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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Necessary Setup???

    Objective - » Since Desmond is one of the Main Cast Characters, and the episodes were he was the Main character was so successful, the producers decided to build one more episode about him, since he was impossible to put a episode about him later in the season. So, you have is flashbacks and mission on the Island as the primary focus and the Kate subplot reaction about Jack. Good material or so it seemed.

    Flashbacks -» Pure from Boring Kingdom. The beginning can fail to catch your attention. The complication phase is inexistence, the climax is not there and you simple don´t care for an ending.

    Event on The Island -» Just wasting your time. The beginning was strong, but then, the complication phase was about Desmond deciding to save Charlie or not. I didn´t Catch the Climax, and the ending does not justify the whole structure of this episode.

    Kate Reaction -» Kate subplot was really strange. Her slut reaction to Sawyer was something that does not make sense to me. In the Middle, what was cool was seeing Sawyer reaction, when he learn why Kate did it. Maybe this was the Climax of this subplot, because Sawyer made some minor jokes that is funny anyway.


    1 - Plot Holes: Silver. Didn´t Noticed but I didn´t care either. The only thing here that is strange is Kate Slut reaction, which is something that does not make any sense to me.

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Bad. Showing us what would happen in the beginning of this episode was a bad idea from the writers, since you wait too long for the part you want to see and with the flashbacks, this became very boring.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: The beginning can get you by surprise, this was well done, the ending is a surprise, but not very interesting yet.

    4 - Action: None, but wasn´t an episode for this.

    5 - Funny: Bronze. The Ghost Story Scene made by Jin. Maybe some comments between Hugo and Charlie.

    6 - Drama: .Bronze. Almost Irrelevant. The Scene with his loved one was nice.

    7 - Tension/Fear: Weak. Almost inexistent.

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Nearly Bronze - . Maybe you want to know what happens with Charlie, but when the episode begins to be boring, it is difficult to care and is impossible to him to die, only if was Charlie flashback in game, like many other character like Ana Lucia, Shannon and Eko maybe this would become true.

    Overall, this episode was unnecessary, maybe the ending, but the entire episode is about wasting time and does not have the ability to entertain for too long, only if you are a super fan that rate 10 or 9 to every episode.
  • Another vital episode, but not for the reason we thought at the time

    It is now becoming increasingly clear that Desmond is the wild card in the island. The Others may know everything about the survivors of Flight 815, but they clearly had no idea about Desmond's existence. They didn't know about his boat, and when Juliet was getting set up in the final scene of the previous episode, she looked at Desmond without any hint of recognition at all. Because of this, there's an excellent chance that he will be the savior of those on the island. The first time this becomes possible occurs here in 'Catch-22' Once again his flashes are telling him that Charlie's life hangs in the balance, but this time, if he doesn't let fate carry through, there's a good chance that the other part of his vision won't come true--- and this time, the vision involves rescue from Penelope.

    Each flashback in Desmond's past seems to be happening before the previous one, and this one has another huge shock --- he was a monk, which also explains why he calls everybody 'brother'. Furthermore, before he became a man of the cloth, he was engaged to a woman named Ruth. He left her at the altar because he believed he had a higher calling, but as always the women who love Desmond see through his facade. She tells him" next time you want to break up with someone... just tell the girl you're too bloody scared." (Unfortunately, he won't learn his lesson, will break up with Penelope for the exact same reason, and hear almost the exact same line from her.) The interesting thing comes after he breaks his vow of silence to talk with Ruth, and then proceeds to get liquored up (Desmond seems to get more drunk than anyone else on the island) He is then fired by Brother Campbell who tells him that he has some kind of destiny before him, but God isn't part of it. (Which leads us to wonder is someone else leading Des on? In the last flashback, we can see that there is a photo of Ms. Hawking, a.k.a. the ring lady from 'Flashes Before Your Eyes'. Is it possible that he is somehow leading him down this path.) Before the flashbacks ends, we also see Campbell last act was to inadvertently introduce Desmond to Penny, who is buying wine for her father.

    Now that he's on the island, Desmond is no longer running. He tried to get away from his destiny before--- he ran when he thought the hatch was going to explode, got onto a boat and tried to escape--- but he couldn't get away. But now Desmond is trying to move forward, now that he sees another of his flashes, and this one seems to lead to Penelope.

    We know that Penelope has been searching for the island, and now Desmond seems to get proof. But in order for his vision to become a reality, he needs Jin, Hurley and Charlie to take him on a journey. While they are out camping, they see lights in the sky, and what appears to be a helicopter, and soon evidence that someone parachuted out, and that person may well be Penny. But in order for this to work, Charlie needs to run into one of Rousseau's traps, and he has to take an arrow to the neck.

    Once again, however, his basic goodness gets in his way, and he saves Charlie. But as soon he does, he thinks he has changed destiny, and that now Penny won't be there--- which would seem to be borne out by the fact that Penny is not the woman in the plane. But if you watch the flash carefully, you can see that Charlie and Jin were there while Desmond cut the woman down, meaning he had to be there in order to save her. Was the flash giving him conflicting information? Or did fate change so that Penny wasn't there? We will later see that Penny was nearby, but is it possible that she really would have saved them then?

    Meanwhile, on the beach, things are returning to normal, sort of. The triangle of Jack, Kate and Sawyer has be reformed, only now, it's become a square with the coming of Juliet. Kate is glad to have Jack back, but now he's been distant and unfamiliar, and seems to favor Juliet instead of her. This leads to another shift which ends up putting Kate willingly in Sawyer's arms. He's got a catch-22 of his own in that he loves Kate, but she still seems to be carrying a torch for Jack. however, those feelings are what drive her to Sawyer's bed. However, in typical Sawyer fashion, he doesn't seem to mind that he's being used as long as he gets what he wants. He can live with this--- for now.

    Whichever side of the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle you come down upon--- and I was one who didn't hold much care for either--- Desmond's love for Penny may be far more vital. Was this woman sent by Penelope? We will later learn that she wasn't. Then why did she have a photograph of Desmond with her? Why was Desmond the first word out of her mouth? We will later learn a lot about this woman--- and it will be very difficult determining how much of what she said was true. The episodes centered around Desmond's are easily becoming the most eagerly awaited of the bunch, not just because Cusick is such a fine actor or because the love story is taking on the appearance of epic proportion, but because unlike most of the people on this island, Desmond seems to be the most eager to go. He wasn't on the plane, but it's becoming clear his destiny his ensnared with those of the passengers on it. The question is, will this destiny eventually be true for everybody?
    My score:9.5
  • Has rescue fianlly arrived?

    Following Desmond's last two centric episodes, both of which are favourites of mine, the earliest of which, "Live Together, Die Alone", Season 2's finale, is currently at time of writing this review my favourite episode of the series, the anticipation of "Catch 22" was well-deserved. So too was the payoff that this episode should have rewarded us. However, this episode is a slight disappointment. On one hand it provides us with an old fashioned adventure, something that prior to perhaps the Enter 77 arc, was sadly absent from the series. The adventure had been something that had been missing from the first half of the season when we were stuck in the cages of the Hydra Island. But once Kate decides to embark on her "Rescue Jack" mission [perhaps the best thing that Kate has done for the series so far] the adventure we all loved from the first seson returned.
    And even though there have been more stalls in between the sense of adventure has returned. In "Catch 22" the adventure feels like it was inspired by Season 1's "Numbers" and so it is rather ironic that "Rousseau's spiky death traps" and the Cable, two things that were memorable parts of that episode return here. Unfortunately, the same excitement that "Numbers" generated from that Jungle quest isn't mirrored here and this brings up the other hand of "Catch 22", which is that despite the promise of adventure the episode doesn't feel adventurous enough. Much of the first half of the episode is spent amongst the survivors arguing over Desmond's visions and his attempts to form the camping party. All this provides some comic moments but is also largely uneccesary and only stalls the adventure to come. When they do start their trek all that seems to happen for a while is whistling, ghost stories told round the camp fire and more arguments over the visions Desmond has. It is not until Charlie's near death that things start to get interesting.
    Elsewhere on the island thelove triangle or quadrangle now, is given some quality time, which drags the episode even more.
    The potential for the episode, as promised with the shocking teaser, doesn't reveal itself until the very end when Desmond sees the fallen Parachutist in the tree. This moment when the identity of the parachutist is revealed is perfectly mixed with the flashback in which Desmond meets Penny. The emotion and anticipation of that final moment builds well and Henry Ian Cusick's performance in this moment is great to behold. You're left wondering who the hell the parachutist is when it is revealed not to be Penny. If it wasn't for this final moment, the mini-adventure, and Charlie's near-death experience then this episode would have fared less for me. It was particularly nice to see the Cable again. The last time we saw it was Season 1 and since then some fans were wondering what the heck is was for and if it was connected to an underwater station. Mikhail mentioned an underwater beacon and that cables run down to it in "Enter 77" and "Par Avion". Despite not giving us any information on the cable and its purpose, in light of the exposition that had gone before, fans convinced in themselves that an underwater DHARMA station existed and that they would one day see it. Their prayers were duly answered by the end of the season.
    For all those fans that didn't lie awake at night thinking about Cables, the rest had forgotten about it. Despite Hurley and Sayid respectively discovering the cable only 2 months ago island time, it feels like an eternity for the viewers, even without the live first broadcasts.
    The writers keep risking showing us something and then not raising it back up until several seasons later. We don't even know what Adam and Eve are yet and they were discovered before even the Cable.
    However, returning to the cable in this episode, onlyt helps to allay fears that the writers don't know what they are doing. Even if they don't know what they are doing at least they don't forget things that have introduced seasons ago and this is a good sign.
    Lost gets sexed up again in this episode as a seductive Kate visits Sawyer's tent for some sex. All this lovey-dovey stuff is not necessary to the Lost plotline but it does help keep Lost an all-rounder. Lest we forget that the series isnot just a sci-fi series and not just about an island. One thing that did peturbe me was the fact that there wasn't that much tension with Juliet this episode. Sawyer was all over Juliet with threats in "One of Us" but in this episode he remains at bay and any suspicions with Jack are held off too. Why would Sawyer be so reticent with Jack, enough to play Table Tennis with him or joke to him in front of Juliet. Luckily suspicions are raised again soon but this seems a little inconsistent, reminding me of when Claire was abducted and the next thing that Jack and Kate did was argue over a case.
    Lost does not want to repeat this literary technique too often. Lost is a series which relies on its momentum and you feel that it is building at this stage of the series. And it would only get better.....
  • A Desmond-centric episode.

    All things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the story lines in this episode were great. In my opinion, the flashbacks of Desmond's life were great. I loved the whole story line with Kate being upset about Jack and Juliet spending time together and seducing Sawyer in order to make herself feel better. That was definitely my favorite story line of the episode since Sawyer is one of my most favorite characters on the show. I only wish that Juliet had been featured more in this episode. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted, well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • Errrm....

    Lost has been on a roll for me. Basically, up to this point, with the exception of 1-2 slower episodes, every single one managed to score between Above Average and Perfect.

    But, this episode, really breaks that roll. Heck, this one comes off as THE lowest rated episode of Season 3 in my books.

    I was surprised to see so many Perfect ratings for this.... I think this episode was actually much duller than Stranger in a Strange Land.

    One of the main issues i have with this episode is that it was absolutely unneccessery.

    First of all, I liked the opening. Desmond seeing Charlie die was cool, as we finally saw it too. And of course, many of us thought it actually is reality ,not a flash. Anyway; it was nice. But from there on... spend 15 minutes on preparing for a trek that we already see happen in the flash?

    That was somewhat silly. Because we already knew it would happen. And quite honestly, It's not much of an excitement to see how it happens, it's not like Desmond had to ask Ben to go with him. He only had to ask his friends.

    If anything, there were certain... MOMENTS that were good. The boys whistling, Jin telling them ghost stories in korean, Desmond daydreaming of Penny...

    Basically this episode is all about wether Desmond should sacrafice Charlie for Penny or not. He understands his vision as this: Charlie dies, Penny arrives on the island.

    But... he doesn't let Charlie die, and it's not Penny who comes to the island, but a stranger, who, actually, has a photo of Penny and Desmond. The End.

    Where was the excitement? Where was the juice? After this episode, there was nothing to talk about, really. Stranger landed on the island, and that's it.

    The flashbacks were... oh god. BORING. These flashbacks were 2 times worse than ANY of Kate's flashbacks , and yes... it was actually worse than "Whatever the Case May Be". Desmond as a monk? Ok. Desmond apologizes to his ex girlfriend? Ok. It's ok... I just don't care. 1. It didn't develop his character.
    2. It was irrevelant.
    3. Sadly, they tried to force a bible story parallel on the island plot which came off totally lame.
    4. Yawn.

    The only truly good thing was the Back and forth scenes with Desmond meeting Penny for the first time in the flashback and him removing the helmet of the girl who just landed on the island. And of course, the disappointment on Desmond's face was very similiar to my face expression.


    Predictable trek from A to B.
  • We have another series of flashbacks, in order to understand Desmond better this time, not his visions but his life upto the intial meeting with Jack in the stadium that time. We also see the jealousy in Kate,which causes her to have some mixed emotions.

    We see Desmond going through the jungle and we see that Charlie trips a wire and gets shot in the adam's apple by a crossbow bolt, then we see a parachutist hanging from the trees and Des cutting them down. We then see that it is one of Desmonds apperitions or foretellings. We then go back to reality and see that Des is talking to Charlie, explaining that they have to go on a little hike / overnighter, Charlie is all for it, especially when Des says that he can't tell him about it yet, but that they need to rope in Hurley and Jin.

    We have flashbacks to Des, this time in an abbey, talking to a monk regarding the task of silence as a test, some people take a day, some a week and some that need more time then longer. We then see Des robed and being a monk, putting labels on the bottles of wine and being told that it is £100 per bottle. Then a visitor comes into see Brother Desmond, punches him and then asks for forgiven.

    We see that all the boys are packed for their boys outing, explaining to Jin the notion of camping, he is all game, so they trek along the beach until they find the cable in the sand, as foretold by Des as he pictures the events unfold as predicted. They camp the night at the spot on the beach.

    Flashback time to Des, this time explaining to a girl, why with only hours to go until the wedding he called it off, even though everything was bought and paid for, she says it was a good job that he was helped up by a monk rather than a shepherd !!!!

    We see Des having images in his head, a helicopter, a parachutist, a red flashing light then it is time to wait and see for it to play through, but it still has Charlie with an arrow in his neck.

    We go back to the Abbey, with Des getting drunk on the wine, the head abbott not being too pleased and sacking him. Then Des handing back his robe the following day and being asked that if he helps with some loading then he'll get a lift into town. The loading is for Penny Widmore, who hits it off with Des.

    The helicopter can be heard, it crashes, but he is forced to wait til first light before exploring, which they do, they find a rucksac on a rest, they prevent Charlie getting an arrow in the neck and then we see the parachutist, who calls Desmonds name, he removes the helmut but its not Penny.
  • wow!

    Led by flashes, Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle where they discover Naomi, a parachutist. Kate turns to Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet. Flashbacks show Desmond's time as a monk and his meeting Penny. What a start to an episode we all thought Charlie had it there but alas my friends it was one of Desmonds visions, but this kept us on the edge of our seats (as usual), waiting to see if Charlie gets saved or not.
    What an end aswell, another amazing twist in the Lost storyline a helicopter crash with a women survivour we have never seen before.
  • Desmond !!!

    Boring is one word you might describe this episode but I described it as a small break from the excitement. From the beginning of the third season of Lost I have been sitting on the edge of my seat jumping up and down from the adrenolin rush Lost always gives me so this episode was more of a calm down kind of episode. Nothing much happened. Desmond sees Charlie's death again but he also sees Penny ( the love of his life ) land on the island but Charlie has to die for that to happen so Desmond is torn between sacrificing Charlie or the probability of him not seeing Penny again. The episode was alright. I never expected Lost to sink to a rating lower than eight but these things happen. Favorite character from this episode : Penny !! I liked how she flirted with Desmond in his flashbacks. She has atittitude !! Friends oponions : 1) 3 out 10. 2) 10 out of 10. 3) 9 out of 10. 4) 8 out of 10. 5) 10 out of 10.

    Episode spotlight was on : Desmond :) Great stuff
  • Penny?

    Desmond has flashbacks to when he became a monk, got fired, and met Penny.

    Desomond has visions of him, Hurley, Jin, and Charlie in the jungle. Charlie dies and someone new and special to Desmond may be on the island. They see a flare. They find a backpack and a picture of Desmond and Penny. Desmond saves Charlie. They find someone hanging from a tree. Desmond believes it is Penny, but it is not. Kate seems jealous of Jack and Juliet. She sleeps with Sawyer.

    This episode was great! I don't think Kate should've done that with Sawyer because of jealousy. The Penny thing was interesting! I think she is looking for him. This episode gets a 9.0!
  • Continuation of the ridiculous Lost love quadrangle of doom that everyone's had just about enough of already

    How many times can the writers point out to us that Kate wants to have her cake and eat it too? Throughout all the seasons so far, she's had Jack and Sawyer right where she wants them and her and Sawyer finally acted on their feelings in the latest season, which Jack was aware of. The producers led us to believe 'whoever Kate chooses in the mini-arc will be her definitive choice'. Well, either they've got selective memory issues, or they're taking us for fools with this one. Because guess what? The triangle? Still not over. And there's a new member now, Juliet, making it a love rhombus I guess.

    Jack and Juliet would potentially make a great couple. She brings out a side of Jack that is actually endearing, which I never thought I'd say. But that damn Kate keeps getting in the way. Jack impressed me in the scene with Kate; he sort of shrugged her off, pretending to be noticing her flirting but not really acting like he cares either - all I can say is, well done Jack. Kate does stupid things in this episode like licking a spoon before sharing it with Jack, getting jealous of Jack eating dinner with Juliet, and going to Sawyer's tent and making the moves on him - whilst crying. Oh, please. Writers, why bring Kate down to this level? Why keep centering her between Jack and Sawyer like this? She's merely 'the object of the main guy leads' affections' in this show, and the whole thing's just silly and getting really old now.

    The Desmond-related scenes were the saving graces of the episode. Yes, the stuff with saving Charlie once again is repetitive, but the episode's climax with the woman parachuting onto the island is well worth watching. I think this should be a lesson to the writers - cut down on the Jack-Kate-Sawyer melodrama, especially if you can't write decent dialogue for them in the romantic sense.
  • Desmond foresees Charlie's death... again.

    This was certainly a peculiar episode for Desmond. It showed how he met Penelope. I certainly didn't think it was as good as the last Desmond episode, but it was ok. I yawned three times though during that part, either because I was bored, or because I was tired. Your pick.

    Throughout this episode Demond foresees Charlie getting hit in the neck in the arrow, and then dying. Afterwards, he foresees Penelope coming to him. Well, after a long contemplation he finally decides to save Charlie the split second before death, but then, the girl who was exposed to be Penelope is a girl that knows who Desmond is, but is not Penelope. Mysterious...

    I hate Kate now, she openly took from Sawyer that she used him to get even with Juliet and Jack. Gosh, I hope Kate gets what is coming to her. Juliet is still awesome though. It was a superb episode, not as good as the last one, but sitll good.
  • Bang!

    Led by flashes, Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle where they discover Naomi, a parachutist. Kate turns to Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet. Flashbacks show Desmond's time as a monk and his meeting Penny. What a start to an episode we all thought Charlie had it there but alas my friends it was one of Desmonds visions, but this kept us on the edge of our seats (as usual), waiting to see if Charlie gets saved or not.
    What an end aswell, another amazing twist in the Lost storyline a helicopter crash with a women survivour we have never seen before.
  • Superb episode. Desmond living in the trap of foreseeing.

    I adore the foreseeing storyline and another Desmond episode this season. Yey. What more to wish. And this one looks quite dark and not happy ending - for Charlie. And Desmond has decision to make - follow what he saw and let Charlie die in hope to find Petty or save his friend. And that is what it means to live with knowing what will happen and be afraid that your actions will change things.

    Super episode. All that tracking, filling the visions, and the flashbacks. More facts about Desmond life. I adore the new character flashbacks as they are fresh and there is always something new and informing - some of the older character's flashbacks seems to get nothing new.

    Good episode
  • What LOST is all about!

    Yeah, It wasn't as action-packed as 'One of us' but It was still very good, I loved it! Having the reality that Desmond was leading Charlie to his death was pretty scarey and emotional, you know wondering if he'd die or not. It had some very funny parts like with Jin and Hugo. Kate's jelousy of Jack & Juliet and then having sex with Sawyer wasn't really the right thing to do but oh well? As the episode went on Desmond started having these strange but intersting visions of Penny coming to the island to rescue them or something. It was suspsensful and exciting.

    The flashbacks of Desmond were nice because he was taught a valuable lesson about being honest to the women you love, very good.
    Charlie was saved by Desmond just before his predicted death came along. Good on ya Desmond, but is his plan really ruined? The end told us that, sort of. It WASN'T Penny but someone else! Who and why?

    Overall, I'd classify as being a special episode because of the story but it was superb! Can't wait for 'D.O.C'!
  • A new arrival marks the establishment of the final phase of the season.

    Of the loose ends from the season two cliffhanger, two haven't been addressed: Michael and Walt on the boat and the discovery of the island by the Portuguese men. Many speculated how much time would be devoted to this storyline this season, and whether we'd be taken off the island for a long period for Penelope's quest. Since they decided to keep the real-time story island based and that it would take some time to get the available crew to the area, it makes sense that we wouldn't hear a follow up until now. So with that we turn to another Desmond story. It is the least satisfying of the three we've seen so far, but considering the two prior, it's still a solid episode laying the foundation for the conclusion of the season. His flashbacks in this episode served more to deepen our understanding of Desmond and his cowardice than provide major revelations, unless how he came to call everyone "brother" counts.

    Desmond, like Locke, is driven by faith and destiny. After a drunken night before his wedding, he met a monk and decided that a life devoted to the church was where he was supposed to be. That decision reflected a deep cowardice towards his relationship with Ruth, who clearly took it hard. Instead of facing the fact that he wasn't in love or ready for marriage, he used fate as a justification for it.

    Unlike Locke, Desmond hasn't had the sense of a higher purpose. Desmond feels his life is leading somewhere, but he doesn't know what that is. Anytime he made a mistake in his life, he considered it merely a step towards his destiny. In the flashbacks, his ill advised time in the monastery lead him to the love of his life. While Locke has gone for big signs (finding his missing father, crashing on the island), Desmond is picking up anything that comes by and reading it as a sign of his higher calling.

    Ruth's comments about Desmond placing so much importance upon who found him after his stupor offer an ironic foreshadowing. Eventually in the hatch, Desmond was discovered by a Shepard (Jack, albeit a different spelling than the profession). When Desmond contemplated suicide, it was Locke's anguish that pulled him back from the brink. It's never been clear, but it would be interesting to know what Desmond thought about the castaways breaking in to the hatch.

    When he was first introduced, there were hints of Desmond's cowardice, as he bolted towards the then unknown "Elizabeth" when the computer malfunctioned. After several more instances, it has become a defining aspect of his character. Now we're given a scenario where Desmond's behavior is in a different light. Desmond believes he has two possible outcomes: reunite with Penny or save Charlie. With the story of Abraham and Isaac on his mind, he's wondering if saving Charlie is ultimately going against the fate he believes in. However, his active way of sparing Charlie could be the first step to his redemption. He's willing to give up something he wanted for the safety of another and not ready to accept things outside of his control.

    Desmond's last flashback (so to speak) explained that the weird premonitions he had were flashes of future events, primarily involving Charlie's death. This episode shows what he meant by flashes. It's understandable that these are taking a toll on Desmond, as the random scattered images of events to come would be traumatizing to see played out repeatedly and to have no power over them. Whether he can learn to control this will likely be a major piece of his story.

    It also set up the notion of "course correction". While Desmond has the ability to change what will happen in his flashes, this will change the "image". Preventing something bad in one instance could set up for another bad thing later. In this case, it is Charlie's death, which recurs in different ways every time after Desmond saves him. This explains Desmond's mindset, as he is unsure whether saving Charlie will prevent him from his reunion.

    Unlike prior confirmed flashes, Desmond had an active role in making the trek in the jungle happen (besides Charlie dying), including bringing people along for the sole reason of them appearing in the flash. Would they have gone had Desmond not gotten the vision? Would they have gone out into the jungle had they stayed on the beach? Could they even hear the helicopter crash into the ocean from their camp? Such circular thinking makes this episode's title especially appropriate.

    This brings up many questions about the function of the flashes. It's possible that they are a self-conscious entity and wanted Desmond to go into the jungle to find the parachutist, so they sent him a vision of the future where it happened. Perhaps Ms. Hawking was the manifestation of that, much like The Architect of "The Matrix" films.

    Ms. Hawking, whom Desmond encountered in "Flashes" appears briefly in a horribly doctored photo (it's like they just cut them out of other pictures and pasted them together). Is there a difference between that woman and the person Desmond encountered in his first flash or did the entity assume her form? It would be far more compelling them be the same and to have her working with Brother Campbell to guide Desmond to the island, which gives more weight to the popular "recruiter theory".

    Much like "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", we get a bunch of great comic scenes between Hurley, Charlie & Jin. Storytime with Jin was a highlight (I actually saw this episode with a native Korean speaker, who gave the rest of us the gist as to what the story was) and Charlie and Hurley's debate over who would win in a foot race feels like the type of conversation they should be having more often.

    The introduction of the parachutist, later named Naomi, is the effective starting point for the conclusion of the season. As Ben prepares for his major attack on the castaways, having a new person thrown in the mix could turn out to be a major problem for him, since he won't be able to gather as much intel as possible about her (it hasn't been mentioned how much The Others know about Desmond).

    With the Portugese copy of "Catch-22" and a copy of Desmond's photo, it's a safe assumption that she is among those we saw in the listening station from "Live Together, Die Alone", who were Portugese as well. It obviously took a few weeks for them to assemble and get there as well, so the timeline fits.

    Producers had teased of a new, non-flashback, non-castaway, non-Other, character, and she is presumably it. While some, with Nikki and Paolo still fresh in their minds, may roll their eyes at this new arrival, it seems like the logical next step, which has been hinted at in "One of Us". For the first time, we're going to see how the outside world has reacted to Flight 815.

    The least compelling of the storylines this week involved Kate's jealousy over Juliet and Jack's bonding. Too much emphasis is placed on which man Kate will choose, and ultimately her character suffers because of it. What would be compelling is to explore this from an alliance point of view. Although she helped Claire, Juliet still isn't on solid ground with everyone and Jack's prolonged absence could seriously affect his leadership status. Or they could've mentioned the consequences of the late night trysts between Kate and Sawyer. As mentioned several times, it's not likely there are a lot of reliable birth control methods on the island (unless they don't want to offend some people by showing Dharma condoms or birth control pills).

    Ultimately, this episode does a good job setting up the stage for the final episodes, with certain elements brought back to the front that will become pivotal. More time is given to develop Desmond's flashes, which will likely be a major force in Desmond's story.
  • Good grief, Desmond!

    I don't really care about Charlie, but seeing him get shot in the throat is one of the most gut-wrenching things I have ever seen. I almost lost my dinner! Of course, it was just a flashback. But when it came time for it to actually happen, I almost believed for a moment that it would come to pass! I was on the edge of my seat. Undoubtedly the most suspenseful moment of the series so far. I still don't understand why Charlie had to die for Desmond to find "Penny". Wouldn't that have slowed them up more?
  • I didn't have hopes for this episode, but once again I was proven wrong.

    I didn't have hopes for this episode, but once again I was proven wrong. Desmond's storyline kind of bored me, I was more glued to the whole Sawyer/Kate storyline. Sawyer shows his dedication to Kate by making her a mixtape, but it wasn't enough for Kate who secretly was jealous of Juliet and Jack's frienship. I can't stand Jack anymore, he seems so different, but he can definitely pull off a pink shirt as he did in this episode.
  • Kate! You bad, bad, bad, bad girl! Sex is not the answer to jealousy! (Though Sawyer sure appreciated it.) Desmond's stuck in a Catch-22... and an arrow flies into someone's (or something's) neck...!

    Ohhhh my God Charlie is dead Charlie is dead save the junkie save the world failed oh no they killled him they killed him ARGH--oh. Just another flash. Excuse me. Yes, if you are crazy like me, you knew it was a flash because he's got an flash coming up, and it isn't the zombie season yet. Not flashBACK, just Dessy flash. Man, the predicament him and Charles are stuck in sucks. That's what I call a Catch-22, all right. And Desmond saves a ravishing Portugese woman he thought was Penny! Don't forget the whole "firing a monk" shtick. Loved that. Meanwhile, on the island... Finally, Sawyer wins at SOMETHING. It is about time! He trounced Jack in a game of ping pong, and I think he wants his mangoes back. Kate sees Jack hanging out with Juliet and sharing oatmeal and feels a little lovesick. So what does she do? Jealous sex with Sawyer. Yuck. Don't forget the mixtape. Classic. But what if Dessy just let the arrow fly into Charlie's throat? Would it have been Penny instead of madam Portugal? Or would it not matter? Guess we'll have to keep watching. Until 318 D.O.C...
  • Desmondo has more visions concerning not only Charlie's impending death, but also the arrival of a new person on the island. Des, Hurley, Charlie, and Jin take off to see what's up.

    This episode was just alright in it's content. LOST is a fantastic show, but the flashbacks are beginning to lose their flavor. This time we found out why Desmond needs to call people "brother" all of the time and how he and Penny met. Otherwise, the flashback sequence was not that signficant. Poor Charlie was shown getting it in the gullet at least three times (the first time I screamed out loud, much to the dismay of my friends who all jumped 10 feet in the air). Stuff going on elsewhere on the island was of no extreme significance either. Finally, they locate a body hanging from a tree which is soooo Penny... but wait... it's not. Crap. LOST.
  • What would you do?

    Man, that's what I'm talking about!

    The plot: Desmond has another vision which tells him not only how Charlie is going to die, but that he's going to do so when helping Desmond to search for Penny, who according to Desmond's vision is coming to the Island.

    The problem is: will Desmond not only risk Charlie's life, but directly lead him to his death, in order not to change the future that he believes will bring Penny, the person he loves the most, to the Island?

    I must say Henry Ian Cusick's performance was outstanding on this episode. He seriously incorporated the drama Desmond was facing, having to choose between love and doing the right thing. He surely was tormented between the life of his friend and a life beside his loved one. And the decision was made only on the brink point of no return, naturaly.

    His flashback scenes brought more information about his past, but at the same time led us to a new question - what is the connection between Ms. Hawkwing and Brother Campbell? What the two persons who put Desmond in his path to the Island have in common?

    Also, what's in store for Naomi, the person who just crashed on the Island, probably looking for Desmond in Penny's command?

    One thing I can tell you for sure: the fact the book with Desmond and Penny's photo in it was written in Portuguese is a huge tip that she'll play a significant part in whatever is coming.

    Many fans believed Rodrigo Santoro was hired because he speaks English and Portuguese (the language used in the 2nd season finale). But since his character's death the show again needed someone that speaks english and portuguese in my opinion. And although Marsha Thomason doesn't speak Portuguese, I believe Naomi, her character, does.

    But as many things in Lost we have to stay tuned to find out. And you can bet I will!
  • Desmond meets Penny for the first time via flashback, a new visitor arrives to the island, and Hurley, Desmond, Jin, and Charlie go camping (even though they camp everyday just by living on the island).

    Really enjoyed Sawyer's 'Perverts' remark when found out The Others had a camera on his cage and also 'You two discussing which is your favourite Other' - when he saw Jack and Juliet talking.

    Never could have guessed Penny and Des met at a monastery. I am glad Desmond sacrificed his own happiness by,changing events, in order to save Charlie. Desmond is a great guy and loyal friend. I think we are being led to believe that Desmond travelled back in time when the hatch imploded. However, I think what really happened is that he went into the future near the point of his death and then from there went back in time where he ended up on floor with spilled paint sharing an apartment with Penny. I think he is not seeing the future but instead remembering the past. If he only went into the past he would only remember things up until the hatch imploded but nothing after that...unless he went into the future too. It would tie-in to being able to know when to read the last Charles Dickens book before dying. Supposedly people have their life 'flash' before their eyes and Ep 8 of season 3 is called 'Flashes Before Your Eyes'. Make any sense? I think the paint can had the letters 'FUTUR' on it - I may be mistaken. It's my 2 cents anyway.
  • Thrilling. I couldn't hold my breath until the last moment.

    The chapter begins with one of Desmond's visions. In the vision, as expected, Charlie dies yet another time. Other than that Desmond sees there an aircraft passing the island's skies and a parachuter. Desmond tries to convince the 3 other people he saw in the vision: Hurly, Charlie and Jun to come with him in order to duplicate it, but he neglects to inform Charlie, that his life is once again at risk. Everything goes according to the vision, and a doubt begins to rise whether Desmond is going to sacrifice Charlie for Penny, his ex girlfriend, that he assumed he saw on the vision. On the last moment Desmond saves Charlie's life from one of "Rousseau's deadly traps". The parachuter is also revealed not to be Penny in the end...
  • i thought this episode was ahhh weird

    i thought this episode was great or thought it wasent penny it is still another person on the island right? it might even have flash backs for who ever this person is and i thought it was cool seeing the flashes of and charlie getting killed.

    and sawyer lol.

    in the next 2 weeks i think lost will answer the dharma!

    enyways i guess i goto wait
  • Another triumph for mediocre writing...

    "Lost" has lost it all. Most of the third season has been a disaster, the scripts are mostly lost beyond recognition and the amount of unsolved questions getting stacked on top of each other never seem to end. This episode just confirms everything I've written. Again we have to suffer the focus of one of the most damagaging characters to the serie: Desmond. His jargong is riddled with "Brother" and "Man", his acting below freezingpoint and he kills every frame he's in. This venom-presence have now finally made me decide NOT to watch "Lost" anymore. I've Lost hope, I've Lost interest since Lost lost everything that made this something Very Special. The scripts go from bad to worse, the acting suffer and the storylines jump around without ever settling. Flashbacks within flashbacks, all logic cast aside etc - this serie has, from season 2 and on in a escalating tempo, destroyed everything it once was. The original, vibrant, crisp, intelligent, human and mindboggling show from season one is all Lost.

    I'm tired of being treated like a jerk by scriptwriters who have no sense of direction or being believable in what they write. This is a weekly abuse of an audience who praised the screen Lost was put on, when it once aired. Now it's just loose ends upon loose ends. There is no mainstory anymore, everything is fillers upon fillers - one show about one charachter, the next about another and the next about yet another and another and another. Since new characters are spread like confetti, there's plenty to go around. We get glimpses, a lot out of context, from Sawyer and the original cast. The mystical forces of the island are now just stupid and impossible to believe. Who cares about the Dharma-thing now, anyway? The story and the mystery have dissolved into a Big nothing. With all the loose ends lying around, it would be easier just to pull the plug on the show right now. Don't feed us any more stupid stories, out of context-events etc. Just finish the damn thing, because this is embaressing. Everything that once worked for the show now works against it. If the original cast thought the show would promote their careers, well: that ship has sailed since season two.

    I'm thinking this is a J.J. Abrams-phenomenon. It was EXACTLY the same thing with "Alias", even if that remained a good show for a bit longer. But after a outstanding first season and a very good second season, they went into a boring and confusing third season - where the stories and the actors got worse. Then a fourth season, which no-one could believe in, treating the audience like idiots with plotlines which competed in stupidity. Then the last fifth season, where the show was lost beyond recognition - no-one cared, everyone wanted to go home, everything was so way below average that they pulled the plug on the show and a lot of people didn't even notice that it had gone. What a shame - to have a strong development of a theme just turn into rigor mortis and even more rigor mortis. The same thing with "Lost" and I know I'm not the first one to say it. I have my doubts about Abrams future. The third "Mission impossible" didn't pull it off. His modus operandi of creating something new and fresh which captures an audience for a while, then just dies - about the same time as he decides to move on to another project - it does feel a bit cynical. What if he instead had stayed, put as much effort in season two and three as in the first one? Together with Lindelof and the rest. What we instead are faced with is a monument of bad writing and how to dismantle a beautiful show, that could have been one-in-a-lifetime. Really. Every new episode of "Lost" is another tombstone on the churchyard of this show, where we hope all loose ends soon will be buried. This viewer will suffer no more. Thanks for the first season, guys - you Were great.
  • Lost is getting better!

    This was a good episode. I prefered the two previous episodes but it was still v good! Didn't get the ending - have we seen that women from the end before?? i thought the start and middle were really enjoyab;e but the end ruined it for me, i think they could have finished somewhere different. Still Lost seems to be back to its best, can't wait for the upcoming episodes!!
  • Catch 22 review

    First of all superman man is way better than The Flash.

    I was dissapointed that the writers actually expected to trick us with the arrow in charlie's throat thing. I mean was there anyone who actually thought they were going to kill charlie in the middle of a superman V Flash arguement opposed to in a heroic way.

    In desmonds vision he sees charlie killed. But then later in the flashback he sees charlie, hurley, and jin holding the net about to catch naomi. How can he hold the net if he died earlier. This might multiple version of the future.
  • Vision of death...vision of the past...a new person...

    Ok so this episode was one of the last 5 or so for the season...so we are expecting them to be good right? well this was i think was a good one. The story is focued on desmond and his newest vision. we get a peek at how his vision unfold in this episode and what he believes his vision are like He refers to them as a puzzle with the picture to check it...he also believe that the puzzle can change if things are changed by him. We see flash back of desmond as a monk...the only really significance is the fact that this is where i believe he learned to call people brother...and he meets penny...who i think has alot more to do with all this then we might know. So anyways while desmond is gathering up a group to fufill his vision there is tension with kate/jack/sawyer and in a minor way julliet. Obviously kates jelious cuz she doesn't have attention of jack...so she goes and gets a booty call from sawyer who doesn't mind be used that way but i think is trying to really put some emotions in this relationship...so thats really that...oh they play ping pong! so back to desmond...hes off with hurley jin and charlie to the beach when they hear and see a helocopter. they are watchign itwhen it starts to sound wierd and ends up crashing, but they see that someone some how got out and is parachuting down with a light becon. The whole time desmond believes this is penny coming to save him...so they head off looking for this person...the whole time desmond knows of charlies death and even see the thing that will kill him...you can tell he doesn't want to change anything in hopes that penny will come...but ultimatley in the ned he saves charlie. hes angry knowing something might happen but hes does it. They find the body and believe them to be dead, but when they got her down from the tree a new person has arrived. We don't know who she is or how she knows desmond...all we know is that something is about to happen. So with a new girl on the island what will happen? I guess we'll jsut have to wait and see.
  • This one contains everything a Lost 'fan' may ask for. I admit this is the first one ever of the entire series I watched over again immediately after watching it a 1st time, it really IS that good...

    Back on 'our' part of the island again, it contains everything you would have expected from a Classic Lost episode.
    Proves (after another pair of awesome episodes) that the third season -despite what some reviewers might acclaim- really CAN compete with its two predecessors. Twisted storylines or just plain well directed... Lost continues to intrigue, over and over again... in this episode we learn alot about Desmond, and the suspense of Charlie's approaching death -as probable according to Desmond's quite accurate visions. This episode has it all, both visually as just being very well-written... from Sawyer oneliners funny-as-hell 'till in-depth character development... don't miss this one. It's one of third season's best! And the Desmond episodes appear to be awesome every time if you ask my opinion. And what's even more interesting to maybe the further development of Lost, we see the probable introduction of a new character on the island, who against all surprises doesn't appear to be Desmond's long lost love Penelope as seen in his visions, but someone else who seems to know Desmond also! Eventually, lots of themes leave room for discussion and interpretation (again)... and that's a good thing!
  • Screamer

    If I could classify this episode I would call it a screamer because when I'm watching an episode that has me on the edge of my seat I get so excited/scared that I started screaming...well more like squeks. ANYWAY! At the begining I freaked out. Seeing Charlie die like that made me really mad. I don't really like Charlie that much but I definatly didnt want him to just die like that. But about half-way through the clip I realised that it was a vision and I calmed down. From that point on it was a very solid episode. I love that Sawyer and Jack are acting like buddies. Kate is seriously starting to bother me now because she is using Sawyer. She needs to make up her mind and either fight for Jack or go with the right choice and choose Sawyer :). Charlie and Hurley's talk about the Flash and Superman had me laughing. I love them together. And I was screaming yet again when they got to the parachutist. I wanted it so badly to be Penny. I was going around all week telling people it would be Penny. I shouldn't have been so nieve lol. Of course it wouldn't be Penny. Who is this Naomi chick tho? My guess is that she works for Penny (obviously) and was sent to find him. I can't wait for Wendsday!

    btw this in my opinion was the best of the season
  • Step into the mind of Desmond's horrific visions and have to watch the same man die over and over again....still it's better than having to watch Jack/Kate/Sawyer.

    I was torn this episode. The Desmond story was good. I was unsure about his "being a monk" backstory but since it was just him cowardly running away again I let it be and enjoyed it. I liked that what seems to be one of Penny's employees found Desmond and arrived on the island (even if she doesn't live) but I didn't love it. I got scared that Charlie would be offed and I realised that I'm not ready yet. Since we're still a-waiting for his own episode I'm nervous that it's coming up. I found repeatedly seeing him die quite horrible and I think they did a good job of making you understand why Desmond was ready to sacrifice Charlie (letting himself believe that Penny herself was coming to justify it).

    All of these things and more (particularly Team B aka Team Awesome going out on an exploration and Jin's brilliant campfire story) were pretty good for me.

    Kate's story, however, was excruciating. What the hell is going on? I found the whole storyline incredibly soap opera-ish and I really didn't like Kate or Sawyer's behaviour this episode at all. I was never a fan of this love triangle story but it's getting insufferable now IMO. Kate shouldn't've gone with either of them. She's a stronger more interesting character on her own.