Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Screamer

    If I could classify this episode I would call it a screamer because when I'm watching an episode that has me on the edge of my seat I get so excited/scared that I started screaming...well more like squeks. ANYWAY! At the begining I freaked out. Seeing Charlie die like that made me really mad. I don't really like Charlie that much but I definatly didnt want him to just die like that. But about half-way through the clip I realised that it was a vision and I calmed down. From that point on it was a very solid episode. I love that Sawyer and Jack are acting like buddies. Kate is seriously starting to bother me now because she is using Sawyer. She needs to make up her mind and either fight for Jack or go with the right choice and choose Sawyer :). Charlie and Hurley's talk about the Flash and Superman had me laughing. I love them together. And I was screaming yet again when they got to the parachutist. I wanted it so badly to be Penny. I was going around all week telling people it would be Penny. I shouldn't have been so nieve lol. Of course it wouldn't be Penny. Who is this Naomi chick tho? My guess is that she works for Penny (obviously) and was sent to find him. I can't wait for Wendsday!

    btw this in my opinion was the best of the season