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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Who is it?

    Just sitting on the coach and watch the end of a Lost episode with question full mind and a open mounth. I waited Penny when this helmet opened. But on the other hand I my friends say to me that it will be too easy when Penny came and make a suprise: )
    This episode is not my favorite but it is good. Not only for the desmond centeric theme. Kate-Sawyer-Jack triangle is my favorite scene of this episode. It's really funny
  • a 9.9 because theres just one thing stopping this show been a 10 this season...

    and that is the fact we dont see enough of all the characters and each episode is too centered on the centric character. it should be focused on the main character most, but not too much, and catch-22 is the perfect example of this, with the main story, trying to find the helicopter, been focused on far too much. in season 2 every character would of had some screentime, but sayid had none this episode and neither did sun. jin could of at least gone to explain the situation to sun, and like someone mentioned, jack could of been talking to sayid when desmond went to ask for a first aid kit.forgetting about the fact that there hasnt been an even flow with the storylines this season, it was a great episode which would of been perfect if everything else was worked on a bit more...well hopefully the writers take note of this slight problem and work on it next season...but until then, i guess this episode can easily go down as one of the best this season.
  • Once again it seems the universe really wants Charlie out of the picture but what else do we see? A rope on the beach, a beacon in the sky and a parachute... hmmm...

    I've been praying for Charlie's life to be spared since Des announced it way back in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" but once again the writes of Lost had me on the edge of my seat the entire episode.

    The episode started off amazingly well, we got to see one of Desmond's flashes for the first time. Once again it seems the universe really wants Charlie out of the picture but what else do we see? A rope on the beach, a beacon in the sky and a parachute... hmmm... sounds like this is gonna get interesting!

    I personally loved the episode, although I do think the "I have to sacrifice Charlie to save Penelope" thought could have been written better. The idea is good, thinking that if you don't copy the flashes exactly that Penelope won't appear on the island. But what bugged me was how hazy Desmond's flashes seemed. I noticed there was some sort of sail hanging in the trees (later revealed to be a parachute) but I didn't understand how Desmond could assume Penny was coming based on those images.

    Anyway, to get passed that, I thought this episode was spectacular. Jin and Hurley were hilarious as always and Charlie and Desmond work so well on screen together I'd hate to see that end (however it will end remains to be seen).
  • More mistery, more love affairs, more death of Charlie and the arrival of a new person to the island.

    I won't summarize yet again what happenes in this episode, but in my opinion it's briliant. I couldn't get enough of Desmond and his visions, especially the one in which Charlie dies. Begins to look like another charachter from a popular show: "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!". Offcourse things are on a totaly different level in Lost but there is a resembelence.

    This episode reveals more about Desmond and his visions. The fact that he joined and was 'fired' from the monastery is revealed. The fact that he had 'a calling' to join the monastery, like he was destined to makes me wonder if he didn't already have this abilities to predict the future and the island just greatly amplified them. It's hard to say what will come next with all this mistery but all this suppositions is the thing which makes the show so good.
  • great episode

    Desmond gets a vision of the future. In it, Charlie dies. Desmond gets Hurley, Jin and Charlie to go with him to the forest. This episode is a Desmond episode, the story focuses on his past. We get to see what he was doing before he met Penny. We also get to see Kate, Sawyer and Jack, even though their parts are minor, there's enough of them in this episode to keep us intrigued. More mysteries are presented in this episode, it's a really exciting one, the writers came up with another great episode, I can't wait for the next one.
  • Plot: Desmond rallies the boys to go on a camping trip in the hopes of killing Charlie and I suppose if he finds his love on the way that’s cool too, but killing Charlie should take precedence. TV reviews at www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Jack and Juliet get cozy together, forcing Kate to sleep with Sawyer. Not really sure how that worked out, but I don’t hear him complaining. Desmond rallies the boys to go on a camping trip in the hopes of killing Charlie and I suppose if he finds his love on the way that’s cool too, but killing Charlie should take precedence.

    I read in Entertainment Weekly, that the writing staff feels that since the slow start of this season, they are being judged on an episode by episode basis. I agree with this assessment and found this episode wanting. I would call it a filler episode, but it doesn’t even merit that. The flashbacks focus on Desmond’s life leading up to his meeting Penne. Normally, flashbacks show us something new about the character or explain some new connection with their fellow castaways. These were just pointless. All we learn is that Desmond is a huge douche, who manages to make up for his cowardly nature with a bad ass accent. After leaving his finance, Ruth without any notice, Desmond joins a cloister of monks. Desmond takes getting cold feet to new heights and could give the runaway bride a run for her money. Ugh, I said run too many times in that last sentence. When Ruth’s brother shows up and punches Desmond in the face for leaving his sister, Desmond turns to his own personal savior; Jesus, as personified by a bottle of expensive wine. The monks tend to frown upon boozing and fighting and decided Desmond needs to go. I guess God has nobler things in mind for him than getting wrecked in the basement of a church.

    Visions of a new visitor coming to the island, lead Desmond to believe that Penne is at last coming to find him. Neglecting to tell Charlie about his impending death, he gathers up everyone who was in his vision and heads out into the jungle. This brings up an interesting point; does Desmond really see the future or is he just following a set path from which he could chose to avoid if he wanted to? We already know, much to my chagrin, that he can prevent Charlie’s death, so I wonder how far he can truly manipulate fate. In this particular instance, he had to actively work to get everyone to follow his vision as opposed to the events naturally occurring. In a last minute decision, Desmond decides to spare Charlie’s life and changes fate once again. Instead of finding his lost love, the guys discover an injured pilot. Sadly, she is not a hot chick.

    Kate continues to grow jealous watching Jack and Juliet bond together. Instead of talking to Jack or simply accepting the fact that she may have missed her chance with him, Kate acts like a normal girl, and by that I mean she goes crazy. Doesn’t Sawyer have the herp anyways? I wonder if he has condoms in that stash of his.

    Parting Thought: I know Desmond has a cool accent and all, but come on Penelope, make the man work for it a little bit at least.
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  • Odysseus is tempted by...parachutes?

    It’s been a long time since brother Desmond left the monastery (proving once and for all there’s an Eko inside of every man) and although he must now prove himself worthy of Penny’s heart by surrender to destiny and allow Charlie to die or she may as well be dead otherwise, the episode shows that you can leave church but church never leaves you.

    Stranded altar boy himself, Charlie also has a family - as surrogate as it may be - and both Claire & Aaron remain clueless to the fact they might lose this husband and father due to a vision of the parachute that carries beloved Penelope closer to Desmond. Now, the problem is this: in order to save one he must lose the other, hence the dilemma. Which is more important? To fail to Charlie or fail to Penny to whom Desmond has already failed so much.

    After painful vacilation our hero resolves it to try, once again, to save Charlie’s life as the monastery life kicks in with newfound meaning inside of him and destiny decides to slaps him gently this time around as it’s revealed that the woman in the parachute was not Penny all along and that somehow she manages to defeat her fate, all by herself, while Desmond slowly regains the honor he got stranded for so that one day Penny may hopefully see.
  • so a monk

    Yes it is flashback for desmond type

    double infact

    desmond has one of his visions : somebody is coming to the island, so he prepairs for it by gathering everybody he saw in the vision, the only thing is he also saw charlie with an arrow through his throat, fun indeed

    in a flashback we see desmond as a monk, turns out he was going to marry and ended up in a monastary, the big monk is not sure about desmond becomming a monk sawyer disides to get back to what is normal play;s a bit of ping pong with jack and visits kate to see well if he can get some

    he catches her just as she is dressing (i have a feeling that when she says "i am over here" when sawyer is staring at her she is actually talking to all men boy what a body)

    turns out she is not in the mood, well a ladies prerogative i guess

    our quest group (hey it includes a former hobbit) is on the beach for the night when they here a helicopter, it crashes but something/one falls into the jungle

    We see another flashback desmond gets one on the nose from some guy (his bride;s brother) and we see him with her explaining, not sure she is is convinces either

    kate tries to connect with jack but looks he is not interested in her that way and he goes of to have dinner with a certain blond other

    desmond gets kicked out, and as a last job he helps to put some cases of whine in a car, and look, its penny (so now we now 2 things how desmond meets penny and what the reason for that annoying "brother" thing is that he always says this pisses her off, and you know that there is only one thing to do, yes jump sawyer, ah the ways of love and lust.

    the group go into the jungle and reach the place where charlie will die, but eventhough desmond thinks it will change all that he wants, he cannot do it and manages to pul l charlie out of the way

    sawyer starts to wonder about why kate jumped him (why god why would he) and soon realizes that jack being with juliet has something to do with it

    the group find the pilot in a tree the cut the body lose and hey it makes a sound it is alive

    desmond opens the helmet (hope did not have a neckinjury!) and looks at the face of p.. no actually nessa (las vegas style) sorry des i know you thought it would be penny but hey life sucks
  • Further proof that the biggest question is why everyone is on the island and how important Desmond is to it all.

    Another great episode......another great Desmond episode. I would argue that his flashbacks have been the most revealing and this episode was very well set up with his premonitions - there's a great ying and yang thing going on with Desmond- he has glimpes into the future while at the same time we see his backstory.

    I actually thought Desmond was going to allow Charlie to die in order that the outcome of Penny on the island was able to happen, that he stepped in to prevent it proves that he has to make sacrifices, and as hard as they are (and have been) he will do so for the greater good. All of Lost's best episodes raise more questions than they answer - and the big question this time is who is the girl in the parachute, and why does she have the picture of Desmond and Penny ??

    Since it returned after hiatus at episode 8, Lost has been at its best - much better than season 2 and up there with the best of season 1. The island is front and centre as the biggest mystery and there have been enough "answers" to keep me hooked on the show. Will be interesting as we get to season finale to see how some of the elements from last year's closing episode will be linked back into the story.
  • Desmond has the honor having my most favorite and least favorite episodes of the season.

    First of all, I'd like to apologize. I spent the last week going around saying things like "there hasn't been a bad episode in weeks!" and "it's a Desmond episode coming up! It's gonna be GREAT!" Obviously I jinxed myself, because I was throughly bored with last night's show. It actually felt like half a show, like something was missing. I honestly remember very little of anything other than Desmond's trek through the jungle, the consequence of which we already knew. Kate was jealous or something, right? There's a reason I don't watch things like Grey's Anatomy.

    And I'm not sure what the flashbacks were supposed to clarify. That now we know why he says "brotha" a lot? I was really tired last night...did I miss something? Why did that guy punch him in the face? And who was the girl at the end? It was revealed in a way that we were supposed to gasp and go "oh my god! It's ----", but I don't know who to fill in the blank with. I assume that she was sent by Penny, or by those two Portuguese guys at the end of last season, so at least that story is moving forward.

    In any case, Desmond has the honor having my most favorite and least favorite episodes of the season. HOWEVER, at the risk of extending my curse, I would like to point out that we have some great episodes coming up in the next few weeks, including a Sun and Jin episode next week which, with Sun's impending delivery, proves to be of utmost importance to exploring the Others' mission.

    Line of the week:
    Sawyer: (to Jack and Juliet) Hope I'm not interrupting! You two arguing over who's your favorite Other?
  • The old lost story-line is back. This maybe a filler, but an excellent one.

    A Desmond-centric episode is always worth watching, his character is superb, and the acting is great. I remember the first time we saw Desmond in season 1 in one of Jack's flashbacks, and I truly hoped that he was not some kind of secondary character. My wish has been fulfilled.

    The themes of predestination against free will again is the center of this epsiode, hinted by Desmond's flashes which almost come real. However, Desmond in the last moments decides to deliberately change the course of time, by saving charlie's life. This is the first time where we see how Desmond's flashes occur, and they seem to be pretty graphical. The sense of deja vu is truly pretty intense. It is interesting how in every flash Desmond has, Charlie has to be part of it in some way or another. Charlie has been saved for the fourth time, but will he continue to be saved? Is it true that the universe has a way of "cause correcting"? Right now everything backs up this theory, but it is clear that the course of time isn't as static or fixed as supporters of predestination make us believe. It is also interesting to note how Charlie's "death threat" has commenced from Desmond's arrival on the beach. Before, nothing ever was hinted.

    This epsiode while centering on one character, it also includes some fun with the other characters. Relationships on the island seem to be gradually taking off on another level now. The triangle between Kate, Sawyer, and Jack, is pretty fun. At least, it is not as dumb as the usual soap opera love triangles. Kate is mostly attracted to Jack, but Jack seemingly choosing Juliette, leaves her no choice but to go for second best. However, Sawyer does not seem to be happy to be treated as second best.
  • Overall it was ok.

    I'm not a fan of Desmond or the Desmond arc at all though. If I didn't see him on the show again, I wouldn't miss him a bit. I like episodes with Charlie in them, and this at least has that, however, I don't want to see Charlie leave the show and I'm starting to think that the writters are getting us used to that idea by showing and hinting to his death again and again.

    I'm still looking forward to seeing the look on Jack's face when he finds out that Juliet is nothing but a turncoat and can never be trusted. Hopefully Sawyer will kill her (and him!) soon and both of them will be gone forever.
  • Coming off last week's unbelievable episode, this one paled in comparison.

    I usually love the Desmond episodes, but this one was just okay. We got some wonderful moments. I loved the campfire scenes with Jin and Hurley and I loved the fact that Marsha Thomason has now landed on the island. Have I mentioned how much I loved her on Las Vegas?

    And how much longer is Desmond going to have to save Charlie? I'm kind of getting sick of this whole thing. Just kill him and get it over with. Yes, I am morbid like that. But seriously, he's dragging the whole group down. I thought for an instant though that Desmond might have gotten hit by the arrow when he threw Charlie to the group. I would not have been able to deal with his death.

    For a complete review of the episode, head to my site: http://www.thetvwatcher.com/lost3_17.html

  • Desmond leads Jin, Hurley and Charlie into the jungle, while he debates not saving Charlie for the fourth time, in the hopes of being reunited with his love, Penny.Flashbacks reveal how he met her. Sawyer & Kate hook up again.

    Oh, the things love makes you do!

    Desmond tries to recreate a vision he has,and is prepared to sacrifice Charlie's life in order to see Penny again, but in the end he is not able to let him die.

    I loved the flashbacks of Desmond as a monk and how he meets Penny. Now we know why he calls everyone "brother".
    I don’t know why they brought up the story with his ex-fiancée, but I guess we’ll see. I am curious about the woman in the picture on the monk’s desk. Isn’t it the lady from the jewelry store, that told him not to buy the ring??

    Kate realizes she loves Jack, but only after seeing him with Juliet and realizing he's moved on, so she takes revenge on Jack and herself by climbing into Sawyer's tent for some "afternoon delight", with tears in her eyes.

    I think it's very sweet the way Sawyer reacts to the knowledge that Kate only "jumped him" after seeing Jack and Juliet. When he makes her the mix tape. Very cute. Kate has managed to melt his candy shell.

    Aaah, Jack and Juliet...Little does Jack know that in a week, his sweet Juliet will reunite with Ben. One more betrayal by a woman for Jack.

    The ending was a nailbiter! Who is that chick??? And why does she know Desmond's name, and why does she have a pic of him and Penny, and why does she have the book "Catch-22" (is it in German??)??

    Will Sayid get the satellite phone to work?

    So many unknowns…

    I am slowly and reluctantly beginning to understand and accept that this show is not about them getting off the island, but about WHEY they were brought to the island.
  • It was a good and solid episode overall.

    "Catch-22" is a Desmond-centric episode showing us flashbacks from the time he was a monk to the first time he laid eyes on Penny. On the island, the story is divided into two. One of them was a Desmond story, which includes Charlie, Jin and Hurley. The other story would be focusing on Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Juliet.

    The flashback was overall just OK for me. We just find out that Desmond was supposed to be married before he met Penny, and that he fled to a haven because of fear. He also breaks down in that haven, and ends up meeting Penny. Not the better part of the episode. The flashback also had no shockers, and it didn't even play a role on the island. Just a type of flashback that was informative, and not really wowing.

    Meanwhile, on the island, Desmond gets flashes of a helicopter crashing, and a survivor from it. He also gets a vision of Charlie being shot. In hopes that the survivor would be Penny, Desmond drags Jin, Hurley and Charlie out for a camping trip to relive the whole vision. When time came, Desmond decided to save Charlie from the arrow, but when he reaches the body of the person who landed, he gets the shock of his life. That story was quite adventurous and fun to watch. The dialogs between the characters were great as well.

    Elsewhere on the island, the Kate-Jack-Sawyer-Juliet love square heats up. Kate flirts a little with Jack, giving him the small talk while they run into each other, but when Kate later sees Jack having dinner with Juliet, she gets jealous and seeks comfort with Sawyer. I actually liked that part of the episode since I am a Jate fan. I'm still hoping Jack and Kate end up together. Sawyer was also hilarious as usual. Overall it wasn't a bad episode.
  • I think he's cursed.

    I`m not sure, but in my oppinion ... i think that for Desmond, his "gift" it's like a curse, not only because he see things and have to take care of Charlie all the time, now when he toth that he's girlfriend came on to the island, it prooved to be someone else! This really was painful for him.

    But enough with Desmond. Now, i confused about Kate, he slept with Sawyer only because Jack is distant with her, but she doesn't even know, who she loves! But I think that she likes Sawyer and she loves Jack.

    Now i was a little disappointed because the last episod finish so "nice" and we saw nothing from what should we see.
  • Getting tired of saving Charlie! (SPOILER)

    This episodes focus on Desmond flashbacks as a monk and how he met Penny. Desmond see himself in a very difficult choise, let Charlie die to save someone he thinks is Penny, or save Charlie and lost his chance with Penny. What would you do?! Even knowing that Charlie will die anyway sonner or later?!
  • Not what I expected

    Well, I thought this episode would reveal more about Desmond's mystic power of seeing the future, not about him and his girlfriend and his ex. Well, too bad that in the end it wasn't Penny landing on the island. If he hadn't saved Charlie, it would have been her!! Now he's stranded on a deserted island with his ex. That's ironic...
    He won't be able to save Charlie forever, so will he die soon? Rumour has it he will... I hope he at least gets with Claire before he does!!

    I don't like Desmond's flashes, it adds a new factor to the show that I don't like in it. Of course it's already very mystical, but they could have spared us the psychic thing...
  • Desmond toys with the idea of sacrificing Charlie in order to be reunited with his girlfriend, Jealously drives Kate back into Sawyers ever-willing arms, Jack and Juliette continue to bond and Lost begins to slide back, ever slowly, towards the abyss.

    Just when we thought things were finally beginning to get moving again, we get this big load of codswallop. Desmond has a vision and the lads all trek off into the jungle, not at all unnerved by Dessie's frantic, desperate attempts to keep them moving all the time and reluctance to tell them anything about what they are supposed to be doing.

    I'm hoping for big answers from parachute girl but somehow I doubt we'll get very much in that regard, although we may have a new character on the show, as we are seriously lacking in anyone of the African American persuasion at the moment. They either disappear into the horizon or get smacked up by smoke monsters but never seem to last very long on the island.

    This last episode was cack. Just as my faith in the show was beginning to be restored they pull the rug out from under you and give you this drivel. It was an excuse to give us a semi-decent view of Kate in the tent getting dressed and another near death experience for Charlie but is that a real reason for watching the show.

    I think the writers have some semblance of an idea of what they are doing and where the story is going but they don't have enough material to stretch over the next hundred seasons or however many seasons they are planning to drag this on for. So they drop us some bait when we seem to be losing interest, reel us back in for the moment and then serve us this tripe for a few weeks until we are dropping off again, then they hit us with something else that seems relevant to the overall story(whatever that is at this stage-I'm not too sure)luring us back again for another few weeks of pointlessness. But for how long will we keep coming back?
  • lost is the brill an dat episode was another mindblower.

    loved the way it showed desmonds vision at the start cause for a few seconds i thought charlie was dead but then i knew they weren't going to kick charlie. loved it the way desmond went all evil and was gona sacrafice a life for another charlie for penny. im not sure about kates jealousy an just using sawyer for her own way to get over jack. loved the bit at the end were desmond saved charlie an then when they found the pilot of the chopper, and when they got her down it wasn't penny, but who was it i didn't get a good look, was it Bens daughter? if it was im lovin it.
  • Desmond sees more flashes and saves Charlie for the fourth time!

    Great episode! This wasn't the best Desmond centric episode but still good. That monk guy is with that lady from Desmond's last flashback that can see the future. I was hoping there would be more Juilet and Jack. Kate is so confusing. She jumps Sawyer just because she sees Jack with Juilet! That kinda is selfish thing for her to do. There was to helicopters so one of them must of been Penny because she was with 2 other guys and that other girl that new Desmond was alone. He saves Charlie's life for the fourth time! Charlie is one lucky person!
  • Desmond sees a series of events which he believes will lead to him being reunited with Penny. However, he also sees Charlie's death.

    A pretty good episode. The end left a new mystery which is interesting but also incredibly annoying and consistent with Lost's gimmick of reveling one secret and then creating 2 new ones. Every time they showed Charlie being killed I grimaced. I am starting to wonder if they are going to end up not killing him after all. Charlie still hasn't had an episode this season so maybe they are saving his death for that episode. I liked that they advanced the plot some in this episode (hopefully). Because the writers give us so little we can only hope that this new character has something to do with the plot and may lead to the survivors rescue eventually.
  • A solid episode of tv's finest

    Although i no this episode will get its criticisms, i think this was a very good episode, that again has more questions than answers, that im sure will be answered by seasons end. Interesting to note that Desmond told the Monk he had fallen down before and didnt remember anything. Then he woke up and the Monk was there. Seems alot like what happened to him when he switched the fail safe key to me!?
    And also the picture of the lady from desmond earlier episode appeared for a split second in a picture with the Monk. Its hard trying to weave it all together but again a nice way to keep us all interested in how exactly all this will pan out in the finale.
  • Lost slips a little bit with a Desmond episode.

    This week's episode of Lost was alright. It wasn't one of the best they have done, but it wasn't the worst either. This episode's flashbacks were really dull if you don't like Desmond. They helped to flesh out his backstory more, letting us learn where he got the "brother" phrase from and how he met the girl of his dreams, and the girl that plagues him so, throughout the episode. I also really didn't like that they let (excuse me for saying this) the minor characters play out the episode (Hurley, Desmond, Charlie, Jin). The only things that really saved this episode for me was the brief stints that had the main characters in it (to me they are Jack, Swayer and Kate; Locke was missing but he's off with the Other's doing something cool I hope). I did like the interaction between Jack and Swayer as they played ping-pong that was pretty cool. Also liked how the writers used Kate in this episode. Whew that is one fine woman lol.
  • Desmond episodes tend to be among the best; and though this one wasn't quite up to par with his last two, I felt it was very good. What was new was seeing a darker side of Desmond, and the interesting introcution of his story and a connection to Jacob.

    Desmond leaving his former fiance a week before the wedding was interesting, because it showed us something truly bad that Desomnd has done. We have seen that the other island castaways have all done something really bad, but until now, not so much with Desmond. But Desmond has been different from the other survivors all along. Aside from not being on Flight 815, Desmond has the uique expereince of visions, and his strange journey in his flashback in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" was diiferent than every other character's flashbacks.

    The story with Desmond here is deeper than may be initially recognized. The fun details (learning where Desmond picked up the "brother" expression, how he met Penny) supported a stronger story of Desmond and destiny, like how the monk told him that he may be destined for things greater than the abbey. It was also an interesting reference for the monk to mention that Desmond needs to think more about what he may be running toward, instead of what he's running from - somehting he would later paraphrase to Jack when they met while literally running at that stadium. Here, Desmond was running from who he was and what he did to his fiance, but then was apparently able to embrace what he was running toward when he met Penny (and as we know ultimately being with Penny). But, as is a common theme with Lost characters, there is question as to whether he learns from his mistakes and changes, as years later he is again concentrating on what he is running from (not being worthy of Penny) as opposed to running toward something (just being with Penny).

    Jacob. Interesting reference with how the monk compares Desmond's struggles with Abraham and Isaac, as Issac (in the bible) was the father of Jacob. And we've recently heard the name Jacob referenced as the potential leader ("great man") of the Others. And being tested is another core theme of Lost, as it often seems the survivors are being tested on the island, at least tested with those things that make them not worthy of being on "the list". (as a side note not directly related to this episode, it is interesting how Jacob has now more than once been referred to as a "great man", which is exactly how the woman in Thailand who could read people described Jack).

    In the present, Desmond's [almost] willingness to sacrifice Charlie exposed a darker, selfish side to Desmond than we've seen. But his inability to let Charlie die showed the better person he is. And even though he thought he was maybe being tested and failing because he keeps saving Charlie, perhaps he was being tested and passed, since his saving Charlie may have compromised his vision (of reuniting with Penny--what he wanted more than anything), but he ultimately chose to do that to save another's life, even if it meant losing out on Penny.

    Finally, the Jack/Kate/Sawyer story was well-done as well. Not ground-breakingly unique or clever, but well constructed and acted. Kate obviously still has strong feelings for Jack, and that's why she felt she needed to run from seeing him with Juliet and then sleep with Sawyer. Sawyer later claims that she cold have just been straight with him, and he still would have been there for her physically, but it seems like Sawyer has developed real feelings for Kate, and his willingness to have meaningless sex was really a front to hide his pain over realizing he was just a band-aid.

    The mystery at the end (of who the woman was and how she knew Desmond) will be very fun to see play out. Since she had a picture of Desmond, it wouldn't surprise me if she was sent by Penny to find Desmond, since we know by last season's finale that Penny was at least on the trail of Desmond and the island's location. Very much looking forward to the remaining episodes.
  • It was a bit predicable and Desmond isn't as interesting as he used to be. But this show still had it's moments and good ones at that.

    Not wanting to end on a negative note, I'll get my points out first.
    Not having read ant spoilers beforehand, I could tell from the opening that Charlie wasn't going to die. The arrow was definitely good for its shock value, but something in me pegged it as one of Desmond's 'flashes.' Also, I figured later Desmond would do the right thing and alter his flash by saving Charlie. Somehow, I didn't 'feel' it was Charlie's time.
    Secondly, as much as I like Desmond's character, these flashbacks weren't nearly as interesting as the previous two of his episodes. Though I do like seeing how him and Penny got together.

    The best parts of this episodes were the secondary stories. Seeing how Juliet and Jack are together is nice, but makes me wonder if he himself isn't also a plant by the Others. But watching Sawyer approach Jack all...well Sawyer-y, telling him there's some things he needs to learn since being gone, like he's going to declare himself the new boss, but then whipping out ping pong paddles instead.....that was wonderful, seeing those two actually getting along for a change.

    I had no doubt the helicopter pilot wasn't going to be Penny. When you're that rich, you don't go off into the middle of nowhere looking for something. You send a scout to recon the are, and report back any info you find, which is exactly what I believe the actual pilot was doing. So unfortunately all that build up never held any real emotion for me.
  • Everything around Desmond seems to be great, and this episode is no exception.

    Catch-22, being a Desmond-centric episode, deals with his precognition ability. Having us worried all throughout, Charlie's fate is at game during the episode. Desmond hesitates between his love for Penny and protecting Charlie, finally settling for taking a risk.

    The flashbacks were surprising, showing Desmond as a newly accepted monk who bailed out of an engagement a week before the wedding. I stood the whole time wondering when chronologically was the flashback happening, after or before Penny, because not only was he to marry another woman who wasn't Penny, but also because he was becoming a monk, and I recall knowing monks can't be with women.

    The episode was just fantastic, while watching it I felt a mix of intrigue, anxiety and anger, all on Desmond's storyline (both in flashbacks and on the island). On the other hand, there was also the triangle tension arising again, but with the addition of Juliet to make things more complicated.
  • We finally see what Desmond sees when he has a flash and Charlie dies. Oh, wait, that was in a flash. Anyway, this Desmond-centric episode was definitely one of the top 10 of the season and it had brilliant, funny writing and a great ending.

    Although this episode wasn't a mind-blowing hour of television and not as game-chaging as previous Desmond episodes, it did have a healthy supply of plot movement while still bringing the twists and turns.

    For those of you who don't know, a catch-22 is an event in which there is a dilemma because of conflicting conditions. (Desmond wants Penny to be on the island, but, to have that happen, Charlie has to die. But, if Charlie dies, then the Jin and Hurley won't want to finish the trip and the parachutist will die). The reason the episode is entitled Catch-22, though, is mainly because Desmond finds the Portugese version of the book in Naomi's pack--along with a 'working' satphone, a hula girl, beef stew, a nutra bar, and a picture of DESMOND AND PENNY!!!!


    The flashbacks, while still showing an interesting side to Desmond, and answering the question of why he calls everyone brother, were definitely not the highlight of this episode. Also, they were surprisingly short. Either way, the obvious underlying theme of the flashbacks was that people have to make sacrifices for the greater good and thus, sometimes you have a catch-22 or a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation--hence the title of the episode.

    The flashbacks tell the story of a pre-Penny Desmond and his time in a monastery while training to be a monk. In the flashbacks, Desmond is fired--if that's even the right word to use--by the head monk, Brother Campbell, because Desmond is apparently not fit to be a monk and Campbell thinks that God has "bigger, greater plans for Desmond." In fact, Brother Campbell was right.

    Additionally, we are shown yet another instance of Desmond's cowardice through his relationship with a girl named Ruth, whom he was going to marry. A week before the wedding, Desmond, apparently, had a calling and decided to follow a monk who found him on the street. Ruth, however, does not take this as enough justification for Desmond running out on her.

    Then, in a scene that I smiled through entirely, we see how Desmond met Penny.

    Obviously, Desmond episodes have been known mainly because of their flashbacks, but, although these ones had a very direct on-island tie-in and had a lot of character development, they were not the main feature of this episode.


    Oh snap! The on-island stuff this week was awesome. It's funny how last week the flashbacks were the main focus, but this week it's the other way around.

    When Desmond has a flash of a helicopter coming to the island, he must enlist the help of Hurley, Charlie, and Jin because that is the only way the "picture in the box" will stay the same.

    I thought the episode did a really good job of explaining what Desmond sees when he has a vision and I really enjoyed the fact that Desmond refers to his visions as putting together the pieces of a puzzle without a picture. (I did that with one of the LOST puzzles, actually (that took forever)) Anyway, after convincing Hurley, Charlie and Jin to come along on the "camping" trip and getting the medical kit from Jack, the 4 musketeers head out towards the cable. At first, I thought the cable was going to play a bigger part in the episode, but it made a lot more sense for it to just be a "landmark" for Desmond's vision. They decide to make camp for the night. During one of Jin's ghost stories, which Hurley seemed to understand pretty well (??), they hear a helicopter flying overhead. At this point, because of the weird sound it was making, I really though that the helicopter had hit some sort of island barrier; kind of like the "snowglobe" that Desmond refers to in Live Together, Die Alone. Either way, the helicopter crashes and, because he didn't see the flashing red light, Desmond thinks he did something wrong and ended up changing the future. Luckily, he was wrong. As Jin turns the other way, he notices a flashing red light and Desmond is very eager to go and find the parachutist because he thinks it's Penny. But Charlie, because he's a big fat loser, says that they should wait until morning before going into the jungle because they might run in to one of Danielle's traps. He was right. The next morning, after they take off into the jungle, Desmond finds what is believed to be the parachutist's pack in a tree. Inside: a Portugese version of Catch-22, a satphone, a hula doll, beef stew, and a Nutra Bar. Oh yeah, and a picture of Desmond and Penny. Oh snap is right! Later, Desmond tells Charlie that he is sure that the parachuter is Penny now that he's found her pack. I don't really understand why he would think that... Does Penny know Portuguese or something? I think the book would've given it away for me if I was Desmundo. This is the part of the episode where the vision of Charlie's death comes into play. In the vision, Desmond saw Hurley and Charlie having a hilarious argument about if Superman or the Flash would win in a foot race. When Desmond recognizes this, he has to decide whether or not to warn Charlie about his impending doom and risk changing things. In the end, I think he made the right decision by saving Charlie. Even though I hate the little hobbit with the furry of a thousand suns. I hate Charlie the character and the decisions he's made, not the actor. I hate him in the way that you are supposed to hate a television character. Anyway, they finally find the parachutist and it turns out to not be Penny. Sorry, Des.

    Storyline B, while not being the main focus of the episode, was pretty awesome. Unlike most fans of the show, I actually really like the Juliet-Jack-Kate-Sawyer romance story. And the parts of this episode dealing with that were super cool. And, even though I would be in the Jater category, that hoochie-coochie see with Kate and Sawyer was *cough* really sexy *cough* The sexual tension between Jack and Sawyer during the ping pong match was brilliant. I loved it. Yes, there was sexual tension between them.

    Overall, a great episode that was definitely one of the best of the season. The flashbacks tied very well into the on-island storyline and we had one of the best cliffhangers of the season.

    Can't wait until the finale.

    Things I Noticed/Easter Eggs:

    - I really didn't want this to be brought up because I wanted you people to think I was very insightful. Anyway, as Hurley or Charlie said, Desmond, from the first flash he had, totally thought that it was Penny parachuting down.
    -Ardil-22 is PORTUGESE for Catch-22 (A great book, by the way)
    -Ms. Hawking, ring shop lady, was in Brother Campbell's picture
    -Desmond says, 'brother' because it's a habit from when he was a MIT (Monk in Training)
    -Kate loves Jack. Jack loves Juliet. Sawyer loves Kate. Juliet loves Goodwin.
    -The ping-pong ball was computer generated.
    -Charlie is writing again!
    -Bernard is mentioned! They're not dead! -Juliet is a butt-kicking, baby-saving, lying carpenter
    -The monastery has only bottled 108 cases this year


    -Who the heck is this parachutist and how does she have Des/Pen picture!??!
    -If Desmond let Charlie die, would it have been Penny instead of Naomi?
    -Will the parachutist's satphone work?
    -Was there anyone else in the helicopter that crashed?
    -Why did the helicopter crash? (We are stuck in a bloody snowglobe!!)
    -Was Naomi sent by Penny or someone else?
    -Juddging by the portugese book title, does the parachutist, Naomi, have any connection to Mathias and Henrik from the end of season 2?
    -Where the heck is John!? Aargh!
    -Was it just my ignorance about satphones or did that thing look really futuristic?
    -Why is Naomi/Parachutist there?


    -Come on. Obviously, I have to give some credit to the hilarious "Flash vs. Superman" argument. That was genius. For those of you who don't know, that was definitely put in there because one of the writers of this episode, Brian K. Vaughan, is a very well known comic book writer; so, he probably wanted to put something like that in there. I thought it was genius. Superman would kick The Flash's butt. Hands down.
    -The line about Sawyer making a mix-tape for Kate
    -Desmond: Thank you... brother (YAY! Now we know why!!)
    -Jack saying, "Oh, right" to Desmond when Des says he's taped a few ankles.
    -Kate: I'm up here.
    -Sawyer: You guys arguing about who's your favorite Other?

    Next Week On LOST:

    Sun and Jin's D.O.C. written by none other than LOST's funny men, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Last week I compiled a list of what I thought the order of greatness of episodes would be from Catch-22 until the finale; this episode, I think, while still being a good episode, will probably be the lesser of the 6. I'm predicting that the average TV.com rating will be between 9.0 and 9.2.

    (Prediction) In order of rating:

    The Man Behind the Curtain
    Through the Looking Glass
    The Brig
    Greatest Hits
  • A well written Desmond centric episode. The main axis being - when is Charlie going to die?

    Catch 22 was a very good example of a lost episode evident to the show getting back on track.

    It was exciting, and led up to a strong climax of which Desmond's future predicting abilities said would end up in Charlie having a barbed arrow in his neck.

    Just as Desmond said, "It's like seeing pieces of a puzzle but you don't know how they come together yet." And as the epsiode progresses we are not disappointed, as we have been led to believe "Penny" is coming to the island. But who is this mystery Girl? And how does she know Desmond? It is likely that she has been sent to the island by Penny. But this opens up a new plot path that will be exciting to explore.

    In a time of many disappointing lost episodes, this one was pleasantly entertaining. Good job.
  • Wow!

    This was a Desmond flashback and we find out that at one time he was a monk and that is where he ended up meeting penny. Back on the island Desmond again sees Charlie die along with some other flashes. But this time insead of trying to save him he seems to want it to happen has he take charlie Jin and Hurley along with him into the jungle becuse that is the way he saw it. But will he save charlie or let him die becuse of what he thinks the flahes are telling him? And just who is that who just landed on the island?
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