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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Not a bad episode at all, but at this point in the season I expected more.

    If "Catch 22" was broadcasted like, 2 weeks ago, I'm sure I would be more satisfied. This is a pure transition episode that, once again this season, set things up for major events to come. The problem is, with the season almost ending, people want to see the plot moving foward. And that's not what happened here.

    Ok, the arrival of the hellicopter and that woman is a major event. The problem is They put the entire story on hold till get to that point witch was only in the end of the episode. Don't get me wrong, like I said, it's a good episode, with great interaction between Desmond/Charlie/Hurley/Jin, funny moments like Jin telling a scary story in corean, great dialogues ("Even if I speak korean wouldn't make any sense"), the opening scene is by far one of the best this season and Desmond, once again, showing that he's one of the best characters in this series and deserves more space. Is the kind of episode that, even with not much happening you just don't care. The problem was, basicly, timing. And, of course, the flashbacks. Desmond had only amazing flashbacks till this one, so the antecipation is aways a bad thing, because we expect nothing less than one as great as the previous ones. And this time, the Flashbacks didn't show nothing that We already knew. Ok, now We know that he was once a monk, run away from a wedding, how he meet Penny and why he says "brotha" all the time. But the best of the flashback was that picture on the "monk leader's desk (I really don't know what word I should use to define him, sorry). But anyway, this flashback give me the impression of show small, but very important details that will be important later on the series. And I'm not talking about the woman in the picture only.

    Last, for the first time I get interested in the Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle. With one or two exeptions, that storyline never grab my attencion. But Juliet's arrival (changing the triangle to a square) seemed to change things a little bit for me... for now.

    Good episode, bad airdate.
  • Wow!

    The ending was totally unexpected. When I thought Penny died, I was incredibly mad! I threw the remote at the TV.. It dissapointed me. But when I found out that "she" was alive, I got very happy! I thought she was going to be an addition to the show. But when they showed the other chick come out of the suit, I was confused. It was so weird! And then it just ended! I LOVE the episodes that do that! They make my day! Another part that affected me was when Kate was seducing Sawyer as she was crying? what is up with that? Wow! She really liked Jack!? I didn't know she liked him that much. It was kind of depressing seeing her crying though. Oh well, hopefully next episode will be just as good as the last!
  • I wont say much, only that Desmond+Penny episodes are by far my favorites!!!! Breathtaking and unexpected, you know this little part of the story will be perfectly used somehow to tell us more about the island!!

    Desmond's path wasn't to be a monk, wasn't to be with that girl from this episode, or even with Penny (At least not yet)... the lady in the picture of the 'HeadMonk' said so before, he has to be on that Island... we just don't know why!!!!

    Not much development on the 'Others' story or where John is, or maybe what the hell is Juliet thinking, but that's why we have another four episodes left!! and honestly they have me waiting and wandering, 'cause I have no idea how things are going to unfold! Great show as ever (I'm even considering forgiving them for the Nikki + Paolo episode)
  • Some food for your mind, some candy for your eyes.

    Lost's super impressive Flashes Before Your Eyes will never be forgotten. Lost fans will always remember that episode, because either they thought it was perfect, or that, it was the worst episode ever.

    Why is the fanbase so split up? Easy to answer. Desmond's 'ability' to see the future is almost too far fetched even for Lost. But then again ...if thanks to it, the writers can pull off well written pieces like this, no problem!

    Brian K Vaughan's first addition to the series is a good one. And what a typical BKV start! Arguing about comic books(if you don't know, BKV is a very famous comic book writer).

    The episode gives you a taste of what's going on, instantly. We finally get to see one of the 'flashes' of Desmond. The episode peaked in the intro - similiarly to the season 3 premiere. Intense, disturbing, and just damn creepy.

    Unfortunately, Desmond's backstory is just not as intriguing as it was in the 2 previous episodes, until the last flashback sequence of course, the reappearance of the 'ring-lady' was golden - even if it was only on a photo, and realizing that the flashback led up to the big event of Desmond and Penny knowing eachother was a nice touch too.

    The ending wasn't much of a shocker, as it was a little predictable, but it was definitely surprising. Whilst it may have felt like a transitional episode, it did explore some of the aspects of the show, meaningly, the island itself: the chopper seemed to struggle getting any closer to the island, is it shielded by some kind of magnetic force? Just think of Ethan's 'bumpy ride' comment.

    The subplot was great. Probably one of the best. While it explored the 'triangle', it was very entertaining, and seeing Kate jealous is priceless.(And as a male, I gotta tell you, she is some real good eye candy in thongs!) Many say she's out of character, but I believe, this is one of the aspects of Kate we didn't see.... yet.

    Overally, great episode, but not superb. It delivered a few punches, and probably could have if there was a little more material to work with. But still, catch-22 is a very mind bogging episode, with no major flaws.
  • Very intense

    This episode was really good. Sawyer got jumped - ha ha. I thought Charlie was going to Die for sure this time. I'm so glad Desmond saved his life. I hope Nahlia is going to be ok and will be able to warn them that Ben and the rest are coming at least this is what I think she is supposed to do. They showed a picture on the monks desk and I didn't pay attention to who it was but I was thinking it might be Charlie as a child. I will have to go back a watch that part again. I'm not sure why freckles doesn't like Sawyer and is jealous of juliet and Jack. We will see.
  • Another good Lost episode, that leaves us with more questions than answers.

    Desmond, how little we know ye. The flashbacks in this episode told some history of Desmond, and how he became a monk, ever so briefly after walking away from his wedding, to someone other than the woman he pines for. Is this the woman that shows up at the end of the episode? I don't know, but it isn't his true love, thus leaving more questions than answering. Kate and Sawyer get busy again, but only after some crazy interacting with each other and Jack. Are they a real couple now? Something tells me no. There were some fun moments in this episode, like Hurley convincing Jin to go camping, and some other fun dialogue, but it doesn't feel like any real progress in the story was made, other than Desmond almost gave up and let Charlie die, and the addition of a new person from his past, which could prove interesting, and hopefully some real answers next week. But I'm really missing John Locke, and I need to know where his story is going, so I hope they get back to it soon.
  • I was quite surprised when seeing this episode....

    Pleasantly surprised, that is. Usually because whenever I see an extremely hyped episode *cough* Stranger in a Strange Land* cough* it just doesnt live up to the expectations. We finally get to see flash-forwards, yet another connection is established, Kate getting dressed, Flash Vs. Superman (By the way, wtf?) and much more. Desmond is still within my top 2 characters of the show, and his flashbacks while rather unimportant were pretty amusing. Charlie's death at the beginning was unexpected, but of all the ways he has died so far, I would probably choosed getting shot in the neck by the arrow of a crazy old french lady. This is an episode no Desmond or even Lost Fan should miss.
  • The Trend Continues

    With a few exceptions, Lost has been better than ever since it came back from it's 3-month hiatus. This episode continued the marvelous trend. We finally learned how Desmond met Penny. We also got a ton of new things to speculate about from the flashes Desmond is having. We cannot get a barrelful of answers every week. Sometimes having new questions presented is good. While, not my favorite episode, this was yet another brilliant episode. It leaves a lot to discuss until next week. And it sort of shows that Desmond is getting tired of saving Charlie. Things are really getting good now.
  • Desmond is to Penny as Micheal is to Walt. Will do anything are will they? Overallt an okay episode great Humor and puts a whole new spin and speculation for the fans.

    The Flashback was okay too I mean the whole Desmond being a monk I enjoyed it but did it reveal and thing about his character a bit Hes always looking for somthing better, he believes in Destiney and fate which led him to find Penny Widmore and on the Island Penny Is looking for Desmond are so we think. I loved Jin in this episode he has a striking presence and Daniel is quite hilarious. Charlie has now trusted Desmond but I dont understand why he needed Charlie to die I mean would his death changed the coruse of the future in terms os Desmond finding Penny are somthing worse. I guess we will never no but as for this mysterious person. She is defently hired by Penny I think to find the Island becasue I know think is visibile to the outside world. Overall it was guile averge and a little perdictable but honestly wouldnt it be of a surprise if it was Desmond. The Juliet- Jack- Kate - Sawyer ark continues. You know what they say Love is blind and Jack is blind. Kate however has some issues by making Sawyer her rebound was kinda sketchy yet very good storytelling. This episode was okay and we learned more about Kate then Desmond but I did enjoy it overall and Next week my faveiriote Flashbacks are Sun/Jin so I cant wait not to mention we havnt seen much of Sun.
  • Desmond takes Jin, Charlie and Hurley on a trek to the jungle where Desmond believes Penny has landed. The Jack-Kate-Sawyer Love Triangle turns into a love quadrangle. Desmonds flashback shows that he ran from another girl before his wedding day.

    Another solid episode. Not a spectacle or anything like Desmond's last flashback episode but an overall great episode of LOST. I was constantly wondering if Desmond was actually going to sacrifice Charlie for who he thought was Penny, but was relieved when his conscience got the best of him. I am very curious to who this mysterious Portageuse girl who landed on the island was, but she must be someone Penny sent (since she is Portageuse and the two men from last years season finale who called Penny when they detected an electromagnetic anomaly were also Portaguese). I would assume Penny sent her to rescue Desmond, but of course she failed and her helicopter crashed. (This is feasible since she whispered Desmond when she landed). Another key point of this episode is "What the hell is Kate doing?". I'm very pumped for next week's Sun/Jin-centric episode, and even more pumped for the one after that where we supposedly learn about what Locke has been doing with the others.
  • This episode shows an interesting item. The picture that was on the desk of the monk who fired Desmond shows the monk with the same woman that told Desmond not to buy his engagement ring and he needed to go to the island.

    I thought the episode was interesting, but wasn't crucial to the story line, at least not at this time. It's interesting to find out where Desmond learned to call everybody "Brother". I think they should've killed Charlie. I think I would like to know where the "Others" went. I also believe Julia is a good person, she just wants to get off the island and will do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if it means doing Ben's will and infiltrating the beach with the survivors of 815. I wonder if Niki and Paulo have clawed themselves out of the sand yet?
  • Most of this episode was pointless.

    I suppose that episodes like this have to be made.. Although this one wasn't that bad. Desmond has a flash of charlies death. So he realises that he has to save his life. Also Kate and Jack have a little moment at the dinning room, but it is cut short when Jack walks away and gives Juliet some food. Kate for some reason feels hurt and sleeps with Sawyer. Meanwhile Desmond, Charlie, Hurley and Jin set off on their adventure. Desmond reveals to them that someone is going to land on the island, but he doesn't tell them that Charlie may die.

    The back story is about how Desmond became a monk. Meanwhile just like Desmond said someone lands on the island and crashes their helicopter in the sea. They go after the person. And Desmond narrowly saves Charlie once again. Alway the find the person who is still in pilot equiptment. Desmond believes it's his penny but it is not...
  • Overall, this episode is another success for the third season, continuing the recent trend of strong material coming into the final stretch.

    While Juliet and Ben have proven to be excellent additions to the cast, another character has been around longer and has been equally impressive. That character, of course, is Desmond. Initially dismissed as a minor addition along with the rest of the Swan Station, Desmond has become critical to the dynamic of the JackLocke tribe, taking on Locke’s visionary status since the beginning of the season.

    Desmond represents a substantial contrast to the backlash against new characters on “Lost”. New characters tend to fall into two categories: the embraced and the loathed. Desmond stands with Juliet, Ben, and Eko as characters that have ultimately been accepted by the majority of fans. Others, like Ana Lucia, Nikki, and Paulo, were a constant source of contention.

    This is a good thing, because Desmond is clearly connected to larger themes and concepts within the mythology, and without him, the story would be a lot less interesting. If one considers Locke to be aligned spiritually with the island, either in his own mind or in truth, then Desmond appears to be aligned with the undercurrent of unexplained phenomena beyond the island. Desmond’s experiences fall within the same realm as the psychic from “Raised by Another”, for example.

    Desmond’s character has a complicated background, yet his psychology is very simple. Despite moments of apparent bravery and dedication, he is crippled by a deep cowardice. He also feels trapped by some vague sense of predestination. He’s constantly searching for meaning in his life, not unlike John Locke. The difference is that Desmond has never really felt that sense of purpose. In his own way, he reflects back on his own regrets through a filter that blinds him to the truth.

    Like Juliet, Desmond wants to find a way to a specific individual: Penny. Desmond’s cowardice nearly drove her from his life, but she refused to accept that limitation. The end result was a complicated moment for Desmond. The choice to enter the race around the world was, in and of itself, an act of courage. Yet it was also another expression of his cowardice. In trying to win her father’s respect, Desmond was still running away from Penny.

    This episode poses the interesting flip side to that idea. Desmond is, in fact, always running away from something. But as Brother Campbell astutely notes, whenever someone is running away from something, they are inevitably running towards something else. And if one takes predestination into account, both interpretations are part of a larger scheme.

    Locke has come to believe that his destination was the island itself (though his interpretations have changed over time). Desmond has come to recognize, on some level, that he was destined to come to the island, but he’s no longer sure that the island is the final step in the journey. Taken in context with the connections to the mythology and the focus of each character, there appears to be a clear transition between Locke’s part of the story and Desmond’s part of the story. (Indeed, one is left wondering if Locke will survive the end of the season, given the signs and portents.)

    All of that plays into Desmond’s mindset in this episode. Desmond’s visions present him with a difficult choice. He believes that Penny has come to the island to find him, and that his trek into the jungle will lead him to her. Unfortunately, for that to happen, Charlie must die. For whatever reason, Desmond is compelled to save Charlie from his appointed fate. Thus Desmond is forced to choose between his own happiness and the happiness of another. His choice, from a certain point of view, fits into the overall redemption model.

    While the episode itself is relatively straightforward in terms of the concept’s exploration, there are interesting implications. After all, from Desmond’s point of view, he may have changed things enough that the parachutist’s identity changed because he saved Charlie. A more pragmatic interpretation would be that Desmond was making assumptions and that the identity of the new arrival was always the same, but his reaction will be consistent with his psychology.

    This would appear to suggest that events can be changed. However, that wasn’t the lesson of “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. In that episode, the rule was “course correction”: minor changes might take place, but in the end, everything happens the way it was meant to happen. In other words, Desmond’s choice to save Charlie wouldn’t prevent Penny from coming to the island or acting to find and save him. It would just change how that process evolves.

    That idea is subtly reinforced by the fact that Brother Campbell was in some way associated with the mysterious woman from “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. This might have been a mere thematic association on the part of the producers, since Brother Campbell’s message was not unlike Ms. Hawkings’ message, but the similarities might be deliberate. Beyond Dharma and the Others, and whatever organization stands behind all of that, there may be something far more mystical driving a “course correction” on a larger scale. The parachutist mentions Desmond by name, which suggests that the tapestry is still coming together in some fashion.

    Naomi’s arrival, coming so soon after the initiation of Ben’s latest plan, is rather suspicious. On the other hand, Desmond was not one of the original survivors of Oceanic 815, so it’s unlikely that Ben would have a sense of how to manipulate Desmond at this stage of the game. If Naomi was sent by Penny to find Desmond, it would finally bring the scene at the end of the second season into context with the rest of the season. (Indeed, it has only been a couple weeks since the EMP was detected; it’s logical to assume that any operation to find Desmond would take several days to put together.)

    Desmond’s choice (well described by the title of the episode) dominated the episode, but there was one relatively significant subplot. After everything they went through, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are trying to find a new comfort zone, and Juliet is not making that easy. Despite the potential for Kate-inspired tension, Jack and Sawyer seem to have a lot more respect for each other. They may be rivals, after a fashion, but they do care about each other’s welfare.

    The Jack/Sawyer dynamic was good enough to counter the disappointing turn for Kate. Once again, Kate’s actions are defined by her relationship to Jack and Sawyer, which is not a good sign. While this does reinforce the idea that her insecurities drive a need for a man’s love, the one aspect of her character that has been relatively consistent over the course of the series, it’s disappointing to see a supposedly strong female character resort to such measures. Sawyer may not object to being used (too much), but it doesn’t make it palatable.
  • Desmond has another vision in which Charlie 'dies', by taking an arrow in the throat during a camping trip through the jungle in search of a woman who lands on the island. Kate and Sawyer grow closer dues to her reaction to Jack and Juliet's relationship.

    So while this was not my favorite epsiode of the season, it was rather nerve racking, the opening scene where we see Charlie getting shot in the throat by a booby trap; possibly one of Rousseau's, only to find that in the end Desmond saves Charlie. The flashback was hard to follow, maybe because it was a flashback lite episode. So Desmond was once a monk, now we know why he calls every guy 'Brother', and he loved another before Penny, and we know how he met Penny. I just didn't connect what his flashback showed that would have made him save Charlie. The head monk kept talking about the pathes that we choose in life, so I guess we are meant to believe that Desmond's constant saving of Charlie leads us to believe that it will eventually lead to something great. Now for the biggest shocker who is this mysterious parachuter and why is it that she has a picture of Desmond and Penny, remember last season's finale when we see that Penny has been in the south Pole or something looking for Desmond and tracking the e.m.p. or whatever from the hatch exploding, so she probably sent someone to the origin, of course there is no way to communicate with the outside world on the island.

    Now in regards to the love square between Jack and Juliaet and Kate and Sawyer, so Sawyer basically said that he has no problem being used for sex by Kate but he at least wants to know if that is the case, I used to feel bad for Kate but after her last flashback episode it is clear she cares too much and puts her own happiness above others just doenst realize it. Jack and Juliet are growing closer, their little dinner date was cute, I just hope that he does not say that four letter word before she exposes her treachery.
  • This was a good episode with Charlie & Desmond, and this Desmond flash back was way better than last one. (contains Spoilers)

    The beginning was great it of course had us thinking that Charlie was a goner, and then of course it was a vision of Desdmonds. We found out alot about Desmond, like the fact he was a monk, and how he was fired and then met that penny chick who he saw was going to come on the island. I knew when they didn't show her face it was going to be someone important sicne they were talking and built up to showing who he was talking to. When he finally decided to save Charlie.. again it ended up being some different chick, but she had a picture of Desmond and Penny, and she also said his name when they go her out of the tree. The arrow to the throat they kept showing was gross, it was as bas as when they kept giving Claire shots, when they took her to the now empty medical hatch. It did look cool, but I'm glad they didn't kill off Charlie.

    The chick flick part of the episode was when Kate saw Jack and Juliette getting all chumy and then got some lovin' from Sawyer. He stated he can still call her "freckles" because she wasn't there when the bet took place. I can't wait for the bet to be over, his one nicknames and one liners are great. I would also like to add before that when he walked into her tent and she was just barely dressed, that was nice. I don't know why he reacted the way he did, he already saw it all. So later the next morning Sawyer finds out what happened after playing ping pong with Jack. It was also funny when he asked Jack & Juliette, if they were arguing over who was there favorite "other." I think he was just happy to be with her and didn't care why. That was funny about the if we don't play ping pong every 108 minutes comment th island will explode. Sawyer gave Kate a Phil Collins tape which was funny in itself, after saying he was going to give her a mixed tape. He said he got it from Bernie, so he is still there somwere, they haven't had him and Rose on in a while. I hope they bring them back and give them some cool storyline that maybe answers some more questions. I think there are only about 4 or 5 more episodes till the end of Season 3.
  • Come on.

    Maybe I'm missing something but this episode was a real stinker. All of this flashback stuff and going back in time before the first event happens in the episode was just really stupid. There are a few things about lost that just don't change do they. This episode was really just a flashback and some trip through the woods. Anyway nothing really great happened and I knew Charlie wouldn't die, of course not, not in the first 5 minutes.

    This new person on the island, I'm not sure what might be the deal with this. I think if any other help comes across the island well it would never work, not with the other people pretty much ruling the whole place.
  • suspensful, sweet, and scary

    I absolutely loved the episode! Desmond is a great character. I love his story. The flashbacks were'nt his best, but they did tie in with his feelings on the island, about all the tests. I wish Kate would just make up her mind! The love triangle was cute in season 1 and 2, but now its really time to choose! The very first scene of Desmond's vision was brilliant! It was so heartbreaking at the end when it wasn't Penny. I figured it wouldn't be, because it was too obvious. Poor Desmond. This was really an excellent episode. Desmond episodes are the best!
  • quite an interesting episode

    after i had finished watching i was all excited but the more i think about it, the more ambivalent i grow. don't get me wrong, i liked this episode and i don't know what it is exactly that makes me feel not too sure about it. maybe to start with i didn't like the flashback too much. desmond seemed to be too much of an unlikely monk from the very beginning. but what happened on the island was quite interesting. the camping party was exciting and even fun to watch at times but i felt really bad about desmond's role in it. it must be a very heavy burden on him to know about charlie's fate to come but dragging him along even though he knew that he was supposed to die, being ready to sacrifice him really gave me the creeps and i'm quite happy that he decided to change fate. if the time for charlie runs out i hope there won't be anything he can do about it.

    as for the story back at the beach. i didn't think it to be very interesting and again i had the feeling that jack doesn't fit in anymore and i wouldn't be too surprised if matthew fox' days on the show where counted.
  • A solid addition to the Lost saga.

    This was definately a solid episode. The whole trek was suspenseful and would have been alot better had I not known there was no chance of Charlie actually dieing.

    As to the ending I think because Desmond didnt follow the flashes exactly how he saw them Naomi came down instead of Penny which is really hard to imagine but il accept it. Or maybe thats just in the weird world of Desmond.

    The flashbacks were really dull but had some interesting references to Desmons current paradox. The scene with was worth it though and I cant wait for Penny to actually step foot on the island, hopefully in the season finale.

    Overall Lost is on a roll, at the moment its well ahead of season 2 but it has to step it up even if it wants to compete with season 1.

  • Another quest in to Desmonds past, future and present. I can't keep track.

    There is so much strong stuff going on with the Locke, Ben & Juliet stories, thus don't send us other places. I really don't love the Desmond storyline. I am lukewarm about him as a character, but am not sure why we have to bring more elements to Lost. The esp of Desmond and the "monster" seem to be overkill. The show is fanasty, but it could be self-contained fantasy if we delt with the "the others," the Dharma project, connected pasts, messed up pasts, survivor rivalries and rescues. I don't want to see the butterfly effect or "monsters." There is enough on the plate, brother.
  • This is a great episode, very revealing about certain characters, and has a great little twist at the end. You will enjoy it.

    This episode has to be one of my favorites this season, it's much better than Flashes before your eyes.
    This is probably because it's more to do with the island, than Desmond's little trip that explained very little.

    Des' flashback wasn't that interesting, but it did give us more imput into the pre-racearoundtheworld desmond... which is nice. He was a monk... that's why he says Brotha all the time.

    I loved the Skate moments... maybe a little Jate too... seeing as Kate is shacking up with Sawyer just to get her mind off of Jackiet.

    This episode is great in comedy, both from Sawyer, and Hurley... and Jin is awesome too...

    The Korean ghost story is probably one of the funniest things I've seen this season. I wish I had a translation for it.

    Desmond's powers are shown in a more beliveable light this episode... it's cool to see how he has to make a choice between saving the woman he loves, or his friend, whom he is obligated to protect due to his foresight.

    The twist at the end, wasn't as shocking as I would have hoped... but all in all, it was still pretty cool.

    I give it 105 out of 108 stars.
  • What a 'camping' trip.

    I have always enjoyed Desmond and his visions, except of course his vision of Charlie's death. I will be very disappointed if Charlie dies (I hated when Mr. Echo died). I'm glad we see what happed to Desmond earlier on. Just who is this lady from the sky, why did she have a picture of Penny and Desmond. Maybe she is just a searcher hired by Penny to look for Desmond. Sawyer has always made me laugh, but now I am feeling sorry for him because of his love for Kate, and she is using him. I used to like Jack and Kate together, but Jack has changed since he was with the others. And now Sawyer should be with Kate. Hurley, of course, was as entertaining as always.
  • Great episode!

    I really love this episode because it's so exciting. Desmond is one of my favourite actor. He is so good and he really knows how to make an episode exciting. I love it how they began with Charlie dying, but than you see it's not real. Really a great episode just like every episode of lost!
  • A solid addition to the Lost saga.

    This was definately a solid episode. The whole trek was suspenseful and would have been alot better had I not known there was no chance of Charlie actually dieing.

    As to the ending I think because Desmond didnt follow the flashes exactly how he saw them Naomi came down instead of Penny which is really hard to imagine but il accept it. Or maybe thats just in the weird world of Desmond.

    The flashbacks were really dull but had some interesting references to Desmons current paradox. The scene with was worth it though and I cant wait for Penny to actually step foot on the island, hopefully in the season finale.

    Overall Lost is on a roll, at the moment its well ahead of season 2 but it has to step it up even if it wants to compete with season 1.

  • Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle is solved!

    We're always waiting for new twists, turns and breakthroughs in this series, and here we have a classic example. Aswell as the Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle subplot, the flashbacks on Desmond's life as a Scottish Monk are interesting. The episode also picks up somewhat from the season two finale, ending with a typical 'lost' cliffhanger - the introduction of a new character who literally drops from the sky (cute, English born acrtess Marsha Thomason plays the mysterious parachuter). So, at last, we may get some sound answers to the mystery of the island.. and will Penny and Desmond finally be reunited?! Bring on next week's episode! Can't wait!
  • Mysterious visitor drops from the sky, who is it?

    This is one of the better episodes of Season 3. A good old fashioned lost trek through the jungle with danger lurking everywhere and even the Desmond monastery flashbacks were pretty good as it showed how he met Penny (Penelope).

    Desmond once again used his weird power of persuasion to convince the people in his lastest premonition flash-forward to join him on his trek, so hopefully he would be reunited with Penny whom he thought was the one to arrive on the Island. Desmond was in a Catch-22 as he had to decide between saving Charlie from death once again or letting things play themselves out. He chose to do the right thing as usual and saved him from one of Danielles traps. In a way it was kind of predictable but you never know with LOST as its full of suprises. Like finding out who it was who parachuted out of the crashing helicopter. Did saving Charlie alter things?

    The subplot with Sawyer and Kate finally "getting a room" back at the beach was ok, but didnt add much to the episode. Overall this is one of the stronger episodes, though not as good as last week. It does set up next week as we will find out who it was that fell from the sky.
  • Desmond again is trying to prevent Charlie from dying without altering the future.Kate's jealousy of Julliete's relationship with Jack prompts a romp in the tent with "James"

    I hated this episode. I thought that the show was really clicking ever since the NikiPaulo episode and then came up with this stinker. I feel every time we go to a Desmond back story it's horrible. I can't stand this character, and I couldn't care less about his past.I have to tell you, every time it's a Desmond friendly episode, I immediately lose interest and find my self channel surfing. I'm not sure why we have so many episodes dedicated to him, and I hate that he has become so important to the show.What a stupid explanation to why he says "Brother" all the time too. And OK we get it, he's a drunken screwup.I think the writers knew that last night's story was uninteresting and wouldn't be able to carry the whole episode since they felt the need to include the KateSawyer romp. Sheesh I thought I was watching FX for a minute there. i just feel it's too late in the season to have such a bad episode especially after the great ones we've had the last month or so. I'm not a huge Charlie fan, but I wish that Desmond's been wrong all along and it's him that's destined to bite the dust."That would be worth watchin' brutha "
  • Someone is coming.

    Desmond has a flash and in it Charlie dies by one of Roussaus's deadly traps in the jungle. He convinces Hurley to join him on a track, also convinces Jin and finally Charlie. He thinks that Penny is coming to the island but she is not instead someone else is brought and she is a complete mystery.
    Through flashback we see Desmond while he was monk in training and how he left another girl because he is a coward. He is fired in the church for drinking on the job and with a sequence of events he ends up meeting with Penny.
    Amazing episode. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Absolutely fantastic.

    Anyone who reads my reviews will know that I am not one of those people who gives something a 10 unless it truly deserves it, but I must say, I was about to give this episode a 10 until maybe the last 5 minutes. The storyline for this episode was fantastic, even the backstory was fairly interesting, developing on one of the only characters we don't already know everything about. The parachuting woman introduces a new character to the island, but I fear she will meet the same fate as Nikki and Paulo. I seriously thought Desmond was going to sacrifice Charlie for a second and was infuriated with him. This season started off very poorly, but it is setting up for afantastic finale. Keep it up Lost!!
  • Could have been alot better, but it was ok.


    This episode feels quite entertaining at some points, while at other times, quite dreary.

    Starting with a positive aspect, it carrys on desmonds thematic aspect that he is running towards as well as inadvertently running away from something, but at the same time, his flashback story seems somewhat flat and uneventful, the tied in concept of his "brother" catchphrase seems as ludicrase as the explanation for Jacks Tattoo, and at the same time, equally as pointless.

    The love triangle rears it's ugly head again with a somewhat seemingly pointlessly time consuming aspect of Kate, Sawyer and Jack, not really doing very much really, this aspect will most likely lead to Judas Juliet in later episodes, but for the time being, utterly uninteresting.

    It's not a bad episode, it just feels as if alot of time has been squandered, more time spend on Desmonds back story being matured to something interesting and less on the island would have probably made this episode more enjoyable for me.

    There is also a gratuitous flashing of bodies in a sexual manner and a particularly graphic scene involving a character which not might be subtile for younger viewers. (who will watch regardless of the scheduling), this seemed very unlost like.
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