Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Continuation of the ridiculous Lost love quadrangle of doom that everyone's had just about enough of already

    How many times can the writers point out to us that Kate wants to have her cake and eat it too? Throughout all the seasons so far, she's had Jack and Sawyer right where she wants them and her and Sawyer finally acted on their feelings in the latest season, which Jack was aware of. The producers led us to believe 'whoever Kate chooses in the mini-arc will be her definitive choice'. Well, either they've got selective memory issues, or they're taking us for fools with this one. Because guess what? The triangle? Still not over. And there's a new member now, Juliet, making it a love rhombus I guess.

    Jack and Juliet would potentially make a great couple. She brings out a side of Jack that is actually endearing, which I never thought I'd say. But that damn Kate keeps getting in the way. Jack impressed me in the scene with Kate; he sort of shrugged her off, pretending to be noticing her flirting but not really acting like he cares either - all I can say is, well done Jack. Kate does stupid things in this episode like licking a spoon before sharing it with Jack, getting jealous of Jack eating dinner with Juliet, and going to Sawyer's tent and making the moves on him - whilst crying. Oh, please. Writers, why bring Kate down to this level? Why keep centering her between Jack and Sawyer like this? She's merely 'the object of the main guy leads' affections' in this show, and the whole thing's just silly and getting really old now.

    The Desmond-related scenes were the saving graces of the episode. Yes, the stuff with saving Charlie once again is repetitive, but the episode's climax with the woman parachuting onto the island is well worth watching. I think this should be a lesson to the writers - cut down on the Jack-Kate-Sawyer melodrama, especially if you can't write decent dialogue for them in the romantic sense.
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