Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Vision of death...vision of the past...a new person...

    Ok so this episode was one of the last 5 or so for the season...so we are expecting them to be good right? well this was i think was a good one. The story is focued on desmond and his newest vision. we get a peek at how his vision unfold in this episode and what he believes his vision are like He refers to them as a puzzle with the picture to check it...he also believe that the puzzle can change if things are changed by him. We see flash back of desmond as a monk...the only really significance is the fact that this is where i believe he learned to call people brother...and he meets penny...who i think has alot more to do with all this then we might know. So anyways while desmond is gathering up a group to fufill his vision there is tension with kate/jack/sawyer and in a minor way julliet. Obviously kates jelious cuz she doesn't have attention of jack...so she goes and gets a booty call from sawyer who doesn't mind be used that way but i think is trying to really put some emotions in this relationship...so thats really that...oh they play ping pong! so back to desmond...hes off with hurley jin and charlie to the beach when they hear and see a helocopter. they are watchign itwhen it starts to sound wierd and ends up crashing, but they see that someone some how got out and is parachuting down with a light becon. The whole time desmond believes this is penny coming to save him...so they head off looking for this person...the whole time desmond knows of charlies death and even see the thing that will kill him...you can tell he doesn't want to change anything in hopes that penny will come...but ultimatley in the ned he saves charlie. hes angry knowing something might happen but hes does it. They find the body and believe them to be dead, but when they got her down from the tree a new person has arrived. We don't know who she is or how she knows desmond...all we know is that something is about to happen. So with a new girl on the island what will happen? I guess we'll jsut have to wait and see.