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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2005 on ABC

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  • Ana Lucia

    Highlighted by a fantastic final act and a backstory to Ana Lucia that gives her character more depth, the survivors' reunion unfortunately played out predictably, but the door is finally open for season two to begin its main plot structure.
  • Some real payoffs here!

    Some deeply rewarding payoffs, only possible because the writers made the setups long, long ago.

    Lost shows just how rewarding long, multi-episode story arcs can be, for the patient viewer.

  • Awesome.

    Mr. Eko brings Sawyer to the hatch for medical attention. The tail section survivors reunite with the fuselage survivors. In flashbacks, Ana Lucia is a police officer and kills a man in cold blood after he killed her unborn child. I love Ana Lucia's back story - very interesting character. I love the scene where Mr Eko and Sayid fight and the scene after it. I love the scene with Rose and Jack and then Charlie, Hurley and Kate playing golf and then Jack joins in. Sawyer is nrealy dying so Mr Eko takes him to the doc. I love Jack and Kate playing golf and then Eko arrives. I also love the scene with John and Eko - awesome. I love it when Kate and Jack are looking after Sawyer. Oh and the ending is awesome - especially when Rose and Bernard are reunited.
  • End of The Introdutory Phase!!!

    From the Writers/Producers Perspective:

    And when you think that this writing Style of Delaying things is over, the writers just show you that is not.

    Again delaying Sayid and Ana Lucia was necessary for them, until the near end of this episode.

    The two tribes are reunited and all the necessary conflits created until now is over for the time being.

    Make sense that this time we have Ana Lucia flashbacks, what at the beginning seemed a forced flashback to justify Ana Lucia anger and actions, more later, the last scenes justified all, to make sense with the situation on the island.

    My Point of View:

    Overall, one more delayed episode, with a confrontation that ended with little logic, a flashback which the only important scene is the last one, nice and great reunions that end this Introdution Phase arc for now.
  • THe meeting of the two tribes ends in blood and heartache

    I have never understood why some characters on TV shows popular and others reviled. I liked Riley Finn on Buffy and Paul Falsone on Homicide, and according to the Internet chatter, they were the most lambasted characters on their respective series. However, in the case of Ana Lucia Cortez, I do understand part of the reason. She is emotionally distant, bitter and ruthless. In the previous episode, some of that behavior could be explained by the horrors that were unfolding around her, but in 'Collision' we see that, like many of the other characters she was like this before she came to the island.

    Ana was a cop who was injured on duty. We don't learn the full extent of her injuries until the episode is over, but from her discussion with the psychiatrist we can make some assumptions. She says that the family with the screaming baby has moved, and whereas that bothered her before, now it's too quiet. She's also broken up with her boyfriend, and when she returns to work after being cleared for duty, the screams of a baby send her into hyperdrive and she overreacts. Eventually, we learn she was shot with hollow points right through her vest, and that at the time she was pregnant. Clearly, the loss of her unborn child leads her to tell everybody "I feel dead."

    Now, she's overreacted again, and the consequences are far worse-- Shannon is dead and Sayid would have killed her. Her reaction is understandable on a survivors level, but it causes her leadership, which has been splintering ever since they encountered the rafties, completely flies apart. Eko abandons her to take Sawyer back to the castaway's camp, even though he knows Sawyer would let him rot.. Bernard and Libby try to remain loyal, but Bernard just wants to see his wife again, and Libby doesn't seem that eager to be around her now that she's killed someone.

    Which leads to the confrontation between Sayid and Ana. For most of the episode, Sayid is at her mercy, but somehow he doesn't seem to have any ability to care. The irony is, under other circumstances, the two might have become allies: they both carry deep emotional wounds and they both feel like outsiders. Ana feels it enough to do something that we haven't seen the other characters do: reveal a critical part of her backstory to someone else (though she stops before telling him the final part). In some way, she wants Sayid to put her out of her misery, but Sayid can see past this, and does not let his anger overcome his grief. For awhile both character will be emotionally empty, and it will take another threat to unify them. Naveen Andrews clearly demonstrates why he is one of the bulwarks of the show.

    Meanwhile, back at camp Jack and Kate are playing golf and are laid-back to the point of 'verbal copulation' as Charlie said in season 1. They are relaxed and completely at ease. Then Eko comes storming out of the jungle with Sawyer draped around him, and we realize very quickly that the only reason they've been so at ease around each other the last few days is because there's been no Sawyer to create the tension.

    Another encounter that has equal significance is Locke's meeting up with Eko.. Eko seems subdued (probably because he realizes what this bunker is and is trying to put the pieces together) and only responds gingerly to Locke's gentle probes. When Jack finally returns, the questions become a lot angrier, because he's upset with what's happening. This episode demonstrates more than any other how much Locke has lost his way. When Kate and Jack come in trying to treat Sawyer for, Locke wanders in, but before he can ask anything the timer starts ringing off. Jack just says: "John? The button," and he just walks away. It's very clear that Locke has lost some of his faith. Eko will soon become the person who does more to restore it, though they will have some dark confrontations along the way. It's also interesting that he will migrate away from Ana and move closer to Locke. He says that Ana has made a mistake, but does that mean that he is willing to forgive her? Later actions will suggest otherwise.

    After all the confrontations, the most powerful part of the episode occurs near the end, and is completely silent. Michael walks on to the beach and Vincent runs towards him. Then Bernard, Libby and Jin emerge from the forest and the beach, and they are surrounded by the survivors. The reunion of Jin and Sun is beautifully done, with Sun not noticing until everyone else has. and it's well played. Surprisingly, though the reunion that got me more choked up was that of Rose and Bernard. After all, we're more invested in Jin and Sun, and these two aren't even regulars. But for seven weeks, each has had to believe that they would be reunited by nothing but their own faith, and now at last their patience has been rewarded. Lost has had many powerful moments over the past five years, but very few beautiful ones. However, this one still makes me mist up even after a few years.

    There is one final reunion that has its own meaning: Jack and Ana Lucia, who they met briefly before getting on the plane. Then she seems cheerful and upbeat, and he was getting dismally drunk. Now, they've completely reversed their positions, Ana is broken beyond repair, while Jack is a true leader. jack had led his people, while Ana has watched 19 of her people die or disappear over the past 48 days. How will they handle each other? The answer is surprising, and makes you wish that they'd done more to follow through.

    'Collision' is a powerful and moving episode, because it eventually leads to a scene of peace. It is the last bit of relaxation the castaways will get for awhile, before the darkness and the Others (who Jack and Locke have all but forgotten in the discovery of the hatch) descend and make everything a more horrible place.
    My Score:9.5
  • ...if we´re already dead...

    Me gustó el personaje de Ana Lucía (dicho sea de paso que lindo nombre Lucía), me parece que le va a aportar mucho a la historia. Con Sayid seguro va a tener grandes problemas. Con Jack... esa última toma parecía el primer encuentro entre Adán y Eva (bueno, el segundo).
    Sí, lamentablemnte de un día para el otro Shannon está muerta. Parecío un poco brusco e inesperado pero bueno, así es. Entrañable el Sr. Eko, Libby por ahora no parece muy interesante. Ana Lucía y su gatillo loco estremece (tenía justo que ser un latino el desequilibrado y patotero? Y... qué le vachaché...).
  • We have an in-depth look at the character of Ana and her mental issues regarding her job. Sayid isn't having the best day of his, but better than Sawyer who is carried quickly back to camp by Mr Eko.

    We see the group upto date, then we flashback to an evaluation session with Ana who is waiting to hear if she is competent to return back to work, as a cop. Then her return back to work and car bound rather than behind a desk.

    We then see back in the jungle, we see Sayid going after Ana for killing Shannon, only for Mr Eko to intervene and rescue Ana from the clutches of Sayid, then Mr Eko carries Sawyer back to the camp for medical treatment. Ana still won't untie Sayid, but Michael gives him water even though he's told not too.

    Then back in Ana usual life, she has a short fuse in dealing with a routine domestic, that cause her Sarge to order her to holster her weapon, then we find that Ana's suspect for shooting her is in custody, but she insists it is not him, even though he has confessed.

    Mr Eko findsJack and Kate on the golf course, with Sawyer barely alive on his shoulder and they all go back to bunker, where Jack starts treating him and gets him into a stable condition. Locke gets to have a small talk with Mr Eko.

    Back in the real world, we see that Ana is drinking at a bar, then follows him outside, calls him and then says that she was pregnant, then she shoots him 7 times. Then back on the island, she releases Sayid and tells him to go ahead and shoot her, he says, what good will that do, then he goes straight over to Shannon's body.

    Kate is nursing Sawyer, even though he is in and out consciousness. The others from the mini group go to the beach where Michael gets a warm welcome, especially from Vincent, Bernhard meets back up with Rose and Jin runs into Sun's arms.

    Leaving Sayid to carry Shannon back, Jack and Mr Eko to meet up with Ana.
  • The Two camps merge!!!

    Collision is an all out character study, but one that focuses primarily on Ana-Lucia. This narrow focus is one of the problems of this episode. First of all delivering an episode with a strong focus on Ana-Lucia, following one, also with a strong focus could be seen as a mistake. In terms of the ongoing storyline her time for a backstory was now, but it could have also been a Sayid episode, if they altered the perspective of Shannon's murder.
    By all intents and purposes it probably should have been a Sayid episode but that was how it happened.
    Because of the focus again on Ana-Lucia and her group of Tail Section survivors, no much attention is spent with our original band of survivors. Sure, some of them appear but in this episode, particularly, they seem like they are just filling in the blanks of a script. The golf game, while being a setup of Jack and Kate's discovery of Sawyer and Eko, felt like filler material, however amusing it was. Hurley and Charlie were used just as some comic relief but it is wasted in an episode, which is generally too dark for its own good. Also the inclusion of the light hearted golf game in this episode reminded me of why "Whatever the Case May be" was a less successful episode. It seems no matter what happens to the Fusies, it is never bad enough. For all the kidnappings, attacks by the Monster, a scary French lady, people blowing up, a smoke monster that pulls people underground and the situation in the Hatch, our survivors still find the time to relax a little and treat life on the island as a holiday of sorts. It seems the survivors settle too much into normality again after several serious situations which sought to compromise the survivors welfare.
    This season, however, it can be seen as to why the writers show this rather blaze behavior, so that can draw parallels with tha Tailies. The parallels are easy to spot wihtout the fusies having to show they are having some fun in the midst of chaos. Thirdly, Collision, is devoid of any mysteries. Audiences should now be used to the fact that there are some episodes when the mysteries are put in the background. But the problem was that we had 5 episodes that have all blurred the lines of the show's mythology. It seems this season, thus far, has fears of moving forward, or uncertainties of how to move forward, following the mind-bending events of "Orientation". For 5 episodes we have followed the Tail enders journey to the Fuselage camp, but along the way, the only obstacle that seemed to be in their way was Ana-Lucia. As frustrating as the last 5 episodes have been, in terms of forward momentum and its narrow focus, it has given us ample time to analyse the events of the season's opening trilogy, culminating in the brainbusting, "Orientation". Theories are flying fast now as to what is happening. Some would consider that episode to be the key to everything that is going on on the island in some way. We will have to wait. And wait patiently. If this episode is anything to go by, we still have a ways to go before the momentum picks itself up. Now the tailies and fusies are united / reunited the wait shouldn't be too long.
    Collision had some nice moments. The Jate scenes were cute and Locke and Eko sharing a "hello" moment was damm funny. The Sayid and Ana-Lucia standoff was possibly the highlight for me of this episode but the reuniting of Bernard/Rose, Jin/Sun and Michael/Walt came pretty close. Most of this episode was pretty unaffecting though. As a character piece it was reasonable but having another slow moving episode following similar previous efforts does test the patience. Lost needs a serious kick up the ass to get it back to the standards set by Season 1. So far, bar the premiere and Orientation and possibly The Other 48 Days, there hasn't been much to believe that Season 2 will be as good as 1.
  • An Ana Lucia-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I really liked this episode because out of all the new characters on the show that were added in the second season, Ana Lucia has been my favorite of the new characters. I really enjoyed the flashbacks of Ana's life before she was stranded on the island because I think that she's a very interesting character. Ana definitely has a very interesting past. I'm also very glad that the main plane crash survivors and the "Tailies" have finally crossed paths with each other. I think that now that that's happened, things are going to get very interesting. I loved all of the stuff with Jack, Kate, Hurley and Charlie playing golf on the course that they created. All in all, I thought that that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to continue watching my copy of the Lost: Season Two DVD.
  • Libby: Ana, you can't live out here alone. Ana Lucia: I'm already alone.

    After Shannon is shot, Sayid holds Ana Lucia at gunpoint but is overcome by Mr. Eko. Mr. Eko brings Sawyer to the hatch for medical attention. The tail-section survivors reunite with the fuselage survivors. Ana Lucia remembers her work with the LAPD. After Shannons death I felt sorry for Sayid and I wanted him to get revenge on Ana Lucia.
    I think this is one of the main episodes that the viewers turned on Ana Lucia because she was loud, demanding and a bit crazy but I always liked her and I really enjoyed seeing who she was in the flashbacks.
  • Sun and Jin reuntie, Bernard and Rose reunite and I cry.

    Very emotional episode but most things come to an end. We see Kate and Jack again and this time they play golf ! The episode contiues after Shannen's sad death with a fight between Sayid and Eko. Sayid is then tied up. Sawyer has reached a stage where he's almost dead and Eko decides to take him to the camp even though Ana is against this. Flashbacks of Ana are seen, apparently she was a cop who was pregnant, her baby was killed by a criminal who then was killed by Ana. So we pretty mush established that Ana Lucia is a killer. After Sawyer gets treated we witness a beautiful moment between him and Kate...AWWWW. At the end of the episode both groups are reunited, two couples are also reunited, Sun and Jin and Rose and Bernard in a very emotional and cry worthy scene. The acting I have to say was really good. Ana Lucia really gave it her best ( I forgot the actresse's name lol). I know the episode was nice and all but it really lacked the excitement I expect from Lost and where were the others all this episode ! After about 6 episdoes finding out more about the others they just don't show! The episode was okay.
  • Plain average.

    This episode was very slow paced(almost completetly took place in one spot!) and the character backstory was a mixature of good and bad. So overall, average... The episode did it's purpose, and we finally had the two groups reunite just like before the flight took off. But I don't think that it was handled the best way. The tension was missing. Ana going power crazy was cool, but unrealistic, it just didn't feel right, even considering her flashback. Though, I really liked her dialouge with Sayid(but come on, did anyone think that she'd KILL Sayid??) Another high point is Eko and Locke meeting. The men of science. Was very awkward, but sometimes a look is worth more than a thousand words. Now, the flashback was okay. I thought Ana being an "angry" cop was somewhat cliché.. but as the flashback progressed it got better and we found out that she was a victim of a shooting and she lost her baby due to this, and got her revenge in the end, which was really dramatic. I was at that point ready to give this episode a higher score, but as beatiful the ending was with the score, the very last scene with Ana and Jack looking at eachother was... cheesy. Matthew Fox was really forced there, I didn't understand his acting. Did the script call for this?
  • Ana has flashbacks!

    Ana has flashbacks of her life as a cop. She was shot four times by a criminal, which killed her baby because she was pregnant. When they bring him in to charge him guilty, she tells them that it wasn't him. She just wanted to kill him.

    Sayid attempts to kill Ana, but Eko stops him. They tie him up. Eko takes Sawyer towards the camp and hopes to find it. Jack and Kate play golf and also see Eko and Sawyer. Jack and Kate take care of Sawyer, while Eko remains a mystery to them. Michael goes back hoping to help Sayid, but under Ana's orders. Libby, Bernard and Jin go back as well. Ana releases Sayid. With the return of Jin and the others, Sun is very happy to see him! Bernard and Rose finally reunite! Jack and Eko go back to Ana and Sayid.

    This episode was great! I didn't like how Michael never spoke up though. I was so glad to see the two couples reunite at the end! I think Jin and Sun is my favorite couple! This episode gets a 9.5!
  • Ana Lucia

    After like the third recap of Ana Lucia shooting Shannon we see a flashback of her past. We now find out that Ana Lucia is or was a cop foe the LAPD. In exchange for some items back at the camp Ana Lucia agrees to let Sayid go. Eko task matter into his own hands and brings a sick and dying Sawyer back to the hatch so Jack can save his life. Ana feel bad for what she has done and decides to free Sayid. nothing else happened in this episode. Hopefully we can get more questions answered in the next episode because I have a lot of them.
  • A nice episode where all the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 finally renunite..

    It was finally good to see everyone back together again, this is probably where the season will start to get more exciting...
    But first, Shannon's death was emotional and very sad, since the real killer was NOT Ana-Lucia but the others. I like Ana-Lucia, it's just that her past life has been a sad story and it has effected her in her behaviour. But I believe she is a good person. But Sayid, oh, when he heard about Walt's abduction he wanted to like kill Ana. Well, I suppose watching the golf game between Jack and Kate was entertaining and hilarious. When John greeted Eko in that hatch, that was funny.

    Ana-Lucia's flashbacks were emotional, especially when she murdered Jason Mckormac in cold blood. But Kate giving Sawyer the pill was like Awwww. I wonder when he'll heal up so the show can get back to his big mouth (funny words that comes out). Anyway, Libby told Ana-Lucia the truth about Ana's decisions such as throwing Nathan into the pit on the previous episode. Finally, Ana threw in the towel but Sayid said to her "What good would it be to kill you If we're both dead" something like that. Then we see the family renunite together; Rose & Bernard together again, lovely and sweet. Sun & Jin back with each other, Charlie running up all happy to see Jin and the new people, Michael and Vincent all happy. But Shannon is dead, and it was sad, just like her brother now, dead. I felt sorry for Sayid, loosing the one person he loved on the island. But the scene that really grabbed my attention was the last one, Jack and Ana-Lucia approaching each other again-. They had already met in Sydney airport. But she had made a mistake says Eko. I believed so too.

    It seems that maybe those two have a connection? Who knows..

    Well, from the next episode on, the show get's hell better.
  • Anyone notice Ana Lucia went a bit nuts.

    After Shannon is shot, Sayid holds Ana Lucia at gunpoint but is overcome by Mr. Eko. Mr. Eko brings Sawyer to the hatch for medical attention. The tail-section survivors reunite with the fuselage survivors. Ana Lucia remembers her work with the LAPD. After Shannons death I felt sorry for Sayid and I wanted him to get revenge on Ana Lucia.
    I think this is one of the main episodes that the viewers turned on Ana Lucia because she was loud, demanding and a bit crazy but I always liked her and I really enjoyed seeing who she was in the flashbacks.
  • Good episode with a lot of information about Ana Lucia's life.

    Mr. Eko bring Sawyer back to the camp, Ana hold Sayid at gunpoint. Shannon dies and Sun finally sees Jin again. I really hope that Sawyer is okay, he was really messed up. I thought everything about Ana lucia was very informative. I knew she had to be hiding something because she seemed very smart, tough, and she really knew how to handle a gun. Jack seemed really suprised that Ana lucia was there at the end of the episode. I didn't really like the ending because I mean it doesn't matter they barely know eachother. I guess it is pretty cool how they all survived though. I just realized after this episode that now we will learn about more of the new characters. Lost is the best!!
  • "I'm already alone."

    Ana-Lucia becomes the first new main character of the series, as the flashback spotlight fixes on her for the first time. This episode is pretty good, although it's a transitional episode. Therefore, it works fine on its own, but pales in comparison to the rest of the season. One thing is certain about this episode: the collision between the tailies and the Losties is a great way to bring the two groups together, and the conflict, especially between Ana-Lucia and Sayid, is very well-done.

    The story is fairly straightforward this episode-the eight people and one corpse in the jungle will one by one join the group on the beach and in the hatch, and the two tribes will become one. While the plot sounds pretty simple, it's done very well, and this is a very tense episode. Sayid's attack and rage in the pre-title sequence is excellent, and Naveen Andrews does a terrific job in this entire episode. He's furious with Ana-Lucia when she first ties him up, but the longer he's there, the more his anger is replaced with grief. Look at his reaction when Michael tells him that Walt was kidnapped from the raft. Sayid feels terrible for not believing in Shannon until the last second. She was right-he wasn't out at sea. He had discouraged her, which had led to her taking off into the jungle, which ultimately resulted in her death. That was certainly not his fault, but it's survivor's guilt, and Sayid thinks that he could have done more to save Shannon.

    Eko and Sawyer are the first to leave the jungle and meet up with the Losties. However, we'll do a little intro with what the Losties were up to before that. Jack and Kate were playing golf, complete with quite a lot of flirting between the two. Thank God this plot is short, because the only humor comes from Hurley and Charlie, who are around for about fifteen seconds. After that, it becomes a soap opera, where the same thing happens about a hundred times. Kate says a line, gives a little eye-twinkling look at Jack, who chuckles. I was about to throw up somewhere around the twenty-fifth time this occurred, but it was Eko to the rescue. For all the wrong this mini-plot did, two good things came of it-Eko's entrance, with Sawyer's half-dead body draped over his shoulders, couldn't have been more dramatic. The second thing it did right? It's easily forgettable, and no one would want to remember it.

    Sawyer is brought into the hatch, where Jack and Kate tend to him. Kate getting Sawyer to swallow the pill is a little too dramatic for my tastes, but it sets up the storyline between the two in the next episode very well. We see Locke in the hatch, and it seems that he's back to the way he was the last time we saw him in the hatch. He's trying to get involved and help, but Jack is pushing him away. It seems that the bad side of the characters only comes out in the hatch-Jack was happy and smiling earlier, and he's completely fried in the hatch, yelling at Locke, Eko, Kate, the ping-pong table, the record player, you name it. Locke, meanwhile, looks like he did at the end of Orientation-he doesn't know if he's doing what he should be doing, and seems rather unsure of himself. Instead of talking to Jack with the confidence that was in his voice while confronting Charlie a couple episodes ago, he suggests things in a voice that's so meek it's barely audible. Jack yells at him, and Locke just folds. Eko is the exact opposite. He's silent once again, and completely calm, despite all the crazy things unfolding around him. AAA does a great job in this episode, and his insistence that no guns be brought to the spot in the jungle is very convincing-so convincing that Jack actually listens.

    Michael is the next person to depart from the camp in the jungle, and he really just serves to alert Jack to what's going on. Harold Perrineau has a small role in this episode, but he's still great in all of his scenes. I especially like when he says, "You wanna shoot me? Shoot me." After Michael's departure, Ana-Lucia's group just crumbles. Sayid is partly responsible for that-he's instigating things, taunting her for what she's done instead of being angry about it. Bernard decides to leave, and Libby is with him. As much as both have backed Ana in what she has done, she's gone too far this time, and they can't stay and support that. Deciding to live alone in the woods, Ana just dismisses the two of them, as well as Jin, who parts from Sayid rather reluctantly. This leaves just Sayid and Ana alone in the woods, with Shannon's body lying a few hundred feet away.

    Ana-Lucia's back story is particularly sad. Many people think her character is too big of a jerk, too mean, but I never think these things go over the top and become ridiculous. Her anger is kept in a very human perspective, and she never becomes a 2D character, which is basically everything the Lost characters are against. If an audience member can't deal with a character that's not all sunshine and roses, tough for them. The flashbacks for the most part strive for the payoff at the end, but they're still well done. Little hints are given about Ana-Lucia's problem with children and control, mostly in the domestic disturbance call. The screaming infant is too much for her, and she draws her gun to resolve the situation. The first shot in the episode is of a gun firing, and that's Ana's fallback option. Whenever a situation becomes too intense and out of control, she immediately draws her gun to regain control, while she thinks of a plan. That's what she did in the flashback, and what she does at the beginning of this episode. Her relationship with her mother is also interesting, but there's not enough of it seen here for it to really affect the audience.

    The last flashback, combined with the scene on the island between Sayid and Ana-Lucia is excellent. The flashback causes the audience to think back on the whole episode in a different light, and it also is very emotional. Michelle Rodriguez does a great job at the end of the episode, as does Naveen Andrews. The scene when both say that they feel dead is incredibly dramatic, but it never becomes silly with its intensity. Sayid's role in the scene especially, and him carrying Shannon's body slowly back to the camp is terribly sad, in my opinion the saddest moment of the whole episode.

    The last act of the episode, done entirely without dialogue, is very good, when it could have been very bad. The camps coming back together and the reunions could have been very cheesy, but they're treated great, and the acting is excellent. Michael and Vincent, Jin and Sun, and my favorite, Rose and Bernard, are all a joy to watch. L. Scott Caldwell is a treasure every time she appears, with that great motherly quality she brings to the show. She and Sam Anderson work so well together, I completely believe their relationship, and there's only one shot of them together. Michael Giacchino contributes a terrific score to this scene, and his use of strings and the existing raft scene are brilliant. The last shot, of the two leaders coming face to face after forty-eight days, is also really good.

    In summary, this episode is pretty good. There are some scenes that I could do without, and some character traits are rather intolerable (looking at you, Jack), but the good makes up for the bad. On the flip side, this episode is rather unremarkable. It does its job well, the acting is good, but later episodes will be better, and earlier episodes have been better. Therefore, it comes in at the middle of the pack.
  • Review

    As opposed to seeing the flashback of one of our more well-known characters, it seems like the writers are going to give the tail section survivors each a chance to get a flashback episode as they seem to be getting ready to join the regular cast. I think that this episode dragged on a bit, with Sayid being held at gunpoint by Ana Lucia. Ana Lucias flashback was okay, but not one of my favorite storylines. ITs your typicall good cop took a wrong turn story, so I didnt think much of it. The scene between Sawyer and Kate got me thinking that there might be more of a love triangle then I orignally thought between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Overall it was a good episode, just not one of the best ones.
  • awesome

    When the tail section survivors make their way to the other side of the island. They lose a few more people along the way. Tragedy strikes when Ana Lucia accidentally shoots Shannon when she gets consumed by her rage for the others. When Sayid tries to attack Ana Lucia, she defends herself and holds him captive. This episode is a Ana Lucia flashback episode, we get to see what she was doing before she went to Sydney. She was a police officer, she did something that got her in trouble. Things happen in this episode, it's well written, I really enjoyed watching this one.
  • a good episode with a good flashback

    Overall this was a good episode which was entertaining and exciting, but with some bits that annoyed me quite a lot, like when Ana - Lucia's mother ruined her welcome back surpirse and when kate is hitting golf balls and it goes right through the camp and nearly hits Jack and Rose and then they carry on hitting them in that direction. But it was a good episode and even had a good flashback, one of my favourites, even though it was Ana - Lucia Centric and she isnt one of my favourite characters, overall it was a good episode with an enjoyable flashback.
  • What an awkwardly paced episode. One of my least favorites, too.

    This episode deals with the post effect of Ana's shooting.

    My opinion is, this was, by far, the worst written episode of Lost yet.

    I excepted more from the situation; everyone seemed to forget about the death of Shannon real quick.

    Although Sayid tried to kill Ana at the beginning, after that, nothing... nobody said a word, and what's even more frustrating, nobody check on Shannon. It was really sad. The writers didn't do a good job - Shannon's death wasn't emotional at all...

    But, let's get past this, let's see what the backstory gives us.

    Well, it could have been done better, really. Ana was a cop. This was suspected. She got suspended. The reason is only found out in the last scene; it's surprising, but doesn't make up for the rest of the episode; pretty slow, and meaningless.

    ..On the island too. The episode was too narrow. Sayid was tied up, Ana and him was having conversations, at the main camp Jack and Kate was playing golf, and Eko was on the way to them with Sawyer.

    The ending was unfortunately very predictable with none getting hurt. Except Shannon... jesus christ, this was the worst written death in Lost.

    The writers of this episode really need to get some lessons from Damon, Carlton or JJ.
  • This is another average Season 2 episode. Let's hope the series will progress now that the survivors have been reunited.

    As some of the other reviewers have stated, I'm also not an Anna-Lucia fan. Was sort of hoping that she would have been shot instead of Shannon. It took too long to reunite the survivors from both sections of the plane. Season 2 is now one-third of the way through, but the plot has advanced very little. We still know next to nothing about the famous hatch, apart from the doomsday clock and the fact that this is some type of experiment. What happened to Desmon? Caught a flight home? Why kill off Shannon after making us discover more of her character in a previous episode? There has also been too much emphasis on the new characters, leaving the first season cast a bit in the dust in many episodes.

    So far, Season 2 has been disappointing. We're still watching in the hope that it will get back to the quality of the first season....
  • Cool way for both sides to meet eachother.

    This is a fantastic episode (and I know I say that alot... but I'm saying it one more time), I loved the plot in it. Leaving us wanting so much more in Abandoned, I can say this episode lives up to its potential.

    This is gunna sound weird, but when I first say this episode I hadn't really seen much of the whole series, just a couple of episodes here and there (shocking I know), but I barely remembered what happened and when I watched again as a rerun, I could have sworn I remember seeing Ana Lucia getting shot, that's how good of an episode it was, if it can paint a picture for you just by bescribing it, I think the writers are doing something right.

    I love the confrontation between Sayid and Ana Lucia, I can honestly say Ana Lucia wasn't that bad in the first few episodes. I also love the ending where everyone is reunited with eachother, and Ana and Jack standing a couple yards away from eachother just staring at eachother, I thought was brilliant.

    Eko: Ana Lucia made a mistake.
    Jack: What did you say?
    Eko: Ana Lucia made a mistake.
    Jack: Ana Lucia.

  • First part of Season 2 is very disappointing.

    This episode is another typical first part season 2 episode. Almost zero advancement in the plot, flashbacks take too much time.

    Ana Lucia's past is interesting. She was a cop, but also pregnant. But she lost her baby... someone shot her. So she takes revenge. This story is definitely interesting, but a bit dragged.

    On the island, Ana Lulu captures Sayid... and this is one annyoing situation. All I can say is, very unrealistic. By the end of the episode Sayid almost kisses Ana 'Not your fault'... yeah, right. Now THATS an iraqi soldier. Shannon's death was the lamest death ever in Lost up to this episode.

    Eko brings Sawyer back to the camp, which is a good thing. I really loved how Eko and Locke first met. That was amazing.

    Finally, the survivors are reunited, Jin and Sun are together again, finally. But for some, this reunite isn't as sweet...
  • I'm not really an Ana-Lucia fan, sooooo.....

    This definitely wasn't my favorite episode because I am not a huge fan of Ana-Lucia's. I don't blame her for Shanon's death - it was an unavoidable accident that I believe was the Others' fault (they were whispering) - and anyone around there with a gun could have killed Shannon. I actually kind of felt sad for Ana Lucia in her last flashback because she lost her baby because of that guy who shot her. I'm glad she shot him instead of lettign him go to jail - though I'm not exactly sure why.... I guess I just like seeing the characters get their revenge - I was soo glad when Charlie killed Ethan. (in fact, I yelled at the tv, "Yes! Go Charlie!")

    I'm glad Ana didn't kill Sayid. It would have been on her for the rest of her life if she had, (which turned ut not to be very much longer,) and the other losties would have absolutely HATED her. And I would have hated her even more than normal.

    I do think her tough "I'm not gonna take any bull," attitude is kind of cool sometimes, but other times she is just really pushy, annoying, close-minded, and just plain WRONG. Just like Jack. (Oh I hate him soooo much!) I think that Jate (Jack/Kate) is just plain stupid. (I'm Skate - Sawyer/Kate all the way!) Jana (Jack/Ana Lucia) is what I would have much rather had happen in the show if Ana hadn't died. (Sana - Sawyer/Ana is just so wrong! She wouldn't deserve Sawyer!) My rant is now over.

  • interesting episode.

    to be honest i couldn't stand the character of ana-lucia from the very beginning. the way she treated everybody, how she was prepared to leave saywer behind. she had something very brutal and cold in her appearance. of course, she managed to rescue some of the remaining tailies and it must have been a heavy burden on her shoulders and somewhat of an overextension and while the other "losties" on the beach had already set up quite comfortably, they still were living in an environment of constant danger.

    this episode makes her to be understood much better and shows the human face behind the "tough babe"-mask with all the weakness and vunerability coming with it.

    nice job done with this episode (not the best ever when it comes to this show but nice ...).
  • This episode was brilliantly done all round and you really didn't know what was going to happen next.

    So we're up to date again as the castaways deal with the aftermath of poor Shannon's death. This episode was brilliantly done all round and you really didn't know what was going to happen next. Okay, I know, every episode of Lost is like that in terms of not knowing what's going on, but this one had so much going on. It went from action to emotion to humour and back to action and from a basic viewing perspective it was a great drama because it made me feel sad, it made me feel happy and it kept me intrigued and gripped from start to finish. Ana-Lucia's flashbacks were interesting and I really felt for her character when we find out that her unborn baby was killed when she got shot. Her talking to Sayid at the end of the episode was also quite poignant and I was quite moved by the emotion and so had a sombre expession on my face for these parts of the show. Having said that there were several truly heartwarming moments. Barnard's reunion with Rose and Jin's reunion with Sun were both wonderful and I couldn't help but feel happy for them. As I said before though, this episode had some great humour, although I'm not sure all of what I found funny to be intentionally or unintentionally funny. Jack and Kate's flirting was amusing although it was cut short by sick Sawyer's rearrival. There were two other things which I found really funny although I'm not sure they were supposed to be. The first was Locke and Mr.Eko meeting each other for the first time. It was just so - normal! It's just when you consider all of the first-time meetings we've had so far this season - Jack, Kate and Locke's gun-toting encounter with Desmond, Jin, Sawyer and Michael getting beaten up and then chucked in a pit by the tail-section survivors and of course Ana-Lucia's first meeting with Sayid coming about as a result of her shooting the love of his life. And then we've got Locke and Mr.Eko in the hatch who eye each other up, politely say "Hello" to each other, then look at each other again. It just made me laugh. The other thing I found funny was Michael's reunion with Vincent the dog. It was just funny the way there's all these emotional reunions going on between husband and wife and then we have Michael running to his dog. I suppose Michael will feel closer to Vincent now with him being the closest thing to Walt so I understand the emotion of the scene but it just came off as being funny on account of the emotional music and it done in slow-motion. Anyway, overall another fantastic episode in what has already proved itself to be a fantastic season.
  • the two leaders finally come face to face

    good episode. ana-lucia takes sayid captive and everyone who was with them decides to leave. just waiting until jack has a threesome with kate and ana-lucia because both obviously wants him. we also see jack with some white hair on the side of his face. well. once someone leaves vincent, someone else always happens to take care of him. walt gave him to shannon when he left. michael gets vincent back when shannon dies.
  • A good episode

    This was a good installment for Lost and a Pivotal for the plot. The talies finally find the camp and are united and reunited with the Losties. Ana-Lucia's past is revealed, Sawyer is brought back half-dead, Micheal tells Jack everything that has happend and in the end Jin, Bernard and Micheal reunite with loved ones (and animals)
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