Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Desmond meets Penny for the first time via flashback, a new visitor arrives to the island, and Hurley, Desmond, Jin, and Charlie go camping (even though they camp everyday just by living on the island).

    Really enjoyed Sawyer's 'Perverts' remark when found out The Others had a camera on his cage and also 'You two discussing which is your favourite Other' - when he saw Jack and Juliet talking.

    Never could have guessed Penny and Des met at a monastery. I am glad Desmond sacrificed his own happiness by,changing events, in order to save Charlie. Desmond is a great guy and loyal friend. I think we are being led to believe that Desmond travelled back in time when the hatch imploded. However, I think what really happened is that he went into the future near the point of his death and then from there went back in time where he ended up on floor with spilled paint sharing an apartment with Penny. I think he is not seeing the future but instead remembering the past. If he only went into the past he would only remember things up until the hatch imploded but nothing after that...unless he went into the future too. It would tie-in to being able to know when to read the last Charles Dickens book before dying. Supposedly people have their life 'flash' before their eyes and Ep 8 of season 3 is called 'Flashes Before Your Eyes'. Make any sense? I think the paint can had the letters 'FUTUR' on it - I may be mistaken. It's my 2 cents anyway.