Season 2 Episode 5

...And Found

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on ABC

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  • How the first couple of Lost first met, and the first search for Michael

    Based on what we learned about Jin and Sun in each of their flashback episodes, it's hard to picture how this daughter of a wealthy 'businessman' and this poor fisherman's son every got together in the first place. We get a glimpse as to how they first met in '… and Found' and it seems that they might have lived lives separated by one degree like some of the passengers on this plane will turn out to be. What is interesting is that even though they had nothing in their background when they met (and we'll later learn this was about four years ago, they had more in common then they thought.

    For starters, there is their relative innocence. Jin has a hard life working minimum level jobs, but still has dreams that he can work his way into the world of affluence.. That's what he thinks when he seeks employment at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. Then the interviewer insults and degrades his poor lifestyle, and makes him ashamed before finally giving him the job of a doorman. We know Jin's never going to rise high in the organization before the scene is over--- when the man who's just hired him as a doorman tells him "never let someone like you in the hotel.'

    Sun seems to have more freedom, but she's just a bird in a gilded cage. She's never going to use her degree in art history, and it's pretty clear that both of her parents have been pushing her to have these matchmaker arranged meetings for awhile. We also know that in Korean society, a woman has far less option than the man, and that eventually she'll have to 'agree' to marry someone. Her hope is to find someone nice, and Jae Lee (heir to the Gateway hotel fortune) certainly seems like a charming and appealing man. Which is why it comes as something of a shock to Sun when he elects to marry an American woman, and that he's been using the meeting as a sham. Sun walks out, but it turns out she will not forget Jae so easily.

    The story that links these flashbacks involves the drams that both husband and wife are engaged in on the opposite sides of the island. The tail section survivors have finally decided that they will meet up with the main group. They're in the process of gathering fruit, water and fish when Michael sees something in the woods and runs off (something he will do rather constantly throughout season 2). Jin, who by now has gotten to the point where he cares about Michael, goes after him. Here's one of the key differences between the tailies and the main group, even though no one can understand Jin, they seem to treat him with more respect. Part of that has something to do with the fact that he's a better fishermen then they are, but it also has to do with the fact that he cares for a friend. Eko realizes this, and despite the barrier goes to help him find his friend. It's hard to know how much of what's going on Jin current understands, but there are a couple of points where the message comes through loud and clear.

    The first point comes when Jin finds the body of a man impaled on a spear. Eko calls him Goodwin, and tells us that he is one of the Others. (We don't learn why he dies or his importance until later this season). And then, somehow the Others pass through, and there follows a very quiet suspenseful scene in which a group of the Others pass by Eko and Jin. Like them, we only see them from the ankle down, but we do get a fairly shocking sight when we see a teddy bear being dragged by one. The implications of this are chilling, but we won't learn just how chilling until a few episodes later (or the full implications until Season 3)

    The crisis that Sun is undergoing is a more internal one--- not only is she burdened with the knowledge that something has gone wrong with the raft, but she has lost her wedding ring, which may now be her only link to her husband. She's spends the episode searching, while receiving advice, practical (from Jack) humorous (Hurley) and philosophical (Locke), and it is not until she shares some of her burden with the only other castaway who is feeling something close to what she's feeling. It's unclear whether Kate goes to through the bottle because she wants to find something from Sawyer or whether she really is trying to help Sun, but this is a moment of revelation for her. She still hasn't chosen which of the two other legs of her triangle she wants, but it's telling that even though she's been comfortable around Jack the last few episodes, the person she is more worried about is Sawyer. This will become even clearer when the two groups reunite.

    How much you enjoy this episode probably depends on how deeply you're involved in the Sun-Jin love story. I was, and saw that both actors, especially Yunjin Kim (who's turning out to be one of the strongest performers in the cast) show a wide range of emotion. The flashbacks are pleasant--- Jin realizes he won't escape his upbringing, Sun has her hopes quietly crushed, but for once the flashback's ending is upbeat as we finally see the two meet--- at the exact moment they both aren't looking for it. Also notable is the first fine performance by Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje playing for the first time a character who seems placid and compassionate. This man seems very mysterious, but we won't realize how deep the layers are until he makes it to the other side of the island.

    '… And Found' could be viewed as a filler episode--- there's nothing in the last couple of episodes that couldn't have been done in one--- , but I found the performances good, and the writing intriguing. The story of Sun and Jin is a major backbone of Lost , and seeing that these two characters who were emotionally strangers when they got on the plane, grow and change is one of the reasons I like the show so much.
    My score: 8.8