Season 4 Episode 2

Confirmed Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on ABC

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  • Great addition to an even twisting plot.

    The episode "Confirmed Dead" is one of the most compelling in recent additions to the show. We were introduced to four new character. Each with a special incite or "ability" to add to the already intricate cast. We also find out more about the Darmah Initiative. How did a polar bear get in the desert? Why was there a plane at the bottom of the ocean and how did it get there? All said and done the was an excellent addition and left us with great expectations of future episodes. It will be interesting to see how new characters are used to give us incite to the island.
  • What is the monster?

    One thing I love in Lost is when the scripts allows characters to behave like fans of the show. We already saw jokes about some theories (Anthony Cooper and the purgatory for example, or Sawyer and the "others are aliens" theory in S2 finale). If there is a very funny moment in "Confirmed Dead" is the one when Locke, out of the blue, asks Ben "What is the monster?". Who many fans already asked that question countless times before?

    And that's just one of other great moments in this episode. Starting with the amazing opening sequence. The 4 rescue crew member were also very well introduced (it seems they learned their lesson with Nikki and Paulo, even though those were very different sircustances), with flashbacks showing what they were doing exatcly at the moment the Oceanic 815 was "found". The flashbacks were short, but revealed enough about those people and helped us to at least start to wonder why they were chosen for the mission, provided they have no experience on that kind of "job".

    That's just one of tons of new questions the episode presented. However, nobody can say we never have answers. We know what is their primary objective, it's something. Moreover, who watched the series up to this point know what to expect: 50 new questions for each answer they give. Personaly I believe it's the mystery that keeps the show going strong.

    All in all, good new characters, Ben aways one step ahead of everybody and, wow, Jack not beeing the annoying prick he use to be. Considering it was an episode that introduced not one but FOUR new characters, it was almost perfect.

    Ps: What about Charlie? The guy just died and everyone seems fine with that.
  • First time review!

    Once again great episode!!! I cant imagine any lost fan not liking this episode
    it kept all viewers glued to the screen. Since mid season 3 all episodes have been great and 'Confirmed dead' didnt dissapoint. I just hope we get some answers soon because im sure the die hard fans out there are getting a little fed up longing for answers. But without complaining, lost for me is definatley the best show on tv. Ben continued to manipulate everyone. 'absoulute genious' Micheal Emerson is supurb. New characters introduced and if they are here for the whole season i think they will fit in well. More than ever weve had answers but yet more and more questions. Will it ever stop??? i doubt it but lost has not let me down so far and i dont think it will , i think we all just have to be patient and not lose interest.
  • A baby step back from the premiere (I just preferred it), but this episode had something different to it, something that spells out, "this season is going to rock."

    Well we are introduced to a bunch of new characters. Something I'd like to point out about them... they're interesting! Last time Lost introduced more than one character to us, it was the pair of Paulo and Nikki, I'd hate to repeat the tragedy that was, and before that we had Ana-Lucia, Mr. Eko, Libby and the rest of the Tailies. I was not fond of much of them, maybe only Libby, but that is as far as I go with appreciating that mob of annoying characters led by the infamous Ana-Lucia Cortez.

    So yeah, this episode was really a breath of fresh air as far as new characters go. The flashbacks were a little confusing at first, but I learned to pick up after awhile. This episode wasn't centered on just one person, and that kinda' made it feel odd for me, but not uncomfortable, just odd.

    This episode doesn't arouse me much, but it makes me more excited for future episodes.
  • New character introduced!

    The more I learn about the island the less sense it seems to makes sense.

    I enjoy all the new characters so far. I think they all make a great addition to the cast. What on earth do they want with Ben? I don't think he's that special. Miles seems to have the corner on unique now.

    Locke has the market on crazy. He cannot kill Ben, but killing Naomi made sense to him in his world. It's beyond me why anyone would follow him.

    The survivers are supposed to be dead. I wonder who faked the plane crash, and why. I wonder how they explain it when the six show up.
  • News Flash!?

    Here we go again:) Once again the wonderful writters of LOST are able to introduce new and interesting characters to make the plot of LOST raise more and more questions, yet they do give us some answers sometimes, and i believe that this episode at least confirmed some facts.

    What i feared in this episode was that the new characters could end up being like Nikki and Polo (no offense to fanboys/girls) who in the end didn't really have any purpose in the series (which is why i think they're characters died so soon).

    We are presented to a very odd group of "rescuers", i for one was expecting to see some more armed soldiers appearing instead of only 4 people who don't seem to be the "military prototype". We learn that they came to the island for a reason, which i won't say here cause some poor soul who as nothing better to do might end up reading this before seeing the episode, which i doubt but just in case...

    Once again we will have to wait to see what happens next, what will these new people bring to the current situation on the island, and are they really...the "bad guys"?

    Daniel seems pretty cool so i doubt he is bad by the way, and that Charlotte chick is hot by the way...i could not contain myself from saying it:P

    Thanks for reading.
  • A fantastic episode giving you the feeling that all the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together...

    It sounds stupid but the thing that I noticed most about this episode was how amazing the music was! Most of it was new to the show but it fit in brilliantly with all the scenes and really added to the feel of the episode.

    The scenes in the episode were all individually crafted to be memorable, every line spoken felt like it would be remembered as one of the best in "Lost's Legacy"

    If you look at the writing credits for the two writers of this episode, they haven't written a bad episode of Lost yet and Drew Goddard is probably more familiar for most recently writing "Cloverfield"!

    "Confirmed Dead" introduces us to the 4 members of the helicopter team in brief, straight to the point and revealing flash backs. The final flash back is from the recently deceased Naomi's point of view and that fellow from the first episode who talked to Hurley shows up with Naomi... this guy is clearly part of a larger organisation, maybe something to do with Dharma or Widmore... who knows.

    "I have a man on their boat..." the final line of the episode that will surely pave the way for more shocks and revelations?

    When Locke asks Ben "What is the Black Smoke Monster?" I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a response, but for the first time ever I actually believe Ben when he said "I don't know", for the first time ever in the series his life was truly threatened by everyone around him, this makes me more suspicious of Juliet who seemed to know more about this creature than Ben does.

    The series writers are at the top of their game, the 2 episodes of season 4 so far have been superb, and the last 5 or so in season 3 were equally as good, the show has found its momentum and if it keeps up we are in for a great ride.
  • Brilliant episode that introduces viewers to the freighter team.

    A great episode. It uncovers more mysteries for me, which is always fun. Like who is Abaddon, and why is he like the creepiest person ever? Why are they covering up the crash of Oceanic 815? Why didn't Frank pilot the airplane? Why wasn't Charlotte surprised to see the polar bear in the desert? Does she, along with the other three have connections with the Dharma Initiative? Locke made me chuckle this episode, which is really rare. He's usually so serious. Daniel is definitely my favorite of the Freighter Team. He definitely has tourettes. I Can't wait for next week!
  • Amazing!

    What can I say about this episode? It was awesome, very entertaining episode. I thought that the scenes on the island where the best, especially the bit when Juliet and Sawyer come and help Jack and Kate, I wasn't ready for it, I thought Jack was just playing with them I also love the scene where Ben is messing with Sawyers head. I didn't really enjoy the flashbacks in this episode. But it was enjoyable to see who the new characters where. My favourite new cahracter is Dan and I also like Miles. I dont like Charlotte, and I need to see more of the other guy. All in all Confirmed Dead awesome, but like Hurley always says..."I want some friggin answers!" :P I cant wait until the next episode! :D I really want to know who Ben was talking about.
  • This is really gonna be an interesting season, if they continue to produce episodes like this one!

    Confirmed Dead was a Freighter-centric episode. In this second episode of the fourth season of LOST, Miles, Daniel, Charlotte and Frank are discovering their pasts. Miles was a spiritualist, Daniel was a physician and he was looking very upset when some people found the plane in the water. Charlotte was a cultural anthropologist, that found a DHARMA artifact in Tunisia along with a polar bear skull. Frank Lapidus was an airplane pilot that was supposed to be the main pilot of the Oceanic Flight 815 on the same day that plane crashed. On the Island, the Losties found Miles and later Frank, but Charlotte was kidnapped by John Locke. Finally Miles, discovers the main reason why are they on the Island - to find Benjamin Linus. And guess what...Ben knew about that - because he had a spy on their boat!

    Much better episode than the premiere, and I'll say again...it's worth to watch it more than 3 times! :)
  • Kate: Dan? Your name's Dan, right? Listen, Dan, I know that you don't want anyone to get hurt, right? So why don't you put the gun away. Dan: Because Miles would kill me?

    The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island. Well most people thought this episode was brilliant but I thought it was ok compared to last weeks episode, I like some of the new characters Dan is boss he is my favourite one and I like Miles aswell the other two are not so great, the new girl is the worst here posh British voice is just stupid I hate her, hope she dies soon Wonder who Ben's spy is aswell that was the best part of the episode. I think the frieghter people want to get Ben because he killed Dharma they must have found out somehow . Anyway that was my main thoughts on the episode hopefully next weeks is better.
  • This was great as always (contains some spoilers)

    This week we had Naomi flashback after she was dead which was weird, and we got 3 new people who are now on the island looking for Ben. We have I have thought they should kill Ben earlier and now that they finally want to, he is going to be useful because they are looking for him for a reason. We find out that next week they will reveal another one of the "Oceanic 6" that means that in addition to Hurley, Jack and Kate we will have the 4th member that we know will make it off of the island. The end was amazing, as always and we will see what becomes of it.
  • "Because I have a man on their boat"

    Micheal Emerson once again steals the episode in terms of the best actor and if he doesn't win the Emmy come the end of this season I am going to be very upset. The flashbacks of this episode I had a bit of a mixed review about. We really didn't get a feel for Daniel, we only saw him crying over the wreckage of Oceanic 815 and he couldn't pinpoint the reason to why he was so upset. Then we have Miles flashback, which was very odd and I didn't think was worth the amount of time that was devoted to it. It would seem that they are going to be having another flashback at some point during this season, as some of the scenes didn't really introduce the characters they just introduced a mystery. What was the deal with Miles in the house was one of them, though I will go back and watch the episode a little more closely to make sure that I didn't miss something I was supposed to catch. Charlottes introduction was short and to the point and it was the most interesting in terms of the story. She finds a Dharma Polar Bear with a Dharma logo somewhere in the desert. I like it. Finnaly we have Frank, who also had a very strong flashback as he pretty much called out the fact that this whole thing was a conspiracy when he said that he was supposed to be the one flying Oceanic 815. The final flashback was with Matthew, which is the most interesting character to me. He is the one that reminds me of Ben the most, which is a good thing. The island story kind of dragged in this episode, with the four new people getting to the island one by one and nice and slow. I don't care for Daniels character. The actor is doing his job well, but I just don't like the "uh" "um" "uh" "um" every other word. The island story didn't go very far and the flashbacks were a mixed bag for me. The ending scene with Ben calling out Charlotte and admitting that he knew everything about these people were amazing. Emerson really delievered there and really made a great scene out of an episode that I really thought needed a power ending. Overall, solid - but "middle of the road" in terms of LOST.
  • Although a little bit silly in places, i thought it was pretty damn good :D

    Well i thought the format of the show was fantastic :D
    I loved that they broke the rules a bit by having a multiple flash episode and i felt this worked really well.
    So far ive warmed to the drunk, the english bird is going to annoy me (we dont all talk like we're from the 19th century) The only critisism was that "beard guy" had to have it explained to him that the sister code was there.. which seemed a tad silly.
    and the new questions. The fact that we are expected to accept a ghost whisperer... ill allow it as long as one day theyll explain it and not just be all "oh yeah he talks to ghosts... doesnt everyone"
    Heard a nice theory that the whispers are the ghosts... i like that :D

    It was exciting and interssting and the flashbacks were vital to the plot...
    Personally it couldnt beat The Begginning Of The End, but it was still bloody brilliant :D
    and hey, Locke's predicting the weather again... everything must be good
  • Questions, more questions with every episode. But this is exactly why I love Lost so much.

    Wow... what an episode
    Five flashbacks four of them for the new chracaters of season four. But let's start with the flashback of a dead person, Naomi. We see Naomi talk to Matthew Abbadon, who stresses out, that every member of the team was selected for specific purpose, but what purpose?
    Miles Straume, the ghostbuster, might have been chosen to talk to a dead person on the island. But whom, can it be Jakob?
    Daniel Faraday is a physicist, who might be sent to the island because of the electromagnetic fields?
    Charlotte Staples Lewis is a cultural anthropologist. Is she there to study the organization of the others?
    Frank Lapidus is an aircraft pilot who was originally scheduled to pilot Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Was he drinking,because he was feeling some sort of guilt of not flying the 815. Now he has the chance to be on the island by flying the helicopter.
    Their primary objective is to hunt for Ben Linus.But why?
    Questions, more questions with every episode. But this is exactly why I love Lost so much.
  • A revealing episode

    I thought this was a good episode. It was like a character development sort of episode and also quite informative as the main intentions of the so called rescuers was revealed and an important question was raised because of this intent of theirs.

    Some conclusions could be drawn from this episode concerning the survivors of the crash. Ben was at his best again in this one, hes planning something don't you think and like Sawyer said its only a matter of time before he gets to them. I kind of like the beating he got from Sawyer. The episode focused on the rescuers.So all in all it was an informative episode.
  • An Asian guy who talks to dead people (Heroes anybody?), a drunk ex-pilot (no stretch here), an emotional scientist (big stretch) and a treasure hunter show up on the island(this makes sense). Jack gets bailed out and Ben gets one over on the crew.

    A mixed eposide!

    I liked seeing the plane discovered and knowing something was not right. The Dharma Polar Bear in Tunsia was great. The Treasure Hunter character fits right in. Faraday looks like a nice wrinkle as well. I didn't like the whole ghost buster nonsense. Miles is not needed on an Island that already has enough sci-fi elements. I wish Lost would keep the sci-fi contained (a.k.a. have an unrealistic world that can be explained within the premise of the show). I don't need somebody from back home who already can talk to ghosts. This is the same complaint I had of Desmond's character last season.In addition, how many times can Jack misread a situation and still be trusted. Ditto for Locke. Has anybody else wondered why Sayid is not ever just listened too!
  • Not the most action-filled episode, but it brought up more questions and a couple of answers.

    I like that this episode wasn't flled with shooting and beating people up (although Sawyer had a go on Ben), and that this was more to do with answering the question: Why are they here? These new characters are pretty interesting and I quite like Daniel. I still totally hate Ben, so much that I liked when Sawyer kicked his ass. There are still questions that need answering, many questions, but we all know they will be answered in time and that this is hat keeps us watching. So yes, overall this was a pretty contemporary episode, and that was good. Bring on the rest of Season 4.
  • I'm so lost - but I love it!

    This was one of the best episodes of Lost. I wonder if Ben is wanted dead or alive. I noticed that Charlotte was sitting very calm and still with her back slightly turned when we thought Ben might be shot. What do they want Ben for? I like these new characters - they add depth and I finally feel that the show is going somewhere - I just have no idea where!
    Locke and Ben both seemed upset when they suspected that Hurley saw the cabin. There are some predictable moments like the dog running and Ben taking the gun. What secret is Ben protecting anyway?
    I think the picture they had of Ben was taken off the island. I like the reference someone posted about the similarities between Charlotte S. Lewis and C.S. Lewis. Coincidence...? Part of the master plan or just a way to throw the viewers off?
    This is definitiately an episode you don't want to miss and hopefully the sign of the best season so far!
  • OK, some new info, some new cast members, the mystery deepens but basically left with Ben getting beaten up, again?. How many times is that now since Season 2? And why does everybody end up pointing handguns at each other? Again?

    Four new characters join the island on some kind of mission/easter egg hunt. Each has a backstory linked to the overall story and a special skill, sort of like a "Guns of Navarone" team. Are they a match for the Lost tribes? Time will tell. Not really witty writing in this one, Locke's missing kidney line the best. Ben, Jack and Locke's so-called leadership abilities very weakly portrayed. Why would anyone follow any of these three? Viewers of this show have signed on for the duration and will accept some variations, some shows are better than others and this one, despite being a potential turning point, came off as flat and has a "paint-by-numbers" feel.
  • Not our primary objective... oh yeah :)

    Lost is getting better and better with each single episode.
    This one was another great installment - finally we are getting back the real lost-feeling. The moment when jack, kate, sayid and juliet see the chopper and when miles reveals why they are really on the island respectively - that is lost in perfection.

    "Confirmed dead" is probably one of the best episodes of all four seasons. The four new characters fit perfectly into the show and their introduction was chosen well. Only thing that was not so good was the fact that charly seems to be forgotten by "every single person on this island".
  • "We're here for Benjamin Linus"

    Isn't it exciting to be back in the swing of things? Like Kate said in season 3, "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell's going on"

    I absolutely loved how the flash-backs were of characters we haven't even met - we get a glimpse of who we're dealing with before we actually deal with them. And they're all mysertious in their own ways. It's a great way to introduce new and diverse characters.

    I don't know yet how I feel about Oceanic 815 being found. It certainly opens up a completely different plotline, but I'm hoping that when all is said and done, it is explained in a fashion worthy of Lost - mysterious and intriguing, but not cheesy or farfetched.
  • The show is coming back!

    Loved it! The show is coming back to be as good as it was before!
    In the beginning there were some parts of Find 815, the final part when Sam was with the sonar looking for the Black Rock! I think this "rescuers" are from The Maxwell group...but why are they looking for Ben? How does he know about them? I love this Lost's misteries!
    What about Vincent? Long time I haven't seen him! Didn't Walt take Vincent with him?
    But my biggest question is how did they find that underwater plane, if the real one is on the island? Maybe the bald black guy has something to do with this!
    I can't wait to see another episode!!!
  • The episode was pretty good. they've had better.

    It was okay. They have had better episodes.
    It was just a little bit boring to me cuz nothing really
    exciting happened.
    I just can't wait until next week when new oceanic 6 is revealed. I think its going to be Sawyer. Then after that Locke and I'm thinking either claire or sun. But thats just what I think. What about you?
    Anyway... the episode was pretty good. Got a little boring in the middle though. I'm sure next week's will be pretty good. Hey does anyone know how much longer LOST is going on air? And how many more seasons it will have? I've read that they're going to end it at the sixth season but who knows... just wondering.
  • ...a headcase, ghostbuster, anthropologist and a drunk who is also a pilot.

    Well, I get so lost each time I watch LOST but the show is really becoming too intricate for my comprehension. Which should bother me and stop me from watching which oddly does not. I cannot deny that it because a bit predictable like for example the scene where Jack thought Charlotte was running from something. Okay, they didn't know that Locke found fer first and we did but I so much knew that it was going to be some kind of animal running with the GPS transmitter. I even said to myself that it would be Vincent because the camera showed the dog very precisely a few minutes before. Heh, I'd do the same if I was Locke. Genious minds think about the same things... ;> The predictability was also painful when Jack asked Miles what their primary objective was. Maaan, we so much knew he wasn't gonna answer the question, didn't we? Not in that particular moment, it was so obvious that something would start ringing, singing, buzzing or that something would fall from the sky. Because he wasn't supposed to answer. But okay, I'll live with it.
    By the way I almost died of tremendous laughter when I saw the cow. And earlier when Locke said "I'd probably be dead if I still had that kidney". So ironic, isn't it?
    And Ben has a man on the rescue boat. What does it mean?! It's definitely gonna rob me from my sleep tonight, 'coz I'd be thinking about it! It means that LOST is back. Good old LOST that prevents me from sleeping at nights and makes me think about it!
  • Ok what was that all about?

    A huge amount of things happened in this episode which makes a change on Lost. So in this episode we get to see all of the rescuers who each seem to have a differnet motive. But what is made clear is that they are not intrested in saving the Oceanic survivors. They want Ben for some reason. Also what was all the flash forwards about with all of the resvcuers surviving? And why is one of them able to speak to spirits? Perhaps the biggest question made in this episode is the Polar Bear which is found in the Desert with a Dharma tag! And it appears the remains are millions of years old! So it seems that atleast Sayid, Juliet, Kate and Jack will be going back to the ship...but who exactly is Ben's spy? and why o why is Ben still alive? how many times can that guy escape death? Well The whole Locke thing is getting very weird, him taking orders from Walt. Well John seems to be letting Ben live a little longer but i wonder why the team want Ben. I am also intrested in finding out more about the fake Oceanic crash. Why is it being covered up? Who has the power to do something like this? And who is the guy who seems to be pulling the strings begind the opperation? Well this episode did answer a few things like what they are doing there, but it also raised more questions. I hope we are given some answers soon as i really want to find out what exactly is going on. But overall this was a brillient episode and i hope more are like this. Lets start getting to the answers soon!
  • Another exciting installment, much better than season premiere.

    I just watched this episode and loved it, it was a lot better than the first episode in my opinion and I felt like it answered quite a few questions but then also raised a few too. I wonder who is covering up the missing the real Oceanic 815 with a fake plane? Why do the Freighters want Ben?

    I think Ben's person on the ship is probably Daniel, well that's if the only people on the ship are those four which I'm assuming they are.

    I can't work out whether Ben is just protecting himself from the Freighters or if he's protecting everyone. I'm looking forward to next weeks episode.
  • After a bust up at camp Locke, Ben reveals he knows more about the people from the helicopter…

    So, the episode starts with someone looking under the sea, in probably a submarine. We're not sure what they're looking for, if anything, and all seems to be normal. Until - boom - they find an airplane at the bottom of the sea! An airplane that isn't broken into three pieces, an airplane that in fact, looks too intact, but then another - boom - and apparantly it's Flight 815! Ok so now we're thinking, it must be a flash back because Naomi said that the plane had been discovered and everyone was found dead.

    Then zoom in on the guy who crash landed last week from the helicopter, he's watching the footage on the news and he's in tears! Again we're thinking, hmm maybe it's a flash forward?! Why is he so upset about the "discovery" of Flight 815 if he hadn't been on the Island yet?

    Back to the Island and this guy mentions that there were four, including him, who jumped out of the helicopter, so now Jack and Kate have another mission on their hands - to help this guy find his helicopter friends! This guy seems a bit jittery though, like he's hiding something.

    They find one of his helicopter friends, who after a flash forward or flash back (who knows at this point?!) appears to be some sort of ghost buster. He points his gun at Kate and demands to know where Naomi's body is. Apparantly he can speak to the dead?! Ahh Lost never ceases to dissapoint with the surprises!

    So Locke and co. stumble accross one of their other helicopter friends and from her flash back (yes, I've come to the conclusion that they were all flash backs by now ) we see that she discovered a Polar bears remains in the desert! and that's not all, a Dharma logo thing! By this time we're like, OK, so she's part of Dharma? And it's Dharma who have come to the Island to take back what's theres? Who knows…

    The last guy that Jack and co. find is the pilot, and wait for it, it turns out he was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815 that day of the crash, oh and one more thing - apparantly he knows from the footage of Flight 815 that it is a fake, because the Pilot never took off his wedding ring, and in the footage he wasn't wearing one!

    This comes as no surprise really, because we all know it's fake footage, but still…

    So now all the helicopter people have been discovered it starts to become clear that they aint there to rescue the Losties. When they discover Juliette is a "native" they quickly become aggressive, asking where he is… after showing them a photograph, it's clear that they have come to the Island to find Ben, and I'm guessing it isn't to ask how his rabbit is!

    After a bust up at camp Locke, Ben reveals he knows more about the people from the helicopter… and then - boom - the episodes over and we have to wait for more! Ahh Lost just gets better and better!

    My review and more at www.lost-isle.net
  • They are confirmed dead!

    In this amazing episode,4 new characters are being introduced to us! Dan (A physicist),Frank (A pilot who was supposed to flight the oceanic flight 815), Charlotte (A Cultural Anthropologist) and Miles (A spiritualist) . The opening scene of this episode is one of the greatest moments in lost history! We see the ocean of a sea and two submarines communicating to each other trying to find something. Suddenly they discover the oceanic flight 815 and afterwards they are all confirmed dead!
    This episode includes a freighter-crew flashback. We learn what each one of them was doing in the period of the discovery of the fake Oceanic 815. Dan was devastated without any reason when he learnt the news, Charlotte went in an excavation area in Tunisia where a skeleton of polar bear was discovered-having a dharma symbol on its collar, Frank called the oceanic hot-line to complaint that the dead pilot they found it's not the real one, and Miles visited a house where a grandmother asked him to communicate with her dead grandson.
    On the island, Jack,Kate,Juliet and Sayid find Dan,Miles and Frank while Locke and the rest encounter Charlotte. As we find out later on through a flashback, the 4 freighters are sent from Matthew Abaddon along with Naomi to find Ben. My question is why these 4 have been selected and not somebody else? Plus, Ben confesses that he has an associate in the freighter. Who could it be?
    It scores 10/10 and i am looking forward to watch the 3rd episode of this awesome season!
  • It's always fun to get LOST and boy do I get lost! Just when you think you got in figured out....

    This new season is off to a running start. There are so many twists and turns and connections. I was sure I had them all figured out. But then new players are thrown into the mix. They all seem so random but they are not. I just hope these poor folks last longer than the members of the tail section of the plane. Just when I would figure one out, they'd get bumped off. When Ben shot Charlotte, I actually yelled at the TV! The best thing about this show is that you can just never guess what's coming next. When the pilot Frank was clawing his way to the top of the hill, I was thinking "what's at the top, will he run into Locke, will Jack be there?" No, it's a cow. I just have to laugh. And of course, I have to tune in next week to find out who Ben has on the boat!!!
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