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To this day I cannot listen to the "Life and Death" theme from Lost without welling up with emotion. And for good reason:

Giacchino composes from the heart, imbuing a show or movie with emotional resonance.

Vulture has a great piece about his process, which includes a bit about this iconic bit of Lost music:

"The tune is representative of Giacchino's methodology," writes the author of the article. "Watch the episode, play the music that makes sense."

What are your favorite compositions from Lost? Post them in the comments!
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Oct 18, 2013
I often tell friends, and family as i admonish them to watch my favorite series ever....."Lost is worth it, for the music alone!". Cause it is. Everyone accepts the island as it's own entity, even as a character on to itself, But i would go so far as to argue Giacchino's score is the unsung hero of Lost. It's gripping, haunting, shaking melodies will stay with you forever, and can re inspire all the feelings in a flood, with just a few notes. Truly a Master.
Jan 09, 2014
"unsung" score. nice unintentional pun
Oct 16, 2013
Thank you for this. Giacchino is a genius and the LOST score is an unprecedented work of art. It is not only hauntingly gorgeous, it elevates the emotion of every scene. It's a character in itself. It's the most memorable score in the history of television and I still get overwhelmed by its beauty. "Life and Death", "Parting Words", "Oceanic 815", "The Constant", "Landing Party" and "Moving On" are just some that make me completely lose it EVERY time. While the iconic "Hollywood and Vines" makes my heart pump with adrenalin! LOST is a masterpiece with a score that transcends TV & Film, time & space and one that I will love until the end of time. There aren't any TV show scores that have had an impact like that. An indelible mark on my soul. The one other that's come close to that level of brilliance is the"Twin Peaks" score by Angelo Badalamenti. The "Fringe" score also has a deep level of emotion (also by Michael Giacchino and Chris Tilton) and "Breaking Bad" has a very memorable score by Dave Porter and an even memorable soundtrack (thanks to Thomas Golubic). However, LOST is still miles ahead of them all.

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