Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • What would you do?

    Man, that's what I'm talking about!

    The plot: Desmond has another vision which tells him not only how Charlie is going to die, but that he's going to do so when helping Desmond to search for Penny, who according to Desmond's vision is coming to the Island.

    The problem is: will Desmond not only risk Charlie's life, but directly lead him to his death, in order not to change the future that he believes will bring Penny, the person he loves the most, to the Island?

    I must say Henry Ian Cusick's performance was outstanding on this episode. He seriously incorporated the drama Desmond was facing, having to choose between love and doing the right thing. He surely was tormented between the life of his friend and a life beside his loved one. And the decision was made only on the brink point of no return, naturaly.

    His flashback scenes brought more information about his past, but at the same time led us to a new question - what is the connection between Ms. Hawkwing and Brother Campbell? What the two persons who put Desmond in his path to the Island have in common?

    Also, what's in store for Naomi, the person who just crashed on the Island, probably looking for Desmond in Penny's command?

    One thing I can tell you for sure: the fact the book with Desmond and Penny's photo in it was written in Portuguese is a huge tip that she'll play a significant part in whatever is coming.

    Many fans believed Rodrigo Santoro was hired because he speaks English and Portuguese (the language used in the 2nd season finale). But since his character's death the show again needed someone that speaks english and portuguese in my opinion. And although Marsha Thomason doesn't speak Portuguese, I believe Naomi, her character, does.

    But as many things in Lost we have to stay tuned to find out. And you can bet I will!