Season 4 Episode 11

Cabin Fever

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 08, 2008 on ABC

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  • A great set up for the final, a little confusing but awesome regardless

    Okay, when the episode bagan, I was thinking, "What on earth is this?" I didn't understand what was going on before John Locke was born. I was thinking that LOST had been canceled lol. I thought I was witnessing a disturbing 70's classic film.

    It was awesome, and finally we see an episode with flashbacks for once about John's young life. Obviously we know that Richard doesn't age, or he travels through time. It's the only solution to this. He was the same age when John was speaking with him about killing Tom Sawyer as well as Ben Linus as a child running through the jungle in Man Behind The Curtain. This episode was very much like The Man behind the Curtain. Awesome, more on the Jacob part, Ben acting strange because goofd old John Locke has taken his place as Jacob's only friend. Great to see more of the Dharma part. It seems that Season 2 was it's own story since there is nothing more on the Dharma. On the freightor, Keemy executed the Captain which I was annoyed about. His actions are serious for Charles Widmore. The final leads us to ask the question, will Widmore suceed and how will our survivors get off the island?
    Finally, the conclusion with John coming face to face with the man in hiding, Christian Sheppherd. Claire Littleton herself was in the cabin, following Christian's instructions.

    So, perhaps it was really Christian standing there on early Season 1. Somehow he escaped the death in Sydney and made it out that he was dead. Then going back, Ana-Lucia Cortez and James were the last people with to see him before his disappearance. It's amazing, the whole suspense has given me high thoughts on next week's episode before the two-hour season finale the following week... I'm impressed.