Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • This one contains everything a Lost 'fan' may ask for. I admit this is the first one ever of the entire series I watched over again immediately after watching it a 1st time, it really IS that good...

    Back on 'our' part of the island again, it contains everything you would have expected from a Classic Lost episode.
    Proves (after another pair of awesome episodes) that the third season -despite what some reviewers might acclaim- really CAN compete with its two predecessors. Twisted storylines or just plain well directed... Lost continues to intrigue, over and over again... in this episode we learn alot about Desmond, and the suspense of Charlie's approaching death -as probable according to Desmond's quite accurate visions. This episode has it all, both visually as just being very well-written... from Sawyer oneliners funny-as-hell 'till in-depth character development... don't miss this one. It's one of third season's best! And the Desmond episodes appear to be awesome every time if you ask my opinion. And what's even more interesting to maybe the further development of Lost, we see the probable introduction of a new character on the island, who against all surprises doesn't appear to be Desmond's long lost love Penelope as seen in his visions, but someone else who seems to know Desmond also! Eventually, lots of themes leave room for discussion and interpretation (again)... and that's a good thing!
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