Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Desmond is walking through the jungle, followed closely by Hurley, Charlie, and Jin. Hurley and Charlie are discussing who would win in a footrace between Superman and the Flash. Suddenly, Charlie steps on a booby trap that shoots an arrow into his neck. Desmond watches Charlie die, but suddenly sees a quick sequence of events that include Hurley picking up a cable on the beach, and the photograph Desmond took with Penny. When the vision passes, Desmond is sitting on the beach, watching Charlie walk around the camp. Desmond runs up to Hurley and asks about the cable on the beach that is buried in the sand. (Hurley discovered this cable during "Numbers") When Hurley asks why he wants to know, Desmond cryptically explains, "Because someone's coming."

Flashback: Desmond is kneeling on the floor of a monastery when a monk enters his cell, carrying a brown robe. The monk explains that the vow of silence is necessary to test a person's faith, and in cases of people that they aren't sure about, they often stretch the vow out to as much as a month. He hadn't thought that Desmond would be able to keep silent that long, but Desmond has surprised him. "For whatever reason, your path has led you here, and now you're one of us."

Desmond and Hurley approach Jack on the beach, and Desmond asks to borrow Jack's first aid kit. Hurley realizes that Desmond wants the kit because he knows that someone is going to get hurt. "I saw a sequence of events," Desmond explains, "things that are going to happen … it's like I saw a, uh, jigsaw puzzle, only I didn't have the picture on the box, so I don't know how the pieces fit exactly, but one of the pieces, the first one, it was you pulling the cable out of the sand." Desmond can't tell him any more without "changing the picture on the box." Hurley realizes that Desmond isn't trying to change what he saw; he is trying to make something happen.

Meanwhile, Sawyer comes over to Kate's tent, trying to find out if Kate has told Jack about their impromptu relationship while they were being held by the Others. Kate tells him that Jack already knows, since he saw it on one of the surveillance cameras. Sawyer tries to reignite their relationship, but Kate isn't interested.

Elsewhere on the beach, Hurley and Desmond watch Jin prepare to fish. Desmond explains that another of his puzzle flashes showed Jin on the beach when Hurley lifted the cable out of the sand. Hurley recruits Jin to join their jungle party by telling him that they are going camping. Jin agrees to come along and Desmond heads off to recruit the fourth member of the party. Charlie, however, sees right through this ploy, realizing that Desmond has had another one of his visions. Desmond once again explains that someone is coming to the island. Despite his puzzle flash of the arrow going through Charlie's neck, he promises that he hasn't seen a vision of Charlie dying.

The party of four head across the beach to where Hurley found the cable months back. Jin finds the cable buried in the sand, and Hurley explains that he almost tripped one of Rousseau's booby traps the last time he followed the cable into the jungle. Desmond again sees Charlie being hit with an arrow, followed by a flash of a parachute falling from the jungle canopy.

Flashback: Desmond helps the monks bottle Moriah Vineyards wine. They discuss the near-sacrifice of Abraham's son Isaac at Moriah during Biblical times, and what sacrifice means. Desmond states that if God was going to stop Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, there was no reason to ask Abraham to sacrifice him in the first place. The monk explains that this was a test of faith, and that Desmond must not understand the meaning of sacrifice. At that moment, a monk escorts a man in who wants to meet with Desmond. This man doesn't say much, he only clobbers Desmond in the mouth and then walks out. Desmond looks at the monk, and simply says, "Forgive me, brother."

Kate is sitting under the beach's mess tent when Jack comes over to get food. She says that it's strange being back and not having anything to do after spending so long focused on trying to escape. Jack tells her to enjoy it, because he's sure things are going to go wrong eventually. Jack walks away, and Kate sees him go to Juliet's tent to eat. Disappointed, Kate goes to Sawyer's tent and kisses him. The action between them quickly begins to heat up.

Meanwhile, the party of four have set up a campfire and Jin is telling a ghost story. Desmond is sitting off by himself. Charlie comes over to him and sees Desmond looking at the photograph of himself and Penny. Penelope once said that "With enough time and money, you can find anyone." He hopes that Penny has spent the last three years waiting and searching for him. They hear the sound of an approaching helicopter, and they stare off into the ocean, hoping this is their long-awaited rescue. However, the sound of the helicopter isn't quite right, as if its rotor is starting to slow, and they hear it crash down into the ocean. Hurley proposes that they go out into the water to find it, but Jin points out a parachute drifting down into the jungle.

The group discusses what they have seen. Desmond wants to go into the jungle to find the survivor. Charlie is suspicious, and wants to wait until light. When Desmond presses the issue, Charlie refuses to go, and Desmond sees a vision of Charlie getting speared in the neck, and a body falling from the trees. Desmond decides to wait until light.

Flashback: Desmond knocks on the door of a house, and the guy that punched him in the face opens the door. Desmond says he wants to see the man's sister, Ruth. Ruth comes to the door and sends her brother, Derick, off. Desmond explains that he is now a novice monk, and tries to explain to Ruth that he had a religious calling just before their wedding. He explains how he met the monk, and how he felt that he had to leave everything in order to join the order. Ruth tells him that next time he wants to break up with someone not to join a monastery, but to tell the girl he's just scared.

Sawyer challenges Jack to a Ping-Pong game. He tells Jack that the table fell out of the sky when the hatch exploded, and that if they "don't play every 108 minutes, the island's going to explode." Sawyer mentions that it's strange being back, and Jack says that Kate said the same thing to him last night. Sawyer suddenly realizes why Kate was so adamant about coming to him last night.

Back in the jungle, Charlie is trying to find out what comes next in the vision. Desmond claims there's nothing, but Charlie doesn't believe him. Charlie picks up a hula girl statue on the ground, and Desmond finds a pack in the tree. In the pack is a book (Catch-22, of all things), and a satellite phone. Unfortunately, the battery in the phone is dead. In the book is a picture of Desmond and Penny.

Sawyer confronts Kate on the beach, demanding to know why Kate had come on to him the previous night. He figures it had something to do with Jack eating with Juliet. "You ain't gotta use me, Freckles. All you gotta do is ask."

Elsewhere in the jungle, Charlie confronts Desmond about the photo. He thinks that Desmond has known all along that Penny was the one coming to the island. "I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want anything to change," Desmond explains. Charlie doesn't think they would deliberately change anything that would prevent them from being rescued, but Desmond is reluctant to share his vision of Charlie being killed.

Flashback: In the monastery, Desmond is busily drinking up the Moriah Vineyards. He is confronted by the monk, who tells him that this is a serious affront to the cloister. Desmond asks for penance, but the monk tells him, "I'm afraid you're beyond penance, Desmond." Desmond is removed from the order. "You've just spent too much time running away to realize what you're running toward," the monk tells him. Desmond wonders what he's supposed to do now.

As they move through the jungle, Charlie and Hurley start arguing about who is faster, the Flash or Superman. Desmond spots the booby trap, and he knocks Charlie out of the way when Charlie triggers it. Charlie is furious, because now he knows that Desmond had a vision of his death. Desmond is even more upset, because the body he saw hasn't fallen from the trees.

The party move through the jungle brush, and Hurley propose that they split up to find out where the beacon landed. Charlie follows Desmond, and confronts him about the booby trap. Charlie knows Desmond wanted to sacrifice him in order to get Penny back. "I keep saving you, and what good is it?" Desmond demands. He believes he's being tested, but he keeps failing because he changes what he sees. Jin starts calling for them, putting a pause on their arguments. They have found the parachute and the hanging parachutist.

Flashback: Desmond turns in his robe to the monk, but the order has one final task before him before he can leave the abbey. He begins to load up the wine in the back of a van driven none other than Penelope Widmore.

As Desmond approaches the tree and climbs up to the parachutist, the flashback reveals how he met Penny and how she convinced him to come to Carlisle with her to unload the crates. The group discovers the woman is alive. Desmond removes the helmet, but it's not Penelope he sees. Nevertheless, this mysterious stranger recognizes Desmond!