Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2007 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Penny: And how do you know so much about monks?
      Desmond: Cause I'm an ex-monk.
      Penny: Really?
      Desmond: As of last night. I was fired... (Penny laughs) Oh, it wasn't that funny.
      Penny: I'm sorry. I never-- I didn't know monks could be fired.
      Desmond: Oh, they can. You know, I was told, under no uncertain terms, that the Abbey wasn't where I was meant to end up. Just a step along a path. You know, God allegedly has bigger plans for me!
      Penny: Something tells me you don't entirely believe that.
      Desmond: I suspect that's because I don't.
      Penny: Well, maybe they're right. I mean, just think. If you hadn't gotten fired, we wouldn't have met. And, then, how could you possibly help me unload these crates in Carlisle?
      Desmond: Heh, did I say I was coming to Carlisle with you?
      Penny: Not yet. I mean, of course, if an ex-monk already has plans, then--
      Desmond: You know, I don't usually get in cars with strangers.
      Penny: Well, in that case, I'm Penelope. Penny.
      Desmond: Desmond. Very nice to meet you, Penny.