. He will finally get what he wanted so badly early in season 1, but they will force him to do some truly unforgivable things.
  • 108

    What the hell??!!!! 108 es la suma de todos los números (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42), está bien. Pero qué hay con eso? Qué produce? Que el tiempo se repita? Desmond, justo alguien que Jack conoce aparece en esta isla... why??!!!
    Dharma es... qué? Fabrica tiburones?
    The others? La verdad no entiendo nada. Pero bueno... además que haya tantos flashbacks la verdad no ayuda. Dan ganas de ver la temporada entera sin parar y no da para estar gastando 150 pesos a cada rato.
    Walt está... muerto? No me jodas. Que desaparezca está bien pero que esté muerto y además ande dando vueltas... macabro...
  • The action seems to be split between the shaft/bunker and the raft boys set adrift, as well as some flashbacks to add together to form another good recipe and hence another good portion of lost.

    We have the 3 men adrift on the raft, well what's left of the raft, but then we are only aware of two, Michael and Sawyer as there still is no sign of Jin. There is only a small portion of tied bamboo acting as a mini raft. The guys are happy to be out of the water and safe-ish.

    We have flashbacks to times where Michael in the past was trying to do what was best for his son, but as the lawyers costs are going to be expensive and Walts mother has a very good job, she can afford the best, so we know he isn't going to get much, especially as she paid for the medical bills after he was hit by a car.

    Then we have Michael blaming Sawyer for the men taking his son, as he sees it as Sawyers fault as he insisted that he fire of the flare for the boat's attention. Then we have Sawyer blaming Michael for him being shot in the shoulder. The argument is put to rest quickly as something bangs into the bottom of the raft not once but twice, causing sawyer to drop some of the ammo into the water.

    Meanwhile, we see what happened in the shaft from the point of view of Locke, as he climbed down to find Kate, removing his shoes once he was in the tunnel at the bottom. Sneeking into the living quarters of Desmond, looking at a few things before finding Kate, as he finds her then Des finds him, asking him if he is him ??? He says he is, but does not know the answer to something, so gets his knife removed from him.

    Back on the raft, Michael insists that Sawyer get off his raft, so he paddles the raft over to where another small section is, then climbs aboard that. As he and Michael talk, Sawyer is trying to get the bullet out, Michael saying that he can't do it himself, but he manages before he passes out.

    Back at the camp, Charlie and Claire are with the baby, they see Jack and Hurley talking and then Charlie jokes that Jack is off to do something heroic, which Claire doesnt find funny and tells him, she sees the statue, Charlie gets protective over it, but not obsessively.

    We find out more about the bunker as Locke convinces Des that Kate is the fugitive and a bigger threat than her, he ties her up but not before slipping a lock-knife into her waistband. Then as he is talking to him, Kate gets herself free from the bonds, finds herself in the larder and tastes some chocolate.
    She climbs up and out into the ventalation shaft, to find Jack below her, he can't hear her cries as Des has turned on the music.

    Sawyers piece of raft comes apart, so he climbs back aboard with Michael, as he is in a trance/ flashback to where he signs over all parental rights of Walt as he knows its the right thing to do.
  • Lost meets Jaws...and The Prisoner in one episode!

    Adrift has gotten many discouraging reviews, mainly because of the whole re-hatch thing. While that argument can be at times deserved (why did we have to see Locke shout for Kate and descend down the hatch again and why did we have to see Jack go to the Hatch - these things could have been included in the "Previously on Lost" segment) there are thankfully some stuff that introduces us better to the Hatch and the mystery surrounding it.
    The real purpose of this episode was to shed some light on the Rafties (in particular Michael). The scenes with Sawyer and Michael are great. They are both heartbreaking for Michael's situation and humourus for Sawyer's situation. I don't know if this was the intention by the writers but when Michael begins to call for Walt Sawyer stops him to save his energy. However, Michael keeps shouting. If you focus only on Michael, this moment becomes serious and upsetting. But if you watch Sawyer in the background (and you can't help notice him really!), it becomes quite comic. Sawyer's "For God's sakes, shut up") body language is so funny and turns what should be a sombre moment into one not so. It works perfectly, depending on which character you are watching at the time, but whether the creative team intended this effect is another matter. Sorry, if it wasn't the intention, because I just had to laugh at that moment. No disrespect Michael and Walt!
    I was hoping for a little more of the Rafties (or at least more of Jin). The raft scenes didn't feel the same without the full crewman.
    As with the previous episode characters beyond those in the Hatch or on the Raft are barely addressed, side from Charlie and Claire, which was there only to break things up a bit. I have to say it would have been better to not have them there at all. The moment they had could have fitted better in another episode. It didn't make much sense around the rest of the episode's events.
    The Raft moments were the best moments of the episode but the Hatch scenes, despite alot of re-treading in the process, were good too. I think there are some new things learnt, or at least implied, in this episode, which are given more context and clarification in the next episode, which is why this episode is by far a complete waste or time.
    Firstly we see several instances on the Octagon Logo in the Hatch (on the control box that Locke saw and on the food supplies Kate discovered in the store room - a reference to "The Prisoner"). But the logo pops up again briefly on the side of the shark, that attacks Sawyer and Michael, as it glides past our screen. Is it a company logo? Does the shark belong to the company? Do they own the Polar Bear too?
    Desmond made an interesting comment too. He asked if the world was still there. Is he in the Hatch because of the end of the world? Does the numbers he enter into the computer prevent the apocalypse every 108 minutes? Desmond mentioned the sickness, that Danielle spoke of previously. Is the sickness what will cause the apocalypse? Is Desmond taking medication against the sickness, as we saw in the last episode? There are many questions raised but if you give them answers they may just be the right ones. The implications are strong enough to be true answers.
    The Michael backstory is, perhaps the weakest thing about this episode. If you thought the Hatch scenes were re-treads, the Michael plotline feels like re-treads too, but the writers in this instance don't cover the fact up too well. These gripes aside, this episode is not as bad as some have made out. Sure, it doesn't have the depth or power of episode 1 but this isn't a filler episode either. It is too revealing to be that!
  • The fate of the raft was revealed... This turned out to be better than I thought.. Outstanding episode

    To begin with, it was similar to the opener. It wasn't as strong but of course it wouldn't be. The first three episodes of this season, were full of surprises and in my opinion, they were stronger than many others. Michael's back story was sad. Susan, Walt's mother, is a jerk. What's best for Walt, no. It was actually what was better for her. She was using Walt as the excuse of taking him away to Italy with her boyfriend; Brian Porter.

    Now, the hatch story. Yes, it was the same as last week but in a different perspective. But, even so. How could you possibly say no to this episode. John and Kate's perspective was better than Jack's, more revealing. I love learning about the hatch and all the surprises in store. Desmond rocks too, "Are you him?". Lol. I'm a little disappointed in Charlie for taking the Virgin Mary's. Obviously, it will be his new obsession again. The aftermath of the raft was my favorite. Sawyer and Michael were interesting, in fact they were funny. "Are you crazy? You're gonna take a bullet out with your bare hands!" said Michael. Or, when Sawyer finally managed to pull the bullet out of his left shoulder... "You got a band-aid?". The fact that Jin was missing got me nervous. Walt means the world to Michael and that's what really mattered tonight. By the time Mike and Sawyer reached the shore of the island, Jin came running to them where he blurted out "OTHERS". Could it really be them? The shark scene was the best. It carries the Dharma logo...
    Back in the hatch, the whole story seemed to combine very well, well for us to understand and to follow. We're all set for next week. Overall, an underatted episode with high interest and a lot of action. The different perspective of the hatch did not harm the episode to me. Just, awesome and certainly the return of the worlds number one TV show.
  • A Michael-centric episode.

    Let me just start this review by saying that as a whole, I really liked episode. The main reason that I enjoyed this episode so much was the character development that took place with Michael. I really liked the flashbacks of Michael's life in this episode. Michael definitely has a very interesting back story. Another thing that I really liked about this episode was all of interaction between Michael and Sawyer. The interaction between Charlie and Claire in this episode was great too. As a whole, I thought that this was a very well written episode. The whole cast did a great job of acting too. All in all, this was another amazing episode of Lost, and I can't wait to see the next episode of the second season of Lost.
  • What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

    Michael and an injured Sawyer survive the destruction of the raft and drift back to shore. In the hatch, Desmond forces Locke to push numbers into a computer. Flashbacks show Michael and Susan's custody battle over Walt.
    After the prevois episode "Man Of Science, Man of Faith" we still dont find out what happens with Jack Kate and Locke but it i very cleverly plotted and I enjoyed seeing Locke rat Kate out in front of Desmond I found that very funny.
    Ialso enjoyed seein Michael and Sawyer argueing about what happened with Walt and the raft. I have to say that the end of the episode was the best part it put chills down my back.
  • While clever, it was boring for the most.

    I know. How can I say this was boring if I also say it was clever? Well...

    The previous episode we got zilch on the rafties. Now their fate is revealed, but since that doesn't take up an entire episode, we return to the hatch too. However, no. We don't advance in the storyline, we just see the entry of the hatch from a different point of view. Great concept, because its unique, fills in some holes, but you just KNOW the outcome therefore it's really boring. And the raft scenes aren't helping either....

    Harold Perrinaeu and Josh Holloway are very good actors. But basing most of the episode on their interactions with eachother is just not working. Terry O'Quinn and Matthew Fox... maybe. But them? Not really. It was really tiring, too. Michael constantly crying for Walt, Sawyer constantly complaining... it just... didn't work.

    Michael's flashback was okay. I think for parents, it was emotional, but as a teenager, I just didn't feel it(although the scene in the end where Michael and Walt meet up was very emotional). What made this episode is the ending, with Mike and Sawyer arriving on the beach, only to find a very terrified Jin screaming "OTHERS, OTHERS!" ... and cut to black. Amazing cliffhanger, not so amazing episode, but I got to give it to the writers, the concept was really interesting.
  • Great!

    Michael has flashbacks of when he fought to not have his rights to Walt taken away.

    Sawyer rescues Michael after the raft blows up. They cannot find Walt, the others, or Jin. Meanwhile, a different perspective of the previous episode takes places as it shows what Locke and Kate were doing before Jack came down the hatch. There is a shark in the water and Sawyer swims out to get to a more stable part of the raft. Michael shoots the shark. In the morning, Sawyer and Michael land on shore. They find Jin, who is running and yelling at them. He says that "the others" are coming and sure enough, they are.

    This episode was great! I liked how it had a different point of view for the hatch part. Great ending! I really don't like Michael, but I like Sawyer more. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • total recap

    I don't think it was completely necessary to recap this whole entire episode. Yes, they revealed things not seen but majority of us LOST viewers are pretty smart and we could have figured it out. I know there are some people out there who unfortunately have not been following since the first episode and could use a refresher, but why should the dominant viewers have to suffer through this long unnecessary storyline. I am an avid Lost watcher but there are times when I get tired of seeing the same things over and over again. We can do without the recaps
  • Amazing!

    We find out lots about the hatch in this episode. It was an information filler.We see that the computer is damaged and Jack demands answerrs on the hatch.Desmond explains about his race around the world and that he was brought there by Kelvin who tol him about the computor. He told them the button had to be pushed every 108 minutes.Locke is inrigud and Jack's scaptical but both want answers. Desmond tells them to watch a film from the hatch called orientation. It tells them about the Dharma Initiative which began in 1870's. It tells them the duties of the hatch they are in called the "Swan". It's very interesting to Locke but Jack thinks its all a mind game. Also, Michael, Sawyer and Jin are tossed in a hole in the ground by the strangers they have encountered. A woman is thrown in with them who tells them she's a fellow survivor, only to attack them and then go back out. Desmond flees, knowing he cant fix the computor.He leaves Jack and Locke in charge of it.
    Kate fetches Sayid who fixes it as Locke takes a leap of faith and enters the numbers "Saving The World".
  • We still dont find out what happens with Jack Kate and Locke.

    Michael and an injured Sawyer survive the destruction of the raft and drift back to shore. In the hatch, Desmond forces Locke to push numbers into a computer. Flashbacks show Michael and Susan's custody battle over Walt.
    After the prevois episode "Man Of Science, Man of Faith" we still dont find out what happens with Jack Kate and Locke but it i very cleverly plotted and I enjoyed seeing Locke rat Kate out in front of Desmond I found that very funny.
    Ialso enjoyed seein Michael and Sawyer argueing about what happened with Walt and the raft. I have to say that the end of the episode was the best part it put chills down my back.
  • "...that your daddy, he loves you very, very much. And I always will."

    Michael’s flashbacks in this episode, while not especially illuminating, do provide a heartbreaking end to the episode. This episode is an excellent companion to Man of Science…, and the structuring of the storylines has always been a favorite of mine.

    The primary story has to deal with the aftermath of the destruction of the raft and the kidnapping of Walt. Michael and Sawyer are able to make it onto pieces of the raft, but Jin is nowhere to be found. The two guys adrift on the raft are very enjoyable to watch, as the level of cabin fever between them, mostly emanating from Michael, grows throughout the episode. Michael’s anger at everything around him for the disappearance of Walt is very real, as any parent would do the same in that situation. It adds pathos to his relationship with Walt, and will be paid off later in the season. Both Josh Holloway and Harold Perrineau do a fantastic job in this episode, and even though sitting on pieces of the raft for an episode isn’t a thrilling adventure, it is surprisingly engaging, and I always wish the scenes could go on a bit longer. The scene when Sawyer digs the bullet out of his shoulder is particularly good, and is capped off with the excellent line, “You got a Band-Aid?”

    The problem of shark attacks is also brought up. Walt asked if a shark would show up before the raft sailed, and now one has. The idea of a shark showing up to threaten people stranded in the water is a little clichéd, but is pulled off pretty well, as the shark is only shown in a couple of shots, so it becomes much more of a psychological fear than a physical one. When we do see the shark from the bottom, look at the Dharma logo put on its tail. We’ll learn a lot more about Dharma in the next episode, and we’ll be able to take a pretty accurate guess as to where the shark came from. The last scene, when the guys are sitting on the raft, is very well done too. Michael just sobbing is very emotional, and Sawyer saying, “We’re home” is an interesting commentary on what has happened to the survivors over the last 44 days. After Season 1, the group has pretty much gotten used to life on the island, and for Sawyer to pronounce it home really sends the message that these characters have found that their lives have, for the most part, improved there. The ending of the episode is also excellent. Jin runs out of the jungle yelling “Others,” which immediately makes the audience’s spine tingle. When we see the five people that show up, carrying large, sharp sticks that look capable of goring, our excitement for the next episode is driven up a notch.

    The flashbacks, as I said, don’t tell us more important aspects of Michael’s life, but they do parallel the island story perfectly, without inventing an excuse to. Many flashbacks in the future will come up with a pretty much unrelated story to try and parallel the island action, but it always works better if we see an existing story. Brian had wanted to adopt Walt, so what better way to underline how important Walt is to Michael than by showing the other time they were separated? Harold Perrineau is great in them, and the final flashback is a real tearjerker, because of how the acting and the situation really can be related to, which is pretty rare on this show (how many of us have walked for the first time in four years after crashing on an island?). I just wish the flashbacks had added more to Michael’s story, instead of working for the emotional payoff and then fading away, as they do. Ten episodes down the road, when you look back at the flashbacks of the season, the ones in this episode are certainly not remembered first.

    The subplot, if you can call it that, focuses on Locke’s journey into the hatch. Terry O’Quinn and Henry Ian Cusick are two fantastic actors, and to see the two of them in a scene together is a joy. Cusick plays Desmond perfectly, because he alternates between a seemingly nice, kind of sad guy, to being a paranoid, intensely suspicious person. His refusal to lower the gun shows that. A little more of the hatch is examined as well-the fact that there is simulated sunlight, presumably to keep the inhabitant sane, shows that people inside hardly ever leave, and we see what the computer does. It’s used to enter, you guessed it, the numbers, and that makes a countdown clock whir back up to the number 108. While we don’t know exactly what that means yet, it will become critically important to the season, and will provide one of the main story arcs. Locke shows his true colors once again. Just like he let Kate descend into the hatch first, when he immediately turns the situation when he’s about to be tied up, and tells Desmond how dangerous Kate is. While he does give Kate a knife with which she can cut herself free, he still locks her in a room, seemingly without remorse, and God only knows how long Desmond was planning on leaving her there. The truth of what is in the hatch hasn’t quite sunk in yet to Locke, but the fact that it is nothing more than a buried, glorified computer station will weigh a lot more on Locke’s mind. Desmond forcing Locke to enter the numbers is a reprieve for both him and Locke. Desmond has someone to do the job he’s been doing for a long time, and Locke thinks he has found his purpose on the island, and discovered what it meant for him to discover. However, both men will eventually realize that this quick-fix is not going to solve their problems. Rather, it will make new ones.

    Elsewhere in the hatch, Kate has been locked in the food pantry. The size of the room is striking at first, simply because it furthers the audience’s suspicion that Desmond does not leave the hatch under any circumstances. All of the food is packaged in the same way, and we’ll get a better glimpse of the pantry and its contents in the next couple of episodes. The hatch storyline ends the same way it did in the last episode, with Jack arriving inside, and while it’s a point of annoyance for some people, I think the editing is done very well. There’s no way you can cram Locke’s discoveries, Kate’s discoveries, and Jack’s discoveries into one episode, and there’s also no way you can put part of Michael and Sawyer’s story into that episode as well, which is what a lot of people wished for. Letting the stories play out on their own is much better than chopping them up and reducing their quality so you can see everything immediately.

    The only other little story is the brief scene between Charlie and Claire in the caves. Claire sees Charlie’s Virgin Mary statue, and Charlie explains that he thinks it’s a good thing to have around. Charlie has not been able to fully beat his addiction, and while he hasn’t used the contents of the statue, merely having it in his possession is enough reason for concern. He also gives Aaron to Claire in exchange for getting the statue back, so that should show where his priorities lie.

    This episode is very well done. The acting is exquisite everywhere, and it has a lot of emotional content, which was lacking from the previous episode. The first two episodes of this season serve as the wind-down from Exodus, Part 2, and the real story of Season 2 takes off in the next episode.
  • Truly the first bad episode for the show, and hopefully the last. We catch up with the rafters, watch as Michaels baby momma legally screws him b/c shes evil, and delve deeper into the hole.

    Just way to much recap filler, at times that was all they did, replay the prior episode. It was just bad, they seemed to take this show off and just let the inters produce it, I was so very disappointed with it. there was at least 20 minutes min, 30 minutes max of just recap, and it was just dry recap, nothing that mattered, just dry unnecessary moments from the previous week show.
    The only part that was truly original for the show was the end when Mike, Sawyer drifted back to the Island and Jin came running out of the jungle in restraints saying the others "in english" were coming after him, and then the others were shown. The only good parts were the down the long down the blouse shots of Kate, she's pretty.
    However, if you watch this episode, just watch the last 4 minutes b/c thats the only time something new happened.
  • We see what happened to the raft.........

    We find out lots about the hatch in this episode. It was an information filler.We see
    that the computer is damaged and Jack demands answerrs on the hatch.Desmond explains about his race around the world and that he was brought there by Kelvin who tol him about the computor.
    He told them the button had to be pushed every 108 minutes.Locke is inrigud and Jack's scaptical but both want answers.
    Desmond tells them to watch a film from the hatch called orientation.
    It tells them about the Dharma Initiative which began in 1870's. It tells them the duties of the hatch they are in called the "Swan".
    It's very interesting to Locke but Jack thinks its all a mind game.
    Also, Michael, Sawyer and Jin are tossed in a hole in the ground by the strangers they have encountered.
    A woman is thrown in with them who tells them she's a fellow survivor, only to attack them and then go back out.
    Desmond flees, knowing he cant fix the computor.He leaves Jack and Locke in charge of it.
    Kate fetches Sayid who fixes it as Locke takes a leap of faith and enters the numbers "Saving The World".
  • Review

    I actually liked this episode. It kind of sucked that we didnt devolop more of the hatch storyline, but seeing it from Locke and Kates perspective was actually a cool twist that the writers came up with. I thought that the boat scenes were good too with Sawyer and Micheal both working with each other and seemingly doing nothing but argue back and forth with one another. I thought Micheals flashback was kinf od boring and a little bit repeatitive of what we saw in season 1. I would have thought a Locke flashback and just some boat scenes would have been better, but I think this episode is a lot better then people give it credit for. It couldnt stand up to the preimere, but it was still a very good episode overall with another great ending that will leave us guessing until next week!! Who were they and why was Jin all tied up?
  • Why do all talk about the numbers?

    I liked that episode but for me people get a little to exited about the whole stuff.
    Every number they find gets turned into the set of infamous numbers.
    I mean ok, in the last episode the thing with the clock and also that 108 is the sum of the numbers are ok and I would say that this thought is rational since the clock thing was also a thing the buffy guys did back then.
    But this whole show is about more than only the numbers. There are lots more mysteries without any number in it that would interest me .
  • This episode is about Michael. We see what happened in the last episode but in 2 different perspectives.

    This episode is about Michael. We see what happened in the last episode but in 2 different perspectives. Walt is missing, their raft is destroyed, and Jin missing too, Michael and Sawyer fight for their lives in the middle of nowhere in the ocean and discover a new predator in the roiling sea ( a shark ) . Meanwhile on land, Locke must go into the hatch when Kate goes missing inside. Also, Jack decides to go into the hatch as well later. Lastly, flashbacks reveal more of Michael's relationship with ex-lover Susan and their son Walt as they fight over custody for Walt, but Michael must let go. This was why this episode was like a cool one. We see what happened in the hatch from 2 points of view, we see a Michael flashback, Sawyer and Michael fight for what is left of the raft.
  • Great episode.

    Michael and Sawyer floats along the wreckage of their bamboo raft. There's no sign of Jin, they don't know where he is. Meanwhile on land, Locke and Kate comes down the hatch. Jack decides to go down after them. This episode flashbacks to Michael's past and his troubled relationship with his ex girlfriend. They fight over the custody of Walt, Michael loses him over his girlfriend's well paying job. It explains why Michael acts so protective of Walt. It's a great episode, the Michael flashbacks are really entertaining. I really enjoyed this episode. I looking forward for more Lost episodes.
  • On this episode they show a very revealing scene with the sharks.

    Spoiler Ahead!

    At the very beginning I was very bored to see that they made this episode the same as "Man of Science, Man of Faith" but in different perspectives. As the episode continued I started watching very small details especially at the shark scene just before Michael shot the shark.

    I was very surprised in this scene, especially because it was very hard for me to see. I don't think many people caught this, but if you look close enough there is a part in which the camara takes a close shot of the shark and you can actually see that there is a Dharma symbol on the shark's tail.

    This symbol makes you think on, why did a shark had a symbol on its tail? I mean someone had to put it right? And then you go on to the 3rd season and you actually get to see when Jack gets to open the door of the aquarium where all the sharks were being held.

    Personally I think details like this is what makes this a great show. Thumbs up on this episode =D
  • Good lines but the story wasn't ideal.

    This episode "Adrift" was different but similar to Man Of Science Man Of Faith. The script was good and everything was pretty good but the storyline as a whole wasn't too great. I wish that we found out what happened to Jin, Sawyer amd Michael in the first episode rather than now. It was also a clever idea too see the hatch from Locke and Kate's point of view rather than from Jack's but they should have done it faster. My favourite part was when Kate found the food and when I first saw this episode after an entire season of trying to survive it was just like they have been on an island hinting down boars for weeks and there was like a supermarket underneather them. Good episode!
  • Sawyer: "How about that? The current brought us back. We're home."

    Sawyer emerges from the water. Everything around him is a smokey blur. He can hear both Jin yelling out to him, and Michael yelling for Walt. Sawyer chooses to swim over to Michael, and gets to him just in time, as Michael is going underwater and drowning. Sawyer pulls him up onto a piece of the raft, and sees that he isn't breathing. Meanwhile, we're taken back to the moment when Kate was dragged in the hatch. Locke is standing at the top, yelling down her name. After a moment, he checks to make sure the rope is secure, and heads down into the hatch.

    Sawyer pounds on Michael's chest, trying to resusitate him. He breathes into his mouth and hits his chest again. Michael coughs and comes back to life. A few minutes later, we see Michael and sitting on a small piece of the raft. Michael keeps shouting for Walt, in the small hope that he'll hear him.

    Locke has made it to the bottom of the tunnel, and drops down onto the floor. He slips his shoes off to be stealthy, and walks around a bit. He comes into a living room/kitchen, and then into the big dome with the computer in it. Kate is lying on the ground. Locke wakes her up, when suddenly Desmond is standing over them, pointing an AK-47. "Are you him?" Desmond asks. Back on the raft, the drama continues as Jin is nowhere to be found. Michael and Sawyer begin arguing, when something slams up against the bottom of the raft - a shark. Sawyer doesn't seem too concerned, and even though his shoulder is bleeding, he's getting annoyed with Michael so he swims over to another piece of debris.

    In flashbacks throughout the episode, we witness Michael's struggle against Susan (his ex) over Walt's custody, as Michael doesn't want Susan's new boyfriend to adopt him. In the end, Michael drops the case, and visits Walt one last time. Walt is still a really young kid, and Michael gives him a stuffed polar bear.

    On his piece of the raft, Sawyer decides he's gonna yank the bullet out of his shoulder with his bare hands. Surprisingly, he's able to. "You got a band-aid?" he asks Michael before he passes out. Down in the hatch, Desmond realizes Locke isn't "him". Locke convinces Desmond that Kate is more dangerous than he, so Kate is locked up in a closet. Back in the caves, Jack prepares to head back to the hatch, and Claire asks Charlie about the Virgin Mary statue. Charlie tells her he thinks it'll be good luck to keep around.

    On the raft, things are getting tense between Michael and Sawyer as they argue over whose fault it is the raft got blown up. "What are you gonna do? Splash me?" asks Sawyer. Michael splashes him and his piece of the raft breaks up, forcing them both back onto one piece. In the hatch, Desmond is questioning Locke about the plane crash and the other survivors. Suddenly, there's a beeping noise. Desmond takes Locke over to the computer, and has him enter a series of numbers in - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42!! Locke presses "Execute" and the alarm stops. A big clock-counter on the wall flips up to the number 108. They hear a splashing noise, and Desmond looks into his telescope, only to see Jack, holding a 9mm, begin walking toward them. Meanwhile, Kate has broken out of the ropes, and found a light switch. Hitting it, she sees she's in a pantry. She grabs an Apollo chocolate bar, eats it, and sees a ventilation duct. She opens it up, and climbs in. Going down, she is able to get a good view of the computer dome. Suddenly, "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" blasts from the record player. She sees Jack looking at the computer, and yells to him, but he doesn't hear. Suddenly, Desmond is holding Locke at gunpoint. He fires off a shot that nearly hits Kate, and then he reveals himself to Jack.

    Out on the raft, things are looking bleak, when suddenly Sawyer spots one of the pontoons (big things that keep the raft afloat, it had 2 of them). Sawyer decides to brave the sharks and swims out to get it. He gives the 9mm to Michael, telling him to kill the shark if he sees it. Sawyer struggles to swim with his injured shoulder, when suddenly the shark appears. Michael shoots, but the gun is jammed! Michael pulls at the trigger a few times, until the gun fires. He shoots like a madman, and blood spurts into the air from the water. But Sawyer is nowhere to be seen. Panicked, Michael swims over to the pontoon. Sawyer's arm pops up, and he crawls up onto the pontoon, then helps Michael up.

    The next day, Sawyer wakes up and sees Michael crying. Michael realizes he never should have brought Walt on the raft. Sawyer looks over and sees the island. They're back. They swim up onto the beach, exhausted. They hear a distant yelling, and look up. Jin comes running onto the beach, hands tied behind his back. He falls down next to them, and he's yelling "Others! Others!" The 3 of them look up and see a group of people off in the distance, holding clubs and coming to get them.

    Another perfect episode, in my opinion. Heck, I was more concerned about what had happened to the rafties than what was down in the hatch! Still, Sawyer makes this episode great. And now his hair is so long that he looks a lot like Kurt Cobain...
  • What happened to the Raft survivors after it was blown up

    We finally get to see what has happened to the people on the raft and instead of seeing the incidents in the hatch unfold from jacks persective we see them from Lockes Perceptive so it doesnt really advance the story on very far, It was a michael centric Flashback that really didnt interest me, but the raft situation was interesting, as was the hatch although i didnt like the repition of it.
    The flashback was especially boring becauseall it involved was michael trying to stop Walts mother from taking Walt out of the country, overall it was a good episode with the action on the island beign much more interesting than the flashback.
  • great episode!!

    Adrift is such a good episode!!! I love everything about it! Its the episode where we finally find out what happened to the losties on the raft! and we get to see what really went on in the hatch with Kate and Locke! Sawyer is at his best in this episode! I love his lines! Theyre so funny!
    My favorite quotes fromt this episode:
    Sawyer - "Oh, well, I'll just stop bleeding then.

    " Sawyer-"Oh, what you gonna to do, splash me?"

    Sawyer- "Well at least Walt is on a boat probably wrapped in a blanket with a cup of cocoa" Another one of my favorites is when Desmond calls Locke "Box man"! I love it!!
  • So where's Jin.

    This is another great episode following "Man of Science, Man of Faith" it answered questions both from the prvious episode (Locke and Kate in the hatch) and questions from the season 1 finale "Exodus" (the rafties).

    The confrontations between Michael and Sawyer were great and really made this episode better. The unforgetable infamous scene is when Sawyer pulls the bullet out of his arm. Also finding out what was in the hatch and finding out more about Desmond couldn't have been better. Although it does get kind of anoying when you're on the same thing for three episodes, but then when you go back you can really enjoy it and it was fantastic.

    As the ending once again leaves with so many questions, it was still a fantastic ending for both parts of the episode, where Sawyer and Michael find Jin and the supposed others, and in the hatch, leaving us in the same place as "Man of Science, Man of Faith."

    Sawyer: Jin!

    Jin: Other, others, others, others... others.

  • michael and sawyer drift on pieces of the destroyed raft around the ocean. we learn what happened to john and kate in the hatch.

    this episode was quite annoying because really it was like a repeat of the first episode, but it needed to be show to explain what happened to michael, sawyer and jin and show what happened with kate and locke down in the hatch. the best parts of this episode where: the part where michael and sawyer argue and go on different parts of the raft, the part where michael shoots the shark, the parts where john is in the hatch and the part where kate finds all the food in the hatch. i love lost i love lost i love lost.
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