Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2005 on ABC

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  • Just About details and Slow Things!!!!

    This type of episode really separates who is a super fan (people who like the characters so much, that only their presence is enough to a episode to be good) from people who like the show, but also enjoy good Storylines and can see what the writers are doing.

    The producers and writers objective were simple, buy time until the end of this episode.

    So nothing really happens, since we didn´t advance on the plot. Is all about michael, sawyer and Jin.

    We all know that they are alive, but the only thing that was nice in this episode about them, was the endind.

    How to buy time with michael and sawyer? Simple, create a discussion and a uselees flashbacks and you can buy 60% of the time.

    How to buy time in the hatch? Simple, create another point of view and you ara able to do that, since we didn´t show locke and kate entering inside tha hatch.

    So this episode is all about this, and is not bad, but is the type of episode that doesn´t had anything important.