Season 4 Episode 11

Cabin Fever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 2008 on ABC

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  • John Locke the miracle bastard baby and night of the living dead.

    I loved this episode. So many questions, so many questions! Just for once I'd like more answers than questions but what are ya gonna do?

    Apparently the island has been trying to recruit John (the world's oldest-looking 48-year-old, or am I doing the math wrong?) since the 1950s, possibly even fathering him by a mysterious man in his 30s (twice the age of the mother who was apparently a teen ager around 1956). I think this will be important but I can't predict how right now. The test Richard gives him is the same test they use for finding the new Dalai Lama. They show a child items the old Dalai lama owned (with other items thrown in) and see if the child picks the right ones. Why Locke botched the test (intentionally or because he's not the one) is still up in the air.

    The island is operating in the future. That's how the doctor washed up on shore before he died. But wait! Didn't a missile fired from the boat arrive after it the boat showed it landing? That would indicate that the island was operating in the past. Which is it? Maybe it's both. When Locke reports they are supposed to move the island I suspect that will be in the 4th dimension (time) rather in the other three. But we'll see, won't we...

    Keamy sure goes the extra mile in his mission. Why? The other freighties seem pretty much ready to say "I didn't sign up for this," when the going gets tough. Not Keamy though. Pretty much like it's personal. There must be a story there. But maybe he just has a better work ethic than his fellow employees.

    Oh, the living dead. Is Claire among them? She sure wasn't herself. As someone who would do anything to protect her baby she sure gave him up lickety split. Does not compute. Let's talk about Ben. Do I think that he's really all that resigned to the fact that the island hasn't picked him anymore so he's just gonna slip away into the background. Oh Heck No! He's playing Locke like a fiddle, as per usual. And now that I'm thinking about it, if Locke had been the chosen one going right back to his premee birth, why wasn't he on the list when they dragged survivors off into the woods on the first few episodes? Seems like he would have been. For that reason I feel like they are adding a story line that they didn't start with. Things get messy when that happens. Remember the X-Files. It went nowhere. What a mess.
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