Season 1 Episode 11

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2004 on ABC

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  • All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

    The winter finale had plenty of shocks and setups, but it fell short on the action we were all wanting despite an enticing and tear-jerking final act.
  • Awesome.

    While swimming, Kate finds the marshal's locked case. Jack agrees to help Kate open the case if she will show him what is inside it. There are guns inside and a toy airplane. Kate says the airplane belonged to the man she loved-and killed. In a flashback, Kate robs a bank so that she can recover the toy airplane. So Locke and Boone find the hatch - whihch is awesome. Kate and Sawyer swim and find a suitcase - which they both wamt, it's so funny what they do to get it and how they act together. I feel sorry for Charlie, but I love the way Rose is with him. I love Kate's back story in this episode she is awesome. I also love Sayid and Shannon, I also love the new camp! Oh, and when Charlie cried, I cried - it's because I love this man.
  • All can say is "wow"!

    This epi had me so drawn in half way through I realized I was sitting in my chair with all my muscles tensed up. It was awesome. We learn more about Jack's stand-up character, as flashbacks show us, even if it's his own father that he has to set things right against. We sit here wondering why the heck Ethan has taken Claire and Charlie and what are his intentions? Jack and Locke take off into the woods trying to find them then decide on adding Lily and Boone to their search party. They follow the clues left by Charlie along the path and eventually decide to split up. Out of nowhere Jack runs into Ethan, who threatens to kill one of them if they keep following, the tension mounts as Jack and Lily finally find Charlie, and OMG I was bawling my eyes out when they did. However, we are still left with the question of what Ethan wants with Claire? Also, Locke and Boone have stumbled upon something in the forest buried in the ground...what is it? This was a very thrilling heartpounding episode to say the least. Awesome.
  • The search for Claire and Charlie, and more flashbacks into Jack\'s past.

    The flashbacks into Jack\'s past were very good as they showed the tension between him and his father. I can\'t believe his father operated on someone while he was drunk and ended up killing her, and her unborn baby. I was glad to see Jack let the truth be known during the board meeting.

    The search for Claire and Charlie was the most suspenseful plotline yet. I liked how Charlie left the finger tapes behind as a trail.

    It was so suspenseful to watch Jack try and revive Charlie. I really thought Charlie was dead. That would have been horrible, he is a great character.

    Another good cliffhanger on this episode. I really want to know what that steel plating is. Can\'t wait for the next ep.
  • More delays

    When "Lost" started, it was the most exciting thing on TV I'd seen for a long time. Mysteries abounded, characters were full of possibilities and intrigue and the pilot was a major motion picture, one might say.

    Alas, ca. 10 episodes into the show's run, it seems to have lost all steam. Starting just one episode after the premiere, each show focused heavily on clumsy character "development" via formulaic flashbacks and else displayed a leisurely pace when it came to developing the ongoing plot/mystery. "All the Best Cowboys..." is no exception.

    So we learn that Jack is an honest guy who would stand up to his powerful Daddy and be his own man when it comes to truth and consequences. Yawn. What else is new? Like 80% of the show's flashback sequences (notable exceptions being Locke's and Kate's), this is trite, uninspired, obvious. And it doesn't add much to the story of the characters being stranded on this mysterious and dangerous island.

    The writers appear to hold back the good stuff for later, the revelations about where the castaways really are, what the deal is with the "monster" in the jungle, why Locke can walk again, who the "others" are etc. And this episode is even worse for not even doing much for the most recent development, Claire's abduction by the "non-passenger" Ethan.

    I'll stick around waiting for the show to get back to those things, but it had better stop boring me with stuff of secondary importance or else it has "lost" me.
  • All the Flamboyant Surgeons Get Beaten Up By Creepy Abductors

    Jack and Locke separate in order to retake the abducted Claire and Charlie. Jack's party ends up discovering defeat by Ethan… but miracle doc Jack also manages to somehow rescue Charlie from the brick of death. I guess it's called payback. It's not good. As for Locke and his faithful follower Boone, they discover a Mysterious Hatch and share some Star Wars-related witty cues. -

    JACK EPISODE aka Anoyinggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

    Anyhow, JACK cuts across the jungle (poor jungle) and yet, he does not get killed by the Monster. BUT, he is attacked by Ethan (yay!). Afterwards, followed by his faithful worshiper Kate the Murderer, he discovers Charlie hanged from a branch or something and heroiclly manages to bring him back to life and jackish (that's not a word) reality. That is a really well-directed scene (props to Stephen Williams), but its conclusion is far from awesome. In fact, it's kinda lame. As for the flashbacks, they are also well-directed (double props to Stephen Williams) but Jack is present (not) to save the day. On a brighter note, Locke and Boone discover the Hatch, which is going to evolve into a very interesting key-storyline in Season 2.
  • Another Jack-centric episode.

    Let just start out by saying that as a whole I really, really liked this episode, and the main reason that I liked this episode so much was due to the fact that it was a Jack-centric episode, and Jack is one of my favorite characters on the show. I thought that the flashbacks about his life before he and the other survivors were stranded on the island and his relationship with his father were great. I think that Matthew Fox plays the role of Jack so well, and I think that he did a really great job in this episode. I also thought that the rest of the cast did a great job in this episode too. In my opinion, this was a very well written and a very well acted episode by everyone involved. In closing, this really was an amazing episode, and it definitely shows just how talented the entire cast, writing staff and production crew of Lost really are.
  • A fast paced episode...

    Survivors wonder why Charlie and Claire have been abducted - and by whom - and a search party ventures into the treacherous jungle to look for the pair. Suspicions focus on Ethan Rom (guest-star William Mapother), who, it was recently discovered, was not a passenger on the doomed flight. Jack battles inner demons relating to his father, while Boone and Locke discover another island mystery.
    This episode continues right were Raised by Another left off. This is one of the best episodes of the season. There is much to enjoy in this episode for one it was the sudden change in pace. I enjoyed the scenes with Boone and Locke and the ending was awesome.
  • Doing flashbacks about jack, can be dangerous...

    ...because they can be boring. This episode wasn´t bad, it just does not have what it takes to be special.

    I liked this episode.

    We have drama, not too strong, because this episode centers in jack, and the flashback didn´t seem to be interesting enough. Even the situation on the island wasn´t anything special because nothing really important happened.

    Some interactions between sayid e sawyer, hugo and the kid, locke and boone was interesting.

    I didn´t understand the connection that the writters tried to make with the jack flashbacks and is tendency to be the good guy. It seemed just fillers, with no importance.

    The final scenes and the cliffhanger, was the best this episode could deliver.
  • Nothing new about the characters, but this one matters a lot

    This is the first episode to give a flashback to a character that we've already met--- Jack, and while the title is rather unruly is does have an issue that could apply to all of the characters, but especially Jack, and this hostility causes him major problems when the search for Claire and Charlie begins.

    The obvious anger is thrown at Locke, who really doesn't deserve it. He does everything in his power to try and help lead the search, and it's obvious, he's far more capable of doing so than Jack is. But Jack ignores him, and keeps pushing on. When the trail splits, and Locke tries to tell them to go together, Jack blatantly ignores him, and goes ahead with Kate, who now reveals that she has experience as a tracker. But rather than take this as a sign of hope, Jack throws it back in their face the minute that they are alone. For some reason (perhaps because he is beginning to fall in love with her) he still can't get over Kate's deception, which will grow even more pronounced over the next episodes. The irony, of course, Jack has been no more honest with her about his life, and certainly hasn't told her about the problems he was having long before the plane crash.

    When they finally catch up to Ethan, Jack focuses his hostility on him, which ends with his ass getting thoroughly kicked. But not even that stops his pursuit, which leads to the most shocking image of the episode--- Charlie with a noose around his neck, nagging from a tree. It looks pretty clear that he is dead, but Jack can't let this go either. Indeed, his lifesaving methods become pretty brutal, as if he's beating on Charlie for daring to die. Turns out, that this time, he manages to accomplish a miracle, and bring the young rock star back to life. In the flashback we get, we see what was likely the precipitating incident that probably guilted Jack into flying to Sydney in the first place. While operating on a pregnant woman, Christian Shephard cut one of her arteries, and despite the efforts of him and Jack, the woman died on the table. Jack realizes that his father was clearly intoxicated, and had no business operating in the first plays. He is willing to lie for his father once to protect him, but eventually his honesty gets the better of him, and his father pays the penalty. But was really Jack's conscience that got the better of him? Could it have been simple jealousy at having to be subservient to a man who clearly doesn't have it any more? Jack clearly doesn't want to turn into his father, which considering his behavior here, and much later, is just as ironic.

    Having been in the background for several episodes, Locke steps back into the front in the search for Charlie and Claire. He gently tries to suggest to him that he's in over his head and that it doesn't make sense for the islands only physician to risk his life at a job he's not suited for. Jack ignores him. Later, when Locke tells him that Jack was going in circles, it seems that this is Locke not being subtle. Or perhaps he a little cockier, because for the first time someone is willing to follow him---- Boone, who up until now has been staying mainly in Jack's radar, now comes to a crossroads. He begins the search following Jack, but finishes it accompanying Locke. He tries to get more information on him (when Locke tells him that in the real word, he was the manager of a box factory, we know Boone thinks he's being teased), and tries to understand his mysteries. While the search goes on, rain comes out of nowhere, and just like in the Pilot, Locke looks up and holds out his arms. The obvious explanation is he thinks that it's some kind of blessing from the island.

    And, long after the trails runs cold, Locke continues on his path, and then (much like Bobbi Anderson did in Stephen King's The Tommyknockers) he stumbles over his destiny. Something made of steel is under the dirt of the island. Considering that Sayid found a wire earlier leading from the ocean, it comes as less of a surprise than we think. Of course, we don't how big the object is, how long it's going to take to uncover, or what the cost will be. We get a hint when Boone refers to 'Red Shirt', a character on Star Trek who always got killed when the captain sent him on an away mission. Locke's remark is funny, but it too is prophetic in a fashion: Locke is going to lead Boone to his doom.

    What are the others doing? Michael tries to help with the search, but when Locke brushes him off, he tries to form one of his own. It's pretty clear Michael has no use for Locke, and is becoming pretty pissed at being told off, especially in front of Walt. We don't see much of Walt in this episode, but there is a scene that is rather telling. He and Hurley play a game of backgammon, in which he thoroughly kicks Hurley's ass. Strangely, every time he throws the dice, he gets exactly what he needs to win. This doesn't seem to be only luck not her. Hurley's behavior is just as interesting. It appears he was gambling with the kid, and bet $20,000. It could be that this is just another joke of his, but he seems serious when he says "You'll get it." These two guys need a flashback each.

    Another interesting scene occurs when a recuperating Sayid meets Sawyer for the first time since the torture sequence (roughly a week ago, according to the calendar) Considering their animosity, it's a little surprising that Sawyer doesn't take the opportunity to give back some of what Sayed gave. However, the two actually have a pretty civilized conversation. And as much as he might be a son of a botch, Sawyer is still on the beach, keeping the signal fires burning. The two of them are a lost closer in their mindset then they'd want to believe.

    The rest of the characters don't do much. We don't see Jin and Sun at all or Claire (obviously) and Charlie barely shows up. Charlie's feeling a certain amount of guilt when he regains consciousness. Whoever this Ethan was, his sole interest seemed to have been Claire. This leads to more questions. How did Ethan mange to drag two people off into the woods and not leave a trail, except for what Charlie left. Did he have help? Did he use some kind of chemical agent? Does it have something to do with how easily he manages to beat the crap out of Jack before disappearing again? And what is this interest that they seem to have in children (Why else would they have taken Rousseau's baby fifteen years ago?)

    'All the Best Cowboys' does something that the show will do repeatedly. It sets up two immediate paths, and then has us follow them for weeks before getting into any kind of resolution. (Of course, those resolutions frequently just lead to more mysteries but still…) Still it's a critical episode for several of the characters, and gets us set up for the second half of Season 1
    My score:8.7
  • Los exploradores

    Tres cronopios y un fama se asocian espeleológicamente para descubrir las fuentes subterráneas de un manantial. Llegados a la boca de la caverna, un cronopio desciende sostenido por los otros, llevando a la espalda un paquete con sus sándwiches preferidos (de queso). Los dos cronopios-cabrestante lo dejan bajar poco a poco, y el fama escribe en un gran cuaderno los detalles de la expedición. Pronto llega un primer mensaje del cronopio: furioso porque se han equivocado y le han puesto sandwiches de jamón. Agita la cuerda, y exige que lo suban. Los cronopios-cabrestante se consultan afligidos, y el fama se yergue en toda su terrible estatura y dice: NO, con tal violencia que los cronopios sueltan la soga y acuden a calmarlo. Están en eso cuando llega otro mensaje, porque el cronopio ha caido justamente sobre las fuentes del manantial, y desde ahí comunica que todo va mal, entre injurias y lágrimas informa que los sándwiches son todos de jamon, que por más que mira y mira entre los sándwiches de jamón no hay ni uno solo de queso.

    Julio Cortázar, De cronopios y de famas.
  • We get to meet a new character, and with those evil looking eyes and stare, we know that he's not one of us!!! Sawyer amd Sayid get to be pals once more !!!!!

    It starts as the last one finished, with Claire and Charlie being in the company of Ethan. We then see some of the people at the caves being told by Hurley that the only one not on the manifest was Ethan, then we get Jack and Locke chasing through the underbrush trying to get to them. we have a flashback from Jack as we go back to the op room where he is unable to save a patient, the other surgeon was the head of staff.

    Then we have a frantic search of the undergrowth, we have jack and kate, locke and Boone, then the trail goes two ways and the search group splits two ways, leaving Jack and Sarah teamed up.

    The flashbacks are of Jacks surgery past, together with his father who is the chief of medicine. Jack wants his father to tell the whole truth, rather than him covering it all up.

    Sawyer learns that Sayad has returned, so off he goes with revenge in his eyes. Only to have him explain the aspects of his time away from camp and tells him that it looks like Karma gave him a beating. We learn from a flashback that Jack is taking his fathers side, until he learns that the dead patient was pregnant, then he tells the board of inquiry his version of events.

    Meanwhile, Ethan gets to slap Jack around and warns him to stop following them or one will die, but Jack persists in his pursuit of them, saying not again, they then come around the corner and find charlie hung from some vines, not breathing. Jacks starts cpr on Charlie, it doesnt look good but jack continues and they manage to get him breathing again.

    Back at the camp, Charlie is not talking, just staring into the wild but then manages to tell Jack that he did not hear anything, see anything, they just wanted Claire - we are still to find out who is meant by them, but Charlie just repeats it when he's asked, them.

    Boone's sister is worried that him and Locke have not returned, but Kate advises her that he is with the best person on the island to be with, in the forest and at night. We then see him and Locke, Boone wants to turn back, Locke wants to continue, Boone decides to go back by himself following the stream, Locke agrees and throws him the torch, which he fails to catch, but it falls to the ground making a strange noise. On investigating, they find that the torch hit steal imbedded in the earth.
  • Locke: It's gonna start raining in one minute. Boone: One minute? Locke: Give or take a few seconds. It begins raining Boone: They teach you how to predict the weather at a box company?

    After Claire and Charlie are kidnapped by Ethan, two parties of Jack and Kate, and Locke and Boone go looking for them. Jack encounters Ethan, who warns that one of the hostages will be killed. Jack and Kate find Charlie, blindfolded and hanging by his neck from a tree branch. Jack furiously performs CPR and Charlie comes back to life. Meanwhile, Boone and Locke discover a piece of metal embedded in the forest's ground. In flashbacks, Jack confesses to a board that his father had been under the influence of alcohol while operating. This is one of my favourite episodes of the season, most of the episode was intense and the last scene wow! 9.6 out of 10.
  • A great transitional episode.

    The second Jack episode of the show. The Jack-back is better this time around. We find out the reason why he had a bad relationship with his father. I loved the flashback shocker, finding out that Jack is responsible for Christian losing his job. The on island stuff on the other hand wasn't all that exciting. I know it's possible to "track" people, but this episode made it... a little laughable, and convinient. However, I enjoyed the Locke scenes very much. The scenes with him set the tone for the second part of the season, which dives deeper in the show's mythology. So, this, all considered is a transitional episode, with a high point... The scene where Jack and Kate finds Charlie is incredible. You really believe Charlie's dead... and no, he's not. Normally it'd be a cliché but this time around it was really nerve wracking, and I guess, for Charlie fans, heart wrenching. Good acting on Matthew Fox's part.

    The cliffhanger of the episode is strong, not as strong as the previous episode cliff, but at that time, nobody could wait to find out what is that metal Locke and Boone found...
  • "If you do not stop following I will kill one of them" The growing momentum set up in Raised by Another reaches a series head in this pulse-pounding episode, which is one of the best episodes of the series.

    This episode has everything. And it all works without killing momentum. Following on from the cliffhanger in Raised by Another, the series takes off with a dramatic start with Locke and Jack going into the jungle after Ethan and Claire, but in reality just chasing shadows.
    What follows is a great adventure, which we haven't seen since the Pilot. The adventure offers more than action and island mystery but many character developments, all of which are important to future consequences. This episode may be focused on Jack but it is also about the others to, or at least the band of merry men and woman (Kate) that go along with him in search of Claire.
    Finding out Locke works for a box company, and Boone's disbelieving reaction is great. Even the other characters not on the trek are given some airtime which is nice to see, as it so easily could have been the Jack/Kate/Locke and Boone show. Sawyer gets an awkward moment with Walt, which alerts us to the fact that Walt may be more clued into what the island holds than we knew at first. Also Walt has an interesting game of Checkers with Hurley, which not only keeps up the mystery surrounding Walt's power over his surroundings, something that would be addressed more directly later in Special, but with Hurley. In this episode it may at first seem that Hurley's comment that Walt will get his $20,000 dollars was a mere-brush off to Walt, to get him out of the game that he was never going to win, but we found out in "Numbers" that he could mean it, as Hurley has that sort of money. It's this subtle character development that makes the writers of this show so smart, as everything that a character says, does or sees, is re-addressed at a later date and is significant, no matter how significant it may first appear.
    Jack's flashbacks are good. Christian Shepherd is a great character, influential in Jack's current state of affairs. The flashbacks don't seem to spoil the momentum that much, and while they are not pivotal to events on the island, as the last episode was, it is essential to the development of Jack's character. The journey that Jack goes through in his flashbacks from the operating theatre to the board room meeting where he grasses on his father in the most abruptest way imaginable, rests nicely against the real-time journey he faces from the caves into the heart of darkness in search of Claire, only instead to come face to face with the formidable force that is Ethan Rom. At least we think it is really him! Remember Kate didn't see him fight Ethan and she insists to Jack that he just fell. Ethan does exist. Too many survivors have seen him prior to this episode and subsequent to this, when he returns in Homecoming. Even Kate sees him this time. So it is strange how Kate did not see this significant brawl. Was Jack seeing something that wasn't there, maybe just as he saw his father. Or maybe there is something more sinister at foot. Whatever the reason, real or imagined, the fight sequence, is engrossing. Ethan is quite abnormal, almost robotic, with immense strength. It seems to be that he could have killed Jack there and then.
    As, if a dramatic fight wasn't enough to push this episode's quality up into the stratosphere, there was also the emotional rescue of Charlie, from imminent death.
    The sight of Jack thumping furiously on Charlie's chest, as an exhausted Kate watches him helplessly in tears, occasionally trying to make him stop. Jack does save him and that gives the scene even more of an emotional context.
    Interestingly, the numbers have an important role to play in this scene. At first Jack thunps on Charlie's chest 23 times before Kate tells him to stop. As one who finds it hard to let go Jack continues to thump 9 times, which revives Charlie. Add 23+9 and you get 32, a reversed 23. Which means that not only did Jack reverse 23 to 32, but reversed death.
    In an episode full of highlights, there is one thing that also makes this episode that much more special. The final scene sees Boone and Locke accidentally discover something steel buried in the earth - what we would eventually come to know as the Hatch, which would be pivotal to Lost at the end of this season and in Season 2.
    This episode is one of my personal favourites and I think it will stand the test of time. Awesome!
  • The search for Claire and Charlie

    Who titled this episode??? Anyway, there are not too many shows that have the ability to make me cry, but this one had me tearing up big time. It was so sad at the end when they found Charlie hung up in the tree. I thought he was dead. Charlie is one of my favorite characters. It would have been a real shame if he was killed off the show. I was glad that they found him, I just wished they would have been able to find Claire too. Locke and Boone find this hatch thingy at the end and we have no clue about what's inside. Good cliffhanger. One of my favorite episodes.
  • Loved it!

    Locke, Jack, Boone and Kate search for Claire and Charlie. They go their separate ways when the paths spilt. Ethan finds Jack and beats him up with a warning to stop following him. Jack and Kate find Charlie hanging. They get him down, but he isn't breathing. Jack manages to bring him back to life. Walt seems to like Locke more than Michael, which makes Michael jealous. Locke and Boone have found mysterious steel on the jungle floor.

    This episode was great! The ending was so shocking! I really want to know more about Ethan! This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Loved it!

    I loved All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues! Such a good episode. The hunt for Charlie and Claire was so exciting. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing. I liked Jack's little fight with Ethan. That was cool. My favorite scene was when Kate and Jack found Charlie hanging dead from the tree. I was really crying! And it was so sad because Jack and Kate were crying just as much as I was. The scene was very well acted by Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lily. (And Dominic Monaghan, though all he had to do was lay there). I was so happy when Jack revived him! Wonderful episode!
  • good episode...

    Claire and Charlie are abducted and the suspicians are directed towards Ethan because he is the only member that was not on the flight manifest. In the end, Jack and Kate get Charlie back, after rescueing him from almost dying from being hung from a rope off a tree. They did not find Claire though. Overall, it was a pretty suspensful episode. I loved the tracking down and it revealed a lot about the characters. I didn't really like the flashbacks about Jack that much, but they weren't too bad. It helped us learn about his character and his life more. Overall, pretty good episode with a good story and good suspense.
  • *flashback comes on* ...yawn...get back to the island...NOW!!!

    I HATE JACK FLASHBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't think I can express it enough. He has one or two major conflicts, that he is over committed and possibly the guilt of ratting out his father.

    Now there have been two Jack episodes, and he still hasn't changed!

    He is the most static character in the whole three seasons so far! I can't stand it!

    If the episode left out the flashbacks, I would probably give the episode a 10/10. It was a really exciting episode, with a close call with charlie (and very emotional too!).
    I thought that was a great part of the episode, and the fact that they failed was also good for the plot, so we can learn exactly what ethan is up to.

    I just keep wondering if he is superhuman or not...it cant be that hard to fight one guy!
  • Shocked when i saw charlie

    Charlie and Claire are kidnapped by Ethan, and several of the survivors set out in search of them. In the jungle, Boone and Locke find a hatch embedded in the ground. Flashbacks show Jack dealing with issues with his father. Jack fights Ethan in the jungle and saves charlies life after being hung.
    Boone and Locke get closer to the Island and claire cant be found.
    In my opinion all the best cowboys have daddy issous was a great episode full of action adventure and suspence it was also emotional and very well acted by mathew fox and evangeline lilly one of my favourate episodes of season one.
  • "I'm not letting him do this...not again."

    Jack has had problems from the very beginning of this series-he’s just good at hiding them. Unfortunately, the longer the survivors spend on the island, the more the island changes them. Therefore, Jack’s problems are surfacing-and all the best cowboys have daddy issues (terrible title).

    Jack’s issues with his father run deep. In his past life, he was always playing second banana to his father, the chief of surgery. The scene in Christian’s office is such a great example of their relationship. Christian gives a lot of subtle digs to Jack, and forces him to sign the form. Mr. Shephard says things like, “You’re the most gifted young surgeon in this city.” Find what’s wrong with that sentence. Give up? I’ll tell you. Young. Christian doesn’t say that Jack is the best surgeon; he’s the best surgeon who’s young. In other words, the best surgeon that’s not named Christian Shephard. He also guilts Jack into signing, by saying that he’ll lose his job. It’s interesting that Christian says that being a surgeon is all about the greater good, when the greater good in this situation would be getting rid of Christian, so his alcohol problems don’t harm further patients. Jack does do the right thing, but it costs him something terrible: his father. The answer to the mystery of White Rabbit is answered-Jack squealed on his dad, and that ultimately led to Christian’s death.

    The island, however redemptive it may be, has not saved Jack. He has terrible commitment issues-he blames himself too much, oftentimes for no reason. In this episode, he sees his dad everywhere. Locke tells him to step down and leave the hunt to him. It’s all for a good reason, because Jack is the only doctor, but to him, it means he’s not capable. Jack feels this is his mess, even though that’s not true at all. He tried to give Claire sedatives because that’s what he knows, as a doctor. Now that Ethan has shown his true colors, Jack sees all his missteps. What he forgets is that hindsight is 20/20, and it’s impossible to predict the future. Ethan also represents his father. In the fight scene, which is brilliantly choreographed, photographed, and edited, Ethan tells Jack to leave him alone, and leaves him wiped out on the ground. Jack can only think of how his father left him wiped out on the ground emotionally, warning him to stay down. Jack’s flashbacks and his story on island are great, with lots of character development. This is how follow-up flashbacks should be, not the rubbish we’ll be seeing all too much of in the future. Matthew Fox does tremendous here, from his scenes with Christian to him pushing Kate’s buttons.

    There are many other memorable moments from this episode. Charlie’s revival is one of the saddest moments of the series up to this point. It’s the first time any of the main characters have been put in real mortal jeopardy, and the scene is accentuated by Michael Giacchino’s tragic music. This death theme will be repeated a few other times this season, all to great effect. It’s interesting to look back and think about what might have happened if Jack had stopped beating on Charlie’s chest. He really would have died, and that would be a tragedy, knowing he could have been saved, before it was too LATE. Also, Charlie’s cryptic words at the end of the episode will lead to things to come.

    The return of Sayid, and Sawyer’s subsequent conversation with him, are also filled with tension. Obviously, nothing too terrible comes of it, but it’s a great scene for the two actors. Josh Holloway and Naveen Andrews are marvelous, and play the scene perfectly. It’s also clear the two characters have respect for each other-Sayid left the camp for wounding Sawyer, and Sawyer wouldn’t let the signal fire go out. Holloway also has a funny scene with Walt, when the boy tells of Sayid’s return.

    Walt gets a bit of a spotlight here, telling Hurley about his other dad, Brian. It will be a little while before Walt gets a flashback, but his past is interesting to hear about. The scene also gives Jorge Garcia one of his funniest lines. In defense of his backgammon skills, he shouts: “Hey, I took 17th in a tournament once!” That is one of my favorite Lost lines ever.

    The most important scene, though, is the very last one. The discovery of the hatch in the ground will change a number of characters’ fates, and even lead to death for one of the fourteen leads.

    This episode, though poorly named, is absolutely terrific. It’s crucial for character development, and adds new mysteries, including the one that will change the course of the show for ever.
  • It was a very revealing episode. AWESOME! It had heaps of action and suspense and that is what LOST is all about!

    Episodes 9, 10 and 11 have been excellent! They were very suspenseful and just felt right!

    This one began where it left off with bad guy Ethan Rom staring at Charlie and Claire in the jungle. I'm actually quite a fan of the Ethan episodes because If he wasn't on flight 815 then where did he come from?
    Anyways, He kidnapped Claire and Charlie, so Jack, Locke, Boone and Kate when on a hike following Ethan's trail but making sure to keep quiet. The flashbacks were about Jack but for a second time. These flashbacks took us even further into the past; revealing what Jack did to make his father take off to Australia and die. It was really quite sad actually, You know: Their relationship with each other. Back on the island, the others caught up to jack and convinced him to go back to camp to fiz Sayid's leg, but Jack denied it and continued on... Locke also told him that this was all his fault, " I hunted with Ethan, I spent time with him and didn't sense anything off". Ethan was in fact a very dangerous man and he had the brains and brawn to kill them all. Back at camp however, Michael was a little angry because he sick and tired of being treated like a second class citizen. On the hunt for Charlie and Claire, they found one of Charlie's plasters saying: LATE. -Could Charlie be leaving these or is It Ethan?

    Eventually, the four of them camr to TWO different trails. One was footprints, one was Charlie's plasters. Which was was correct and which was the Decoy/fake?

    Locke and Boone took the footprints way and Jack and Kate took Charlie's way. I thought that Charlie's way would be the right way for some reason.

    Locke and Boone's trail sent them to the middle of nowhere, meaning Boone thought they were lost. It got extremely scary when Jack and Kate had heard screams. They were right after all! Jack and kate climbed a hill, but Jack fell and landed hard on his back.

    -Just then, Ethan appeared, warning Jack to stop following him or else he would kill one of them! Ethan knocked Jack out. The scene after that was awful! Seeing Charlie hung up in a tree! What kind of a man would do that? Ethan was wild, Who is he, where did he come from? Charlie was saved, but Claire was still missing.
    Jack, Kate and Charlie returned to camp. -The thing that made me confused was when Charlie said "all they wanted was Claire". Meaning Ethan may not be alone. Finding out who Ethan is and the reason for Claire's kidnapping will be on my list of high questions!

    Meanwhile, Locke and Boone continued on the tracks. Boone decided to go back but discovered something buried in the ground! What was It???

    Overall: A very well done episode! Next episode looks just okay though.

    My two questions are:

    1. Who is Ethan? What does he want with Clare? (especially)

    2. What is that thing buried in the ground?

    Find out on the later coming episodes of LOST!!!
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • One of my favourite episodes...With one of the best scenes in LOST thus far.

    Another Jack centric episode. This episode will have you the edge of your seat from start to finish!

    After it was confirmed taht Ethan was not a passenger from flight 815, it was revealed that he had kidnapped Charlie and Claire.

    So Jack wen't racing into the jungle to find them, meanwhile Locke got Boone and Kate to help him search for them. As they wen't tracking through the jungle and over the hills they caught up to Jack. Jack looked disorientated and guilty. As they continued to search They continued to find clues from which charlie left so they decide to split up, kate wen't with Jack and boone wen't with Locke.

    As the rain began to poor down Jack and Kate continued the search, when all of a sudden Jack heards screams so he raced up a slippery muddy hill followed by kate, Unforunately Jack lost his footing and slipped down and then he was approached by Ethan who beat up jack and claimed that if they continued to follow him he wopuld kill one of them. When kate made her way down she found jack all beating up but he got up and continued his search, when all of a sudden they found Charlie hanging from a tree. As they hurried to get him down it semmed 5that Charlie had passed, and as all hope of reviving him was Lost jack then all of a sudden charlie woke up with a huge gasp of air...

    Meanwhile boone and Locke continued thier search and as it began to get more and more late Boone decide to go back, so Locke tossed him the flashlight, Boone didn't catch it and then there was a loud thud, it was something big and made of metal.

    Back at the camp Jack, Kate and Charlie had returned and Charlie was a complete mess and claimed that they only wanted Claire.

    L O S T

    In Jack's Flashbak it showed alot of tension between him and his father and that his father had failed in an operation when he was under the influence. As jack strugelled to choose to do what was best for his father or what was more ethical to do. As he decided to help his father in the board meetring he found out his father had lied to him so he confessed that his father was under the influence when the surgery happend.

    This was another great episode and has to be regarded as one of the all time greats!
  • Adventure, emotions, discoveries - another excellent Lost episode.

    The second Jack-back episode is even more exciting than his first one!

    The episode continues where it left off: Sayid's back with some creepy news: There are other people on this island. Not only the crazy french chick - but others too!

    Meanwhile, Hurley finishes his manifest and the horrendous discovery is made: Ethan was NEVER on the plane.

    There's no lead on Claire and Charlie - the creepy Ethan kidnapped both of them.

    The search begins. Jack, Locke, Kate and Boone.

    Jack seems to be determined to find Ethan and co, however, Locke - pretty wisely - recommends to prepare first, and only go then - it's not worth rushing it, because Ethan knows that he'll be followed.

    In Jack's flashback we find out how his dad screwed up a surgery. But, it wasn't a regular screw up! His dad drunk before the operation, which resulted in his hands shaking, thus, cutting an artery. Locke, Kate and Boone catch up to Jack pretty quickly as Jack was only going in circles... well, he's not good at picking up someone's trial. They soonly find some of Charlie's 'gloves' - and then suddenly, the trial is leading into 2 directions: one direction with gloves, and one without. Locke believes the whole clothe-leaving thing is just a set up by an Ethan, so him and Boone take one path, and Jack and Kate another, since Kate is pretty good at finding trails as she was going out hunting with her father pretty often.

    In Jack's flashbacks, although Christian persuades Jack not to tell that he was under the effect of alcohol - Jack finds out that the woman Christian basically killed was pregnant. This makes Jack admit that his father made a serious mistake - infront of the conference. This automatically means that Jack's father's medical career is OVER. On the island, it turns out that Jack was right: he falls from a hill, and Ethan finds him - he gets beaten up by him, and makes him promise that nobody will follow him anymore - unless someone dies.

    However, Jack is determined - even after this - to go after Ethan. When suddenly Kate notices Charlie from a tree.

    Charlie seems to be dead - he's not breathing. Probalby one of the most emotional scenes of Lost is this one: Jack doesn't give up. He's basically punching Charlie, even after 2-3 minutes, he doesn't give up. But then Charlie suddenly awakens. That was close!

    Meanwhile, Boone and Locke are still trying to... do something. But actually, Locke is not even looking for Ethan now. He's searching for something else. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, thanks to a lamp a huge discovery is made: a piece of metal buried in the ground, which is latter called the 'hatch' - probably the biggest mystery of Lost.

    Overally, very good episode, with great Jack moments - I liked how the flashback tied in with the island stuff - And the ending with Locke and Boone finding the hatch is priceless. Definitely a nine.
  • Exciting episode.

    continuing the story from last week's episode, the survivors scrambles to search for Claire and Charlie after the vanished while on their way back to the beach. Now everyone knows that Ethan Rom wasn't on board Oceanic Flight 815. This episode deals with Jack's past. The flashbacks center around him and his not so good relationship with his father who was also a doctor at the hospital where he was working. This is a great episode. It's really exciting. The episode is so intriguing, every minute spent on this show is totally worth it. I'm waiting for the next episode, I'm so excited.
  • Read Review

    This remains to be one of my favorite episodes to date. This episode was the episode that aired before the 4 week long break, and it certainly is the best "mid-season finale" when compared to seasons 2 and 3. Between finding the hatch and all the emotional roller coasters we finnaly find out that there are other people on the island. Everyone expected that there was other people, but this was the episode where it was finnaly confirmed. I liked this episode and it certainly is an episode the reminds me of why i watch the series. 10 / 10 A+
  • Jack- centric episode about his relationship with his father, Christian. Charlie is found nearly dead in the jungle, but Claire is still disappeared.

    The fact that Charlie is found – and is alive – could be in some aspects quite calming, but there is still some kind of impatiece about Claire´s sake and what was she wanted for. The most obvious answer would be that it was her baby what Ethan and “they” wanted but, then, the question would be why is that baby so important for “them”? Last episode we discovered some facts about Claire´s life that brought her to the island, we could even think that this was her destiny, she was intended to be kidnapped by Ethan from the very begining of her pregnancy. This may sound quite awkward, but it´s part of this series nature.

    Although it basically centres on the disappearance of Claire and Charlie, this is a Jack-centric episode. It shows us how he forgave his father at first, but then decided to tell the truth about Christian being involved with alcohol during an operation, which caused the patient´s death.
    Walt´s “luck” is another relevant point to be aware of. It´s not unusual to be lucky in some games, but this kind of luck certainly is. Maybe we´ll see more of this special ability on next episodes.
    Finally, the end of this episode reveals an unexpected discovery that Locke and Boone will be trying to resolve from now on.
  • The Best Episode of Lost ever

    This episode is the best episode in Lost's first and second season. This introduces the concept that the others are really there and want something. It's the full package. Jack, Kate, Locke and Boone are trailing the kidnappers of Charlie and Claire presumbably for her baby. They come across clues like Charlie's finger bracelets which help them on their trail. They split up group one is Jack and Kate and group two is Locke and Boone. Jack confronts Ethan their captor and nearly gets killed. He also warns that if they keep following him he will kill one of them. regardless of the warning Jack and Kate keep going and find Charlie hanging from a tree by his neck. Jack is able to save him and Boone and Locke discover the Hatch.
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