Season 1 Episode 8

Confidence Man

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2004 on ABC

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  • Sawyer

    The character everyone hated may change to the universal favorite, as Sawyer's somber history is explained in an emotional way that allows the audience to finally feel pity towards him.
  • 108

    The plot thickens as they say with this week's episode of Lost. What I love about this show thus far is that every episode brings some sort of substantial development. I know it's a little too early to be raving about the show in it's eighth episode, but I just love this format.

    So I wasn't crazy excited about the Sawyer centric episode but I surely was in for a pleasant surprise. We delve in to the very sad life of Sawyer. The Kate & Sawyer interactions were the best of the episode, I hope these two continue to be in scenes together.

    Now I really don't hope anything happens between Michael & Sun, but their interactions were good too. Charlie & Claire, obvious awesome interactions. The peanut butter scenes was nice. I wonder how the writers will incorporate Sayid's departure in future episodes. Overall superb episode of Lost that brought us a lot of substantial development.
  • Awesome.

    Sawyer is suspected of hoarding some asthma inhalers from the wreck. Sayid tortures Sawyer, who reveals to Kate that he does not have them. Sayid sets off to explore the island's shoreline in self-imposed isolation, needing time to come to terms with his actions in torturing Sawyer. Kate reads a letter that Sawyer always carries around, which reveals that "Sawyer" is an alias. When Sawyer was a child, a man known as Sawyer conned and slept with his mother, who was killed by young Sawyer's father in a murder-suicide. Young Sawyer vowed, in the letter, to give the letter to the original Sawyer. Later, Sawyer became a con-man and took the name of the original Sawyer. In flashbacks, Sawyer tries to con a husband and wife, but gives up when he discovers that they have a son. Wow- another awesome episode from LOST. We learnt about the awesome and hot i might add Sawyer. I love the whole storyline about Shannon having a asthma attack. I love the part where everyone is blaming Sawyer - awesome. I love Sawyer and Kate parts in the episode. Jack and Sawyer ...FIGHT - love it. Chalir and Claire - I love them and their peanut butter.
  • A dramatic and character driven episode...

    Episode eight is another great character driven episode, this time it's about Sawyer and we learn that he saw his Mother and Father killed as a boy because of a con man named Sawyer, there is a lot to take in, in this forty minutes we learn loads about the character and I kind of felt sorry for him even if he is a jerk, Sawyer was my favourite character of season one. It's not just about the character however this episode had loads of dramatic scenes like the two Jack arguements one resulting in Jack hitting Sawyer. Then there is the torturing scene which was wonderfully acted, we learn that Sayid was more than just a communications officer in Iraq. Oh and Kate kisses Sawyer didn't actually think that Kate would but she did, love it highlight of the episode. I also enjoy the music at the end it went well with the ending of the episode. All in all this is one of my favourite episodes from the first season of Lost.
  • You Gotta Be Inhaled To Get The Inhaler

    Sayid tortures Sawyer into turning in Shannon's asthma inhaler. Kate does the same thing if you replace "torture" with "hot kissin' under-a-tree". When it turns out that Sawyer doesn't have the inhaler, Sayid leaves. On the bright side, Jack is still here to teach us how to be a heroic, sweaty leader and an unhesitating, sweaty torturer at the same time. -

    Sawyer's first flashback episode was slightly underwhelming, mainly because of the great permise of his character. His backstory is quite interesting and touching but the flashbacks do not fully utilize that, their main flaw being bad time management. On the Island, nothing really spectacular happened, although I did like the Kate-Sawyer kiss (despite Kate's presence) and Sayid's departures sets up the next, improved episode. Overall, the episode was good but not terrific.
  • Sawyer and his Drama!!!!

    Comparing with the previous episode, it is a little difficult to define if the two episodes could be the same.

    Sawyer has his drama like everyone else, however, he has a strange desire of being hated by all, as if he wanted to punish ifor something that did. And this is what his flashbacks are there, not only they inform what he did, as it explains exactly his drama. The usual twist near the end is good and makes sense.

    Others events in the island besides sawyer wasn´t too interesting, the writers put the things in a simple way.

    And since there wasn´t a strong end, this episode deserves a note of 8.5
  • This con is one that needs to be played out

    Everybody in the island is keeping secrets, but right now the most mysterious one is Sawyer, who, unless I've been lax in paying attention the first seven episodes, has never even mentioned his name to anyone until now, when everyone seems to know it. The logical explanation is that he told Kate, who up until now has been the only person he's revealed anything to, and she told the others. However, I have a different theory, which I will explain in a little while.
    In his flashbacks, we see that Sawyer was e con man, taking thousands off people, and seemingly not caring who he hurts. The flashbacks show this is a very particular act that's he probably done many times with few variations. They're big many cons to--- $160,000 in the one he does here From his attitude, it seems like he's the man in the letter that we've seen him read a couple of times--- which in this episode, tells the story of a boy whose mother he seduced, took money from his father, who then killed his mother and himself. That seems to be the con we're seeing here until the episodes conclusion when we learn that Sawyer wrote the letter after his family was destroyed. He's spent his lifetime hunting this man, and in the process has taken on his name and character.
    Now, on the island Sawyer has a chance for a clean slate, which may have been why he held off giving his name for as long as he did. However, he has held on to the loathing and anger so long, he can not relinquish it. That is why he has taken on the worst aspects of man on this island, going through the luggage of dad people, creating a hoard, and generally being s jerk It's not until 'Confidence Man' that we see how deep the hatred is.
    When Boone comes looking through his luggage for Shannon's asthma inhaler, he beats the crap out of him. Boone goes to Jack with his suspicions, and Jack, who from day one hasn't liked Sawyer, goes after demanding them. That's when things get ugly.
    Sayed, who has his own reasons for enmity against Sawyer, offers to help obtain the information. Turns out, in the Republican Guard, he learned torturing skills. (We'll find out soon enough how he learned them) He then goes to work on Sawyer, in a brutal scene. I've seen a lot of torture on 24 and Alias, but it has a much more desperate and realistic feeling, mainly because Sayed clearly doesn't want to do it. When in an act of frustration, he buries a knife in an artery, he looks utterly horrified at what he has done.
    What makes the scene so brutal is that Sawyer never had the inhalers. For starters, he never does anything to imply that he's got them, and he clearly doesn't seem at all upset about what's being done, and while Sawyer has been a colossal jerk he never does anything that will really hurt a castaway (Not helping is something different). The entire exercise was one in self-punishment, something that he wanted to make the real Sawyer feel all the pain he does, at least that what he thinks.
    It also explains his relationship with Kate. It's mainly been flirtations and salaciousness on his part, but look at his face when Kate finally is about to kiss him. Even though this is a supposedly a trade for the inhalers, he wants some human contact. (And it didn't look like Kate was just going through the motions on her part) He's never had meaningful relationship, but he clearly wants Kate. Trouble is, he can't have her, because he doesn't believe that he (or the real Sawyer) is deserving of love. We see that when in the final flashback when the appearance of the child of his current marks jolts him back to reality.
    The episode also brings out an unpleasant side of Jack's characters. He's pledged to save lives and protect the survivors, but he clearly doesn't think Sawyer qualifies. Part of this is because of his jealousy of Kate's attraction to him, but a lot of hit has to do with the morality he seems to swear to. Jack doesn't like people who don't follow his code, and he will demonstrate that over and over on the island.
    Sayed is clearly pissed. He thinks (even though he doesn't say it while he's torturing him ) that Sawyer is the man who injured him and destroyed the transmitter in the previous episode, which gives him another reason to go after him. But we can see that this is a path he did not want to go down again. His reaction to this is to leave the beach in an attempt to map the island proper, and get away from the person he was. Though Shannon's fate is at the center of the episode, we don't see a great deal of her. However, her behavior is one of real alarm and concern, making it the first time she hasn't acted like a hollow idiot We may not like her, but we don't want her to get sick. It's also interesting that despite all of the horrible things that are being done to help her, Sun ends up being the one to save her by creating a paste out of eucalyptus. There's definitely a cost as she has to go to Michael to get it done, which makes Jin, who is already wary, even more suspicious of his wife.
    We only see Locke in a cameo when Sayed questions him about what happened. Notice that Locke is the one who points (without actually accusing) the finger of suspicion at Sawyer, as well as giving him the knife he ultimately sticks on Sawyer's arm. Also note that he says the attacker might be someone who has a motive to stay on the island, which Locke clearly has. Is he conspiring to deceive? We're going to find very soon that he's good at that.
    The rest of the actors are seen in cameo. It's now pretty clear that Charlie has a thing for Claire as he tries to lure her into the caves. He goes through a somewhat hysterical search for it bef0re finally bringing her imaginary peanut butter. Considering what happens, it's pretty clear that their something going on between the two of them.\We also only see Hurley in a couple of short but funny scenes, one where he calls Jack calming Shannon down to avert an asthma attack a 'Jedi moment', and one where Charlie gently points out that even though they've been on the island two weeks (or nine days, if you've been counting) he hasn't lost any weight. Could this be another of the island's mystical powers, because none of them look like their starving either?
    Sawyer is one of the more complicated characters on the show, and will be treading the path between darkness and light several times during the course of the series. He's a bully, a jerk, and a redneck, yet their is something almost charming about him. (Then again, that is a vital trait of a con artist). We still don't know what Sawyer's ultimate fate is? Will he survive? Be redeemed? Get Kate? Let go of his past? It's clear as he holds a lighter over the letter that he wants too, but right now, he can not find the strength to do it. Will this be his test of the island?
    My score:8.5
  • Como Sawyer

    Como Sawyer, te necesito. Como Sawyer daría cualquier cosa por un beso tuyo. Soportaría todo lo necesario, moriría.
    Como él me cuesta tanto expresarte lo que siento, galaxias enteras. Sos hermosa, lo sos.
    Horas miraría tu rostro sin siquiera notar el movimiento de las filosas agujas del eterno tren del tiempo. Semanas jugarían mis labios con los tuyos. Infinitos mis manos seduciendo las tuyas, mi cuerpo amando el tuyo.
    Juntaría todas las hojas caídas, todas las gotas de rocío y formaría con ellas nuestro hogar.
    Si tan sólo supieras, Laura...
    Como Sawyer, si tan sólo supieras todo lo que hay detrás de esta coraza de metal...
  • One of my favorites!

    This is the first Sawyer centric episode.

    I liked this episode mainly because it showed that there is a good human being inside Sawyer.

    The episode is basically about Sawyer having Shannons asthma medicine and not giving it back when she's having attacks. But he really doesn't have it. He just acts like he does. He ends up getting tortured by Sayid. Which that's never good, lol. He tells Kate he doens't have it, then Kate elbows him in the face.

    In the end Kate discovers why Sawyer is such an angry person who wants everyone to hate him. It's because when he was just eight years old, a man con his parents by sleeping with Sawyers mom, then stealing his dads money. It's also revealed that his dad killed his mom then turned the gun on himself. Sawyer wrote a note to the man, so one day when he found him, he'd know what he did to him. But the sad thing is that he became the man who ruined his life. He became a con-man.

    In his flashback he was about to do the same thing to a couple. But then saw they had a kid. He didn't do it because he didn't want to ruin a childs life and have them end up just like himself. I liked that because it showed that Sawyer was in fact a good person.
  • More character in-depth introductions, this time it is with Sawyer, the one that shot the marshall in the chest and is the chain smoking rebelious one of the group to date.

    We see Sawyer in bed with a beautiful woman, him being late for a meeting and grabbing a briefcase off of the top of a wardrobe in a hotel suite, only for alot of money to come tumbling out of it. Then the flasback ends and he is in the forest when he hears a noise, it is someone going through his stash of stuff, so being mad he beats him up. Sayad has triangulated on a certain spot, only to be hit on the back of the head and rendered unconscious.

    The lad explains to Jack that his sisters asthma medicine has gone missing from his backpack, and as Sawyer has his book and pack, it only goes to reason that he has the medicine too. Jack goes to get the medicine back, nearly gets drawn into a fight but doesn't succumb to his savage primial instincts to do some serious harm to Sawyer.

    Kate goes to talk to Sawyer, who offers an exchange of the inhalers for a kiss. She mentions the piece of paper she has seen him reading. He make her read it out aloud, then when ask for that kiss, he says didn't think so. The letter accuses him of making love to someones mother and stealing his fathers money and promising to hand the letter to him in person one day, as his father killed his mother before killing himself.

    Sayad asks Lock about his alibi for when he was hit on the head, only the boar is his witness but gives him one of his knives for protection.

    Jack ends up hitting Sawyer twice and asking for shannons medicine, but Sawyer does not budge but just says, is that all you've got. His flashback incorporates a meeting between his lover, her husband and a con regarding an offshore drilling platform.

    Then with the lack of the inhalors and a panic attack, Shannons' breathing gets worse. Jack with the aid of Sayad go off to get it from Sawyer, Sayad shows Jack some communication skills on Sawyer that has him saying that he will give the information to Kate, for the price of a kiss. He gets his kiss and says that he does not have it.

    Kate gets to understand Sawyer alot better, once she knows more about him, realising things that the othes are unaware. Sun, provides a remedy from some plants which eases Shannon's breathing. Sayad, departs the safety of the group in order to map the island, but also because he nearly broke a promise to himself, that he can not live with and is getting the only person he can trust to map the island, himself.
  • Perhaps not as good as previous episodes, but It's still Lost!

    This episode began with an introduction of Sawyer and some of his flashbacks going back to around 3 years ago which were very interesting and how he used to con people.
    After last weeks episode had concluded with the mysterious attack of Sayid I was put In shock and wanted to find out who did It and why! At first I though It was Locke for some reason or maybe someone sneaky guy who hates Sayid or just doesn't want to get off the island.
    Then Sawyer attacked Boone for going through his stuff then he beat him up! At that time Shannon was also suffering from asthma which could be life threatening unless she took her inhalers who the others believe were in Sawyers possession. The whole episode kept me In suspense, trying to find out why Sawyer didn't give the medicine to Shannon. Then Sayid started to torch Sawyer by sticking splinters under his fingernails, OUCH! while Jack was watching. Sawyer told Kate that he didn't have the medicine, never did! I was surprised. But then he tried to escape and Sayid stabbed him In the arm which was painful to see. He was lucky to be alive in the end, but Kate made a discovery about the letter that Sawyer was carrying around. He wrote It to the man he's gonna kill! Who was the real Sawyer who killed his parents, It turns out that his real name was James Ford. I thought the scene where Sun was talking to Michael In private about some special medicine for Shannon and then Jin stepping In, having a go at her about Michael was funny.
    The end was nice how Charlie gave Claire imaginary peanut butter so that she would move to the caves with him and how Boone stayed with Shannon until she got better, but Sayid decided to leave because of a promise he broke about not torturing anyone again but still did anyway, that was sad and It looks like next weeks episode reveals more than ever when he appears to get caught in a trap while walking through the jungle on his own!
    But overall this was a great and revealing episode which Is why I still gave It 9/10.
  • A Sawyer centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I really enjoyed this episode because I really like the character Sawyer. I think that he's such an interesting character, and the more I learn about his character, the more I consider him to be one of my favorite characters on the show. I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Sawyer's life before everyone was stranded on the island. Josh Holloway plays the role of Sawyer so well, and he brings so much depth to the character. As a whole, I thought that this was a very well written and very well acted episode by everyone involved, and I'm looking forward to more Sawyer-centric episodes in the future.
  • Another great episode where we discover more about a characters past...enter Sawyer.

    From the word go he has been a mysterious character, and like Kate says herself 'its almost like you want to be hated'. I'm talking, of course, about Sawyer. So finally his back story is reveiled showing him as a womaniser who got mixed up with the wrong type of people and got into some saught of trouble. The episode mainly focuses on him him, when Shannons inhalers go missing he is held responsible and Jack and Sayid torture him in order to found out where he has hidden them. However after some gruelling torture scenes it truns out he doesn't have them after all. He just wanted a kiss from kate who was discusted to find out he had been lying. On the surface he appears a vial character with a definate arrogance about him, however you no there is more to him than that. Could there possibly be a decent person underneath that fake personality of his? Well we're sure to find out and even after the flashbacks its still unclear what he's actually all about. Okay he has a thing for Kate thats definatly clear, but why does he want to be hated so badly? Why does he insist in annoying and fustrating everyone around him. I mean what kind of person goes through painful torture just for a kiss from a beautiful woman? The truth is we're bound to find out in the future. I just hope that Kate picks Jack over Sawyer, i don't care if sawyer really is a nice person Jack is deffinatly the better man! Other breif scenarios envolve Charlie and the preganat woman pretending to eat peanut butter, this adds some comedy to an otherwise darker episode. Its nice to see he no longer craves the drugs, good on him! Its not as strong or compelling as previous episodes but still is intruguing, especially to discover Sawyers past, as it is with any of the many other characters. A reasonably satisfying episode overall.
  • Great Sawyer episode

    This episode focuses mainly on Sawyer. When one of the survivors suffers from asthma, the others believe that Sawyer took her inhaler.

    The back story in the episode is great. It really shows you who he is as a character. The twist at the end was very unexpected, and adds a lot to the story.

    The island story is also great. I like how it shows how far Jack will go to get the inhalers from Sawyer.

    I also like how it sets up the character of Sayid. It shows him as he was before, and shows how he wants to be. This part of the show helps to set up the next episode.
  • Jack: Just tell me where the inhalers are and we'll stop. Sawyer: Stop what, Chico?

    Sawyer is suspected of hoarding some asthma inhalers from the wreck. Sayid tortures Sawyer, who reveals to Kate that he does not have them. Sayid sets off to explore the island's shoreline in self-imposed isolation, needing time to come to terms with his actions in torturing Sawyer. Kate reads a letter that Sawyer always carries around, which reveals that Sawyer is an alias. When Sawyer was a child, a man known as Sawyer conned and slept with his mother, who was killed by young Sawyer's father in a murder-suicide. Young Sawyer vowed, in the letter, to give the letter to the original Sawyer. Later, Sawyer became a con-man and took the name of the original Sawyer. In flashbacks, Sawyer tries to con a husband and wife, but gives up when he discovers that they have a son. Great episode with alot of character development more rivalries were made and more bonds aswell. The Sawyer and Kate kiss was great, I love the song at the end aswell. 9.4 out of 10.
  • "It's about bunnies" It is sawbucks turn to get the limelight and get a good introduction to his psychological baggage.

    Better than The Moth, this character-based episode explores the con-man, Sawyer, who at this point, is someone we all love to hate. What is funny, is that even so early on, Sawyer has a certain degree of charm, with his heart-breaking sarcasm and thoughtless comments. He certainly gives his fair share of nastiness in The Moth, when he tells Kate that Jack got buried in a cave in. Beneath this nastiness, of course, there is also jealously for Jack. We know he has feelings for Kate, just as Jack does. And so there is immediate competition between them. The events of The Moth perfectly set up this episode. The love-triangle problem only gets worse and reaches a peak, serious enough to drag in another of Sawyer's enemies, Sayid, whom he fought with in the Pilot, beleiving him to be a terrorist. You have to hate Sawyer in this episode, certainly based on his actions on the island. Thankfully that is where the flashbacks come in to even the score. By episode's end, we sort of feel so sorry for him. Sawyer is as much a victim of circumstance as anyone else we have seen so far. The problem is is that he doesn't let everyone else know this. As Kate reveals he just wants everyone to hate him, for being the person he has become. If everyone were to know of Sawyer's traumatic circumstances, they may feel more sorry for him and therefore try to help him through his baggage, just as Locke seemingly did with Charlie last episode. But Sawyer may not be as emotionally balanced as Sawyer. Kate attempted to understand and console him, after reading his heartbreaking letter, but Sawyer, put up a boundary in front of her. It is strange but Sawyer is a bit like Jack because he can't let go of situations easily. And Sawyer can't let go of his former life before the island. While most of the other survivors are learning to start a new life, whether on the island long-term or short term, Sawyer can't. And this is a problem that will continue to haunt him. However, as time goes on, the humanity in him, comes to the surface more and more. That humanity may be influenced by the fact that he needs to get on the Raft and get home and so needs to be nice to those who will help him get to that moment, but whatever the reason, he shows us later that he can be a thoughtful and lovable rogue.
    For now, though, the pain and misery that surrounds him and others who get involved in him continues. The torture scenes are terrifying. You don't need to see anything. Listening to Sawyer's howls of anguish is enough.
    This is the most violent Lost episode to date, with several brawls occuring. Jack thunping Sawyer in the jaw a couple of times, after Sawyer taunts him, the aforementioned torture scene, Kate smacking Sawyer in the face, after kissing him and Sayid stabbing Sawyer in the arm.
    It is brutal stuff.
    Many shippers cheered when Kate kissed Sawyer and non-shippers cheered when she thunped him afterwards. I got a good laugh at that. Despite all this treatment Sawyer remains unchanged, and it takes a Boar to begin to change him, late in Outlaws.
    Outlaws would be more entertaining than this one but this is still a very good character-based storyline, which sets up Sayid's exile in the next episode, where he faces Danielle Rousseau and the whole series is changed forever.
  • Another great character episode.

    Yet another character episode. Once again we don't touch the mythology, but as long as the writers can keep up producing quality episodes like this, I'm all fine.

    There were 2 or 3 'eh' moments in this episode for me, but first, the good...

    Sawyer. I love how seemingly card board cut characters become 100% realistic once they get their flashback. Well, this is another example of that. Wow. Sawyer's story is truly shocking and I can't wait for his next story. Sayid. I loved how Jack immediately thought of Sayid when he wanted to get information out from Sawyer. I thought the torture technic Sayid used was very realistic, and the stabbing? That was really one of the most disturbing scenes to date. It was so sudden and realistic. Lovely.

    What I didn't like? Shannon's sudden asthma, and how there's no reference to it before OR after this episode. It just felt like something the writers quickly made up for this episode.
    Sayid's decision to "go away". It also felt forced. Almost as if "I've to go because there's a giant storyline waiting for me on the other side of the island".

    Oh well - I guess we are going to accept things like that if we want the story to progress.
  • Sawyer and his past

    This was a great episode. We finally get to see what is behind the real Sawyer. Up to this point of the series I thought Sawyer was just a real jerk off, but once the show progressed I saw that he was an average guy with a soft side. He was pissing me off in the beginning when I thought he had Shannon's inhaler. Her not being able to breathe was hard to watch. I have asthma also and I know what it feels like to not be able to breathe. She acted that scene out real well. A very believable performance.
  • Sawyer's flashbacks.

    Shannon is suffering from asthma. Sawyer finds Boone searching through his stuff, so Sawyer beats him. Boone says that Sawyer has Shannon's medicine. Kate tries to get it from him, but he says that they have to kiss first. Sawyer shows her the letter that he would read from time to time. It is addressed to him from a child. It says that Sawyer had sex with his mom and stole from his dad, which caused the father to shoot the mom and then kill himself. Sayid suspects Sawyer of hitting him. Jack and Sayid interrogate Sawyer to find the medicine. Sun makes an herbal mixture that helps Shannon. Sayid stabs Sawyer with a knife. Kate finds out that it was Sawyer who wrote the letter and that his name really isn't Sawyer. Sayid decides to go live in the jungle on his own.

    This episode was pretty good! It was very dramatic. I give it a 9.0!
  • Two words to summarize this episode: very tense

    Maybe it is not my personal favorite because Sawyer is not my favorite character, but I really loved this episode for the drama. Not only was it revealing of Sawyer's past, but the episode gave an insight to the major conflict going on in his head, which I can tell, is extremely deep.

    It was the first episode so far where I was feeling borderline sympathetic and almost hateful of a character. It was one of the best writing and best acting in the whole season! I don't know whether to look forward to more Sawyer centric, but if the quality is what it was for this episode I can't wait for it!
  • Sawyers first flashback episode.

    Confidence man was Sawyers first flashback episode and what an episode it was saawyer getting tortured was so funny but very disturbing.
    It is revealed in a flashback that swayer was a con man and his past, we find out what is written on Sawyers letter when Kate reads it to Sawyer.
    This was a very good episode and it was revealing with a good sub plot on Shannon having asthma attacks and Sayids suspions over who knocked him out in the prevous episode.
    It was cleverly plotted and well written with fourty minutes of entertainment.
    A good start for Sawyers back story.Well Done.
  • "How's that for a tragedy? I became the man I was hunting. I became Sawyer."

    It should come as no surprise to find out that Sawyer was a confidence man. The overconfidence and arrogance he exudes precludes him from being in any noble profession, like Jack is. The true nature of Sawyer’s past is quite tragic, however, and possibly the darkest of all the back stories we’ve seen up to this point. Josh Holloway is a machine in this episode, and if you were to suggest that he was the best actor on the show at this point, I would have no trouble agreeing with you.

    There are many scenes that stick out when talking about the chops of Holloway. The scene where he’s splitting wood and Kate confronts him is a prime example. Sawyer starts the scene being his usual jaunty self. It quickly turns around, however, when Kate starts talking about the letter. Holloway plays the scene perfectly. The second Kate begins to question him about his past, the smile disappears and it’s replaced with a scowl. The force at which he brings down the axe also increases tremendously. Every swing is filled with fury, as if he’s picturing an imaginary man’s face on the logs.

    Josh’s acting during the torture scene is also terrific. He never breaks down, not until Sayid’s knife is an inch from his eye. Even then he doesn’t give in, and will only speak to Kate, leading to one of his most hilarious lines: “Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I’ve just been tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi.” But, why does he go through all of that just to say that he doesn’t have the inhalers? Kate hits the nail on the head. When Sawyer starts telling Kate the details of his life (another acting tour-de-force), the reason becomes oh-so-clear. Sawyer is desperate to get revenge on the man that ruined his family and his life. However, when he realized that he had become Sawyer, he knew that he was just as bad as the man he was hunting. So, instead of merely trying to find and kill him, Sawyer also decided that he had some kind of psychic connection to him, and everything that he felt was happening to the real Sawyer too. When Sayid plunged the knife into his arm, a knife was plunged into the real Sawyer’s arm. Sawyer tells Jack to let go of him, so that the real Sawyer could suffer. And every time Sawyer wants to start again and fall in love with Kate, he has to become cold to her, because then the real Sawyer can start over and fall in love.

    Just like The Moth, though, the plot itself rubs me the wrong way. Just like the last episode, there is an invented reason that comes out of nowhere to justify developing Sawyer’s character. Shannon’s asthma has never been mentioned before, and is never referred to after. This “plot” serves only to put Sawyer in a position wherein his flashbacks can be shown to us. The flashbacks are also a problem. By the end of the episode, they’re rendered pretty much irrelevant. They worked from the start of the episode, because Sawyer’s motivations weren’t clear, and it was hard to accept that he was a nice businessman. The scene with Kilo in the pool hall explained that, but the whole episode was working towards the payoff at the end. Obviously, not every flashback will be critically important, but the whole mini-story simply serves to make the fact that Sawyer wrote that letter more powerful. It works perfectly in this episode, adding a lot of pathos to that scene, but when you look back on it, all of the flashbacks become inconsequential.

    The rest of the episode is pretty solid, though. The rest of the cast does a good job, particularly Naveen Andrews. Gone are the days of him sounding like an announcer on an infomercial (“And if you order now, chances are the battery is good but the radio is dead!”), and he has really settled comfortably into his role. Once again, with Sayid’s departure from the beach at the end of the episode, we’re pretty much sure that his flashback is going to be shown next episode. Evangeline Lilly should also be mentioned, as she does a pretty good job in this episode. Lilly’s acting has never particularly stood out to me, but all of her scenes with Josh Holloway are very good.

    The subplot between Charlie and Claire is sweet, and brings some welcome relief from the very heavy plot with Sawyer in the jungle. It’s rather unrealistic that Charlie would have overcome heroin withdrawal so quickly, but for the purposes of the story, it’s acceptable. The imaginary peanut butter is very nice, and it’s good to have Claire back, as she’s been absent from the last two episodes. The scene between Charlie and Hurley in the jungle is hilarious, but contains a glaring continuity error. The episode started off the day after Sayid was attacked, which would be Day 9. However, that same day, Charlie tells Hurley they’ve been on the island for two weeks. Whoops!

    Confidence Man is definitely a better episode than some of its predecessors. It isn’t without problems, but the emotion of the episode, especially Josh Holloway’s acting, more than makes up for it. Sawyer not burning his letter at the end of the episode is a great touch, and it makes it clear that Sawyer, unlike Charlie or Sun or Locke has not been able to forget his life from before the crash. This will make his future episodes a lot more interesting than they would have been otherwise.
  • When the inhalers go missing, the Losties blame Sawyer.

    The episode starts out with Boone going through Sawyer's stuff then Sawyer catches him and beats him badly. It's revealed that the reason Boone is going through his luggage is he saw Sawyer reading his book and so he must have his luggage that has Shannon's inhalers. So Jack and Sayid go to drastic measures and start to torture Sawyer and it's found out that he doesn't even have them. His past reveals the reason his name is Sawyer is that's the man that had an affair with his mother and conned his family which led to his father killing his mother and himself. Later, "Sawyer" becomes just like the real Sawyer so he assumes the name for himself. And also, he carries around a letter that says he's going to kill the real Sawyer. It was a pretty good episode.
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • Review

    I thought the writing done by Damon and the acting done by Josh Holloway in this episode wasily make it one of the best Lost episodes to date and certainy one of the most underrated (9.1) episodes as well. I really liked Sawyers flashback scenes and I enjoyed the "Confidance Man" speech that he gave to Kate right before snatching the letter that we find out was not actually his to begin with. The situation with the inhaler was pretty intense as Jack and Sayid have to torture Sawyer to try and make him give up the information. Sawyer forces Kate to kiss him, whcih actually turned out to be a pretty passionate kiss, only to find out that he never had the inhaler in the first place. In the end Shannons problem is wrapped up when Sun comes from out of nowhere with a secret formula that Jack couldnt think of. Overall I think this is the best episode (Maybe aside from the Pilot) to date and certainly is a series classic.
  • The first of Sawyers great Flashbacks...Very Good episode!

    In this great episode it starts with Boone getting beat up by Sawyer because he thinks he has Shannons astmha pumps. After several attempts of reasonong with sawyer to give back the medicine Jack and sayid decide to beat him up and torture him(Saywers FB shows him trying to con a husband and wife, he tries to get them invest money in a great deal, when really he's just gonna run of with the money) As Sayid tortures Sawyer, he eventurally gives in but tells them taht he will only tell kate! Meanwhile back at the caves Shannon is getting worse, when sun brings a mixture containing eucalyptus which helped sooth Shannons breathing. Back in the jungle where Sawyer is tied up he tells kate he will only tell her is she kisses him, so she does and he reveals that he doesn't have the astmha pumps, so when she tells sayid this he flips out and attacks sawyer and stabs him in the arm.Later on it is revealed in a letter that sawyer has with him that his mom was conned so his dad shot her and then shot himself in the head.(Then it is revealed in another FB that sawyer got the married couple to give him the monry but then see's a child so drops the money and runs) At the end of the episode Sayid tells kate that he is leaving out of shame for what he did to sawyer, and walks off down the beach in the far distance.
  • great episode

    Shannon runs out of inhaler, Boone goes to Sawyer's tent and finds a stash of inhalers he thinks is hidden there by Boone. Sawyer refuses to give up his inhaler supplies unless he gets paid for it. Jack and Sayid are forced to resort to torture to try and get Sawyer to give up his inhaler supplies. This episode revolves around Sayid, we learn things that he did in the past that made him the kind of person he is today. It's a very interesting episode, it's a good one. The writers came up with another great story. I really enjoyed this episode.
  • Sawyer´s life is revealed. Great story.

    We finally discover Sawyer´s story or, at least, a part of it. His flashback stars with a not very surprising scene for Sawyer; he had just had sex with a woman when he realises he has an appointment to attend. He then put his clothes on in a hurry and his briefcase falls down, revealing its content: lots of cash. Consecuently, Sawyer explains the woman that he was going to buy a share in an oil mining operation with somebody in order to gain more money, and she offers herself to put the rest of the money and make the deal with her and her husband.

    On the island, Sawyer finds Boone stealing his belongings. Jack finds out that Boone was trying to find some inhalers for Shannon, who has asthma and was starting to feel sick. Kate decides to talk with Sawyer and he tells her he will only give her the medicine if she kisses him. She certainly refuses to do such thing and admits knowing the reason of Sawyer´s hostility. But then he gives her a letter in which she discovers an ugly truth about Sawyer. Nevertheless, Sayid and Jack decide to make Sawyer talk if he doesn´t want to talk voluntarily and, after torturing him for a long time, Sayid gives up. This is when Sawyer tells them he will only tell where the medicines are to Kate. She finally kisses him in order to make him talk but, when she realises there are no inhalers, she hits him angrily and walks away. After some violent incidents involving Sayid and Sawyer, the last one is stabbed in the arm.

    Meanwhile, Shannon starts to feel really bad because of her breathing difficulties. Sun secretly asks Michael for an eucaliptus to make Shannon´s breathing improve, which effectively makes Shannon feel better.
    When Sawyer finally wakes up, Kate tells him that she had taken another look at the letter and discovered that the one who ruined a family was not him but a conner whom Sawyer had sent a letter to. We discover Sawyer is not his real name, which means that real Sawyer was the one who destroyed his family. Consecuently, Sawyer explains her that after this, he turned into that man, he became Sawyer.
    We then learn in the flashback that all the negotiations he was going to do were just a con; he was cheating at his “lover” and her husband. Even though this, Sawyer is not able to finish his conning because a young boy walks in and, with no apparent reason, Sawyer walks away. Somehow the kid reminded him of himself as a child. He didn´t want to destroy his hapiness.
  • A softer side of Sawyer

    This episode illustrates that Sawyer is a much more complex character than originally expected. His actions seem to stem from a self loathing and a fear of losing people he loves (ie his parents). He uses his sarcasm and roughness to keep people at a distance so that losing them will not be painful. Sawyer is clearly a child of nurture rather than nature. Violence comes into his life at such a young age and stays there. Sawyer taking on the name of the man who killed his parents illustrates that he loathes himself almost as much as he loathes the real sawyer. In the end, he is a pitiful character, and clearly not as harsh as he would hope to seem, as seen by his unwillingness to go through with the deal when he sees the child. Overall a great episode. A great look into a character's soul. Plus great banter/flirting, great nudity :-), and GREAT kiss.
  • Sawyer gets the blame!!

    Confidence Man is an awesome episode!!! When Shannon's inhalers go missing, everyone looks to sawyer! After being tortures by Jack and Sayid, and being kissed by Kate, Sawyer finally admits he never had the inhalers! Also, Sun helps with Shannon's asthma problem and Sayid leaves the camp! We find out about Sawyer's past. We find out that he is a Con man and that "Sawyer" isnt his real name. We later find out his name is James in another episode!

    My favorite quotes:

    Kate: I ask you to help a woman who can't breath and you want me to kiss you? Nobody's that disgusting.

    Sawyer:I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi. Of course I'm serious."
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