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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • A Desmond-centric episode.

    All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the story lines in this episode were great. In my opinion, the flashbacks of Desmond's life were great. I loved the whole story line with Kate being upset about Jack and Juliet spending time together and seducing Sawyer in order to make herself feel better. That was definitely my favorite story line of the episode since Sawyer is one of my most favorite characters on the show. I only wish that Juliet had been featured more in this episode. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted, well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • i thought this episode was ahhh weird

    i thought this episode was great or thought it wasent penny it is still another person on the island right? it might even have flash backs for who ever this person is and i thought it was cool seeing the flashes of and charlie getting killed.

    and sawyer lol.

    in the next 2 weeks i think lost will answer the dharma!

    enyways i guess i goto wait
  • Catch 22 review

    First of all superman man is way better than The Flash.

    I was dissapointed that the writers actually expected to trick us with the arrow in charlie's throat thing. I mean was there anyone who actually thought they were going to kill charlie in the middle of a superman V Flash arguement opposed to in a heroic way.

    In desmonds vision he sees charlie killed. But then later in the flashback he sees charlie, hurley, and jin holding the net about to catch naomi. How can he hold the net if he died earlier. This might multiple version of the future.
  • Screamer

    If I could classify this episode I would call it a screamer because when I'm watching an episode that has me on the edge of my seat I get so excited/scared that I started screaming...well more like squeks. ANYWAY! At the begining I freaked out. Seeing Charlie die like that made me really mad. I don't really like Charlie that much but I definatly didnt want him to just die like that. But about half-way through the clip I realised that it was a vision and I calmed down. From that point on it was a very solid episode. I love that Sawyer and Jack are acting like buddies. Kate is seriously starting to bother me now because she is using Sawyer. She needs to make up her mind and either fight for Jack or go with the right choice and choose Sawyer :). Charlie and Hurley's talk about the Flash and Superman had me laughing. I love them together. And I was screaming yet again when they got to the parachutist. I wanted it so badly to be Penny. I was going around all week telling people it would be Penny. I shouldn't have been so nieve lol. Of course it wouldn't be Penny. Who is this Naomi chick tho? My guess is that she works for Penny (obviously) and was sent to find him. I can't wait for Wendsday!

    btw this in my opinion was the best of the season
  • Once again it seems the universe really wants Charlie out of the picture but what else do we see? A rope on the beach, a beacon in the sky and a parachute... hmmm...

    I've been praying for Charlie's life to be spared since Des announced it way back in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" but once again the writes of Lost had me on the edge of my seat the entire episode.

    The episode started off amazingly well, we got to see one of Desmond's flashes for the first time. Once again it seems the universe really wants Charlie out of the picture but what else do we see? A rope on the beach, a beacon in the sky and a parachute... hmmm... sounds like this is gonna get interesting!

    I personally loved the episode, although I do think the "I have to sacrifice Charlie to save Penelope" thought could have been written better. The idea is good, thinking that if you don't copy the flashes exactly that Penelope won't appear on the island. But what bugged me was how hazy Desmond's flashes seemed. I noticed there was some sort of sail hanging in the trees (later revealed to be a parachute) but I didn't understand how Desmond could assume Penny was coming based on those images.

    Anyway, to get passed that, I thought this episode was spectacular. Jin and Hurley were hilarious as always and Charlie and Desmond work so well on screen together I'd hate to see that end (however it will end remains to be seen).
  • great episode

    Desmond gets a vision of the future. In it, Charlie dies. Desmond gets Hurley, Jin and Charlie to go with him to the forest. This episode is a Desmond episode, the story focuses on his past. We get to see what he was doing before he met Penny. We also get to see Kate, Sawyer and Jack, even though their parts are minor, there's enough of them in this episode to keep us intrigued. More mysteries are presented in this episode, it's a really exciting one, the writers came up with another great episode, I can't wait for the next one.
  • Getting tired of saving Charlie! (SPOILER)

    This episodes focus on Desmond flashbacks as a monk and how he met Penny. Desmond see himself in a very difficult choise, let Charlie die to save someone he thinks is Penny, or save Charlie and lost his chance with Penny. What would you do?! Even knowing that Charlie will die anyway sonner or later?!
  • We finally see what Desmond sees when he has a flash and Charlie dies. Oh, wait, that was in a flash. Anyway, this Desmond-centric episode was definitely one of the top 10 of the season and it had brilliant, funny writing and a great ending.

    Although this episode wasn't a mind-blowing hour of television and not as game-chaging as previous Desmond episodes, it did have a healthy supply of plot movement while still bringing the twists and turns.

    For those of you who don't know, a catch-22 is an event in which there is a dilemma because of conflicting conditions. (Desmond wants Penny to be on the island, but, to have that happen, Charlie has to die. But, if Charlie dies, then the Jin and Hurley won't want to finish the trip and the parachutist will die). The reason the episode is entitled Catch-22, though, is mainly because Desmond finds the Portugese version of the book in Naomi's pack--along with a 'working' satphone, a hula girl, beef stew, a nutra bar, and a picture of DESMOND AND PENNY!!!!


    The flashbacks, while still showing an interesting side to Desmond, and answering the question of why he calls everyone brother, were definitely not the highlight of this episode. Also, they were surprisingly short. Either way, the obvious underlying theme of the flashbacks was that people have to make sacrifices for the greater good and thus, sometimes you have a catch-22 or a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation--hence the title of the episode.

    The flashbacks tell the story of a pre-Penny Desmond and his time in a monastery while training to be a monk. In the flashbacks, Desmond is fired--if that's even the right word to use--by the head monk, Brother Campbell, because Desmond is apparently not fit to be a monk and Campbell thinks that God has "bigger, greater plans for Desmond." In fact, Brother Campbell was right.

    Additionally, we are shown yet another instance of Desmond's cowardice through his relationship with a girl named Ruth, whom he was going to marry. A week before the wedding, Desmond, apparently, had a calling and decided to follow a monk who found him on the street. Ruth, however, does not take this as enough justification for Desmond running out on her.

    Then, in a scene that I smiled through entirely, we see how Desmond met Penny.

    Obviously, Desmond episodes have been known mainly because of their flashbacks, but, although these ones had a very direct on-island tie-in and had a lot of character development, they were not the main feature of this episode.


    Oh snap! The on-island stuff this week was awesome. It's funny how last week the flashbacks were the main focus, but this week it's the other way around.

    When Desmond has a flash of a helicopter coming to the island, he must enlist the help of Hurley, Charlie, and Jin because that is the only way the "picture in the box" will stay the same.

    I thought the episode did a really good job of explaining what Desmond sees when he has a vision and I really enjoyed the fact that Desmond refers to his visions as putting together the pieces of a puzzle without a picture. (I did that with one of the LOST puzzles, actually (that took forever)) Anyway, after convincing Hurley, Charlie and Jin to come along on the "camping" trip and getting the medical kit from Jack, the 4 musketeers head out towards the cable. At first, I thought the cable was going to play a bigger part in the episode, but it made a lot more sense for it to just be a "landmark" for Desmond's vision. They decide to make camp for the night. During one of Jin's ghost stories, which Hurley seemed to understand pretty well (??), they hear a helicopter flying overhead. At this point, because of the weird sound it was making, I really though that the helicopter had hit some sort of island barrier; kind of like the "snowglobe" that Desmond refers to in Live Together, Die Alone. Either way, the helicopter crashes and, because he didn't see the flashing red light, Desmond thinks he did something wrong and ended up changing the future. Luckily, he was wrong. As Jin turns the other way, he notices a flashing red light and Desmond is very eager to go and find the parachutist because he thinks it's Penny. But Charlie, because he's a big fat loser, says that they should wait until morning before going into the jungle because they might run in to one of Danielle's traps. He was right. The next morning, after they take off into the jungle, Desmond finds what is believed to be the parachutist's pack in a tree. Inside: a Portugese version of Catch-22, a satphone, a hula doll, beef stew, and a Nutra Bar. Oh yeah, and a picture of Desmond and Penny. Oh snap is right! Later, Desmond tells Charlie that he is sure that the parachuter is Penny now that he's found her pack. I don't really understand why he would think that... Does Penny know Portuguese or something? I think the book would've given it away for me if I was Desmundo. This is the part of the episode where the vision of Charlie's death comes into play. In the vision, Desmond saw Hurley and Charlie having a hilarious argument about if Superman or the Flash would win in a foot race. When Desmond recognizes this, he has to decide whether or not to warn Charlie about his impending doom and risk changing things. In the end, I think he made the right decision by saving Charlie. Even though I hate the little hobbit with the furry of a thousand suns. I hate Charlie the character and the decisions he's made, not the actor. I hate him in the way that you are supposed to hate a television character. Anyway, they finally find the parachutist and it turns out to not be Penny. Sorry, Des.

    Storyline B, while not being the main focus of the episode, was pretty awesome. Unlike most fans of the show, I actually really like the Juliet-Jack-Kate-Sawyer romance story. And the parts of this episode dealing with that were super cool. And, even though I would be in the Jater category, that hoochie-coochie see with Kate and Sawyer was *cough* really sexy *cough* The sexual tension between Jack and Sawyer during the ping pong match was brilliant. I loved it. Yes, there was sexual tension between them.

    Overall, a great episode that was definitely one of the best of the season. The flashbacks tied very well into the on-island storyline and we had one of the best cliffhangers of the season.

    Can't wait until the finale.

    Things I Noticed/Easter Eggs:

    - I really didn't want this to be brought up because I wanted you people to think I was very insightful. Anyway, as Hurley or Charlie said, Desmond, from the first flash he had, totally thought that it was Penny parachuting down.
    -Ardil-22 is PORTUGESE for Catch-22 (A great book, by the way)
    -Ms. Hawking, ring shop lady, was in Brother Campbell's picture
    -Desmond says, 'brother' because it's a habit from when he was a MIT (Monk in Training)
    -Kate loves Jack. Jack loves Juliet. Sawyer loves Kate. Juliet loves Goodwin.
    -The ping-pong ball was computer generated.
    -Charlie is writing again!
    -Bernard is mentioned! They're not dead! -Juliet is a butt-kicking, baby-saving, lying carpenter
    -The monastery has only bottled 108 cases this year


    -Who the heck is this parachutist and how does she have Des/Pen picture!??!
    -If Desmond let Charlie die, would it have been Penny instead of Naomi?
    -Will the parachutist's satphone work?
    -Was there anyone else in the helicopter that crashed?
    -Why did the helicopter crash? (We are stuck in a bloody snowglobe!!)
    -Was Naomi sent by Penny or someone else?
    -Juddging by the portugese book title, does the parachutist, Naomi, have any connection to Mathias and Henrik from the end of season 2?
    -Where the heck is John!? Aargh!
    -Was it just my ignorance about satphones or did that thing look really futuristic?
    -Why is Naomi/Parachutist there?


    -Come on. Obviously, I have to give some credit to the hilarious "Flash vs. Superman" argument. That was genius. For those of you who don't know, that was definitely put in there because one of the writers of this episode, Brian K. Vaughan, is a very well known comic book writer; so, he probably wanted to put something like that in there. I thought it was genius. Superman would kick The Flash's butt. Hands down.
    -The line about Sawyer making a mix-tape for Kate
    -Desmond: Thank you... brother (YAY! Now we know why!!)
    -Jack saying, "Oh, right" to Desmond when Des says he's taped a few ankles.
    -Kate: I'm up here.
    -Sawyer: You guys arguing about who's your favorite Other?

    Next Week On LOST:

    Sun and Jin's D.O.C. written by none other than LOST's funny men, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Last week I compiled a list of what I thought the order of greatness of episodes would be from Catch-22 until the finale; this episode, I think, while still being a good episode, will probably be the lesser of the 6. I'm predicting that the average TV.com rating will be between 9.0 and 9.2.

    (Prediction) In order of rating:

    The Man Behind the Curtain
    Through the Looking Glass
    The Brig
    Greatest Hits
  • Wow!

    This was a Desmond flashback and we find out that at one time he was a monk and that is where he ended up meeting penny. Back on the island Desmond again sees Charlie die along with some other flashes. But this time insead of trying to save him he seems to want it to happen has he take charlie Jin and Hurley along with him into the jungle becuse that is the way he saw it. But will he save charlie or let him die becuse of what he thinks the flahes are telling him? And just who is that who just landed on the island?
  • Wow!

    The ending was totally unexpected. When I thought Penny died, I was incredibly mad! I threw the remote at the TV.. It dissapointed me. But when I found out that "she" was alive, I got very happy! I thought she was going to be an addition to the show. But when they showed the other chick come out of the suit, I was confused. It was so weird! And then it just ended! I LOVE the episodes that do that! They make my day! Another part that affected me was when Kate was seducing Sawyer as she was crying? what is up with that? Wow! She really liked Jack!? I didn't know she liked him that much. It was kind of depressing seeing her crying though. Oh well, hopefully next episode will be just as good as the last!
  • The Trend Continues

    With a few exceptions, Lost has been better than ever since it came back from it's 3-month hiatus. This episode continued the marvelous trend. We finally learned how Desmond met Penny. We also got a ton of new things to speculate about from the flashes Desmond is having. We cannot get a barrelful of answers every week. Sometimes having new questions presented is good. While, not my favorite episode, this was yet another brilliant episode. It leaves a lot to discuss until next week. And it sort of shows that Desmond is getting tired of saving Charlie. Things are really getting good now.
  • This was a good episode with Charlie & Desmond, and this Desmond flash back was way better than last one. (contains Spoilers)

    The beginning was great it of course had us thinking that Charlie was a goner, and then of course it was a vision of Desdmonds. We found out alot about Desmond, like the fact he was a monk, and how he was fired and then met that penny chick who he saw was going to come on the island. I knew when they didn't show her face it was going to be someone important sicne they were talking and built up to showing who he was talking to. When he finally decided to save Charlie.. again it ended up being some different chick, but she had a picture of Desmond and Penny, and she also said his name when they go her out of the tree. The arrow to the throat they kept showing was gross, it was as bas as when they kept giving Claire shots, when they took her to the now empty medical hatch. It did look cool, but I'm glad they didn't kill off Charlie.

    The chick flick part of the episode was when Kate saw Jack and Juliette getting all chumy and then got some lovin' from Sawyer. He stated he can still call her "freckles" because she wasn't there when the bet took place. I can't wait for the bet to be over, his one nicknames and one liners are great. I would also like to add before that when he walked into her tent and she was just barely dressed, that was nice. I don't know why he reacted the way he did, he already saw it all. So later the next morning Sawyer finds out what happened after playing ping pong with Jack. It was also funny when he asked Jack & Juliette, if they were arguing over who was there favorite "other." I think he was just happy to be with her and didn't care why. That was funny about the if we don't play ping pong every 108 minutes comment th island will explode. Sawyer gave Kate a Phil Collins tape which was funny in itself, after saying he was going to give her a mixed tape. He said he got it from Bernie, so he is still there somwere, they haven't had him and Rose on in a while. I hope they bring them back and give them some cool storyline that maybe answers some more questions. I think there are only about 4 or 5 more episodes till the end of Season 3.
  • suspensful, sweet, and scary

    I absolutely loved the episode! Desmond is a great character. I love his story. The flashbacks were'nt his best, but they did tie in with his feelings on the island, about all the tests. I wish Kate would just make up her mind! The love triangle was cute in season 1 and 2, but now its really time to choose! The very first scene of Desmond's vision was brilliant! It was so heartbreaking at the end when it wasn't Penny. I figured it wouldn't be, because it was too obvious. Poor Desmond. This was really an excellent episode. Desmond episodes are the best!
  • Great episode!

    I really love this episode because it's so exciting. Desmond is one of my favourite actor. He is so good and he really knows how to make an episode exciting. I love it how they began with Charlie dying, but than you see it's not real. Really a great episode just like every episode of lost!
  • Excellent installment of lost, keep it up

    Desmond convinces Hurley, Jin, and Charlie to follow him on a trek through the jungle. Flashbacks reveal more of Desmond's Army career. Meanwhile, a despondent Kate turns to Sawyer after seeing Jack and Juliet together. Super episode of lost, so much is happeneing, so many twists arnd turns but it is all paying off in the end

    excellent episode, much is reealed in desomnd flashbacks a bit about charlie aswell, i cant wait to see if desomnds flashes really come true

    What will happen now tht kate and saywer are back together.We all know deep down she wants jack

    excellent installment, keep it comming.
  • Desmond has a new revelation...

    Excellent episode!!! I don't know if anyone noticed but near the end when desmond is saying goodbye to his monk boss, they show a framed picture. The old lady jeweler from episode 8 is on it!!!! what does this mean...so interesting. The plot thickens more everytime! She was the one that told desmond to leave penny and she seems to have been in his life since before he even met Penny. This show is excellent it always has new interesting bits to add to the entire storyline and this one is certainly very interesting. I love lost its the best show ever made.
  • This one contains everything a Lost 'fan' may ask for. I admit this is the first one ever of the entire series I watched over again immediately after watching it a 1st time, it really IS that good...

    Back on 'our' part of the island again, it contains everything you would have expected from a Classic Lost episode.
    Proves (after another pair of awesome episodes) that the third season -despite what some reviewers might acclaim- really CAN compete with its two predecessors. Twisted storylines or just plain well directed... Lost continues to intrigue, over and over again... in this episode we learn alot about Desmond, and the suspense of Charlie's approaching death -as probable according to Desmond's quite accurate visions. This episode has it all, both visually as just being very well-written... from Sawyer oneliners funny-as-hell 'till in-depth character development... don't miss this one. It's one of third season's best! And the Desmond episodes appear to be awesome every time if you ask my opinion. And what's even more interesting to maybe the further development of Lost, we see the probable introduction of a new character on the island, who against all surprises doesn't appear to be Desmond's long lost love Penelope as seen in his visions, but someone else who seems to know Desmond also! Eventually, lots of themes leave room for discussion and interpretation (again)... and that's a good thing!
  • a 9.9 because theres just one thing stopping this show been a 10 this season...

    and that is the fact we dont see enough of all the characters and each episode is too centered on the centric character. it should be focused on the main character most, but not too much, and catch-22 is the perfect example of this, with the main story, trying to find the helicopter, been focused on far too much. in season 2 every character would of had some screentime, but sayid had none this episode and neither did sun. jin could of at least gone to explain the situation to sun, and like someone mentioned, jack could of been talking to sayid when desmond went to ask for a first aid kit.forgetting about the fact that there hasnt been an even flow with the storylines this season, it was a great episode which would of been perfect if everything else was worked on a bit more...well hopefully the writers take note of this slight problem and work on it next season...but until then, i guess this episode can easily go down as one of the best this season.
  • Everything around Desmond seems to be great, and this episode is no exception.

    Catch-22, being a Desmond-centric episode, deals with his precognition ability. Having us worried all throughout, Charlie's fate is at game during the episode. Desmond hesitates between his love for Penny and protecting Charlie, finally settling for taking a risk.

    The flashbacks were surprising, showing Desmond as a newly accepted monk who bailed out of an engagement a week before the wedding. I stood the whole time wondering when chronologically was the flashback happening, after or before Penny, because not only was he to marry another woman who wasn't Penny, but also because he was becoming a monk, and I recall knowing monks can't be with women.

    The episode was just fantastic, while watching it I felt a mix of intrigue, anxiety and anger, all on Desmond's storyline (both in flashbacks and on the island). On the other hand, there was also the triangle tension arising again, but with the addition of Juliet to make things more complicated.
  • What would you do?

    Man, that's what I'm talking about!

    The plot: Desmond has another vision which tells him not only how Charlie is going to die, but that he's going to do so when helping Desmond to search for Penny, who according to Desmond's vision is coming to the Island.

    The problem is: will Desmond not only risk Charlie's life, but directly lead him to his death, in order not to change the future that he believes will bring Penny, the person he loves the most, to the Island?

    I must say Henry Ian Cusick's performance was outstanding on this episode. He seriously incorporated the drama Desmond was facing, having to choose between love and doing the right thing. He surely was tormented between the life of his friend and a life beside his loved one. And the decision was made only on the brink point of no return, naturaly.

    His flashback scenes brought more information about his past, but at the same time led us to a new question - what is the connection between Ms. Hawkwing and Brother Campbell? What the two persons who put Desmond in his path to the Island have in common?

    Also, what's in store for Naomi, the person who just crashed on the Island, probably looking for Desmond in Penny's command?

    One thing I can tell you for sure: the fact the book with Desmond and Penny's photo in it was written in Portuguese is a huge tip that she'll play a significant part in whatever is coming.

    Many fans believed Rodrigo Santoro was hired because he speaks English and Portuguese (the language used in the 2nd season finale). But since his character's death the show again needed someone that speaks english and portuguese in my opinion. And although Marsha Thomason doesn't speak Portuguese, I believe Naomi, her character, does.

    But as many things in Lost we have to stay tuned to find out. And you can bet I will!
  • I wont say much, only that Desmond+Penny episodes are by far my favorites!!!! Breathtaking and unexpected, you know this little part of the story will be perfectly used somehow to tell us more about the island!!

    Desmond's path wasn't to be a monk, wasn't to be with that girl from this episode, or even with Penny (At least not yet)... the lady in the picture of the 'HeadMonk' said so before, he has to be on that Island... we just don't know why!!!!

    Not much development on the 'Others' story or where John is, or maybe what the hell is Juliet thinking, but that's why we have another four episodes left!! and honestly they have me waiting and wandering, 'cause I have no idea how things are going to unfold! Great show as ever (I'm even considering forgiving them for the Nikki + Paolo episode)
  • This is a great episode, very revealing about certain characters, and has a great little twist at the end. You will enjoy it.

    This episode has to be one of my favorites this season, it's much better than Flashes before your eyes.
    This is probably because it's more to do with the island, than Desmond's little trip that explained very little.

    Des' flashback wasn't that interesting, but it did give us more imput into the pre-racearoundtheworld desmond... which is nice. He was a monk... that's why he says Brotha all the time.

    I loved the Skate moments... maybe a little Jate too... seeing as Kate is shacking up with Sawyer just to get her mind off of Jackiet.

    This episode is great in comedy, both from Sawyer, and Hurley... and Jin is awesome too...

    The Korean ghost story is probably one of the funniest things I've seen this season. I wish I had a translation for it.

    Desmond's powers are shown in a more beliveable light this episode... it's cool to see how he has to make a choice between saving the woman he loves, or his friend, whom he is obligated to protect due to his foresight.

    The twist at the end, wasn't as shocking as I would have hoped... but all in all, it was still pretty cool.

    I give it 105 out of 108 stars.
  • I was quite surprised when seeing this episode....

    Pleasantly surprised, that is. Usually because whenever I see an extremely hyped episode *cough* Stranger in a Strange Land* cough* it just doesnt live up to the expectations. We finally get to see flash-forwards, yet another connection is established, Kate getting dressed, Flash Vs. Superman (By the way, wtf?) and much more. Desmond is still within my top 2 characters of the show, and his flashbacks while rather unimportant were pretty amusing. Charlie's death at the beginning was unexpected, but of all the ways he has died so far, I would probably choosed getting shot in the neck by the arrow of a crazy old french lady. This is an episode no Desmond or even Lost Fan should miss.
  • Desmond takes Jin, Charlie and Hurley on a trek to the jungle where Desmond believes Penny has landed. The Jack-Kate-Sawyer Love Triangle turns into a love quadrangle. Desmonds flashback shows that he ran from another girl before his wedding day.

    Another solid episode. Not a spectacle or anything like Desmond's last flashback episode but an overall great episode of LOST. I was constantly wondering if Desmond was actually going to sacrifice Charlie for who he thought was Penny, but was relieved when his conscience got the best of him. I am very curious to who this mysterious Portageuse girl who landed on the island was, but she must be someone Penny sent (since she is Portageuse and the two men from last years season finale who called Penny when they detected an electromagnetic anomaly were also Portaguese). I would assume Penny sent her to rescue Desmond, but of course she failed and her helicopter crashed. (This is feasible since she whispered Desmond when she landed). Another key point of this episode is "What the hell is Kate doing?". I'm very pumped for next week's Sun/Jin-centric episode, and even more pumped for the one after that where we supposedly learn about what Locke has been doing with the others.
  • Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle is solved!

    We're always waiting for new twists, turns and breakthroughs in this series, and here we have a classic example. Aswell as the Kate-Sawyer-Jack love triangle subplot, the flashbacks on Desmond's life as a Scottish Monk are interesting. The episode also picks up somewhat from the season two finale, ending with a typical 'lost' cliffhanger - the introduction of a new character who literally drops from the sky (cute, English born acrtess Marsha Thomason plays the mysterious parachuter). So, at last, we may get some sound answers to the mystery of the island.. and will Penny and Desmond finally be reunited?! Bring on next week's episode! Can't wait!
  • Absolutely fantastic.

    Anyone who reads my reviews will know that I am not one of those people who gives something a 10 unless it truly deserves it, but I must say, I was about to give this episode a 10 until maybe the last 5 minutes. The storyline for this episode was fantastic, even the backstory was fairly interesting, developing on one of the only characters we don't already know everything about. The parachuting woman introduces a new character to the island, but I fear she will meet the same fate as Nikki and Paulo. I seriously thought Desmond was going to sacrifice Charlie for a second and was infuriated with him. This season started off very poorly, but it is setting up for afantastic finale. Keep it up Lost!!
  • Another vital episode, but not for the reason we thought at the time

    It is now becoming increasingly clear that Desmond is the wild card in the island. The Others may know everything about the survivors of Flight 815, but they clearly had no idea about Desmond's existence. They didn't know about his boat, and when Juliet was getting set up in the final scene of the previous episode, she looked at Desmond without any hint of recognition at all. Because of this, there's an excellent chance that he will be the savior of those on the island. The first time this becomes possible occurs here in 'Catch-22' Once again his flashes are telling him that Charlie's life hangs in the balance, but this time, if he doesn't let fate carry through, there's a good chance that the other part of his vision won't come true--- and this time, the vision involves rescue from Penelope.

    Each flashback in Desmond's past seems to be happening before the previous one, and this one has another huge shock --- he was a monk, which also explains why he calls everybody 'brother'. Furthermore, before he became a man of the cloth, he was engaged to a woman named Ruth. He left her at the altar because he believed he had a higher calling, but as always the women who love Desmond see through his facade. She tells him" next time you want to break up with someone... just tell the girl you're too bloody scared." (Unfortunately, he won't learn his lesson, will break up with Penelope for the exact same reason, and hear almost the exact same line from her.) The interesting thing comes after he breaks his vow of silence to talk with Ruth, and then proceeds to get liquored up (Desmond seems to get more drunk than anyone else on the island) He is then fired by Brother Campbell who tells him that he has some kind of destiny before him, but God isn't part of it. (Which leads us to wonder is someone else leading Des on? In the last flashback, we can see that there is a photo of Ms. Hawking, a.k.a. the ring lady from 'Flashes Before Your Eyes'. Is it possible that he is somehow leading him down this path.) Before the flashbacks ends, we also see Campbell last act was to inadvertently introduce Desmond to Penny, who is buying wine for her father.

    Now that he's on the island, Desmond is no longer running. He tried to get away from his destiny before--- he ran when he thought the hatch was going to explode, got onto a boat and tried to escape--- but he couldn't get away. But now Desmond is trying to move forward, now that he sees another of his flashes, and this one seems to lead to Penelope.

    We know that Penelope has been searching for the island, and now Desmond seems to get proof. But in order for his vision to become a reality, he needs Jin, Hurley and Charlie to take him on a journey. While they are out camping, they see lights in the sky, and what appears to be a helicopter, and soon evidence that someone parachuted out, and that person may well be Penny. But in order for this to work, Charlie needs to run into one of Rousseau's traps, and he has to take an arrow to the neck.

    Once again, however, his basic goodness gets in his way, and he saves Charlie. But as soon he does, he thinks he has changed destiny, and that now Penny won't be there--- which would seem to be borne out by the fact that Penny is not the woman in the plane. But if you watch the flash carefully, you can see that Charlie and Jin were there while Desmond cut the woman down, meaning he had to be there in order to save her. Was the flash giving him conflicting information? Or did fate change so that Penny wasn't there? We will later see that Penny was nearby, but is it possible that she really would have saved them then?

    Meanwhile, on the beach, things are returning to normal, sort of. The triangle of Jack, Kate and Sawyer has be reformed, only now, it's become a square with the coming of Juliet. Kate is glad to have Jack back, but now he's been distant and unfamiliar, and seems to favor Juliet instead of her. This leads to another shift which ends up putting Kate willingly in Sawyer's arms. He's got a catch-22 of his own in that he loves Kate, but she still seems to be carrying a torch for Jack. however, those feelings are what drive her to Sawyer's bed. However, in typical Sawyer fashion, he doesn't seem to mind that he's being used as long as he gets what he wants. He can live with this--- for now.

    Whichever side of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle you come down upon--- and I was one who didn't hold much care for either--- Desmond's love for Penny may be far more vital. Was this woman sent by Penelope? We will later learn that she wasn't. Then why did she have a photograph of Desmond with her? Why was Desmond the first word out of her mouth? We will later learn a lot about this woman--- and it will be very difficult determining how much of what she said was true. The episodes centered around Desmond's are easily becoming the most eagerly awaited of the bunch, not just because Cusick is such a fine actor or because the love story is taking on the appearance of epic proportion, but because unlike most of the people on this island, Desmond seems to be the most eager to go. He wasn't on the plane, but it's becoming clear his destiny his ensnared with those of the passengers on it. The question is, will this destiny eventually be true for everybody?
    My score:9.5
  • We have another series of flashbacks, in order to understand Desmond better this time, not his visions but his life upto the intial meeting with Jack in the stadium that time. We also see the jealousy in Kate,which causes her to have some mixed emotions.

    We see Desmond going through the jungle and we see that Charlie trips a wire and gets shot in the adam's apple by a crossbow bolt, then we see a parachutist hanging from the trees and Des cutting them down. We then see that it is one of Desmonds apperitions or foretellings. We then go back to reality and see that Des is talking to Charlie, explaining that they have to go on a little hike / overnighter, Charlie is all for it, especially when Des says that he can't tell him about it yet, but that they need to rope in Hurley and Jin.

    We have flashbacks to Des, this time in an abbey, talking to a monk regarding the task of silence as a test, some people take a day, some a week and some that need more time then longer. We then see Des robed and being a monk, putting labels on the bottles of wine and being told that it is £100 per bottle. Then a visitor comes into see Brother Desmond, punches him and then asks for forgiven.

    We see that all the boys are packed for their boys outing, explaining to Jin the notion of camping, he is all game, so they trek along the beach until they find the cable in the sand, as foretold by Des as he pictures the events unfold as predicted. They camp the night at the spot on the beach.

    Flashback time to Des, this time explaining to a girl, why with only hours to go until the wedding he called it off, even though everything was bought and paid for, she says it was a good job that he was helped up by a monk rather than a shepherd !!!!

    We see Des having images in his head, a helicopter, a parachutist, a red flashing light then it is time to wait and see for it to play through, but it still has Charlie with an arrow in his neck.

    We go back to the Abbey, with Des getting drunk on the wine, the head abbott not being too pleased and sacking him. Then Des handing back his robe the following day and being asked that if he helps with some loading then he'll get a lift into town. The loading is for Penny Widmore, who hits it off with Des.

    The helicopter can be heard, it crashes, but he is forced to wait til first light before exploring, which they do, they find a rucksac on a rest, they prevent Charlie getting an arrow in the neck and then we see the parachutist, who calls Desmonds name, he removes the helmut but its not Penny.
  • Bang!

    Led by flashes, Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle where they discover Naomi, a parachutist. Kate turns to Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet. Flashbacks show Desmond's time as a monk and his meeting Penny. What a start to an episode we all thought Charlie had it there but alas my friends it was one of Desmonds visions, but this kept us on the edge of our seats (as usual), waiting to see if Charlie gets saved or not.
    What an end aswell, another amazing twist in the Lost storyline a helicopter crash with a women survivour we have never seen before.
  • Kate! You bad, bad, bad, bad girl! Sex is not the answer to jealousy! (Though Sawyer sure appreciated it.) Desmond's stuck in a Catch-22... and an arrow flies into someone's (or something's) neck...!

    Ohhhh my God Charlie is dead Charlie is dead save the junkie save the world failed oh no they killled him they killed him ARGH--oh. Just another flash. Excuse me. Yes, if you are crazy like me, you knew it was a flash because he's got an flash coming up, and it isn't the zombie season yet. Not flashBACK, just Dessy flash. Man, the predicament him and Charles are stuck in sucks. That's what I call a Catch-22, all right. And Desmond saves a ravishing Portugese woman he thought was Penny! Don't forget the whole "firing a monk" shtick. Loved that. Meanwhile, on the island... Finally, Sawyer wins at SOMETHING. It is about time! He trounced Jack in a game of ping pong, and I think he wants his mangoes back. Kate sees Jack hanging out with Juliet and sharing oatmeal and feels a little lovesick. So what does she do? Jealous sex with Sawyer. Yuck. Don't forget the mixtape. Classic. But what if Dessy just let the arrow fly into Charlie's throat? Would it have been Penny instead of madam Portugal? Or would it not matter? Guess we'll have to keep watching. Until 318 D.O.C...
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