Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • We have another series of flashbacks, in order to understand Desmond better this time, not his visions but his life upto the intial meeting with Jack in the stadium that time. We also see the jealousy in Kate,which causes her to have some mixed emotions.

    We see Desmond going through the jungle and we see that Charlie trips a wire and gets shot in the adam's apple by a crossbow bolt, then we see a parachutist hanging from the trees and Des cutting them down. We then see that it is one of Desmonds apperitions or foretellings. We then go back to reality and see that Des is talking to Charlie, explaining that they have to go on a little hike / overnighter, Charlie is all for it, especially when Des says that he can't tell him about it yet, but that they need to rope in Hurley and Jin.

    We have flashbacks to Des, this time in an abbey, talking to a monk regarding the task of silence as a test, some people take a day, some a week and some that need more time then longer. We then see Des robed and being a monk, putting labels on the bottles of wine and being told that it is £100 per bottle. Then a visitor comes into see Brother Desmond, punches him and then asks for forgiven.

    We see that all the boys are packed for their boys outing, explaining to Jin the notion of camping, he is all game, so they trek along the beach until they find the cable in the sand, as foretold by Des as he pictures the events unfold as predicted. They camp the night at the spot on the beach.

    Flashback time to Des, this time explaining to a girl, why with only hours to go until the wedding he called it off, even though everything was bought and paid for, she says it was a good job that he was helped up by a monk rather than a shepherd !!!!

    We see Des having images in his head, a helicopter, a parachutist, a red flashing light then it is time to wait and see for it to play through, but it still has Charlie with an arrow in his neck.

    We go back to the Abbey, with Des getting drunk on the wine, the head abbott not being too pleased and sacking him. Then Des handing back his robe the following day and being asked that if he helps with some loading then he'll get a lift into town. The loading is for Penny Widmore, who hits it off with Des.

    The helicopter can be heard, it crashes, but he is forced to wait til first light before exploring, which they do, they find a rucksac on a rest, they prevent Charlie getting an arrow in the neck and then we see the parachutist, who calls Desmonds name, he removes the helmut but its not Penny.