Season 4 Episode 2

Confirmed Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

"Oh my God It's Oceanic 815."

The haunting footage of the wreckage of flight 815 on the bottom of the ocean plays over a news report. Physicist Daniel Faraday of Essex, Massachusetts, finds himself unexpectedly moved by it and we meet the first of the freighter people.

In Inglewood, California, we find the second freighter person: Miles Straume. He listens to the 815 news report as he prepares for a job. Inside a woman's house, he goes upstairs to her murdered grandson's room and talks to the emptiness. Then he seems to listen to something. Miles suddenly turns toward a bookshelf, and hidden behind it in an air vent he discovers a large roll of cash and some drugs. He says out loud, "You can go now." Downstairs, he tells the grandmother that her grandson is now at peace.

In Medenine, Tunisia, we meet our third freighter person: Charlotte Lewis. A French Tunisian newspaper reports on the discovery of flight 815, and Charlotte doesn't believe the report. She forces her way onto a dig in the desert the discovery of a polar bear skeleton. And strangely, on the collar is the Hydra symbol of the DHARMA Initiative.

Finally, in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, Frank Lapidus watches the flight 815 news report from his island tours office. The undersea footage shows the bodies of the passengers and the pilot. However, Frank realizes that it isn't the real pilot of plane. He knows because the pilot, Captain Seth Norris, was married and always wore his wedding ring and the body they're showing isn't wearing a ring. Lapidus calls the NTSB hotline and tells them the information. They're hesitant to believe him, but Lapidus tells them he knows because he was the one supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 that day.

WHOOSH to the island where Jack and Kate meet Faraday. He says he's there to rescue them. There were four of them in the chopper, and they tossed their stuff out to stop it from going down. He doesn't know where the others are, but they're wearing GPS transponders. The ship picks up their signal and then relays it to the sat-phones they all carry. Faraday asks for their help in finding his people. Jack and Kate agree, though after seeing the gun in Faraday's belt, Jack isn't sure about this guy.

Locke and his group continue through the jungle to the barracks, but Locke wants to make a quick detour first. There's a cabin he needs to go to. Hurley points out that the cabin is the other way, and this surprises Locke. Ben is surprised Hurley knows about the cabin, too. Hurley backpedals and says he thought Locke meant the airplane cabin. Sawyer asks just who is Locke getting his orders from, and Locke tells him Walt. Locke explains that Walt told him to stop Naomi before she could bring the rest of her people to the island.

Jack, Kate and Faraday find a stainless steel container filled with gas masks and hazmat suits. Jack asks what it's for, but Faraday is evasive. He says he wasn't in charge of packing. Jack wants to know why he brought a gun. Faraday says for precaution and then admits that rescuing them isn't their primary goal. Jack wants to know what their goal is, but Faraday picks up Miles' signal and takes off.

They find Miles' limp body on a rocky incline. Jack rushes down to help but CLICK! Miles was playing possum and suddenly holds a gun on Jack. Faraday tries to convince Miles they're okay, but Miles demands to know where Naomi is. He knows they killed her she used the code: tell my sister I love her. Naomi didn't have a sister, that's what they were supposed to say if they got captured and had a gun to their head. Kate insists they didn't kill her. She explains it was John Locke who did it. Miles wants to be taken to Naomi's body and insists he'll know if they're telling the truth.

At the beach camp, there's no sign of the freighter. Sayid asks Juliet why Ben would say the freighter people are coming to harm them. Juliet says because Ben's a liar and he's trying to scare them. Or because they really are coming to harm them. Then Juliet asks how many guns Sayid has left.

Jack and Kate lead Miles and Faraday to Naomi's body. Miles kneels over it and appears to be muttering something. Faraday comments that the light is strange on the island, like it doesn't scatter quite right. Kate tries to convince Faraday to put his gun away, but Faraday says if he does Miles would kill him. Miles then stands and says Naomi was killed just like Kate said. But how would Miles know that from just looking at her body?

Jack scans the tree line. He then turns to Miles and orders them to hand over their guns. Jack warns him that their friends are in the jungle pointing guns at Miles and Faraday. Warning shots ring out, and Sayid and Juliet step out of the jungle. Faraday and Miles hand their guns over.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is having a more difficult time. She parachuted into a tree on a cliff and is hanging upside down over a lagoon. She unbuckles the harness, plummets down and splashes into the water below. She surfaces and looks around, smiles. Then she sees Locke and his group on the other side of the lagoon. Charlotte is surprised they've survived the entire time on the island. Locke tells Charlotte she's coming with them. Charlotte tells them they have to stay put to be found, but Locke informs her they don't want to be found.

Back with Jack and Kate's group, they pick up Charlotte's signal, and she's running from something. They race to find her and find it's Vincent with Charlotte's transponder tied to his collar. Jack realizes it means only one thing Locke's got Charlotte.

Cut to another part of the jungle where Frank Lapidus stumbles uphill, disoriented. At the top he finds a large cow staring at him. The cow saunters off, and Frank collapses. His sat-phone is smashed, so he pulls out a flare gun, fires it into the air and passes out.

Charlotte sees the flare and tells Locke it's from her team. Nobody moves. Charlotte doesn't understand what's the matter with them. Her team came because they called for help. But Locke says she's lying and they're not there for them. Charlotte tries to leave, but Locke stops her. Suddenly BLAM! BLAM! Gunshots hit Charlotte square in the chest. The group turns to find Ben holding Karl's gun. However, Charlotte isn't dead. She was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Jack's group reaches Lapidus. Miles asks where Lapidus crashed the chopper, but Lapidus is offended. He didn't crash it's right over the ridge where he landed it. Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet hurry over to look, and there below them in the valley is the helicopter. They stare at it in disbelief and realize they may actually get off the island after all.

WHOOSH to an office where photos of Faraday, Miles, Charlotte and Lapidus are shown to a woman. A man tells her this is her team. The woman says they're the wrong people for her high-risk covert op in unstable territory. She calls them a head-case, ghostbuster, anthropologist and a drunk. The woman is Naomi, the parachutist, and the man she's talking to is Matthew Abbadon. He reassures her these people were specifically selected for the team, and it's her job to get them in and prevent anyone from getting killed. Noami asks what if they find survivors from 815, but Abbadon insists there were no survivors.

WHOOSH back to the island where Sayid checks out the helicopter. There's some minor damage but it'll still fly. Miles uses the sat-phone to call Minkowski, but Regina, the woman who answers, says Minkowski can't come to the phone. It's clear from her tone something is wrong and Miles relents. Faraday and Kate arrive with Naomi's body. Faraday wants to take it back to the ship with them. As Juliet attends to the wound on Lapidus' head, he asks her name. She tells him Juliet Burke, and he realizes her name wasn't on the manifest. She's a native. Suddenly, Miles is in her face demanding to know where "he" is. Jack warns him to back off. Miles pulls out a photo of Ben, a photo of an adult Ben in an airport security line and clearly not on the island, and asks again where is he?

Ben is with Locke's group tied to a tree, and Sawyer is giving him a brutal beating. Locke realizes Ben is his problem and asks Rousseau to escort Alex away. He's going to kill Ben. Right before Locke pulls the trigger, Ben tells them the woman's name is Charlotte Lewis. He tells them her entire history, the names of her team members and that they are there for him. She and her people are a threat, and if Locke shoots him they'll never know how much of a threat. Locke asks how Ben knows what they want, Ben claims he has a man on their boat.