Season 4 Episode 11

Cabin Fever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

ISLAND: On the freighter, Keamy goes against the captain's wishes and opens a small safe to remove a small Dharma binder, which he tells the captain is a secondary protocol.

The captain goes behind Keamy's back and helps Sayid to get a raft. Sayid heads for the island on a 305 bearing in order to get people to bring to the freighter.

Frank refuses to bring Keamy and his men to the island, so Keamy slits the doctor's throat and throws him overboard. He says he'll kill someone every 30 seconds until Frank flies him. The captain comes out and asks what is going on and Keamy shoots him twice. Frank agrees to fly him to the island, but hides a sat phone in a bag and drops it to the survivors as they fly over.

After getting in trouble from Juliet for being out of his tent, Jack retrieves the bag dropped from the helicopter and finds the sat phone. He says that he thinks the helicopter people want the survivors to follow the helicopter.

Locke, Hurley, and Ben continue to search for Jacob's cabin. They make camp for the night, and Locke has a dream that Horace is building something and tells Locke that when he finds him he'll find Jacob.

Locke goes to the Dharma pit and finds Horace's skeleton. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a map describing where the cabin is.

They go to the cabin and Locke goes in alone. Inside, Christian Shephard tells him there is no time for his questions and he should just ask the important one. Locke sees that Claire is there too, but Christian tells him not to tell anyone he saw her.

Locke asks how to save the island.

Locke goes outside and tells Ben and Hurley that they need to move the island.

FLASHBACK: Locke's teenaged mother was hit by a car when she was almost 6 months pregnant. Locke was born prematurely and shortly after, Richard Alpert visited him. Emily ran out of the room instead of holding Locke after he was able to come out of the incubator. Locke was raised in foster care.

Richard visited Locke when he was five, telling him he had a school for special kids and he wanted to see if Locke was special. Richard saw a picture that Locke drew of a pillar of black smoke attacking a person.

Richard pulled several items out of his bag and asked Locke which belonged to Locke. Locke looked at all the items and picked up the knife. Richard looked disappointed and left.

As a teenager, Locke was told that a Dr. Alpert was interested in Locke's science skills and he'd been invited to a science camp. Locke refused to go, claiming he liked boxing and fishing, cars and sports.

After his eight story fall, Locke met Matthew Abaddon, an orderly at the hospital. Matthew told him to go on a Walkabout and that when they meet again, Locke will owe Matthew one.