Season 5 Episode 1

Because You Left

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2009 on ABC

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  • Nah

    I really was disappointed with this episode, please make next episode better than this one. I feel like we are getting filler episodes. I feel Lost is trying to get to next season, but not make it because it may lose alot of its viewers. Although, I am glad that John Locke finnally may have got off then island and may be able to help the Oceanic 6. I am ready for them to get back to the island so that we can get back to the orginal make up of the show. Please make next episode exciting. Please Please Please.
  • Jack and the other oceanic survivors try to come to grips with whether to go back to the island or not. Meanwhile, John Locke and sfriends on the island experience time shifts.

    This season premeire was an uneventful yet solid opener to a hopefully more exciting season. It was not very exciting and was boring at times. The purpose of this episode to me seemed to be to set up the rest of the season. The first scene of the epsiode was in my opinion the best part of the episode, which showed the Dharma Initiative chinese guy and the finding of the orchid station. That part was both revealing and there was sort of a twist when Daniel Farraday showed up. The rest of the episode was more filler and was uneventful. Basically Jack and Ben just talked about the plan for getting everyone back on the island and preparing for that. The on island events were a little more exciting but still nonetheless did not was not drawn up with the story too well (Where did those random flaming arrows come from?).
  • Not quite sure how we'll get there, but we're on the way back

    It's always hell to try and figure out what the freak is going on in any Lost season premiere. The fact that the case is literally divided now both back in the real world, and on the island doesn't help. And the opening scene even more baffling than usual. We seem to have traveled back to whenever the Dharma Initiative existed (which now appears to be in the mid-1970's at the latest) and see the films of the Dharma stations being made. (It's The Arrow, which we last saw in Season 2. We've now named all six of the stations; do we get a special prize for this hunt?) Then the scientist--- whose name appears to be Pierre Chang--- gets called out to The Orchid where someone tells him that they have just drilled a hole near the Donkey Wheel we saw in the end of Season 4. Chang says this device will be used for time travel, which this muscled boar of a worker seems to laugh off. Except that as Chang is leaving is bumps into Daniel Faraday. Welcome back, boys and girls.

    In the present, the action moves right after the final flashforward in 'There's No Place Like Home'. Jack and Ben are moving Locke's corpse out of the funeral home. Ben seems to be as much in the dark as to what is going on the island as Jack is, and Jack tells him that they have to come back or everyone on the island is going to die. Ben says the last time he saw Locke was when he moved the island, but he pauses before saying, which probably means he's lying. Jack either doesn't know or (more likely) has been pushed to the point of desperation so that he just doesn't care any more. Like Ben, he needs to get back to the island, even if it means dragging everybody else away from their lives.

    All are going through a severe state of flux in this episode. Kate, who had the least reason to go back, gets suddenly pushed when a mysterious lawyer comes to her door, demands a paternity test on her and Aaron. Someone seems to have penetrated the lie she's built up, so Kate does what she does best: she runs. Problem is, now she's traveling with a toddler, and she's about to find out what happens when you run with attachments.

    Sun is cornered in a London airport (so her flashforward took place around the same time as everyone else) by Charles Widmore, who demands to know what she meant by common interests, when he approached here. If Sun was bold before, she's positively brazen now, telling him "to kill Benjamin Linus." Which means she must know Ben is off the island, but since he's been keeping himself hidden for the past two years, it's hard to know how she knows. I wouldn't hold my breath about her going along with this.

    Sayid and Hurley are still together, but we get an even bigger shock--- whatever loyalty he might have had to Ben in the past, is completely gone. Which means that the attack that awaits him when Sayid makes it to the 'safehouse' could come from either Widmore's people or Ben's. Hurley may now have lost touch with reality, but when he says "We should never have left the island," I think that only Jack is going to be the one agreeing with him. Ben's saying this makes things harder is a hell of an understatement.

    But as hard to fathom as what's going in the present, it's borderline normal to what's going on the island. The sky has turned purple, and Sawyer (still shirtless) and Juliet (hung over) find themselves on the beach with Rose and Bernard--- and no camp. It's vanished into thin air. Then we see Daniel emerge on the zodiac raft with a small parcel of survivors (we're down to probably less than a dozen background survivors now) and tells them what the hell's going on. By the way, Daniel suddenly seems a lot more lucid than he did when he first arrived on the island, and that journal he was looking all through season 4 seems to be holding the secrets of the universe. Where did he get this?

    Daniel knows Ben has moved the island, but right now it seems like the castaways are the only ones who are moving. And it's not through space, it's through time. We learn this the hard way because we also go back to the one guy who's always on his own--- Locke. One minute, he's chatting happily with Richard, the next all of the Others are gone. (Begs the question, if everybody on the island is skipping, how come the Others didn't skip too. After all, Juliet is one, and she's moving along with everybody on the beach. Let's let this go for a now before we get a headache.) We soon find when exactly we are--- - the past, around the same time the Beechcraft that was being piloted by heroin traffickers was crashing on the island. Flummoxed as he is, Locke tries to save the passengers--- only to get shot in the leg by a very hostile Ethan. Ethan clearly doesn't buy Locke's story (I guess it's absurd, even for the island) and is about to blow him to hell when the sky flashes again. Suddenly, we're in the future, because the plane is now exactly where it was after Eko died. And Locke is greeted by Richard, who seems even less helpful than he was before. He gets the bullet out of John's leg, and evades Locke's questions by telling him that the next time they meet he won't know him, so Locke is to give Richard a compass, which he hands to him. Asked what the hell he as to do, he says that he has to get everybody who was on the freighter back on to the island. Asked how he's supposed to do this, Richard just tells him. "You're going to have to die." And like that, he's gone.

    On the other side of the island, Sawyer is trying to figure out a way to stop whatever's going to happen. (We know they've traveled to the future, because the hatch is now blown up) Daniel, however, makes it very clear what Pierre Chang was telling the people at the Orchid. There are rules, and whatever happened, happened. You can't change the future from the past. It's hard to believe this by listening to Daniel, but Charlotte and Miles seem to take it as gospel, so we'll let it go. But is Daniel right? The next jump seems to take them back before the hatch was found. Juliet looks around for it, and then uncovers a corner. Has she, in doing so, set up the circumstances so that Locke will discover it in the first place? (She also mentions the purpose of the hatch in a very dismissive tone; did she get the party line it was unimportant?) Sawyer seems determined to get inside the station, and bangs on the door. Daniel pulls him away, and tells him they should go. Then he sees Charlotte's nose bleeding. \The last time a character got a nosebleed they shouldn't was Minnkowski on the freighter, and we remember how much longer after that something really bad happened. Daniel didn't see that, but he sees something in the journal, and it freaks him out enough to start banging on the front door-- at which point Desmond emerges. Daniel then tells Desmond that the rules don't apply to him. Perhaps because they've already met in the past, he thinks he can use Desmond to send him a message--- they need help, and the only person who can give is Daniel's mother. There is a flash--- and Desmond wakes up in bed, next to Penny. He's not sure what's going on either, but it's enough for him to start sailing the ship they're on back to England. Is this how Desmond is going to get pulled back into something he thought he left behind?

    Trying to keep up with Lost can be a bit like flying on to this island, and now it's harder to keep track than ever. We're about to watch actors like Matthew Fox, Terry O'Quinn, and Michael Emerson strut their stuff, Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly go place the haven't yet, and Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell goes places we didn't dream they were capable of. The island may be out of sync with the rest of the world (but what else is new) and we still don't know what the hell the teaser meant, but we're definitely going places, and whatever barometers we have are no longer accountable. Things may not be happening "Because You Left", but we're glad to be back.
    My score:9
  • Locke: What is this? Richard: A compass. Locke: What does it do? Richard: It ... points north, John.

    The remaining survivors begin to erratically jump through time after the island is moved. Jack and Ben begin their quest to reunite the Oceanic Six. Hurley and Sayid are ambushed at the safehouse. LOST is back, thank god, I have missed this show. And what a way to bring it back. Fast paced, exciting, confusing but that's what LOST is about you never really know what's going on and that's why I like it. I loved the fact the way we finally seen the Dhama dude, was fun to finally see him. I love the fact Jack and Ben are working together, trying to get the others back to the island. I also love the scenes with Locke and Richard. All in all, LOST is awesome and no matter what happens best television show ever, oh and I can't wait to watch more!
  • YESSSSSS!!!!! YESSSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!! (takes a deep breath) YESSSSS!!!

    Well, it's great to have Lost back. The first thing the viewer will notice is that the show is actually much easier to follow than a past times. There are not as many strong metaphors and there are not as many visible plotholes.

    However, there is still plenty of mystery. The viewer will still ask a lot of questions, and very few of them will get answered. But that's part of the fun of the Lost, as the show is certainly as intriguing as it was last year.

    One thing to note is that if you are not a fan of Jeremy Davies, who plays Daniel Faraday, you may not thoroughly enjoy this season as he is a big player in the first hour and will become an even more significant part as the episodes progress.

    But Ben is still as devious as ever, Sawyer still cracks his Southern style jokes perfectly and Jack is still searching for peace. This was an excellent episode and it's great to have Lost back!
  • Lost is back and explosive and creative as ever!

    WOW! where to begin? So long to flashbacks and flashfowards. But hello to Flash-oceanic 6 to flash-on island folks. I love how the island is moving in time every fifteen minutes because it just adds to the confusion and my love of LOST. I adore that Farady is obviously going to have a bigger role this season because he has a good idea of whats happening on the island and how to stop it. I also enjoy that without the flashes, all of the characters get a reasonable amount of time in each episode. I love lost and this season looks to be amazing.
  • Season 5 kicks off full speed ahead! (But if you're not careful, it might leave you in the dust...)

    Man, this ep kicked right off full speed ahead! I enjoyed it, thoroughly, and like many Lost episodes, will require multiple viewings. But I admit it was a little hard to follow, and my head hurts from all the questions I have. Maybe it's because I'm not a sci-fi guy, but I had a hard time wrapping my head around the specific rules regarding how their time travel was working. The best I can say is that I understood what the island was doing (skipping like a record, but skipping in time), but I'm not clear on how our characters can exist outside of time or interact with past/future selves (would Sawyer have met himself if he went back down to the beach?). Normally I never need Lost to hold my hand through an episode (Heroes does enough of that for us all), but somebody help me!

    Mostly the ep just re-establishes where all the major characters are, and sets up what the 3 immediate obstacles are, but nothing moves forward yet. In fact, the entire episode seems at the mercy of the commercial breaks, with no true forward plot movement until the second hour (The Lie).
  • Not a dull moment and not one second of filler. Every second of the episode was filled with action and exciting jumping from character to character.

    So ben seems to have dislodged the island or the oceanic 815 and scientists from time. Every so often there's a flash of light and they jump to a new time.

    Locke is surrounded by the others one second then after the flash of light he's alone in the jungle. First he see the drug plane crash that eko's brother was in and then the island flashes again and he is shot by ethan then it flashes again and richard shows up and says he(locke) told him he was here and needed help so he helps him with his bullet wound in his leg.Richard tells john teh only way to save the island is to get his friends taht left back and that john will have to die to do that.

    Sawyer, Juliet, miles, dan, and charollete go to see the hatch (original in the ground) after dan explains they are jumping through time. The camp has disappeared. They jump to when the hatch was still blown up and then back to when desmond is in the hatch. The others go back to camp ut dan knocks on the hatch door and tells desmond he's special and he needs to find dan's mother. 2 hours later he arrives back at camp. The camp is freaking out about food ,fire, etc. Bernad gets fire but blows it out trying to start it. Miles finds a boar taht just died in the jungle but they have no knifes or fire. Frogurt(nile) starts freaking out about the situation and a fire arrow hands in his chest and everyone screams and runs. Other people die but no one we know. They are supposed to meet at the creek. Juliet and Sawyer hear something so they hid in the trees and we see feet walking by, sounds like the hostel but they some men(young men)out knifes and guns to them. Seems like dharam now and tghey say they won't cut off her second hand if she , first ones none negotaitabel. Not good guys claerly. Then locke killls them with his knife.

    Three years later

    Jack and ben take john's body to hotela and jack gets cleaned upa nd ben flushes his pills. They talk about locke and wonder what happened on teh isalnd after they left. Ben leaves to take care of john. He takse him to a butcher who works for ben and knows how important john is. Jack is called by hurry and sayid who were attacked at their safe house and killled 3 men and hurry was caught on carmera. Sayid was shot by darts and went uncousiuos so hurly after seeing anna lucia took sayid to his parents house where the dad drove sayid past the cops to meet jack. Hurly's dad tells jack he's bad for hurly and to stay away and jack takes sayid to the hospital and gets him all better. Hurly';s mother says he's either crazy or lying so hurly tells his mother a summary of teh truth and she belives him. Then Ben shows up and tells hurly to come with him because they have to go back. Sayid early told hurly to do teh oppposite of what ben says so hurly runs out to the cops and gives himself up.Ben goes to see teh women that desmond meets at the jewlery shop when he's back in time and she knows teh guy with the red shoes will die and knows she can't save him no matter how many times she tries, link to charlie. She is calculate when they should go back to the island. I think its when the island will be in phase with the time they are in now. So oceanic 6 are 2008 but islands jumping all over so when it jumps to 2008 they can go. She says they have 70 hours. She seems to be a least as high as ben if not higher by the way they talk to each other.

    Desmond wakes up after having a dream/ remembering what dan told him. He's on a sail boat with penny and he says they need to go find dan's mother. Sun is getting on a plane to LA when the security holds her and its wildmore. He says she was disrespectful by seeing him in the public. He asks what she wants and she says to kill ben.

    Kate is at home with aaron when men come to the door and ask for blood test to see if she's related to aaron. She gets them off her property then packs up and they leave. They drive around until sun calls them and then they go to see sun. Sun says she doesn't blame kate for jin and asks how jack is. Sun says kate needs to do whatever it takes to protect aaron and that teh people don't want to expose the lie they just want aaron.
  • Lost is back and better than ever.

    The first episode of the new season did exactly what it should. It re-established all the major characters and reminded us about who they are and where they ended up at the end of season 4. The opener underground was great and made sense of a lot of the stations we had come across before. The whole time travel scenario is interesting and exciting and I am longing to find out more about how it all works. Locke was brilliant, as ever but all the other leads had important roles to play here too. Overall a great start with loads of promises of what is to come.
  • The islanders deal with the effects of the island being moved.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. It definitely exceeded my expectations for the episode. All of the story lines in this episode were great. It was really great getting to have all of the characters that stayed on the island be featured very heavily in this episode since season four focused mainly on the Oceanic Six. I absolutely loved Sawyer in this episode. It was really great seeing him take the role of leader of the people on the island. I loved Daniel Faraday in this episode. Although, I always love Daniel. Jeremy Davies plays the role so well. I was extremely shocked by the reveal of who Daniel's mother could possibly be. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved. This episode was definitely an amazing way to start the fifth season of Lost, and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds.

    What can i say about the first 2 episodes of season 5 ummm...


    This show blows my mind what the writers do is a form of art there imagination is second to none. We were left in season 4 wanting, wanting to know what happened to the island and why Jeremy Bentham (john Locke) was dead well we find out one of those things i wont say which because i don't want to wreck it for anyone, What i will say is strap yourselves in because episode 1 takes you for a ride which is so intense you will feel violated . Also if you haven't seen all the episodes from the start you will be confused as there are many references to early episodes especially one big one toward the end of episode 2

    A message for lost fans who will wait for channel 7 don't they will ruin it for you get on the web download them or go to mega video and stream it for free don't wait, i guarantee you will not regret it

    And i reiterate LOST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The rest
  • Best Premiere since Pilot!

    This first part of the two part premiere was outstanding. The best premiere since the very beginning of lost. It tops all other season premieres! Fast paced, action, lots of WTF moments!!! Simply amazing. Lost really is the best show ever created and wow it just doesnt slow down or get any better than this. Who knows when or where this season is going, what time period, what anything. Its completely a new pace for lost and with less flashbacks and more of this Season 5 just like the creators said... is going to be one hell of a ride!
  • SPOILER FREE REVIEW Can you say.. wow?

    Ive got to say, watching all season openers of the previous seasons made my mouth dry, my body would not even flinch just to take in what just happened.

    This episode joins that circle. Twists here and there, out of the ordinary character developments and confusing storylines. If you ever thought that Season 4s finale was beyond insane or the season 3s finale was too much for a simple brain like ours to accept, then get ready for a brain workout like never before.

    The little tips and tricks still show now and then to remind us of what we fell in love with in season 1.

    Without giving too much away, i can gladly say:

    You will not be disappointed.
  • Most action packed adventure filled season premier of the entire series!! Loved every minute of it!

    I really love the pilot episode of season 1 and Man of Faith Man of Science from season 2 was an emotional juggernaut that ranks way up there for me in terms of all time favorite moments, but this episode never slowed the face and was enormously entertaining and mind blowing as the time travel concept makes sense to what the survivors have been experiencing since the crash. Not that the show will do exactly what I think, but just take the weird whispers in the jungle, the mysterious sickness of Danielle's crew, the hatch, etc, etc. All these things now have much more connected and definitive answers as time travel has been introduced in a way that is still intelligent and not campy. Major praise for the writers/producers for basically pulling off the impossible and making me care about this show in a renewed way.
  • Lost is back and man has it been missed!

    Where to start, eh? There was so much crammed into this episode it was simply awesome from start to finish! Part of that may have been that the episode managed to incorporate every main character. Well almost, I couldn't help but notice that Daniel Dae Kim was still credited as a regular although he didn't appear here (as an aside dead or alive he better have a significant presence this season or he may as well just have been a recurring character). Anyway, the episode balanced everyone's story well and each plot felt like it was getting enough attention.

    As with all seasons this one started with the usual who, where and when questions and while it didn't reveal anything huge it was fantastic to see more of the Dharma initiative. Add to that the scene ending with none other than Daniel Faraday amongst them giving yet another great what the **** moment. Of course that was actually addressed pretty quickly, extremely really for Lost. So it turns out moving the island was indeed very dangerous (although not as unpredictable as we were led to believe as Dan new exactly what was going on). The characters continually jumping through time on the island was handled very well and was a perfect example of how cleverly the Sci-Fi elements have been slowly built up over the years.

    So we were in full on time-travel mode which several of the castaways were sceptical of. However after being underused last season Daniel was the exposition and very much at the front of the events on the island. His dialogue was witty and brilliantly written that it didn't just feel like a load of techno-babble, and the clever reference to the opening with the skipping record was great. The time travel itself was done very well too, with the jumps not happening so often to become comedic, but still having enough to show how devastating they were.

    Off the island we got more of the Oceanic Six leading pretty much straight on from where they were at the end of the last season. Despite the well-known sound effect it would seem that flashbacks/flashforwards are a thing of the past, at least while the main cast is split like this. However it did allow for every second of screen time to be utilised brilliantly to show each character's situation. The highlight being Hurley and Sayid's story in particular his awesome fight scene with the two guys trying to (presumably) capture him.

    Back on the island there were some great moments for long time fans. Seeing the plane that killed Boone actually crash was great, although it did seem to be a different colour to the one that left Nigeria…. I quick little appearance from Ethan (who wasn't seen at all last season) was also very welcome, even if it did seem to make him a really nasty person. Of course to top it all was the return to the hatch (sort of). Clearly the Hatch set has been taken down and used for something else so we didn't see inside it, but getting to see the younger, crazier Desmond was great. It cleverly worked into the Lost time-travel logic and Daniel's line about Desmond being special made perfect sense considering his adventures through time. While Desmond suddenly remembering this three years from when the island moved didn't really make sense, when dealing with a story like this there's a lot of leeway so it didn't matter.

    Overall a superb start to the penultimate season then. While I'm not completely on board with them taking out the "centric" episodes idea, I guess it does work better for the story now. In a show like Lost one episode can't really help you judge the quality of the entire season and how it will play out, but as a single episode this was one of the best ones.
  • Great.

    By the way, mods need to fix the ratings and excessive episodes - aka "The Little Prince." Seems to be annoying without a clean rating.

    Overall, I love every minute of it.

    It felt the same without flashbacks. I'm excited to see the new form of flashes. Flashtimes? I'm excited for the next episode and am expecting a lot from this series. Normally, I never get my expectations high for a show, but LOST is that one acception. The writers keep completing my wishes for the show. This episode is a perfect example of what a show now-a-days should be like. Although LOST only obtained 11.3 (average) viewers, all shows seem to be going down in the ratings. Besides the god show, IDOL!
  • Hang onto your seats boys and girls, Because You Left and The Lie are taking us for a heck of a ride! There are NO SPOILERS ahead.

    Just when you thought that you had all of those flash fowards and flash backs down pat, in comes season five. And it does not disappoint. You are treated to two hours of great writing and directing. Oh, and talk about plot development. Lost has certainly had a talent for thickening the plot. And this is no exception. But, the one thing that stood out to me was the acting. This cast has really come together over the years. There is great chemisty. I am not sure who impressed me more. Yungin Kim (Sun) was superb. You could feel her emotions flowing right through the television. Sun's story was not a main part of the plot, but it was certainly noteworthy. Jorge Garcia (Hugo/Hurley) was also amazing. I have always liked Hurley, but now I have a lot of respect for him. These are two characters that are often overlooked. Not in these episodes. I was also impressed with Evangeline Lilly. I believe that she has really grown in her craft as evidenced by her performance in this season's premiere. The rest of the gang is here as well. These two episodes are not centered around any one character. We follow the Oceanic 6 and those who remained behind. You would think with all the characters that were featured, you would be left feeling unfulfilled. Not so. I found myself sucked in from minute one. The first hour would have satisfied. It was the main course, and it was everything that I had hoped it would be. There was no second course; they took us right to dessert. Hour two was a pleasant surprise. By the time it was all over, I had that familiar feeling. My head was spinning and I had a silly smile on my face. I even had to check for drool. It was that good. There were a few surprises, and it would not be LOST without the addition of several more questions. This is the LOST that fans have come to know and love. This is the writing and acting that keeps bringing us back for more. I can't wait to see what they are serving next week. I will certainly be bringing my appetite.
  • Season 5 Premiere. Part 1

    In the fifth season premiere we learn what happened after Ben moved the Island. The Island is moving through time and Farady was there when The Orchid was being built so he knows what is going on and thirty years ago when the orchid was built, he looks the same, just like Richard. Meanwhile, off the island three years later, Ben and Jack are trying to get the oceanic 6 including Locke back to the island. Sayid breaks Hurley out of the Psych Ward and get tranquilized. Hurley is seen with a gun above the guy who Sayid shot, so everyone is looking for Hurley who is on the run and see Ana Lucia. Kate is approached by two lawyers asking for blood samples from her and Aaron to check the relationship between them meaning someone knows that he isn't her son. But who? And Sun told Widmore that they both want to kill Benjamin Linus. Get Season Opener for a great season to come!
  • Lost season five is finally here and this episode was a great way to kick things off.

    On the whole Because You Left won't be winning any awards with people who just dip in and out of the show. Season five is all about mythology, answers and pleasing the longtime fans and you get a real sense that the show is gaining momentum. One key difference between this episode and previous episodes is that this episode is not character centric. Instead it focuses on two seperate timelines, one on the island right about the white flash and one three years in the future just as Jack and Ben leave Hoffs/Drawler funeral home. At first I was unsure about this new device of the writers as it meant the possible end of flashbacks and flashforwards. Focusing on story and not on key moments in the character's lives is never what Lost has been about and I was sceptical about them trying to do it in their penultimate series. However after watching the two episodes for the third time I realise that this device is neccesary if the story is to progress at a reasonable pace. There is no way for the audience to be fully satisfied if the writers are trying to fit in flashes and about ten seperate stories at once. All I say is so long as we learn more of the island's history through these timeskips I will be happy. Now onto the episode. In terms of what each character did there wasn't much in this episode. Most of the cast only appeared in a few scenes each which set up their stories for the season, whilst most of the action occured on the island were we had to learn to deal with the time travel. If timeskips are the new aspect of the show it was a brave move for the writers to feature them so heavily in the first episode. Usually concepts like this can scare a viewer if they think they know what the show is about but it seems that Lost fans are made of stronger stuff, because this episode rocked and the time travelling is only adding to the bigger picture. The opening scene was once again jaw dropping. Not only did we finally see Pierre Chang outside of an orientation video, but we realise that they are more heavily aware of the dark matter at the Orchid than we at first thought. Pierre Chang alone seems to realise how cataclysmic it could be for the island if they disturbed the energy, something which Ben may not have known when he attempted to move the island. After listening to Chang's lines, is it hinting that Ben made a mistake in moving the island and that it should have been avoided at all costs. It certainly would have been safer.
    However the best moment of the first scene had to be the revelation that Faraday was amongst the Dharma. Like most season openers, the writers wrote the scene quite ambiguously and it is not clear whether Faraday once worked for Dharma but then forgot or he is working undercover in the past to discover how to stop the timeskips. The look on his face suggests the latter but we will have to keep watching to find out fully. One thing is for certain however...this season is all about Faraday!!
    We also learnt in this episode that Desmond may be the key to saving everyone. Daniel realises that becasue Desmond is both on and off the island in two very different time scales, he may be the only one that can stop the timeskips. It seems that we won't learn more about Desmond's ultimate goal until episode three but when we do I think we will understand more about what this season will be. I'll try to wrap up this review by saying that whilst I was scared by the new timeskip aspect of the show, I sincerely enjoyed this season opener and only hope that future episodes will be as fast paced and intriguing as this one was.
  • Rev.

    The remaining survivors begin to erratically jump through time after the island is moved. Jack and Ben begin their quest to reunite the Oceanic Six. Hurley and Sayid are ambushed at the safehouse. So Lost is back that's great but how did the fifth season premire shape up well I will tell you. The first scene was shocking it was a long time comung for us fans to finally see this guy off a TV screen in our TV screen (Hope that makes sense) well of course I'm talking about that man from those strange Dharma videos, it is revealed his actual name is Dr. Pierre Chang. The first seen showed us a good bit of Dharma so that was awesome to see and Daniel working in The Orchid was a shocker, Dr. Pierre Chang wasnt I could so tell that was him, hah my mum thoughtit was Jin at first. I really enjoyed the scenes on the island they where fast paced and exciting. Sawyer is on top form and the frieghter crew (the ones still alive) are becoming more and more intresting and likeable. The episode didn't show much of the islanders it concentrates more on the Oceanic 6, which is bad very bad , well that was my first impresion it turns out the off island story is nearly as good as the on island stuff. There is a action packed scene where Sayid kicks ass, that character is getting better and better with all the fighting he does he is fast become one of my favorites like in the season foour finale he had a epic fight with Keamy and in this episode he kills two men. All in all I think you can tell I found this episode very entertaining so I give this "Son of a b!tch" a 9.5 out of 10.
  • The oceanic six try to get back to the island. The ones they left behind learn more about the island.

    so confusing but awesome anyway. The oceanic six find eachother. Ben and Jack are trying to convince the others to go back to the island. Sayied(I always butcher his name) tells hurley not to trust ben and to always do the oposite of what he tells him to do. Kate is ordered to give a sample of her's and aaron's dna to be compared. She flees with aaron and meets sun. Sun meets with charles widmore, and gets held up at the airport. On the island the ones they left behind expirence odd time changes. The red head (I can never remember her name) starts to get headaches and nose bleeds, that scares faraday. Locke runs into Eathan and gets shot. Richard comes to his rescue, again he apears to be the same age. A really awesome episode.
  • Finally it is back...spoilers...

    Now with the island (or the people) able to "skip" in time it is really a whole lot to take in. It should prove to give us some interesting encounters such as what we saw: Ethan shooting Locke (sidebar: do you think that when Boone and he first got to the plane and his legs mysteriously stopped working had anything to do with Ethan shooting him?), Daniel interacting with Desmond, and Daniel showing up while the Dharma people were still there (at least I am assuming that was involved in a time skip I will not totally rule out that Daniel wasn't "really" there). When Sawyer went to the back door Daniel kept saying you can't do anything this will not work. However, Desmond said why have you been knocking on my door for the past twenty minutes. We already know that Daniel knows much more about what is going on with the island than anyone else (except maybe Richard) but why did not want Sawyer to interact with Desmond? Would that interaction not have been a memory if anyone other than Daniel spoke to him?

    The fight scene at the safe house was some pretty good action and Hurley really needs to start thinking before he just does things (such as picking up the gun and looking out over the balcony).

    Other notes:
    The lawyer who came to see Kate is he working for Charles Widmore?

    Do you think that Dr. Candle's baby is anyone that we know? Maybe Sun's father?

    How are they going to get Sun to agree to go back to the island? I would like to see a fight scene with her and Ben.

    What is happening to Charlotte? Is she getting erased Back to the Future stylie?
  • Lost is finally back, showing us how misterious and exciting the series can be!

    SPOILERS. This episodde was a great way to start a season of Lost, with these time-travels and with the oceanic 6 trying to get back to the island.
    It was very cool see the ones who were left behind trying to understand what was happening, like us, and very cool see Daniel Faraday explaining it and becoming a main character. The time-travels can be one of the best things ever happened in Lost, because now we can now more about the past of the island, and the future too.
    Now, I really want Oceanic 6 to get back to the island soon, because it is so weird to see the main-characters...off the island, moving on and being chased and for me, see island moving through time is way more interesting than see the oceanic 6 "moving on".
    It was a weird episode, but classic and very, very cool.
  • The best season opener since the pilot.

    While most of the season opener's got off to a slow start, this episode dives right in with all sorts of new twists. Kate back on the run, our favorite characters moving back through time, and Ben convincing Jack to go back. Lost is a rare show that has (for the most part) has became better with each season. I haven't finished this season off yet but for the most part think thats a fair assessment. The only bad thing is for how good it makes the fact of 2010 being the last season that much harder to swallow. Oh well, all good things come to an end. If you haven't seen this one yet, you might want to strap on your seat belt.
  • Just AWESOME !

    FIRST : welocme back Lost it's been along time really !
    SECAND : what an awesome begeing for an awesome show whos's goin better and better !! THRID : the Time Travel thig " AWESOME " . Ben , Lock , Sawyer , Jack , Halrly ( U are just AWEOSME ) per person is doin an great perfomence ! i really recomnded all of to see this season cuz it's gettin better and better every time ! best things in the epoide r : 1- John u must kill your self . 2- Desmond Dream . 3- Saywer Performance .
  • Note: this review was originally to be posted February, but I forgot, so excuse theorizing of events that have been proven/disproven.

    As the series goes full speed toward an ending less than two seasons away, the status quo of the narrative no longer applies. Traditionally each episode had A & B plots with a flashback C plot reinforcing the A plot. Sometimes they'd deviate with something like "The Other 48 Days", but they didn't really go too far from formula until the end of season three, with the introduction of flash forwards. Then came "The Constant", which featured Desmond literally flashing back to 1996. Now as the pertinent stories take place over time, the C plot no longer seems relevant.

    Any centric claims for this episode are up for debate: this episode is about plot. It established the three stories that'll likely make up most of this season: the assembling of the Oceanic Six and returning them to the island, the fates of those left behind and how Locke wound up in the coffin. As expected, the stories pick up where they left off in the finale and as mentioned, they take place all over, from three years after the rescue to the island where we left off jumping through time and space.

    What happened on the island is explained partially in the prologue, featuring the multi-aliased Pierre Chang going about his day preparing The Arrow orientation film when problems arise at The Orchid, then still a hole in the ground. There is some powerful energy holed up behind the presumable same wall Ben blew up that caused drill bits to melt and apparently some guy's brain as well. Chang was worried about what would happen if that wall were breached, and in this episode the consequences of such an action are explored.

    It was nice to see Pierre Chang get a flashback of sorts in the often misleading first scene of the season. All we've seen of him on the show was as the presenter of the various Dharma orientation films. Here they reveal his real name and show that he's a grumpy jerk (something fans of The Orchid blooper reel would know already). With the time jumps, we're certainly going to see more of Dharma.

    Of course, the image of the record skipping at Chang's house is symbolic of what's happening to the island (although I think a scratched CD, which wasn't around in the flashback, may be more of the effect). Time is no longer going linearly, but jumping back and forth, leaving the survivors left behind without a camp and desperate to figure out where they are, a futile attempt with the instability of time.

    Although he's blown off by Chang, the construction worker brings up an important point: if there's no paradox, what's the purpose of learning how to manipulate time? Chang's word choice that they could "manipulate" rather than change time seems to indicate something, like being able to prepare for future events if they are unavoidable. This could explain how Widmore got his fortune: he knew which companies to invest in when they were starting.

    The prologue ends with the reveal that among the workers at the site is none other than Daniel, posing as "Joe". By the end of the premiere, Daniel's appearance seems to be easily explainable: during one of the jumps, he goes undercover at The Orchid construction site to learn more about what is happening. It's likely they'll come back to this later, so this easy answer may have more to it.

    Time jumping back and forth gives the storytelling an interesting angle. Instead of having to rely on someone's flashbacks to tell us the island's story, they're going to show it as the survivors witness it, like Eko's plane crashing onto the island. This certainly helps get to some answers regarding Rousseau's crew getting sick and killed, how the Black Rock managed to find itself in the middle of the island, and more history involving The Others (four toed statue).

    While this new storytelling option is interesting, the series is treading in dangerous territory. Heroes has been harshly criticized for not taking its time traveling seriously and often having the characters alter the past in ways that would lead to more significant changes in the present. Lost has done a good job establishing clear rules in their time travel from the start, no paradox being the most important. Regardless of what they do, the universe will course correct to keep events the way they happened. Sawyer can't encounter Desmond in the final flash of the episode, but Daniel can because they met in 1996.

    This encounter has drawn some controversy from fans, who criticized the coincidence that Desmond just happened to remember this memory the same time the gears are in motion for the rest of the castaways to return to the island. It's not unusual for Desmond's mind to be a little off, and he didn't remember knowing Daniel before when they met back in "The Economist". The imprint in the end doesn't bother me. It will if they somehow make the encounter on the island Desmond's dream.

    Desmond is another x-factor in the quest to return the Oceanic Six. His mission to meet Daniel's mother, whose identity was conveniently cut off, is going to collide with Ben and the Six, not to mention Widmore. With the second part considered, the most theorized mother is Ms. Hawking, whom Desmond encountered almost two seasons ago. It makes sense considering what she knew and told him during his first flash. While there's a difference in last name and accent, Hawking could be her maiden name and he was simply raised in America.

    The biggest hindrance in the story last season was that those who didn't make it off the island took a backseat to those who did. This applied most to Sawyer, the most prominent character who didn't get a centric episode last season (his last one was in the early episodes of season three). In the vacuum without the prominent leaders, he and Juliet seem to be taking up that spot, although he has a major chip on his shoulder. Believing the people on the helicopter, specifically Kate, died, he is angry and lashing out at the rest of the castaways, or at least Daniel.

    Another prominent character whose journey is key to this season is John Locke. Keeping his story quiet was obviously to keep the reveal at the end of last season a secret. Season four did lose a bit as Locke's story is one at the heart of the series (luckily everything else more than made up for it). With that reveal done, Locke's story leading to that coffin can begin.

    His time as leader of The Others is short living because The Others for some reason do not jump in time with the castaways. This may tie into that Easter egg from "Not in Portland" from two years ago, where the audio in Room 23 (the room Karl was being brainwashed in) reversed says "only fools are enslaved by time and space." Somehow The Others aren't "fools".

    Richard, somehow, also knows that the Oceanic Six got off the island safely, but that they need to be returned. On top of not being influenced by the time jumps, Richard knows where they're heading next, as he prepares Locke to meet Richard before he knew Locke. As the answers begin to outnumber the questions, one can hope that he'll get a centric episode before the series wraps.

    In a nice little cameo, Ethan comes out following Eko's downed plane and shoots Locke in the leg. With all the time jumping, I expected Ethan to say "Who's Ben Linus?" after Locke tried to explain himself. Regardless, his appearances hints at us seeing a lot of old characters (or referred to characters from the past) again.

    Off island, Jack currently is much like Sayid in Ben's flash forward last season. Following the death of his long time love Nadia, he was prime for Ben's manipulative touch. Considering Jack was suicidal as he believed returning was impossible, he was tailored for Ben's (of all people) mission. Of course bringing these six people back, with Ben in command, isn't going to be easy.

    For starters, Sayid has gone rogue from Ben and is taking Hurley somewhere safe (or at least he thought so). While Sayid was willing to kill people on Ben's list, something changed that. It's likely that turning point was Sayid's flash forward in "The Economist". Someone is out to get Sayid, leading to the fight at the hotel room. After a tussle and a memorable dishwasher kill (always put in knives blade down), the men are dead, Sayid's tranquilized and Hurley's in the worst "Three's Company" misunderstanding ever.

    I'm reluctant to call the men at the hotel room "hit men" because when they had the chance, they merely drugged Sayid when a few bullets could've easily substituted. One had a gun (the one Hurley was showing to the guy with the camera phone), but that could've been for their protection. Whatever their objective, it's possible it required these two alive.

    With Kate, someone's playing her by having the two guys come to her house requesting a maternity test. Obviously there are a ton of red flags, from them not mentioning their client (something I've been told they'd have to do) to the menace that comes across. It's likely either Ben, Sun or Widmore. The second part of the premiere gives some credence to it being Sun. It could pertain to Aaron, the one Oceanic Six member blissfully unaware of what's going on.

    Sun's mission is established with her encounter with Widmore at the airport. Although she wants to kill Ben, her behavior is very Ben like. Obviously that's what she hopes to get by brazenly confronting Widmore last season and attempting to recruit him and his resources. Without Jin, she's becoming scary. This may be the biggest boost for Jin being alive: he is likely her only path towards redemption.

    Everyone in the main cast is accounted for with two major exceptions. Claire is presumably somewhere under Jacob's protection, who must've been aware of what was coming. While there is news about her role this season, I'll avoid it for those avoiding spoilers. The other is the more contested Jin, whose fate has never been confirmed. While he was on the boat and close to the explosion, the producers have only said that Sun believes Jin is dead. Daniel Dae Kim is still in the main credits as well, so whatever the capacity, his time on Lost isn't up yet.

    The most annoying remark kicked around since the premiere is that the show has become "too sci-fi". I wonder what show they've been watching for the last four years, between smoke monsters that can lift a grown man and swing him around with deadly force, a man in a wheelchair who can suddenly walk and whatever Jacob is, not to mention that so many people survived a crash like that. Lost has always been sci-fi: it just walks a finer line than Buffy or The X-Files. Now it's to be seen whether they go too far.
  • Multiple focus that are making the setup for the future complication, make the Start of this season very interesting!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» The problem with the seasons premieres in Lost, is that the main theme is presented in a great way, but then, things begins to move very slowly. Season 4 avoided that a little, however we already Knew that the Oceanic Six would escape only by the end of the Season. The Main theme for this Season is Time Traveling, which is a very dangerous path to follow sometimes. Like the Last season, the writers are showing us what is happening with all the Main Cast Characters, both in the Island and in the future, which is a good start.

    What I Like/Disliked -» The variety of the scenes. In one moment you have seeing Locke, Than you are seeing Sawyer and Co, Than Jack and Ben, Than Hurley and Sayid etc. This type of multiple threads is attractive. Didn´t Like the way Ethan appeared, very weak is scene with Locke. Loved Richard interaction with Locke, great dialogue and mystery. Dan explanation got me curious. Kate scenes, didn´t care, always the same rule – run. Sayid fighting scenes was cool.


    Presentation -» (9/10). I wasn´t expecting that the producers would roll a flashback to actually make a surprise and present to us the main theme for this season – time traveling. I loved season 1 presentation, intense, and the images communicates all. Season 2 was amazing, nobody expected what was inside the Hath, season 3 was amazing too, when we find how the other live and actually the flight Oceanic 815 crashing was a surprise for them too. Season 4 was good, when you know that only six escaped from the Island. This season tried to impress with a flashback, what I liked was seeing the conversation that occurred in the future Dharma Installation and Dan surprising appearance.

    Complication Phase -» (10/10). The characters in the Island are in great danger, because they are moving too fast, to both future and past, which may cause their dead. This is interesting, because they could actually time travel to some critical scene that maybe will explain the Other origins and the black smoke or Jacob. Sun plans, Kate running, Jack and Ben mission, Hurley and Sayid situation, Locke faith and Desmond mission, all this is a set of the complications, which actually surprises me, because there are too multiple threads to follow.

    Climax -» It isn´t time for that yet.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» This is a 2 hour episode, so the ending was also a setup.
    Time and Scenes Management -» (10/10). With so many Multiple Threads, it is really hard to notice any scene that bought time.

    Dialogues -» (9/10). The only weak point here is Ethan dialogue with Locke.
    Action /Adventure -» (10/10). Sayid fightin0g scene was very cool.

    Drama/Emotions -» (8/10). The multiple threads keep things refreshing and interesting.

    Suspense/Tension -» (7/10). The tension played is not very intense, but still, manages to be good.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -» (8/10). Why they have to go back? They have to save the people who are in the Island, but 3 years already passed, so it is really confusing. Another curiosity is that Locke have to die, only is death will bring the Oceanic Six together.

    Surprise/Twists -» (7/10). Dan appearance in the beginning

    The Whole episode is a big setup, to explain how the Oceanic Six will be back to the Island and How Sawyer and Co survived to the Time Traveling and what happened to them after 3 years also. All the characters are in their respective position. I rate it 9, because the multiple thread of setup for the complication phase was really interesting.
  • Ben attempts to help Jack wrangle the Oceanic Six for a return to the island; Sayid gets paranoid and busts Hurley out of his mental institution; Kate thinks someone is trying to steal Aaron; those left behind on the island leapfrog through time.

    "We have to go back." So said Jack Shepherd in the season four finale of Lost. And so it will be now as season five unfolds. But how can we get back? To where? To when?

    After four seasons spent trying to get off the island, the cast(aways) of Lost-or I should say just six of them now-are suddenly looking for a way to return to Smoke Monster Island. In May, when we last tuned in, these six castaways-Jack, Kate, Aaron, Sayid, Hurley, and Sun-had been three years back in the real world, a world of friends and family, celebrity, jobs, bills-and in Jack's case, pills. Thanks to season four's clever flashforward storytelling, which replaced the flashback storytelling of previous seasons, viewers learned that these six castaways, termed the Oceanic Six, were the only survivors of Oceanic Flight #815 to return to the real world. Season four's primary plot, however, continued in Island Time, showing viewers the pre-rescue events which would culminate in the season finale, when the Oceanic Six flew away in a helicopter. But at the very same moment that the Six made their escape, Benjamin Linus moved the island, and fellow castaways like Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Jin, and the freighter folk, moved with it.

    By moving the island, season five is able to provide a fresh storytelling twist: The question for the Oceanic Six is not where they can find the island, but when they can find it. As if the show's writers borrowed Quentin Tarantino's sense of chronology, Lost will chronicle the efforts of the Oceanic Six to locate the island in the present-day while simultaneously following Left Behinders Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, and company as they leapfrog through time-without the homey beach campsite to sustain them. After all, the campsite can't be there if they technically haven't crashed yet. No more Dharma peanuts for Miles, I guess.

    Leapfrogging through time has its risks: Locke takes a bullet in the leg early in the episode from now-dead Ethan, just after witnessing the crash of the heroin-carrying plane that contributed to Boone's death in season one, when it was already rusting on the island when Oceanic Flight #815 crashed. Most importantly, Daniel Faraday opens the premiere, suddenly working as a Dharma Initiative employee in what appears to be the 1970s, perhaps suggesting that time will remain in the 1970s despite the first two episodes' chronological shifts. It seems, then, that the Left Behinders will have to grapple with the island's previous inhabitants.

    Looking out on the season's horizon and searching for the futures of specific characters, it is easy to wonder what will become of John Locke, especially after seeing him in a coffin in last season's finale. Indeed, he somehow made it off the island, and it was he who warned the Oceanic Six that it is up to them to return and save those they left behind. Season five also promises the return of Desmond and Ben, both of whom are key to the Oceanic Six's return journey. Casting a long shadow over the series, which is set to end in 2010, is Charles Widmore, the man the show's producers call "the big bad." His more-than-likely ill-intentioned interests in the island have influenced events quite possibly from the beginning, and if the season opener is any indication, we have not seen the last of his meddling.

    What can we expect with the show's conclusion in view? Ben's words to Jack early in the premiere are a harbinger of what's to come: Pack your bag with whatever you want from life in the real world "because you're never coming back."
  • Good evening television viewer, and welcome to one of the most mentally exhausting exercises in goggle watching since the day your remote stuck you on BBC Astrophysics.

    Good evening television viewer, and welcome to one of the most mentally exhausting exercises in goggle watching since the day your remote stuck you on BBC Astrophysics. If you've never before dipped your toes in the river of ABC's finest madball kookathon of a show, I suggest you turn over now. Really. Put Celebrity Big Brother back on. Don't even bother. You won't get anywhere. Lost has reached the point where it is absolutely impossible for the casual viewer to tune in and understand a single thing that's going on. The narrative relies far too much on established mythology, past events and, most importantly, the kind of completely bonkers science fiction that will only frustrate those without an interest in the machinations of the fantastical. So I'll say it again: switch over. Now. You'll be a darn sight happier. And less confused.

    Done that? Good. Now to the rest of you hardened Lost fanatics. Welcome back to the greatest television series currently airing on our all too small screens. Lindelof and Cuse's show was undoubtedly the best thing about TV in 2008 and from the evidence provided by this season opener, it looks set to be the the best thing about 2009 as well. From the off, the show pulls no punches, dumbs nothing down and holds nothing back. The playful opening sequence fools you into thinking you're watching Ben (slightly podgy guy, short black hair) when, actually, we're being treated to Marvin Candle/Edgar Halliwax/Mark Wickmund/Pierre Chang (whichever you prefer), filming the orientation film for The Arrow (score! no. 1 for Lost fanatics: we finally find out what that station that Ana Lucia and her cohorts discovered in season two is actually for). The significance of this sequence will arguably be lost on those who haven't been paying close attention for the last four years but no matter, we're into the more complex and mature chapters of our story now and if you haven't been keeping up, that's your problem. Then Farraday turns up as they're tapping into the 'energy' where that crazy old wheel is and we're all left scratching our heads in bemusement: could this have something to do with the remark in his book that we saw at the end of 'The Constant' last year? Was Daniel with the DHARMA Initative before? Or is this a time travelled Daniel from after? Who the frack knows?

    After you've digested that juicy morsel, Cuse and Lindelof get straight down to showing us exactly what happened to the Islanders after Ben 'moved' the thing and, lo and behold, it suckerpunches everybody. Oh, you mean move through time, right, yeah, of course. A brilliant twist that and the 'gimmick' works absolute wonders for the narrative. It's an ingenious way of treating us to some answers regarding the history of the Island. What's the betting that this is how we discover who the natives are? Rousseau's past? The four toed statue? Seen through flashes of bonkers characterial time travel in which our protagonists swing backwards and forwards along the Island's 'time-string' (to paraphrase Farraday), unable to affect anything that has gone before. It's a completely unique approach to storytelling and, consequently, it's a thoroughly engaging, and rewarding, experience. Seeing the Nigerian plane crashing into the trees and the Virgin Mary statues falling out of it is a delightful nod to all of those who've been with the show since the beginning and it really gives you a satisfying (for want of a better description) 'tingling' feeling... like you're finally getting to the good stuff.

    It certainly helps that the remainder of the narrative's construction is utterly haphazard too. We begin when the DHARMA Initiative is first active on the Island, move to the Oceanic Six off-Island, flit to three years prior to this when the Island moves and then skip and jump through the Island's history while also returning to the O6 for brief periods. There is no chronology to the story whatsoever but it works better for it: the uncertainty of the Islanders' situation is heightened as the viewer's narrative-reading experiences are our equivalent. And, of course, there's the added bonus of a fantastic Bond-esque fight sequence involving Sayid, Hurley and some really bad men, which ends in the most delightfully disgusting way imaginable, and Alan Dale pops up later on and scares the bejesus out of everyone again. Marvellous stuff; one hell of a kick-start to the season. Lost is on absolute top form and has been for a solid year now. Let's hope they can keep this kind of oddball, addictive momentum going right until the very end.
  • The Oceanic Six have adjusted to life off the island, while those that they left begin to discover that the island is violently moving through time.

    After a lenghty hiatus, Lost's Season 5 started with a bang. With a completely new and fast paced structure, the show has reinvented itself and has become very involved with the theme of time-travel. This episode found a great and interesting way to incorporate time travel into the show again and answer some old questions we've wanted answered since last year's finale, while also filling us in on what the Oceanic Six have been up to and reintroducing us to some very familiar faces we've met over the course of the show. While the Oceanic Six story was solid, most of the shocking twists and awesome moments happened on the island as we found out that the survivors that were left behind are, in fact, travelling through time. Lost is back, and this season is looking very different... but very promising, nonetheless.
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