Season 2 Episode 5

...And Found

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on ABC

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  • We have the mini group leaving their place and heading to the location of large group, Michael decides to go walkabout in search of Walt, leaving Jin and Mr Eko to go and retrieve Michael from the jungle and himself.

    We have a flashback of Claire picking up the bottle of messages from the tide, then jumping forward to her and Sun on the beach doing some clothes drying chores, when Sun suddenly goes into a panic as she is missing her wedding ring, she starts searching the sand. Before noticing, Claire was saying that they had only been gone for 4 days, so it is still quite early on to get to the shipping lanes.

    Sun has a flashback to her mother and herself, talking through the life of love and trying to find it, she says that its time for her to get a husband and that her father agrees. Jin has his own flashback whilst sitting in the dark, that of him telling a friend that it is a very important job interview, whereas his friend suggests that it time for love to be in his life, that it will be orange.

    The guys and the mini crew are collecting food and water for the journey, a long walk to where the big group is. Jin shows the mini group how to fish properly, even though the others were getting irate with him, but not once the waves come in and he has caught half dozen snappers.

    Michael was collecting berries with a lady, but she ends up going back to the group, as Michael had headed into the direction of the others inland, she tells the group this, who decide to move immediately before he tells them where he is. Jin tries to get Sawyer to go with him, but in the end one of the new guys Mr Eko says he will go with him, they part from the group.

    Jin gets the position as bellboy for the hotel. He opens the door for Sun and her mother who are going into the hotel to meet the matchmaker that has been arranged to help her get married. He is the son of the hotel owner. Once alone they have a pleasant time.

    Jin and Mr Eko start on the trail of Michael, they look through the jungle slowly, Jin doesnt listen to Mr Eko, goes down a ravine, gets hit by a stampeding boar and rolls down the hill and next to a dead body. Which he is told was another of their crew but the others did this. Sun is ripping away her garden trying to find her ring, then Locke appears and gives good advice.

    Jin and Mr Eko work their way through the jungle, taking their time and following their tracks, they take cover in time so as not to get caught, we see the legs of the others go passed, the last one was dragging an old teddy on a cord.

    Whilst showing Kate the bottle of messages that she had buried, she finds her wedding ring, Kate confesses that she didn't get to say goodbye. Sun says Sawyer and Kate nods.
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