Season 1 Episode 11

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2004 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: As Hurley is fishing, his shirt is soaked. In the next shot just a few seconds later, it's dry. This goes back and forth about two more times.

    • At 32 letters, this is the longest title for a Lost episode ever.

    • Walt blows on the dice 4 times before Hurley stops him. 4 is one of "The Numbers".

    • Numbers: 8

      Locke taps his knife on the steel hatch 8 times.

    • When Jack sees his father speaking to the husband of the lady that died on his table, you can sort of see that the man looks like Ethan. When we see Jack back on the island he alludes that Ethan was the husband.

    • Numbers: 8

      Kate says that she and her father spent 8 hours tracking deer one day.

    • Island events in this episode take place on October 7th 2004.

    • While Locke and Boone are tagging trees with red shirts, Boone mentions how that on Star Trek the guys with red shirts always died to which Locke replies "Sounds like a piss poor captain to me". This is rather ironic because the man who plays Locke (Terry O'Quinn), also has a guest appearance on Star Trek Next Generation in which he is wearing a red uniform and in the episode is portrayed as a "piss poor" captain when it is mentioned that his crew mutinied against him long ago.

    • When they are looking for Charlie and Claire they split up, because there are two tracks and they don't know which one to follow. But everyone who knows anything about tracking knows this: if people are walking backwards, the side of the heel is deeper than the side of the toes; if people are walking forwards, the toes are deeper than the heel. If Locke had paid attention to that, they would never have had to split up into two groups.

    • When Charlie is first cut down from the tree, his right arm is outstretched, but when the carmera zooms in to show Jack trying to restart his heart, Charlie's right hand is on his stomach. When the camera zooms out again, his arm is outstretched again.

    • Nitpick: When Kate is climbing the tree at the end to cut down Charlie, the actress' thong slips out.

    • In one of the scenes where Jack is walking through the woods looking for Charlie and Claire you can clearly see a cable on the ground, probably for lighting or something.

    • At the 36th minute, when Jack desides to continue to revive Charlie and camera shows Kate turning away, there's crew equipment, some kind of boxes seen at the upper left corner of the screen.

    • I thought it was a scar, but the relatively minor cut over Locke's eye starts finally disappearing after all this time, yet Jack's side, Sawyer's arm and Michael's leg all healed in a few days.

  • Quotes

    • Locke: It's gonna start raining in one minute.
      Boone: One minute?
      Locke: Give or take a few seconds.
      It begins raining
      Boone: They teach you how to predict the weather at a box company?

    • Christian: I know I have been hard on you...but that is how you make a soft medal into steel. That is why you are the most gifted young surgeon in this city...I mean this, this is a career that is all about the greater good. I've had to sacrifice certain aspects of my relationship with you so that hundreds of thousands of patients will live because of your extraordinary skills...I know it's a long, long time coming.

    • Michael: I'm getting sick of getting treated like a second class citizen around here cause old baldie can bag a boar.
      Walt: He knows a lot more than how to catch a boar. Mr Locke's a warrior. He can hunt, he can track stuff and he's the only one who brought a knife. So if it were me, I'd listen to him.

    • Shannon: How are you going to help? This is a deserted island - there's no choppers, no amber alerts. How are you going to find him?

    • Boone: Red shirt. You ever watch Star Trek?
      Locke: No, not really.
      Boone: The crew guys that would go down to the planet with the main guys, the captain and the guy with the pointy ears, they always wore red shirts and they always got killed.
      Locke: Yeah?
      Boone: Yeah.
      Locke: Sounds like a piss poor captain.

    • Boone: It´s been about fifteen minutes since we´ve seen any sign. What are we following?
      Locke: My gut.
      Boone: Great.

    • Christian: Call it Jack ... It´s over. Call it.
      Jack: You call it.

    • (About tracking)
      Kate: I think they went this way. I'm not as good at this as Locke is!
      Jack: So where'd you pick up the tracking skills, Kate? Was that before or after you were on the run?
      Kate: I'm trying to help, Jack.
      Jack: You know what might help? A little honesty. Just give me something real, anything.
      Kate: My dad was in the Army. Ranger Battalion. He was stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington state. We'd go hiking together. One day, we spent eight hours tracking deer. Being in the woods, it was like..it was like his religion. (pause) That was real. Anything you wanna share, Jack?

    • Jack (about Charlie's tape that he had on his fingers that they found): Charlie's leaving these for us to follow, they went that way.
      Kate: Unless, Charlie isn't the one leaving them. If Ethan knows that we're behind him he could be setting up a dummy trail, take off in one direction, double back, cover his own footprints.
      Boone: Wait, now you're a tracker?
      Locke: You're just full of surprises.

    • Kate (about Locke): Would it kill you to give the guy a little space?
      Jack: It might.
      Kate: Stop that.
      Jack: What?
      Kate: That. What's goin' on?
      Jack: I didn't believe her. Claire. I gave her a sedative.
      Kate: Jack you can't--
      Jack: She told me, that someone was after her, that she was being attacked and I---She just seemed so outta it. I thought that her pregnancy was amping up her stress and I....didn't believe her.

    • Boone (Locke is tying trees with markers, marking their progress): You can lead us back to camp, right?
      Locke: If nothin' happens to me.
      Boone: Maybe I better take marker detail.

    • Jack: This doesn't make any sense, how can one man drag off two people, one of them pregnant.
      Locke: The question isn't how, it's why.
      Jack: You think it was Ethan?
      Locke: It seriously feels like it was Ethan, doesn't it?
      Jack: By himself? How?
      Locke: We can't account for all of our people. More importantly, who's to say they're even our people?
      Jack: What?
      Locke: Sayid said there were others.
      Jack: Sayid said that we're not alone.
      Locke: Semantics.
      Jack: Sayid's injured. We don't even know where he went, he's delirious.
      Locke: I'm just tellin' you what the ground is telling us.

    • Hurley: He wasn't on the plane!
      Kate: Who wasn't on the plane?
      Hurley: Ethan, the Canadian guy! He's not on the passanger manifest.
      Jack: Well, where the hell is he?
      Hurley: I saw him yesterday but now---

    • Kate: (to Shannon) If there is anyone on the island that your brother is safe with, it's Locke.

    • Hurley: Back home, I'm known as something of a warrior, myself.

    • Walt (about Charlie and Claire): They think Ethan took 'em.
      Sawyer: They think Ethan took 'em? Took 'em what? And who the hell is Ethan?
      Walt: I don't know. He wasn't on the list thing, the manifest.
      Sawyer: You ever think that he mighta lied about his name.
      Walt: It's stupid to lie about your name.
      Sawyer: Alrighty, Tattoo, where do you think Ethan came from?
      Walt: Maybe he was already on the island, before we were.
      Sawyer (laughs): You got yourself one hell of an imagination, kid.
      Walt: There could be lotsa other people on the island.
      Sawyer: So a tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl and a reject from VH-1 has-beens. Yeah, fiendishly clever. And why am I getting the evening news from a six-year-old?
      Walt: I'm ten.
      Sawyer: Okay, then it must be true.
      Walt: If you don't believe me, ask Sayid. He said we're not alone.

    • Locke: (to Jack) Go back. Be the doctor. Let me be the hunter.

    • Jack: You made a mistake.
      Christian: Are you lecturing me?

    • Jack: Ethan!
      Kate: What?
      Jack: Ethan was here!
      Kate: You banged your head, Jack.
      Jack: No, no he was here!
      Kate: Jack!
      Jack: I'm not letting him do this!
      Kate: Not letting him?
      Jack: Not again!

    • Charlie: I didn't see anything, hear anything, I don't remember...anything. Claire.
      Jack: What?
      Charlie: That's all they wanted.
      Jack: Charlie, they?
      Charlie: All they wanted was Claire.

    • Boone: Are we lost?
      Locke: No, we're not lost.

    • Jack: (trying to revive Charlie) Come on, breathe...breathe, Charlie! Come on! Breathe!

    • Walt: You owe me 20,000 dollars!
      Hurley: Don't worry, you'll get it.

    • Ethan (to Jack, about Claire and Charlie): If you do not stop following me, I will kill one of them. Do you understand? No more warnings!

    • Boone: What do you do in the real world, Mr. Locke?
      Locke: It's John.
      Boone: John?
      Locke: Why don't you guess?
      Boone: Well, you're either a taxidermist or a hit man.
      Locke (laughing): I was a regional collections supervisor for a box company.
      Boone: A box company?
      Locke: They made boxes.
      Boone (to himself): Yeah, right.

    • Sawyer: Well, well, well. I don't know if you Islams got a concept of karma, but I get the sense this island just served you up a heaping platter of cosmic payback.
      Sayid: What do you want?
      Sawyer: Dr. Do-Right doesn't trust me with his antibiotics so I gotta hump it up here every day to get my meds. You know, a less magnanimous man than I might just be thinking he could beat the ever-living snot out of you right now without fear of reprisal.
      Sayid: You want a shot, take it. But know that I left this camp out of shame for what I did to you. It was never my intention to return.
      Sawyer: Sorry, fresh out of sweet forgiveness. If it wasn't your intention to return, then why did you?
      Sayid: I was taken prisoner by the French woman.
      Sawyer: The one that's been sendin' out a distress signal 16 years? She's alive?
      Sayid: She was on a science expedition, she said they shipwrecked.
      Sawyer: She alone?
      Sayid: She said that there are others on this island.
      Sawyer: Her people?
      Sayid: No, she had believed they had all gotten sick---she murdered her entire team.
      Sawyer: Right. And these others who the hell are---
      Sayid: I don't know. She's never seen them.
      Sawyer: Oh, she's never seen them, but she knows that they're there.
      Sayid: If you believe her.
      Sawyer: Do you?
      Sayid: Maybe. Maybe not. But on my way back I heard something in the jungle, surrounding me.
      Sawyer: Something like what?
      Sayid: Have you got something to say to me, Sawyer? Or are you going to continue asking me questions that you know I don't have the answers to?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hansel and Gretel: Jack, John, Boone and Kate follow Charlie's "breadcrumbs" while John marks the trees so they don't get lost.

    • Sawyer called Jack "Dr. Do-Right". He alluded Dudley Do-Right, a cartoon about a dimwitted canadian mountie. The joke was that they were both heroic.

    • Sawyer: (to Walt) So a tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl and a reject from "VH-1 has-beens"?

      A reference to the VH-1 show Where Are They Now?, which featured updates on the lives of popular entertainment figures of the 1960s and 1970s. Charlie was briefly a 'celebrity' as a member of the fictional band "Drive Shaft".

    • Episode title: All the Cowboys have Daddy Issues is a title of the song by Senses Fail. It also refers to the Pete Townshend album "All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes".

    • Locke mentions the character Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek series, calling him a poor captain. In Star Trek the Next Generation, Terry O'Quinn plays an admiral whose crew mutinies against him.

    • Amber Alert
      Shannon mentions an Amber Alert, which is a notification to the general public that a child has been abducted. It was started when nine-year-old Amber Hagerman was abducted and murdered.

    • Sawyer: Alrighty, Tattoo, where do you think Ethan came from?

      Sawyer calls Walt, "Tattoo," referring to Fantasy Island, where a midget named Tattoo lived and assisted the main character. Walt, of course, is the shortest on the island (or at least of the featured characters) as he is only a kid.

    • Boone: (to Locke) Red shirt. You ever watch Star Trek? The crew guys that went down to the planets with the main guys? Captain Kirk and the guy with the pointy ears? They always wore red shirts, and they always got killed.
      This is in reference to Star Trek: The Original Series where the extras who played crew members would wear red uniforms and usually got killed every time when Kirk and the main characters beamed down to planet surfaces.