Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2005 on ABC
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After the tragic events in the jungle, Ana Lucia panics, putting everyone's safety in danger. Meanwhile, Mr. Eko takes Sawyer with him to find the doctor, leading to the dramatic introduction of a full Oceanic Flight 815 survivor community. Flashbacks reveal Ana Lucia's troubled life as a cop.moreless

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  • Ana Lucia

    Highlighted by a fantastic final act and a backstory to Ana Lucia that gives her character more depth, the survivors' reunion unfortunately played out predictably, but the door is finally open for season two to begin its main plot structure.
  • Some real payoffs here!

    Some deeply rewarding payoffs, only possible because the writers made the setups long, long ago.

    Lost shows just how rewarding long, multi-episode story arcs can be, for the patient viewer.

  • Awesome.

    Mr. Eko brings Sawyer to the hatch for medical attention. The tail section survivors reunite with the fuselage survivors. In flashbacks, Ana Lucia is a police officer and kills a man in cold blood after he killed her unborn child. I love Ana Lucia's back story - very interesting character. I love the scene where Mr Eko and Sayid fight and the scene after it. I love the scene with Rose and Jack and then Charlie, Hurley and Kate playing golf and then Jack joins in. Sawyer is nrealy dying so Mr Eko takes him to the doc. I love Jack and Kate playing golf and then Eko arrives. I also love the scene with John and Eko - awesome. I love it when Kate and Jack are looking after Sawyer. Oh and the ending is awesome - especially when Rose and Bernard are reunited.moreless
  • End of The Introdutory Phase!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    And when you think that this writing Style of Delaying things is over, the writers just show you that is not.

    Again delaying Sayid and Ana Lucia was necessary for them, until the near end of this episode.

    The two tribes are reunited and all the necessary conflits created until now is over for the time being.

    Make sense that this time we have Ana Lucia flashbacks, what at the beginning seemed a forced flashback to justify Ana Lucia anger and actions, more later, the last scenes justified all, to make sense with the situation on the island.

    My Point of View:

    Overall, one more delayed episode, with a confrontation that ended with little logic, a flashback which the only important scene is the last one, nice and great reunions that end this Introdution Phase arc for now.moreless
  • THe meeting of the two tribes ends in blood and heartache

    I have never understood why some characters on TV shows popular and others reviled. I liked Riley Finn on Buffy and Paul Falsone on Homicide, and according to the Internet chatter, they were the most lambasted characters on their respective series. However, in the case of Ana Lucia Cortez, I do understand part of the reason. She is emotionally distant, bitter and ruthless. In the previous episode, some of that behavior could be explained by the horrors that were unfolding around her, but in 'Collision' we see that, like many of the other characters she was like this before she came to the island.

    Ana was a cop who was injured on duty. We don't learn the full extent of her injuries until the episode is over, but from her discussion with the psychiatrist we can make some assumptions. She says that the family with the screaming baby has moved, and whereas that bothered her before, now it's too quiet. She's also broken up with her boyfriend, and when she returns to work after being cleared for duty, the screams of a baby send her into hyperdrive and she overreacts. Eventually, we learn she was shot with hollow points right through her vest, and that at the time she was pregnant. Clearly, the loss of her unborn child leads her to tell everybody "I feel dead."

    Now, she's overreacted again, and the consequences are far worse-- Shannon is dead and Sayid would have killed her. Her reaction is understandable on a survivors level, but it causes her leadership, which has been splintering ever since they encountered the rafties, completely flies apart. Eko abandons her to take Sawyer back to the castaway's camp, even though he knows Sawyer would let him rot.. Bernard and Libby try to remain loyal, but Bernard just wants to see his wife again, and Libby doesn't seem that eager to be around her now that she's killed someone.

    Which leads to the confrontation between Sayid and Ana. For most of the episode, Sayid is at her mercy, but somehow he doesn't seem to have any ability to care. The irony is, under other circumstances, the two might have become allies: they both carry deep emotional wounds and they both feel like outsiders. Ana feels it enough to do something that we haven't seen the other characters do: reveal a critical part of her backstory to someone else (though she stops before telling him the final part). In some way, she wants Sayid to put her out of her misery, but Sayid can see past this, and does not let his anger overcome his grief. For awhile both character will be emotionally empty, and it will take another threat to unify them. Naveen Andrews clearly demonstrates why he is one of the bulwarks of the show.

    Meanwhile, back at camp Jack and Kate are playing golf and are laid-back to the point of 'verbal copulation' as Charlie said in season 1. They are relaxed and completely at ease. Then Eko comes storming out of the jungle with Sawyer draped around him, and we realize very quickly that the only reason they've been so at ease around each other the last few days is because there's been no Sawyer to create the tension.

    Another encounter that has equal significance is Locke's meeting up with Eko.. Eko seems subdued (probably because he realizes what this bunker is and is trying to put the pieces together) and only responds gingerly to Locke's gentle probes. When Jack finally returns, the questions become a lot angrier, because he's upset with what's happening. This episode demonstrates more than any other how much Locke has lost his way. When Kate and Jack come in trying to treat Sawyer for, Locke wanders in, but before he can ask anything the timer starts ringing off. Jack just says: "John? The button," and he just walks away. It's very clear that Locke has lost some of his faith. Eko will soon become the person who does more to restore it, though they will have some dark confrontations along the way. It's also interesting that he will migrate away from Ana and move closer to Locke. He says that Ana has made a mistake, but does that mean that he is willing to forgive her? Later actions will suggest otherwise.

    After all the confrontations, the most powerful part of the episode occurs near the end, and is completely silent. Michael walks on to the beach and Vincent runs towards him. Then Bernard, Libby and Jin emerge from the forest and the beach, and they are surrounded by the survivors. The reunion of Jin and Sun is beautifully done, with Sun not noticing until everyone else has. and it's well played. Surprisingly, though the reunion that got me more choked up was that of Rose and Bernard. After all, we're more invested in Jin and Sun, and these two aren't even regulars. But for seven weeks, each has had to believe that they would be reunited by nothing but their own faith, and now at last their patience has been rewarded. Lost has had many powerful moments over the past five years, but very few beautiful ones. However, this one still makes me mist up even after a few years.

    There is one final reunion that has its own meaning: Jack and Ana Lucia, who they met briefly before getting on the plane. Then she seems cheerful and upbeat, and he was getting dismally drunk. Now, they've completely reversed their positions, Ana is broken beyond repair, while Jack is a true leader. jack had led his people, while Ana has watched 19 of her people die or disappear over the past 48 days. How will they handle each other? The answer is surprising, and makes you wish that they'd done more to follow through.

    'Collision' is a powerful and moving episode, because it eventually leads to a scene of peace. It is the last bit of relaxation the castaways will get for awhile, before the darkness and the Others (who Jack and Locke have all but forgotten in the discovery of the hatch) descend and make everything a more horrible place.

    My Score:9.5moreless
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Michael Cudlitz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Goof: When Sayid approaches Shannon's dead body at the end of the episode, he picks her up to hug her and you can see that the pink shirt she is wearing has mud on the back of it and her hair is messed up and down in a pony tale. Later, when Sayid carries her through the jungle and passes Jack and Eko, her pink shirt is clean, she has no mud on her back and her hair is perfectly braided up.

    • Goof: When Ana Lucía approaches to see the body of Shannon, Shannon's right leg moves.

    • "Black and white":
      When they see each other for the first time since the crash, Jack was wearing white, and Ana-Lucia was wearing black.

    • Originally, Jason McCormack's last name was going to be Elder.

    • After Sayid and Ana-Lucia are left alone, there's one shot where Ana-Lucia is bent over. On the next shot, she's sat down on a big piece of wood.

    • Continuity Error: During the fight scene between Sayid and Mr. Eko it is raining and when Ana-Lucia picks up the gun the the rain suddenly stops.

    • Captain Cortez tells Ana Lucia "He put 4 bullets into you, hollow points through your vest...". 4 is one of the Numbers.

    • Goof: (Continuity) When Ana Lucia talks with her mother about not getting a patrol car, part of her hair constantly switches from in front of her forehead, to behind her ear between shots.

    • Numbers: 42

      Locke is answering question 42 when we see him with the crossword puzzle.

    • Numbers: 8 and 16

      Ana-Lucia's squad car number is 8-Adam-16.

    • Numbers: 4

      Ana sees her therapist for 4 months before she is reinstated.

    • Ana-Lucia was an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department - her badge number was 68631.

    • There is a deleted scene from this episode called "Ana Lucia's Prisoner" on the Lost Season Two DVDs. Libby brings Sayid water and tries to explain that Ana Lucia doesn't know what she's doing, but Sayid doesn't believe her.

    • Ana-Lucia's Mother: He put four bullets into you, hollow points through your vest...

      Hollow point bullets flatten out on impact and are poor at penetrating body armor. Full metal jacket rounds are much better at armor penetration. It is very unlikely that hollow point handgun rounds would've gotten through her vest, though it is possible under certain circumstances.

    • Locke's crossword puzzle reads:
      37. Belgian Port
      38. Robbed
      40. WWII movie feature: hyph. wd.
      42. Enkidu's friend
      43. Less brazen

      His answers are mostly gibberish, but he had written:
      37. Ghent
      38. ransacked
      42. Gilgamesh

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Ana Lucia: What are we doing in Westwood?
      Big Mike: I thought a change of scenery would be nice - a nice safe neighborhood for your first day back.
      Ana Lucia: This was her idea, wasn't it?
      Big Mike: She is the Captain.

    • Big Mike: I heard about you and Danny. Want me to go kick his ass for you?

    • Kate: So you think you could do better?
      Jack: Anyone can hit a ball. That's not golf.
      Kate: And what's golf?
      Jack: Golf is accuracy.

    • Therapist: So, how's Danny? You two trying to work things out?
      Ana-Lucia: There's nothing to work out. He left.
      Therapist: You okay with that?
      Ana-Lucia: I guess you could say I'm one of those people that's just better off alone.

    • Libby: Hey, I think you should let him go.
      Ana-Lucia: No. He's going to come after me.
      Libby: You don't know that.
      Ana-Lucia: I killed someone he loves.

    • Eko: What do you want?
      Jack: Excuse me
      Eko: Peace? Revenge? Justice? And you are going out with all these guns? What do you want?
      Jack: I want all of our people back here safely. Your friend murdered...
      Eko: Ana-Lucia made a mistake!
      Jack: What did you say?
      Eko: Ana-Lucia made a mistake.
      Jack: Ana-Lucia.
      Eko: I will take you there. But only you, and no guns.

    • Locke: What happened?
      Eko: There was an accident.
      Locke: What kind of accident?
      Eko: A girl was shot and killed.
      Locke: What did she look like?
      Eko: She was tall with blonde hair. There was an Arab man-
      Locke: Shannon.

    • Kate: (to Sawyer) Hey! Hey, can you hear me? You're going to be okay. You're going to be all right. You're home.

    • Locke: We should stop and think about this, Jack.
      Jack: Think about what, John? Shannon's dead, Sayid's being held at gunpoint. You want to sit and hope that situation resolves itself - be my guest.

    • Bernard: What are we doing here, Ana? I mean, their camp has got to be close. I just want to get back to my wife.
      Ana Lucia: How long have I kept you alive out here, Bernard? (Bernard bows his head) That's right. So, cut me some slack.

    • (playing golf)
      Hurley: Past the hanging tree, double or nothing.
      Kate: You sure?
      Hurley: Dude, double or nothing, there's no way you're hitting it that far.
      Charlie: Hurley, the woman's on bloody steroids.
      Kate: Double's 10 thousand bucks.
      Charlie: Oh, that's nothing to someone who's worth 150 million dollars. He'll build you your own course, if you'd like.
      Kate: What are you talking about?
      Hurley: Ignore him, he's an idiot.

    • Ana Lucia: (In Spanish) Are you doing this because you're my Captain, or because you're my mother?
      Captain Cortez: Both.
      Ana Lucia: I need to be back on the street. Please.
      Captain Cortez: I put you in a car, everyone's going to know I pulled strings. You don't want me to treat you like my daughter? Don't ask for favors.

    • Therapist: So how're you doing?
      Ana: Well, the family with the screaming baby moved.
      Theraptist: You must be thrilled?
      Ana: Actually, it's too quiet now.

    • Sayid: (to Ana-Lucia) Almost 40 days ago on this very island I tied a man to a tree and tortured him. I tortured him as I've tortured many men - men whose voices I still hear in the night. Should you kill me? Maybe you should. Maybe you were meant to.

    • Libby: Ana, you can't live out here alone.
      Ana Lucia: I'm already alone.

    • Kate: (About golf) You're giving me tips?
      Jack: Kate... (smiling) I'm a doctor.

    • Jack: You know, the ladies' tee at my club back home is about 10 feet closer so...
      Kate: Shut up, Jack.

    • Ana Lucia: What are you doing?
      Mr. Eko: (with an unconscious Sawyer slumped on his shoulders) I'm taking him back to his camp.
      Ana Lucia: Don't leave please; if that were you, he'd let you die.
      Mr. Eko: I'm not doing it for him. I'm doing it for me.

    • Mr Eko: (to Jack) Anything I say will just make you angry, so yes, I will just sit here.

    • (Jack puts a pill in Sawyer's mouth but coughs it out)
      Jack: Swallow it, swallow it.
      Kate: I'll do it.
      Jack: No, no, I've got it.
      Kate: I can do it. Sawyer, hey, you have to listen to me, okay? The only way that you are going to get better is if you take this pill. So I want you to swallow it, okay? Okay, here we go. (he swallows the pill) Now, swallow, swallow. Good, good.
      Jack: Nice job, I never learned the whisper in the ear thing at med school.

    • Sayid: (about Ana-Lucia) She has no plan! All she has is her guilt, and a gun.

    • Rose: Jack, nice to see you out of the hatch. You could use more sunshine.
      Jack: I'll take that under advisement.
      Rose: A little fruit might do you good, too. Good for the constitution, at least that's what they say.
      Jack: Well, if that's what they say. (he takes a piece of fruit)
      Rose: Mmmm!
      Jack: (bites the fruit) Where'd you get these?
      Rose: Just because you're a little excited is no reason to talk with your mouth full.

    • Ana Lucia: Go ahead, pick it up, I deserve it.
      Sayid: What good is it to kill you, if we're both already dead.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Gilgamesh

      Gilgamesh is credited as being the oldest story ever told, first inscribed on tablets, B.C.E. The main theme of Gilgamesh is the anguish of loss and death for all human beings. Even the half-god king Gilgamesh dies because he is part human. In the story, Enkidu is a wild man who comes out of the jungle and is sent by the gods to punish Gilgamesh for his pride and for being a bad king, but Gilgamesh beats him and they become friends. Eventually they go on to slay monsters, but destroying sacred monsters of nature enrages the gods. They decide to kill either Gilgamesh or Enkidu as punishment. As the lesser being, Enkidu is chosen. Gilgamesh is distraught with grief and denial of death. Through this process he becomes aware of his own mortality.