Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Errrm....

    Lost has been on a roll for me. Basically, up to this point, with the exception of 1-2 slower episodes, every single one managed to score between Above Average and Perfect.

    But, this episode, really breaks that roll. Heck, this one comes off as THE lowest rated episode of Season 3 in my books.

    I was surprised to see so many Perfect ratings for this.... I think this episode was actually much duller than Stranger in a Strange Land.

    One of the main issues i have with this episode is that it was absolutely unneccessery.

    First of all, I liked the opening. Desmond seeing Charlie die was cool, as we finally saw it too. And of course, many of us thought it actually is reality ,not a flash. Anyway; it was nice. But from there on... spend 15 minutes on preparing for a trek that we already see happen in the flash?

    That was somewhat silly. Because we already knew it would happen. And quite honestly, It's not much of an excitement to see how it happens, it's not like Desmond had to ask Ben to go with him. He only had to ask his friends.

    If anything, there were certain... MOMENTS that were good. The boys whistling, Jin telling them ghost stories in korean, Desmond daydreaming of Penny...

    Basically this episode is all about wether Desmond should sacrafice Charlie for Penny or not. He understands his vision as this: Charlie dies, Penny arrives on the island.

    But... he doesn't let Charlie die, and it's not Penny who comes to the island, but a stranger, who, actually, has a photo of Penny and Desmond. The End.

    Where was the excitement? Where was the juice? After this episode, there was nothing to talk about, really. Stranger landed on the island, and that's it.

    The flashbacks were... oh god. BORING. These flashbacks were 2 times worse than ANY of Kate's flashbacks , and yes... it was actually worse than "Whatever the Case May Be". Desmond as a monk? Ok. Desmond apologizes to his ex girlfriend? Ok. It's ok... I just don't care. 1. It didn't develop his character.
    2. It was irrevelant.
    3. Sadly, they tried to force a bible story parallel on the island plot which came off totally lame.
    4. Yawn.

    The only truly good thing was the Back and forth scenes with Desmond meeting Penny for the first time in the flashback and him removing the helmet of the girl who just landed on the island. And of course, the disappointment on Desmond's face was very similiar to my face expression.


    Predictable trek from A to B.
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