Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Hurley tells Desmond he can't move much faster because he's "not exactly the Flash", a lens flare briefly appears on screen at exactly the same time the word "flash" is said.

    • The flashback should have been taken place in 1994, because in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" Desmond says to Mr. Widmore that he and Penelope have been together for 2 years, yet that conversation occurred in 1996 which is only one year later.

    • Jin's Korean language ghost story translates as: "And the girl turned to the man who saved her and said, 'Thank God. I was afraid you were the Hook Man.' And the man looked at the girl with a smile and said, 'Don't worry, little girl. My hook is....STILL IN YOUR FATHER'S HEAD!".

    • In Desmond's flash just after they've seen the crash and the parachute, a voice shouting "Hey, can you hear me?" can be heard in reverse. This is most likely Hurley's voice as he says this later when they cut the parachutist down.

    • In this episode we find out where Desmond got his mania of calling everyone "brother".

    • The title includes the number 22. 2+2=4; 2x2=4. 4 is one of the numbers.

    • The song Desmond sings when he is drinking wine in the abbey is "The Celtic Song" as sung by Celtic F.C. supporters.

    • Island events in this episode take place on December 16th and December 17th 2004.

    • The satellite phone's menu icons in order from top left to bottom right are: GPS, "Home" symbol, Files, Clock, Phone, Settings, Mail, and Uplink. Below that is a hazard sign that says: "INTERNAL ERROR".

    • Goof: When Desmond borrows the first aid kit from Jack he puts the bag over his shoulder. When the scene cuts to him walking away he's got the bag in his hands and he's putting the strap over his shoulder again.

    • Numbers: 108

      When Jack and Sawyer are playing Ping-Pong, Sawyer says "If we don't play every 108 minutes, the island is going to explode!" 108 is the sum of the mysterious numbers.

      This joke is a reference to the times they spent in the hatch, where a button had to be pushed every 108 minutes.

    • Numbers: 23, 4

      Ruth's house number is 234.

    • Numbers: 108

      The monk tells Desmond that they have bottled 108 cases of Moriah Vineyards wine.

    • When Desmond is labeling the monastery's wine, the vintage is 1995. The vintage sold to Penny's father is 1989. The label indicates that each vintage is a run of only 300 bottles.

    • Numbers: 4

      Desmond has saved Charlie's life four times.

    • Goof: The wine grown at the monastery is Cabernet Sauvignon, and is labeled a product of Scotland. Scotland is too cold to grow Cabernet Sauvignon, since it requires a moderately warm, semi-arid region to grow. This type of wine is usually made in California.

    • Although the parachute woman came by helicopter, she was using an outfit for both high altitudes and high G-Force conditions.

    • The monastery's wine brand "Moriah Vineyards" is an anagram for "harmed visionary" or "DHARMA vise irony."

    • Although Desmond's flashback shows Charlie dying of an arrow shot, it also shows Charlie helping to hold the parachute later on.

    • The book Desmond retrieves from the backpack Ardil-22 is a Portuguese translation of Joseph Heller's Catch-22. It appears to be one of the first editions of Brazilian publisher Record Editora.

    • Ms. Hawking , the jewelry store woman from "Flashes Before Your Eyes", appears in a picture on the head monk's desk when Desmond turns in his robes.

  • Quotes

    • (Jack and Sawyer playing ping-pong)
      Sawyer: It's kinda strange, uh? Being back. (Jack starts laughing) Something funny?
      Jack: Kate said the same thing in the kitchen last night.
      Sawyer: (unsettled) She did, uh?
      Jack: She did. (Sawyer doesn't pay attention and loses the point) 19 point.
      Sawyer: So, you guys ate together, huh?
      Jack: No, Juliet and I had dinner together last night.

    • Sawyer: What? My doorbell busted again? What the hell are you doing?
      Kate: Shut up and don't talk.
      (Kate kisses Sawyer)
      Sawyer: You cryin'?
      Kate: I said shut up!
      (Kate kisses Sawyer again)
      Sawyer: You got it.
      (Sawyer and Kate make out)

    • Kate: What's this?
      Sawyer: Your mix tape. (pause) Well, you gonna take it, or ain't ya?
      Kate: The Best of Phil Collins, huh?
      Sawyer: Don't get picky. And, if Bernard asks, I don't know a thing about it.
      Kate: Thanks, James.

    • Charlie: (picks up a hula doll) It can't be Rousseau's; if it was Rousseau's, a massive rock would be flying at my head right now.

    • Charlie: Why you lying to me, mate?
      Desmond: Look, mate, I've saved your life three times now. If that hasn't bought me your trust, I don't know what will.

    • Desmond: If the flashes don't happen exactly how I saw them, the picture changes. I was supposed to let you die, Charlie.
      Charlie: What's that supposed to mean?
      Desmond: It means it's bloody pointless! I keep saving your life and what good is it, then? It's just gonna keep happening again and again. Maybe that's the point, ya? Maybe, it's a test?
      Charlie: Test?
      Desmond: Like God testing Abraham. Except, that I failed because I changed what I saw.

    • Penny: I think we should be able to fit it all in the back. And, if not, we'll put the rest in the front. That alright?
      Desmond: Absolutely. You better drive safe, Miss, this vineyard only makes a limited number of the cases each year.
      Penny: Is that so?
      Desmond: Aye. It's 'cause the monks are lazy. Yeah, it's easier making grape jelly than wine.

    • Penny: And how do you know so much about monks?
      Desmond: Cause I'm an ex-monk.
      Penny: Really?
      Desmond: As of last night. I was fired... (Penny laughs) Oh, it wasn't that funny.
      Penny: I'm sorry. I never-- I didn't know monks could be fired.
      Desmond: Oh, they can. You know, I was told, under no uncertain terms, that the Abbey wasn't where I was meant to end up. Just a step along a path. You know, God allegedly has bigger plans for me!
      Penny: Something tells me you don't entirely believe that.
      Desmond: I suspect that's because I don't.
      Penny: Well, maybe they're right. I mean, just think. If you hadn't gotten fired, we wouldn't have met. And, then, how could you possibly help me unload these crates in Carlisle?
      Desmond: Heh, did I say I was coming to Carlisle with you?
      Penny: Not yet. I mean, of course, if an ex-monk already has plans, then--
      Desmond: You know, I don't usually get in cars with strangers.
      Penny: Well, in that case, I'm Penelope. Penny.
      Desmond: Desmond. Very nice to meet you, Penny.

    • (About Charlie getting killed)
      Charlie: You knew. Even before we set off, you knew all this time, didn't you?
      Desmond: Aye.
      Charlie: Well, then why didn't you say anything?
      Desmond: Because, if I told you the truth, you wouldn't have come!
      Charlie: Oh, and you needed me to come because I was part of your vision. You thought the only way you could get your girl back was if I took an arrow in the head! You're gonna sacrifice me?

    • Desmond: Hey, we'll move faster if we stop talking. She might be hurt.
      Hurley: I'm moving as fast as I can. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly The Flash.
      Charlie: The Flash is pathetic!
      Hurley: You've got something against the fastest man alive?
      Charlie: You're insane, mate. Superman could fly around the entire planet in the blink of an eye!
      Hurley: Dude, if we're going by a pure foot race, Supes would get dusted by The Flash.
      Charlie: But, why would the Man of Steel agree to a sodding foot race!?
      Hurley: Um, for charity. And The Flash would totally win cause he can, like, vibrate through walls and stuff.
      Charlie: (sarcastic) Ooh, vibration! And what would Superman do if he came up against a wall?
      Hurley: Well, no smashing allowed.
      Charlie: No flying, no smashing; any other restrictions I need to know about? Perhaps we should fit Superman with a pair of Kryptonite ballet slippers!

    • Campbell: Brother Desmond, what are you doing?
      Desmond: Well, I believe I'm getting pissed on our lovely wine.
      Campbell: That bottle of our lovely win fetches over 100 quid. We've only bottled 108 cases this year.
      Desmond: Well, it's just as well we've taken a vow of poverty then, isn't it?
      Campbell: We've also taken a vow of charity.
      Desmond: Right.
      (Brother Campbell sits down, Desmond passes him the wine, but Campbell pushes it away)
      Campbell: Something tells me, Desmond, that you're not cut out to be a monk.
      Desmond: Well, you know, I've had a tough week. (pause) I'm sorry for the wine. I'll take the penance.
      Campbell: I'm afraid you're beyond penance, Desmond.
      Desmond: Brother Desmond.
      Campbell: Not anymore.

    • Charlie: Why didn't you tell us [about the parachutist]?
      Desmond: Would you come if I had?
      Charlie: Of course. Why wouldn't I?
      Desmond: I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want anything to change.
      Charlie: Fair enough. Look, if whatever your seeing leads to your girl getting us rescued, why would we want to change anything, right?
      Desmond: Right.

    • Charlie: You think it's her, don't you?
      Desmond: Who?
      Charlie: Your girl, Penny. You think it's actually her who bailed out of the helicopter.
      Desmond: Earlier, I hoped it; now, I know it.

    • Sawyer: So, why'd you jump me last night?
      Kate: What?
      Sawyer: Was it 'cause you saw the Doc hanging out with Juliet?
      Kate: It is not like that.
      Sawyer: It's not? You ain't gotta use me, Freckles; all you have to do is ask.

    • Desmond: Look, yes, I was scared about the wedding; so, I had a few pints to many. Maybe, I - I raised my eyes and I asked, "Am I doing the right thing?" And that's the last thing I remember. And, when I woke up, I was lying on my back in the street and I don't know how I got there. And, there was this man standing over me, Ruth, and he reached out his hand and he said to me, "Can I help you, Brother?" And the first thing I noticed was the rope tied around his waist. And, I looked at him and I knew, I knew I was supposed to go with him. I was supposed to leave everything that mattered behind. Sacrifice all of it for a greater calling.
      Ruth: Well, it's a good thing a bloody shepherd didn't help you up; or I suppose you'd be off with the sheep, wouldn't you?

    • (To Jack and Juliet, who were talking)
      Sawyer: Hope I'm not interrupting. You two arguing over who's your favorite Other?

    • Jack: You a doctor or a carpenter?
      Juliet: What, your dad never taught you to use a hammer?
      Jack: Nah, my dad taught me how to drink.
      Juliet: Well, at least it's something.

    • Ruth: Why are you here, Desmond?
      Desmond: Well, now that my initiation is done, uh, I felt like I owed you an explanation.
      Ruth: Desmond, you can never begin to explain what you did. You left one week before the wedding. Everything was planned, bought, and paid for. You just disappeared.
      Desmond: I had a calling.
      Ruth: We dated for six years and the closest you ever got to a religious experience was Celtic winning the cup!

    • Charlie: Where are you going?
      Desmond: Out to where it fell. Come on, let's go.
      Charlie: No. Whoa, slow down. We're not gonna trudge out into the jungle in the middle of the night.
      Desmond: Yes, we are.
      Charlie: Were you even listening to Hurley when he mentioned Rousseau's death trap? Now, it's gonna be light in two hours - we'll wait until then.
      Desmond: She can't wait!
      Charlie: She?
      Desmond: Uh, they. Whoever it is could be hurt. We have to go, all four of us, now.
      Charlie: Why?
      Desmond: Because, that's the way it's supposed to happen.
      Charlie: Right, well I guess it's supposed to happen without me.

    • (About the blinking red light in the sky)
      Jin: Palette.
      Hurley: Nah, dude, you saw the beacon thing. Someone, like, ejected.
      Charlie: Yeah, but that was a helicopter; you can't eject from a helicopter.
      Hurley: Well, maybe they jumped. All that matters is that they're here.
      Charlie: They? How do we even know it's a person?
      Hurley: Because, [Desmond] said, "someone," was coming.

    • (About Penny)
      Charlie: So, how did you manage to leave her behind and come here?
      Desmond: Because, I'm a coward.
      Charlie: Sorry.
      Desmond: You and me both, Pal. You know, I tried to run away from her and she, she tracked me down. "With enough money and determination, you can find anyone," she said. That's how I get through my nights; I think that she actually meant it, that she never gave up. That maybe she spent the last three years looking for me.

    • Kate: It's strange, huh?
      Jack: What's that?
      Kate: Being back. Not looking for a way out of a cage, not finding a reason to go running off into the jungle again. I almost don't know what to do with myself.
      Jack: Well, enjoy it. I'm sure something'll go wrong soon enough.

    • Campbell: You do realize you are free to talk again, Brother Desmond.
      Desmond: Used to being quiet, I suppose. Moriah. I find the name the Brothers have chosen for the wine made here interesting.
      Campbell: And why is that, Brother?
      Desmond: Well, Moriah's a mountain where Abraham was asked to kill Isaac. It's not exactly the most festive local, is it?
      Campbell: And, yet, God spared Isaac.
      Desmond: Well, one might argue that God need not have asked Abraham to sacrifice his son in the first place.
      Campbell: Well, then it wouldn't have been much of test, would it, Brother? Perhaps you underestimate the value of sacrifice.

    • Charlie: How daft do you think I am? This isn't a camping trip. You've had another one of your visions, haven't you? What was it this time?
      Desmond: Someone's coming to the island.
      Charlie: Coming? As in, someone who's not already here? How the hell is that gonna happen?
      Desmond: I can't tell you.
      Charlie: It's got nothing to do with me?
      Desmond: Well, you're a part of it, yeah? As are Jin and Hurley.
      Charlie: Right, but, with all due respect, you haven't previously told Jin or Hurley that they're gonna die.
      Desmond: Well, that's not gonna happen; not this time.

    • Sawyer: Did you tell him?
      Kate: Did I tell who what?
      Sawyer: You know, did you tell the Doc ... about you and me?
      Kate: No, but he knows. He saw us in one of their surveillance monitors.
      Sawyer: I thought you said the camera was broken.
      Kate: Well, they had another camera.
      Sawyer: Perverts.

    • (About Desmond's 'twisted' ankle)
      Jack: You don't want me to take a look at it?
      Desmond: Nah, you're alright. I've taped my share of ankles...

    • Campbell: God tests our faith in many ways. So, as you well know, we have our own test here - a vow of silence that lasts as long as we see fit. This challenges both one's patience and his faith. For some, it may last a week; those we're less sure about, a month. Personally, Desmond, I never thought you'd last. And so now, I stand corrected. For whatever reason, your path has lead you here. And, now, you're one of us. Welcome, brother.

    • Desmond: Hey, where's the wire?
      Hurley: Did you eat those mushrooms Jack warned us about?
      Desmond: Listen, mate, there's a wire, a cable buried in the sand. Do you know what I'm talking about?
      Hurley: This is future crap, isn't it?

    • Desmond: Are you firing me?
      Campbell: I am, indeed.
      Desmond: You can't do that! I heard the call.
      Campbell: I'm sure you did hear the call, but the Abbey clearly isn't where you were meant to end up. I have little doubt that God has different plans than you being a monk, Desmond. Bigger plans!
      Desmond: Oh yeah, I'm sure he does!
      Campbell: He does! You've just spent too much time running away to realize what you may be running toward.
      Desmond: Hey, what am I supposed to do now?
      Campbell: Whatever comes next.

    • Hurley: Look, dude. You want me to take you to the wire, I want an explanation.
      Desmond: I saw a sequence of events, things that are going to happen.
      Hurley: What'd you see?
      Desmond: It was, it was like a sorta jigsaw puzzle. Only, I didn't have the picture on the box so, I don't know how the pieces fit exactly, but one of the pieces, the first one, it was your pulling the cable out of the sand.
      Hurley: So, what are the other pieces?
      Desmond: If I tell you that, it'll change the picture in the box.

    • Sawyer: Hey, Freckles, you home?
      Kate: Thought you weren't allowed to use nicknames.
      Sawyer: Well, you weren't around when I lost the bet so you're (He walks in on her changing) ... exempt

    • Jin: Who is Penny?
      Hurley: She's a chick Desmond used to date, and now he thinks she fell from the sky. So we're going to go save her life and she's going to get us rescued. Dude, even if I spoke Korean it wouldn't make any sense.

    • (Looking at a picture that was in a book in a bag that fell from the helicopter)
      Desmond: Oh my god.
      Hurley: Is that you?
      Hurley: And who is she?
      Charlie: That would be Penny.

    • (Jack and Sawyer are playing ping pong)
      Jack: Where'd you get the table?
      Sawyer: Don't you recognize it? Fell out of the purple haze after the hatch went blammo. If we don't play every 108 minutes, the island's gonna explode.

    • Sawyer: You need me to make you a mix tape?
      Kate: Yeah, why don't you do that?

  • Notes

    • Though credited, Michael Emerson (Ben), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Terry O'Quinn (Locke), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), and Yunjin Kim (Sun) do not appear in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 16, 2007 on Kanal 5
      The Netherlands: October 19, 2007 on Net 5
      Belgium: October 29, 2007 on VT4
      Spain: Monday November 5, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      The Czech Republic: Sunday December 23, 2007 on TV Nova
      Macedonia: Sunday December 30, 2007 on A1
      Germany: Monday January 21, 2008 on Pro7
      Italy: Monday January 28, 2008 on RAI 2
      Middle East: Sunday February 1, 2009 on MBC action

    • This was the first episode of LOST available for download in widescreen, 16:9, format from iTunes.

    • A Desmond-centric episode.

  • Allusions

    • "Catch-22" is a reference to the novel Catch-22 written by Joseph Heller and published in 1961. It is a satirical fiction that tells the story of the US army in World War II, and centers around the experiences of a soldier, Yossarian.

      The phrase 'Catch-22' is used to denote a situation that's outcome depends on a contradictory thing happening, thus making the first thing impossible to happen. In this episode, Desmond's vision suggests he cannot find the parachutist without Charlie but, if Charlie comes along, he will be killed by one of Rousseau's traps and they won't find the parachutist.

    • Arrow of time
      The arrow that was first seen in Desmond's glimpse of the future killing Charlie, and later missed killing Charlie through Desmond's intervention, might be representative of the Time's Arrow. This is an idea which was first brought up by British astronomer Arthur Eddington and made popular by Stephen Hawking's "A Briefer History of Time". There has been a novel of the same name written by Martin Amis, as well as an episode of the Sci Fi shows "Sliders" and "Star Trek: TNG". The idea behind the Time's Arrow revolves around the movement of time in one direction, but allowing it as well to move in the completely other direction. Originally when Desmond saw the arrow kill Charlie, he saw that he would be reunited with his love Penny. That was Desmond's driving force behind looking for the parachutist. When Desmond stops Charlie from getting impaled by the arrow, he changed time, or changed the direction of "Time's Arrow". Considering Desmond may have affected time before, this representation may be accurate.

    • Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze: Sawyer claims the ping pong table fell from the "purple haze" - referring to the implosion of the Swan - a reference to this song recorded in 1967 by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    • The mix tape Sawyer gives Kate says "The Best Of Phil Collins". Phil Collins is an English singer-songwriter, drummer and actor.

    • Hurley: Have you heard the one about the Chupacabra?

      Chupacabra is a cryptid that has been reported to inhabit both parts of the Americas, but more specifically Puerto Rico and Mexico. It is a creature that reportedly attacks and drinks the blood of livestock, especially goats. According to descriptions, it is the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail.

    • Charlie and Hurley discuss who would win in a footrace between Superman and The Flash.

      Superman and The Flash are DC comic book heroes. Superman is "faster than a speeding bullet" while the Flash possesses "super speed."

      The two have raced several times in the comic books and each race has either ended in a draw or The Flash winning.

    • Afternoon Delight: When Sawyer suggests to Kate they have some "Afternoon Delight", he is alluding to the song by the same name, released in 1976 by the Starland Vocal Band. It has since become synonymous for making love in the afternoon.

    • The Colonel Bogey March:

      Classic British military piece, made famous as the theme of the 1957 Best Picture Winner The Bridge on the River Kwai. The tune is whistled by Jin, Desmond, Hurley and Charlie as they trek over the island to their date with destiny. It is first used in the film as British POWs whistle it as they march to the jungle prison camp to learn their fate to build the bridge.

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