Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Kate! You bad, bad, bad, bad girl! Sex is not the answer to jealousy! (Though Sawyer sure appreciated it.) Desmond's stuck in a Catch-22... and an arrow flies into someone's (or something's) neck...!

    Ohhhh my God Charlie is dead Charlie is dead save the junkie save the world failed oh no they killled him they killed him ARGH--oh. Just another flash. Excuse me. Yes, if you are crazy like me, you knew it was a flash because he's got an flash coming up, and it isn't the zombie season yet. Not flashBACK, just Dessy flash. Man, the predicament him and Charles are stuck in sucks. That's what I call a Catch-22, all right. And Desmond saves a ravishing Portugese woman he thought was Penny! Don't forget the whole "firing a monk" shtick. Loved that. Meanwhile, on the island... Finally, Sawyer wins at SOMETHING. It is about time! He trounced Jack in a game of ping pong, and I think he wants his mangoes back. Kate sees Jack hanging out with Juliet and sharing oatmeal and feels a little lovesick. So what does she do? Jealous sex with Sawyer. Yuck. Don't forget the mixtape. Classic. But what if Dessy just let the arrow fly into Charlie's throat? Would it have been Penny instead of madam Portugal? Or would it not matter? Guess we'll have to keep watching. Until 318 D.O.C...
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