Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Another triumph for mediocre writing...

    "Lost" has lost it all. Most of the third season has been a disaster, the scripts are mostly lost beyond recognition and the amount of unsolved questions getting stacked on top of each other never seem to end. This episode just confirms everything I've written. Again we have to suffer the focus of one of the most damagaging characters to the serie: Desmond. His jargong is riddled with "Brother" and "Man", his acting below freezingpoint and he kills every frame he's in. This venom-presence have now finally made me decide NOT to watch "Lost" anymore. I've Lost hope, I've Lost interest since Lost lost everything that made this something Very Special. The scripts go from bad to worse, the acting suffer and the storylines jump around without ever settling. Flashbacks within flashbacks, all logic cast aside etc - this serie has, from season 2 and on in a escalating tempo, destroyed everything it once was. The original, vibrant, crisp, intelligent, human and mindboggling show from season one is all Lost.

    I'm tired of being treated like a jerk by scriptwriters who have no sense of direction or being believable in what they write. This is a weekly abuse of an audience who praised the screen Lost was put on, when it once aired. Now it's just loose ends upon loose ends. There is no mainstory anymore, everything is fillers upon fillers - one show about one charachter, the next about another and the next about yet another and another and another. Since new characters are spread like confetti, there's plenty to go around. We get glimpses, a lot out of context, from Sawyer and the original cast. The mystical forces of the island are now just stupid and impossible to believe. Who cares about the Dharma-thing now, anyway? The story and the mystery have dissolved into a Big nothing. With all the loose ends lying around, it would be easier just to pull the plug on the show right now. Don't feed us any more stupid stories, out of context-events etc. Just finish the damn thing, because this is embaressing. Everything that once worked for the show now works against it. If the original cast thought the show would promote their careers, well: that ship has sailed since season two.

    I'm thinking this is a J.J. Abrams-phenomenon. It was EXACTLY the same thing with "Alias", even if that remained a good show for a bit longer. But after a outstanding first season and a very good second season, they went into a boring and confusing third season - where the stories and the actors got worse. Then a fourth season, which no-one could believe in, treating the audience like idiots with plotlines which competed in stupidity. Then the last fifth season, where the show was lost beyond recognition - no-one cared, everyone wanted to go home, everything was so way below average that they pulled the plug on the show and a lot of people didn't even notice that it had gone. What a shame - to have a strong development of a theme just turn into rigor mortis and even more rigor mortis. The same thing with "Lost" and I know I'm not the first one to say it. I have my doubts about Abrams future. The third "Mission impossible" didn't pull it off. His modus operandi of creating something new and fresh which captures an audience for a while, then just dies - about the same time as he decides to move on to another project - it does feel a bit cynical. What if he instead had stayed, put as much effort in season two and three as in the first one? Together with Lindelof and the rest. What we instead are faced with is a monument of bad writing and how to dismantle a beautiful show, that could have been one-in-a-lifetime. Really. Every new episode of "Lost" is another tombstone on the churchyard of this show, where we hope all loose ends soon will be buried. This viewer will suffer no more. Thanks for the first season, guys - you Were great.
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