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we did this to ourselves
May 02, 2016
Game of Thrones: We're All to Blame for Jon Snow's Underwhelming Story
The internet's intelligence coupled with our inability to stop talking about Jon Snow since his death last summer made his recent resurrection rather uneventful.
Mar 25, 2016
10 TV Beefs That Are Better Than Batman v. Superman
Who cares about a billionaire with toys and a man in tights when you have a meth king versus a criminal mastermind?
tv.com podcast
Jun 11, 2015
Totally Tubular June 11, 2015: Orange Is The New Black, Dark Matter, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and More (AUDIO)
Tim and Cory talk about this week's big premieres and answer your burning Qs in the latest episode of the podcast.
surf & turf
May 28, 2015
7 Quintessential Beach Episodes to Get You Ready for Summer
If you can't make it to the shore, the next best thing is watching perfectly tanned fictional characters at the beach!
2010 – 2015
Mar 31, 2015
TV.com's Top 30 Shows of the Past Five Years: The Runners-Up and Our Individual Staff Picks
To cap off the festivities, we're back to present what many of you have been asking for: the individual Top 20 lists that we used to tabulate our collective Top 30.
we have to go back
Sep 19, 2014
In Celebration of Lost's 10-Year Anniversary, Let's Grade the Cast's Post-Island Careers!
A decade later, how are cast members' resumes looking? Not so great, mostly.
unfortunate endings
Aug 26, 2014
Which Series Finales Have Disappointed You the Most?
Now that True Blood has ended disappointment, we thought now might be a good time to explore the worst of the worst.
swallow it whole
Jun 12, 2014
What Types of Shows Are Best for Binge-Watching?
Which shows are best consumed in single-episode servings, and which are perfect for a buffet?
followed by zombies and liars
Jun 03, 2014
News Briefs: Nielsen's New Twitter Ratings Say Breaking Bad Is the Best
Plus: Halt and Catch Fire is a teraflop (maybe), CBS will catch you up on Under the Dome, and Damon Lindelof says The Leftovers won't end like Lost.
May 23, 2014
Why Lost Is the Greatest TV Show Ever Made
today (5/23/14) marks 4 years since the airing of the final episode of "lost". here are five reasons why i think “lost” is the greatest television show ever made.

the premise of this show is so hard to explain it often sounds preposterous. yes, it’s about people stranded on an island after surviving a plane wreck but it slowly reveals itself to be so much more…from betrayals to savages to polar bears to secret societies to doomsday devices to time travel to resurrection and, oh yes, a black smoke monster. this show even took on one of the greatest mysteries of all: death. just when you think you’ve figured out something you find you are lost…again…like an onion with endless layers, the viewer is taken deeper "down the rabbit hole". it was this inscrutable nature of the ...Read more
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After Oceanic Air Flight 815 tears apart in mid-air and crashes on a Pacific island on September 22nd 2004, its survivors are forced to find inner strength they never knew they had in order to survive. But they discover that the island holds many secrets, including a mysterious smoke monster, polar bears, housing with electricity and hot & cold running water, a group of island residents known as "The Others," and a mysterious man named Jacob. The survivors also find signs of those who came to the island before them, including a 19th century sailing ship called The Black Rock and the ruins of an ancient statue, as well as bunkers belonging to the DHARMA Initiative -- a group of scientific researchers who inhabited the island in the recent past. Lost has won a Golden Globe, 10 Saturn Awards and 10 Emmy Awards.