Season 2 Episode 5

...And Found

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on ABC

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  • Found

    This episode's captivating flashbacks far exceed the dull Island plot, which hardly advances at all.
  • Lost... And Found! Full humanity for Asians!

    Lost... And Found! Full humanity for Asians!

    The enlightened manner in which the writer/producers of "Lost" depicted the Asian couple Jin and Sun blew me away.

    When was the last time anyone saw Asians depicted in the Western entertainment media as fully human?

    When was the last time anyone saw Asians depicted in the Western entertainment media as possessing the same complex human emotions and thoughts as Caucasians and other ethnicities?

    When was the last time anyone saw Asians depicted in the Western entertainment media as other than as subhuman comic relief or despised evildoers?

    As Hop Sing, or Fu Manchu? As Mr. Yunioshi, or Oddjob?

    Demeaning Stepin Fetchit stereotypes of Africans are now Politically Incorrect, hence taboo. And rightly so. But what about the equivalent stereotypes for Asians?

    The creators of "Lost" deserve the highest possible praise for finally allowing Asians into the First Class Section of Oceanic Flight 815, instead of stuffing us in the baggage compartment along with Vincent the Dog.

    The episode "And Found" did not just find Sun's wedding ring. It found Hollywood's conscience, and Asian peoples' humanity.
  • Awesome.

    Michael goes looking for Walt, and Jin and Mr. Eko chase after him and see the Others. Fearing for her husband's life, Sun searches for and finds her lost wedding ring. Flashbacks show Sun and Jin's lives prior to their first meeting. I love Jin and Su's back storyAna Lucia's gang wants Michael, Sawyer and Jin to take them back to Jack and them. I love Mr Eko - he is so awesome! Jin and Mr Eko go lookinf for Michael who has gone to try and find the others, I love it when the others walk past Jin and Mr Eko while they are hiding from them.
  • We have the mini group leaving their place and heading to the location of large group, Michael decides to go walkabout in search of Walt, leaving Jin and Mr Eko to go and retrieve Michael from the jungle and himself.

    We have a flashback of Claire picking up the bottle of messages from the tide, then jumping forward to her and Sun on the beach doing some clothes drying chores, when Sun suddenly goes into a panic as she is missing her wedding ring, she starts searching the sand. Before noticing, Claire was saying that they had only been gone for 4 days, so it is still quite early on to get to the shipping lanes.

    Sun has a flashback to her mother and herself, talking through the life of love and trying to find it, she says that its time for her to get a husband and that her father agrees. Jin has his own flashback whilst sitting in the dark, that of him telling a friend that it is a very important job interview, whereas his friend suggests that it time for love to be in his life, that it will be orange.

    The guys and the mini crew are collecting food and water for the journey, a long walk to where the big group is. Jin shows the mini group how to fish properly, even though the others were getting irate with him, but not once the waves come in and he has caught half dozen snappers.

    Michael was collecting berries with a lady, but she ends up going back to the group, as Michael had headed into the direction of the others inland, she tells the group this, who decide to move immediately before he tells them where he is. Jin tries to get Sawyer to go with him, but in the end one of the new guys Mr Eko says he will go with him, they part from the group.

    Jin gets the position as bellboy for the hotel. He opens the door for Sun and her mother who are going into the hotel to meet the matchmaker that has been arranged to help her get married. He is the son of the hotel owner. Once alone they have a pleasant time.

    Jin and Mr Eko start on the trail of Michael, they look through the jungle slowly, Jin doesnt listen to Mr Eko, goes down a ravine, gets hit by a stampeding boar and rolls down the hill and next to a dead body. Which he is told was another of their crew but the others did this. Sun is ripping away her garden trying to find her ring, then Locke appears and gives good advice.

    Jin and Mr Eko work their way through the jungle, taking their time and following their tracks, they take cover in time so as not to get caught, we see the legs of the others go passed, the last one was dragging an old teddy on a cord.

    Whilst showing Kate the bottle of messages that she had buried, she finds her wedding ring, Kate confesses that she didn't get to say goodbye. Sun says Sawyer and Kate nods.
  • Hope (María Esperanza)

    Todo lo importante que buscás con tanto ahínco lo encontrarás sólo cuando dejes de buscarlo, como bien le cuenta John a Sun y así es nomás. Siempre teniendo la esperanza de encontrarlo, obvio, pero sin desesperarse y dejando que la fruta madure lo suficiente como para caer sóla del árbol y no arrancarla, dañándola, antes de tiempo.
    John sigue sacando frases memorables de la galera y yo agradecido. Aunque no sea el personaje que más me guste o el que más me represente tiene ese don de decir la frase justa en el momento exacto. The "Others", like a Dead Man Walking...
  • How the first couple of Lost first met, and the first search for Michael

    Based on what we learned about Jin and Sun in each of their flashback episodes, it's hard to picture how this daughter of a wealthy 'businessman' and this poor fisherman's son every got together in the first place. We get a glimpse as to how they first met in '… and Found' and it seems that they might have lived lives separated by one degree like some of the passengers on this plane will turn out to be. What is interesting is that even though they had nothing in their background when they met (and we'll later learn this was about four years ago, they had more in common then they thought.

    For starters, there is their relative innocence. Jin has a hard life working minimum level jobs, but still has dreams that he can work his way into the world of affluence.. That's what he thinks when he seeks employment at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. Then the interviewer insults and degrades his poor lifestyle, and makes him ashamed before finally giving him the job of a doorman. We know Jin's never going to rise high in the organization before the scene is over--- when the man who's just hired him as a doorman tells him "never let someone like you in the hotel.'

    Sun seems to have more freedom, but she's just a bird in a gilded cage. She's never going to use her degree in art history, and it's pretty clear that both of her parents have been pushing her to have these matchmaker arranged meetings for awhile. We also know that in Korean society, a woman has far less option than the man, and that eventually she'll have to 'agree' to marry someone. Her hope is to find someone nice, and Jae Lee (heir to the Gateway hotel fortune) certainly seems like a charming and appealing man. Which is why it comes as something of a shock to Sun when he elects to marry an American woman, and that he's been using the meeting as a sham. Sun walks out, but it turns out she will not forget Jae so easily.

    The story that links these flashbacks involves the drams that both husband and wife are engaged in on the opposite sides of the island. The tail section survivors have finally decided that they will meet up with the main group. They're in the process of gathering fruit, water and fish when Michael sees something in the woods and runs off (something he will do rather constantly throughout season 2). Jin, who by now has gotten to the point where he cares about Michael, goes after him. Here's one of the key differences between the tailies and the main group, even though no one can understand Jin, they seem to treat him with more respect. Part of that has something to do with the fact that he's a better fishermen then they are, but it also has to do with the fact that he cares for a friend. Eko realizes this, and despite the barrier goes to help him find his friend. It's hard to know how much of what's going on Jin current understands, but there are a couple of points where the message comes through loud and clear.

    The first point comes when Jin finds the body of a man impaled on a spear. Eko calls him Goodwin, and tells us that he is one of the Others. (We don't learn why he dies or his importance until later this season). And then, somehow the Others pass through, and there follows a very quiet suspenseful scene in which a group of the Others pass by Eko and Jin. Like them, we only see them from the ankle down, but we do get a fairly shocking sight when we see a teddy bear being dragged by one. The implications of this are chilling, but we won't learn just how chilling until a few episodes later (or the full implications until Season 3)

    The crisis that Sun is undergoing is a more internal one--- not only is she burdened with the knowledge that something has gone wrong with the raft, but she has lost her wedding ring, which may now be her only link to her husband. She's spends the episode searching, while receiving advice, practical (from Jack) humorous (Hurley) and philosophical (Locke), and it is not until she shares some of her burden with the only other castaway who is feeling something close to what she's feeling. It's unclear whether Kate goes to through the bottle because she wants to find something from Sawyer or whether she really is trying to help Sun, but this is a moment of revelation for her. She still hasn't chosen which of the two other legs of her triangle she wants, but it's telling that even though she's been comfortable around Jack the last few episodes, the person she is more worried about is Sawyer. This will become even clearer when the two groups reunite.

    How much you enjoy this episode probably depends on how deeply you're involved in the Sun-Jin love story. I was, and saw that both actors, especially Yunjin Kim (who's turning out to be one of the strongest performers in the cast) show a wide range of emotion. The flashbacks are pleasant--- Jin realizes he won't escape his upbringing, Sun has her hopes quietly crushed, but for once the flashback's ending is upbeat as we finally see the two meet--- at the exact moment they both aren't looking for it. Also notable is the first fine performance by Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje playing for the first time a character who seems placid and compassionate. This man seems very mysterious, but we won't realize how deep the layers are until he makes it to the other side of the island.

    '… And Found' could be viewed as a filler episode--- there's nothing in the last couple of episodes that couldn't have been done in one--- , but I found the performances good, and the writing intriguing. The story of Sun and Jin is a major backbone of Lost , and seeing that these two characters who were emotionally strangers when they got on the plane, grow and change is one of the reasons I like the show so much.
    My score: 8.8
  • MAnaged to be good, thanks for the FlashBacks!!!!!

    Lost continues to provide tha audience with more weaker episodes, but they managed to had something good inside it.

    In Season 1, It made perfect sense exploring the characters and how they evolved or changed, their secrects and the type of life they had lived.

    Now the Flashbacks adds very little, since it allows only to consume the time of the episode, more than that, it is probable impossible.

    So this Season flashbacks like this one, can be only enjoyable if the flashbacks have emotional moments very well made, or something impressive or funny.

    This is what I liked about this flashback, you already know what will happen in the end, still is very enjoyable.

    Sun situation in the Island only bought time screen, the same goes for Michael, I mean, how the Other didn´t find him? It makes no sense.

    Since anything need to happen in the Island, the writers bring this type of irrelevant problems.

    In this Season the big difficult is to bring something new, a event in the island that means something or that is very important. That is why the TailPlane characters are there, to bting the refreshing storys, principally Ana Lucia, Eko and What happened to them. Even what happened with Desdmond and the confrotation with the Others will for now the delayed.

    Until then, we wait and continue to see this type of episodes.
  • A Jin and Sun-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I really enjoyed this episode. I really enjoyed all of the story lines, and I thought that they were all great. My favorite story from this episode would definitely be Sun's story line. I loved the scene where Hurley and Sun are watching Vincent the dog and waiting for him to poop. Hurley was so funny in that scene. I also loved all of the Jin and Sun flashbacks in this episode. I also really liked Sawyer in this episode, but then again, Sawyer is one of my most favorite characters on the show, so I always love him. As a whole, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost by everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the next episode of the second season of Lost.
  • Sawyer: Hey Mike, I think we ought to stage a prison break here.

    Michael goes looking for Walt, and Jin and Mr. Eko chase after him and encounter the Others. Fearing for her husband's life, Sun searches for her lost wedding ring. Flashbacks show Sun and Jin's lives prior to their first meeting.
    This episode was great when we seen the tailies treking to the mid section camp because we seen the others passing Jin and Eko was a great scene.
    I found soe of Sun's story quiet funny with Hurley and her waiting for Vincent to poo her wedding ring out.
    This episode was slow and never really had anything to do with the Lost storyline.
  • We leave the Hatch for an episode and head out into the jungle with Mr Eko and Jin to have a close encounter with The Others, whilst exploring in flashbacks how Jin and Sun meet.

    ...And Found is a reasonable character-driven episode, better than ...In Translation from season 1, but perhaps not as good as House of the Rising Sun. Part of that reason is that the scope of the episodes thus far in this seaon have been more focused on specific characters, events and locations. While there were these episodes in the first season and damm good ones, I might add (Take Deus Ex Machina, for example, which, for the most part, focused on Boone and Locke), a string of them like we had tests the patience. The episodes, however, have been of a good quality nonetheless, but only two have really been exceptional.
    The first five episodes of Season 1 were more consistent in quality.
    ...And Found is similar to Everybody Hates Hugo in that it doesn't focus much on mystery but on character, but even that exploration is somewhat vague. Jin and Sun's flashbacks are always the most demanding, partly due to the subtitles but also due to the fact that they are not particularly exciting and do slow the momentum of the episodes down, especially if the island action is particularly invigorating. That said this episode manages to keep a nice balance and tries not to let the slow moving flashbacks feel out of place with the island action. As each episode passes Jin and Sun are becoming more enjoyable to watch, especially with Jin trying to speak English a bit more.
    The best moment of this episode is when Jin and Eko hide in the bushes and watch the passing legs of the "Others" on some kind of hunt, I presume. Were they searching for Michael? Or were they searching for Walt? Maybe he escaped their grasp. Maybe the bait to lure him back is the Teddy Bear! These Others must be thick, if that is the case, because there is no way that the 10-year old Walt would be bribed by that!! So was that a child "Other" holding the bear or the mother of a child? Whatever, the case seeing the bear being hung on the cord was one of the most disturbing moments we had on the show thus far.
    We follow events with the Tail Section survivors a bit more in this episode but we still don't know anything more about most of them. We now know the name of the tall black guy and that he has someone worse than a wife but other than that the edges are blurred. It will only be a matter of time before we learn what happened to their camp.
    Two other stand-out moments are Hurley and Sun talking while waiting for the dog to crap out Sun's wedding ring and Locke's philosophy of things Lost, which could be the whole philosophy of the show. LOCKE: "I'm not Lost anymore". We finally get to hear what the title of the TV Show may mean and why it was chosen as the title.
    This episode, meidocre as it is, is still a pleasing hour of television to watch. It still stands, though, as the weakest episode of the season thus far.
  • Sun and Jin forever !

    I was waiting for some romance from Lost season two and I have to say this episode did a fantastic job making me cry.
    Flashback episode concenrating on Sun and Jin. Sun buries the bottle of messages that came from the raft but accidentally buries something else aswell...her wedding ring ! Sun gets desperate and starts going crazy but after some help from Kate she finds it.The scene when she finds it was a very beautifull scene filled with tears of happiness mixed with sadness showing how much she loves her husband who was in the jungle looking for Micheal who ran off looking for his son. I have to say this episode really shook me up, it wasn't that exciting, it didn't do much good for the storyline and there wasn't any secrets revealed but just the love between Sun and Jin and the beautifull flashback of how they met was enough for me to go AAAWWWW. So romantic. I never noticed how beutifull Sun was until this episode. I was kind of upset because Shannen wasn't in this episode. No hatch scenes which was a good thing because the hatch was starting to depress me. Wonderful episode ! Good stuff :) Favorite character from this episode : Sun. Direction : 10 out of 10. Writing : 10 out of 10. Acting : 9 out of 10 because I didn't think Michael was giving his best.
  • Wasn't a flashback episode, but everything other than the flashback was subpar.

    I can't believe this was written by Damon and Carlton. They're the best writers, yet this episode felt REALLY poor as far as island scenes go. Michael randomly running away, only to have Eko and Jin find him standing still infront of a huge waterfall. The actor and the script was just so weak there - it was almost as if Michael was thinking "okay, I'm supposed to stand here, act nervous, look at this huge waterfall and shout WALT!" Well, that's what he exactly did. POOR. Out of character. The only good thing about it was Eko. He seems like a cool guy.

    On the other side of the island, Sun loses her ring. Uh oh. Very cliché. Of course the episode closes off with her finding it. Well that's shocking. But this episode was still saved by the amazing flashbacks. It's a dual flashback, shows how Jin and Sun ended up meeting eachother. An emotional rollercoaster that in the end will put a wide smile on your face I guarantee. One of the best flashbacks to date. They were longer than usual, but I think they could've been even longer. Either that, or, add some hatch scenes. Because there were none.
  • It was a great episode!

    Sun and Jin have flashbacks of events that led up to their meeting.

    Sun has lost her wedding ring and is desperately trying to find it. Michael has gone off from the group to try and find Walt, once he hears about the Others. Jin and Mr. Eko set off to find him. Sun talks to various people who try to help her. Jin finds Michael and they take him back. Sun finds her wedding ring with the buried bottle.

    This episode was great! I really like Sun and Jin! I'm wondering what the teddy bear is about. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Sun and Jin

    Even though not much happened in this episode, I still liked it. We get to see a flash back of how sun met Jin. Sun is force to go on a blind date with another guy, not Jin. Ironically I kinda liked the guy. I though he was funny and cute. Mine while Jin is working as a doorman in the same building Sun is having her date at. Michael runs away from the group in a quest to find his son Walt forcing the others to find him to bring him back to the group. Sun realizes that she has lost her wedding ring and spend he whole episode looking for it. I was happy she found it in the end.
  • Slow episode but had its moments.

    Michael goes looking for Walt, and Jin and Mr. Eko chase after him and encounter the Others. Fearing for her husband's life, Sun searches for her lost wedding ring. Flashbacks show Sun and Jin's lives prior to their first meeting.
    This episode was great when we seen the tailies treking to the mid section camp because we seen the others passing Jin and Eko was a great scene.
    I found soe of Sun's story quiet funny with Hurley and her waiting for Vincent to poo her wedding ring out.
    This episode was slow and never really had anything to do with the Lost storyline.
  • What was the point of this episode???

    I think the whole Sun finding her ring was really not very important whatsoever. I did however enjoy learning more about Jin. What is so amazing about the messages in the bottle? I mean yes everybody wrote to someone back home so that if someone found it they would deliver the messages, but I don't see why Sun needed to bury it. Was it because she wanted people to have faith that their loved ones knew they were safe?? I just can't figure it out. I also love how Micheal is striving to find Walt, he is starting to really become a good father. I hope we see Walt again. But still this episode was almost pointless we learned no new information except a little bit about the people from the tail of the plane. I mean don't get me wrong it was okay but nothing compared to all the other episodes i have seen.

  • "You find Walt, Michael."

    Michael's run into the jungle, followed by Jin and Mr. Eko, who was previously known as massive-scary-black-guy, leads to some excellent character development. Flashbacks for the Koreans are always well done, and always carry a lot of emotion. While this episode is not everyone's cup of tea (a lot of people think it's rubbish), it's actually a very good episode when you watch it.

    That's mostly because of the Jin storyline and the flashbacks. We'll get to Sun's story later. We're introduced to the tailies as people for the first time, instead of just possible Others. Libby has a scene with Michael, and she briefly explains why the tailies live in such fear. According to her hints, they have been attacked again and again by the Others, whereas they have so far only taken Walt from the fuselage survivors. This episode really helps introduce the fear of the Others that will haunt the survivors for the first half of this season-we see the corpse of Goodwin, who was either killed by the Others or was one of them, and there's the great shot of the Others' legs, which I'll get back to. Ana-Lucia is developed a little more in this episode, and a little likable side of her is shown. While she was acting holier than thou to Jin during the fishing scene, and used liberal amounts of sarcasm with Sawyer, she does have a fun, flirty scene with him on the journey across the island. The two haven't become best buds, but the level of animosity between them has certainly dropped a number of notches, and Sawyer's response to the gay question is priceless.

    Eko is the other character who really gets a bit of a spotlight here, despite his not having any flashbacks. It seems strange at first when he offers to accompany Jin on his trek to find Michael, but it also gives the character a great opportunity to develop and endear himself to the audience, especially since he was previously introduced as more of a mercenary than an actual person. He's very helpful to Jin, and without him we know that Jin would have been completely lost. He is also very likable as the audience spends more time with him, and I credit a lot of that to the excellent acting by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. On a side note, from now on I will refer to him as AAA, as his name is very long and is a spelling bee entrant's nightmare.

    The walk through the jungle also gives Jin a chance to develop more. Jin has been a likable, kind of comic character since …In Translation, but his angry, menacing presence for the majority of Season 1 still prevented him from really being well-liked by the audience. This episode really changes that, as Jin is presented as a very nice, helpful guy who has his own set of morals in the flashbacks. We see him joking around with his best friend, and he also quits his very lucrative job once his boss asks him to be someone that he's not (a rich snob, like his scumbag boss). Risking his own life to save Michael's really solidifies him as a good guy, and Jin will soon become one of the audience's favorite characters pretty soon. Daniel Dae Kim puts in an excellent performance in this episode, and he definitely deserves a mention, especially in the final scene. Harold Perrineau also does a great job, as Michael's hopelessness really comes across to the audience, and I think the scene is pretty emotional.

    The journey in the jungle also gives more of an identity to the Others. We see the result of their work in the corpse of Goodwin-he was either killed by them, or someone from the tail section had to have murdered him if he was one of them. There's also the excellent scene of Jin and Eko seeing their legs pass. The direction of the scene is spot on-not seeing the enemies' faces makes them much more scary, and ups the fear of them even more. The fact that they don't leave footprints when they walk is even creepier. There's also the added mystery of the teddy bear that one of the Others is dragging. That mystery will be solved in a couple episodes time, but the Others mystique will carry on for quite a while.

    Sun also has a storyline in this episode, but the flashbacks are the only really worthy part of it. They tell of the story of her failed romance with Jae Lee, a rich guy who's going to be the owner of a number of hotels in a couple years. The story becomes very sad for Sun when Jae tells her that he's moving to America to marry a woman and is only using Sun as a way to get his mother off his back. Things do go well for Sun, though, because she meets Jin as she walks home from her date with Jae. Jin, meanwhile, was distracted by a woman in orange, as his friend told him that love would be orange. That leads to a number of orange things in Sun's flashbacks, to show that she is the woman for Jin-Jae borrows the orange flower to impress her, she and Jae drink orange juice on their first date, and I believe the tablecloth is orange on her last date with him.

    Unfortunately, Sun's story on the island fails to impress. Looking for her wedding ring helps tie her story into Jin's, as the ring provides a link to him, but the storyline fails to sustain even the few scenes that it's used in. One gets the feeling that this idea was just put in so we could see the other characters in this episode. Jack has a brief exchange with her, yet he's surprisingly cool and collected for someone who has recently come close to fisticuffs with Locke over the button. Hurley also appears, and his scene is genuinely funny, and probably the highlight of the ring story, as Jorge Garcia provides such great comic relief. Locke also shows up, and, while Terry O'Quinn puts in a great bit of acting, and the scene is nice in its message of Locke finding the island as his salvation, it's too inconsistent with what we've previously seen Locke doing in the last couple of episodes. He's had problems with his own faith, become angry at what's in the hatch, but has managed to move beyond that and is spending pretty much all his time down there. For him to be strolling around the island, offering his little bits of philosophy to any willing listener is a bit of as stretch.

    Kate also appears to help Sun, and she has her dig up the bottle so she can rifle through the messages. I have a feeling she wasn't searching for a message from Sawyer, for the simple reason that Sawyer wouldn't write a love note to her in a message going to his family (Sawyer didn't even write one). The scene does provide the solution to the story, though, as the ring is seen and found by Sun. Michael Giacchino puts in a great score in this section of the episode, and the way it links to both Sun and Jin is excellent. Yunjin Kim also performs very well in this whole sad affair (and the flashbacks), and it's pretty easy to get on Sun's side, despite the fact that the story is not exactly a Homeric epic.

    Overall, this episode provides an excellent glimpse into the characters, but doesn't really propel any action in further episodes. As a stand alone episode, though, it's perfectly acceptable. The next episode will improve upon this one, yet the improvement will come at a cost-one of the survivors' lives.
  • It had a very nice backstory of Sun & Jin's past life and on the island too..

    What with all the bad reviews? This episode was great, almost superb! People are expecting too much to happen on the episodes. Why not have one with a nice story for once? This one was the sort that i'm talking about. It was far better than the previous one 'Everybody Hates Hugo' as well.

    So in this one, Sun lost her wedding ring which I remember it slipping off her finger when she buried the bottle messages on the previous episode. It just had a superb backstory about how Sun & Jin met! Who can insult that? On the other side of the island, Michael went looking for Walt again while Eko & Jin followed his trail. They came across the others but ducked into the bushes just in time for a lucky escape. I seriously don't get all the negative reviews about this episode, it was nice, the whole family loved it!
    Michael was found and brought back by Eko & Jin. Jin's flashbacks were quite interesting and seemed to put the story together nicely. It was funny when Jin's work boss said to Jin about making the small boy pee in the gutter for all he cared. Stupid behaviour so; Jin quit his job.
    Sun was dating this blad headed fellow but left her instead. Jin & Sun met each other this very day.

    On the island, Hugo thought the dog may have had something to do with the missing ring, but her and Kate found it buried in the sand. That's about it, but it had a good enough story to entertain me. I disagree with all the negative reviews for this episode. It was great...
  • Beautifully written episode

    I think that the writing in this episode is LOST at its best. The story is very sweet. Sun losing her wedding ring doesn't really make the best story, but the way that it was written, and what she was feeling was very touching. The symbolism throughout the whole episode was absolutley brilliant! I love the scenes with Sawyer and Ana-Lucia, and the scenes with Jin and Eko. They were great. One of Lost's greatest quotes came from this episode.-- Locke: I'm not lost anymore. Sun: How did you do that? Locke: The same way that anything lost gets found. I stopped looking.
  • Beautifully written episode

    I think that the writing in this episode is LOST at its best. The story is very sweet. Sun losing her wedding ring doesn't really make the best story, but the way that it was written, and what she was feeling was very touching. The symbolism throughout the whole episode was absolutley brilliant! I love the scenes with Sawyer and Ana-Lucia, and the scenes with Jin and Eko. They were great. One of Lost's greatest quotes came from this episode.--

    Locke: I'm not lost anymore. Sun: How did you do that? Locke: The same way that anything lost gets found. I stopped looking.
  • Beautifully written episode

    I think that the writing in this episode is LOST at its best. The story is very sweet. Sun losing her wedding ring doesn't really make the best story, but the way that it was written, and what she was feeling was very touching. The symbolism throughout the whole episode was absolutley brilliant! I love the scenes with Sawyer and Ana-Lucia, and the scenes with Jin and Eko. They were great. One of Lost's greatest quotes:

    Locke: I'm not lost anymore. Sun: How did you do that? Locke: The same way that anything lost gets found. I stopped looking.
  • Ya, it was pretty good, exciting with the tail section.........

    You know this wasn't anything special. It was a let down compared to the episodes before.
    We get to see Jack's flashbacks which I find to be the most boring out of all the characters.
    The episode started pretty well though with Jack daydreaming but awoken by Charlie.
    There is a women out at sea drowning.Jack swims out to bring Boone to shore. Boone tells him there's someone
    else out there at sea. Jack brings Boone to the beach and dives back in to find the woman.Unfortunately, he doesn't make it to her in time. Later, upset at himself for taking Boone back to shore before going after her, Jack looks at the ocean and sees a man in a suit standing in the shallow water. When Jack moves for a closer look, the man vanishes into thin air.Meanwhile on the island, Sun tells Jin that they should try harder to communicate with the other survivors.
    Jin doesn't like the idea.Hurley informs Jack that they're running out of food and water. When Hurley and Charlie ask Jack to decide what they should do, he has another flashback.
    A very young, beaten up Jack enters his father's room and they talk about the fight. His father tells him not to try and save everyone, because when he fails, he doesn't have what it takes.
    Jack keeps seing the mysterious man on the island who is his Father.But when he follows him he seems to dissapear.
    In a flashback, Jacks Mother tells Jack to go find his Father in Australia so he does.
    Meanwhile, Walt runs to Kate and tells her that Claire fell down.
    They take her into the tent to cool her down, and she wakes up. Charlie runs to get the water, but he discovers that it has been stolen! Locke volenteers to go into the jungle and get some more water. Meanwhile Jack once again sees his Father and follows him towards a cliff.
    He falls off the cliff but manages to hang on.Locke finds him and pulls him up.
    Back on the beach, the survivors suspect Jin and Sun of stealing the water, but they point to sawyer.
    Kate and Sayid follow Sawyer into the jungle and he pulls out a buried bag of stuff. After a brief struggle with Kate, Sawyer tells them that he traded his last water to Jin for a fish.
    As they depart, Sawyer tosses Kate the marshal's badge since she's the "new sheriff in town".
    Back in the jungle, Locke asks Jack why he was in the jungle, and they talk.
    Locke tells him that the island's magic may be making whatever he's chasing real. Locke leaves as Jack stays.
    Jack has another flashback about himself indentifying his Fathers body at a morgue.
    On the island,Jack hears his father and chases after him. He finds a tiny waterfall and a doll in the water. He looks around and sees pieces of the plane and packs of suitcases. He then finds the coffin in which his father's body was in.
    After a brief flashback of Jack convincing the airport to allow his father's coffin to go on the plane, he opens the coffin, revealing it to be empty.
    On the beach, Boone sneaks into the tent and gives Claire water. Charlie catches him and the camp turns on Boone, but Jack arrives and tells them to leave Boone alone. Jack tells them that he has found water and that they need to start working together, and that night, they all have plenty to drink.
  • Review

    Well after the powerhouse first four episodes, this episode kind of jolted back the season to a "filler" status for the most part. Jin and Suns storyline isnt all that exciting and I didnt really like the flashback in this one. Maybe its because I consider them secondary characters to the rest of the cast like Saywer, Kate, Jack, Locke and all of the self proclaimed leaders of the losties. The flashback had some information in it dont get me wrong, but I didnt really like the overall tone of the flashback. The island scenes also took a small decline. I liked the excitment of the mystery of the hatch- but now that its out there everyone seems to be getting way to comfortable on Lost. The Tail section survivors begin the hike to the losties beach site, for unknown reasons. They started with 23 and have dwindled to 5-6, so something big must have happened in the time that they were on the island...Filler episode at best, hopefully the next one will be better
  • Great episode.

    Michael is desperate of getting back into the forest to find Walt, he does so but soon realizes that there are others in the forest as well. Sawyer and Jin are ordered by the captors to take them to their camp. Sun searches for the ring after losing it at her garden. This episode reveals flashbacks about Jin, we get to see what he was going just before he ended up boarding the doomed Oceanic Flight to Los Angeles. The Jin flashback is really interesting, I really enjoyed watching this one. The episodes are as good as the other lost episodes, I'm waiting for the next one.
  • Small improvement over last episode, but the plot seems to be stuck.

    In this episode, we learn more about Jin and Sun's past. We find out how they got to know eachother.

    What is true that this episode doesn't really advance the main plot, but it helps us understand the love story behind the korean couple.

    For people who like Lost for the mythology and adventure only might be majorly disappointed.

    This is the 2nd episode featuring 'double' flashbacks; Jin and Sun are miles from eachother, and depending on the situation one of them has a flashback.

    The flashbacks are really spectacular and very sweet. And sad. And everything.. until the last moment you may be thinking; how the hell did they get to know eachother? The island plot is much weaker; Sun loses her ring, and Michael runs off in the jungle. Both storylines gets solved by the end of the episode

    As an extra, we get a view on the other's legs. Yes, only the legs unfortunately.

    This particular episode was a little better than the last one: the plot progression was the same: basically zero, but the great flashback story was just so damn moving, it made the episode great.
  • an average episode with some great bits

    I disliked the Flashback of this episode but that is not unusual because i normally hate jin / sun flahbacks and the action at the losties camp wasnt very exciting either, but the action over on the tailies side of the island was a lot better and a lot more exciting because Michael runs off to find Walt so Jin and Mr Eko go and try to find him and bring him back, overall this was an average episode with a few good bits at the tailies camp and the others walking by Jin and Mr Eko but apart from that it was pretty unexciting episode and the flashback was terrible.
  • Nothing happened

    There hasn't been a single LOST episode that could be labeld as bad (in my perspective), but if there was an episode that came close it would be this one.

    The writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have written a series of fantastic episodes including Exodus part1 and 2, Man of Science, Man of Faith, The 23 Psalm and more recently Live Together, Die Alone. They are both fantastic writers, so I was disapointed to find that the two wrote this episode, because usually when they write an episode it is a fantastic piece of work.

    Not saying that this episode was bad or anything, I'm just saying coming from Damon and Carlton, it could and should have been better.

    Locke: I'm not lost anymore.

    Sun: How did you do that?

    Locke: Same way anything lost gets found... I stopped looking.


  • 5 episodes, 3 fillers. Ain't no good.

    This episode was once again just like the previous one. Nothing happened, main plot didn't advance, nothing was introduced, zero hatch scenes.

    The episode was about Jin and Sun, how they got to know eachother. Lovely, romantic story, but, it was dragged out.

    On the island Sun loses her ring..uh. Alos Claire finds the bottle with the survivor's letters in it. eh. So they think their loved ones are dead......

    Meanwhile Michael runs away to find his son... but Eko and Jin stops him... we see the other's leg... yeah, we do. Thats all. Nothing else happened. If this continues like this, Lost is going to be in big trouble.
  • Nothing really important happened.

    I don't the plot was really furthered that much with this episode. I did like the flashbacks, however. Finally we get to see how Sun and Jin met! I definitely think that the the guy who Sun was set up with should have told her that he was going to get married. She had real feelings for him and he acted like he felt for her in the same way! But it turned out that he only wanted to be friends. Uhh, men....

    Poor Sun! She was absolutely devastated about losing her ring. I'm glad she found it though. It was kind of funy when Hurley suggested that Vincent might have eaten her ring - an interesting story about his money eating dog too, lol. One thing I REALLY liked about this episode was that Jack barely appeared at all! YAY!!!

    Finally Sawyer, Jin, and Michael get to find out who is holding them captive. I suppose that's another good thing that happened. Ana-Lucia may be commanding, bossy, and just plain annoying, but at least she and her fellow tailies aren't Others.

  • God, what a terribly directed episode.

    This is easily the worst episode of season 2, and quite possibly of season 1 as well.

    This could have been a great episode, with the humble Jin preparing for a job in his little apartment, and the well-off Sun dating a multi-millionaire. Interesting twists include the millionaire being in love with an American, and Jin being told to tell people like himself to pee in the gutter. Luckily he kept his pride and turned his hat back in.

    However, there were so many uncomfortable moments that just didn't seem to click that I was a little turned off by. For instance, when Jin's standing around at the park, a lady in a red dress on a cell phone walks by and completely ignores him, while he smiles and ogles at her as if she actually cared what came out of his mouth. Sun suddenly then bumps into him (as if we didn't see that coming 10 miles away), and then stares at him as if she'd known him all her life. Frankly I'd be a little freaked out if a woman I didn't know looked at me like that, and would be chasing after the woman in the red dress. It just didn't make sense unless you consider Sun to be a little desperate and horny.

    Other memorable moments include Sun not showing much emotion when she found her ring, and Kate silently weeping with her as they wordlessly stare at the sunset... what an exciting way to end an episode. I know something interesting happened in it, but I can't remember what.

    Oh yes, the "Others" walked by with a Teddy bear. And they were moving at a different frame rate than the rest of the islanders.
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