Season 4 Episode 2

Confirmed Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on ABC

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  • A Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank and Naomi-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I thought that this episode was absolutely amazing. This episode was so exciting. It was definitely just as good as the season four season premiere was. I loved all of the flashbacks of all the new characters. It was great to learn some information about their past in the first episode that they appeared. So far, I have to say that I'm very intrigued by Charlotte. One of the things that I loved the most about this episode was Sawyer and his story line. All things considered, I thought that this episode was just as well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost as the season premiere was, and I can't wait to get caught up on the rest of season four since I only saw the second half of the season as it aired on TV.
  • The crew

    Flashbacks of the "rescue team" occur. Daniel watches the news about Oceanic 815. Miles gets paid to make a spirit be at peace, when he is really stealing money. Charlotte discovers a polar bear in the desert with a Dharma collar. Frank sees the news about Ocean 815 and the pilot's body and calls to say that that is not the pilot. Naomi is set to lead the team of Dan, Miles, Charlotte and Frank to the island.

    Jack and Kate encounter Daniel and Miles. Miles is tough while Daniel is sort of shy. They also find Frank, the helicopter pilot. They learn that Miles, Daniel and the others are not there for the survivors, but for Ben. Locke and his group find Charlotte and Ben tries to kill her. Sawyer wants to kill Ben and so does Locke, but Ben tells them information on Charlotte and that they are there to get Ben. He reveals that he has a men on their freighter.

    This episode was great! It was neat how they introduced the characters in flashbacks. I sort of like Miles and Daniel because they're funny. Miles is sarcastic and Daniel is weak and it's funny. I am really getting into what will happen next.
  • great episode

    a group of survivors parachute on the island. jack and kate meets the first one that lands, he behaves really odd, he's not exactly there to rescue anyone. but he refuses to tell jack the real reason. we're now treated with flash forwards. somehow 6 of the survivors make it out of the island but we don't know how they got there or are the fates of the ones that were left behind. the writers really made this episode very watchable. the flash forwards are amazing, i can't wait for the next one. this is one awesome episode. i can't wait for more lost.

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  • Great Episode.!

    Another awesome episode from Lost. I think we have a better idea of what Matthew Abbadon meant when he said last episode, "Are they still alive?" Perhaps the survivors are able to leave the island and keep the freighter people on it. I'm glad that Ben is still important in the show. I have a feeling that Ben is going to end up paying for killing all of the Dharma people. And how the hell did a Dharma polar bear end up in Africa? As far as the flashbacks went, I'm glad that we know a little something about each of these new characters, so that they aren't a total mystery. Especially with Daniel, it makes us care more for them, which could be mind games the writers are playing with us, when they turn out to be really bad. I'm sure they are not just there to pick up Ben and leave, otherwise it could be a real short trip for them.

    Overall, great episode. Can't wait for more. And can't wait to see more of Daniel.. :D
  • Brilliant episode that introduces viewers to the freighter team.

    A great episode. It uncovers more mysteries for me, which is always fun. Like who is Abaddon, and why is he like the creepiest person ever? Why are they covering up the crash of Oceanic 815? Why didn't Frank pilot the airplane? Why wasn't Charlotte surprised to see the polar bear in the desert? Does she, along with the other three have connections with the Dharma Initiative? Locke made me chuckle this episode, which is really rare. He's usually so serious. Daniel is definitely my favorite of the Freighter Team. He definitely has tourettes. I Can't wait for next week!
  • Amazing!

    What can I say about this episode? It was awesome, very entertaining episode. I thought that the scenes on the island where the best, especially the bit when Juliet and Sawyer come and help Jack and Kate, I wasn't ready for it, I thought Jack was just playing with them I also love the scene where Ben is messing with Sawyers head. I didn't really enjoy the flashbacks in this episode. But it was enjoyable to see who the new characters where. My favourite new cahracter is Dan and I also like Miles. I dont like Charlotte, and I need to see more of the other guy. All in all Confirmed Dead awesome, but like Hurley always says..."I want some friggin answers!" :P I cant wait until the next episode! :D I really want to know who Ben was talking about.
  • This was great as always (contains some spoilers)

    This week we had Naomi flashback after she was dead which was weird, and we got 3 new people who are now on the island looking for Ben. We have I have thought they should kill Ben earlier and now that they finally want to, he is going to be useful because they are looking for him for a reason. We find out that next week they will reveal another one of the "Oceanic 6" that means that in addition to Hurley, Jack and Kate we will have the 4th member that we know will make it off of the island. The end was amazing, as always and we will see what becomes of it.
  • I'm so lost - but I love it!

    This was one of the best episodes of Lost. I wonder if Ben is wanted dead or alive. I noticed that Charlotte was sitting very calm and still with her back slightly turned when we thought Ben might be shot. What do they want Ben for? I like these new characters - they add depth and I finally feel that the show is going somewhere - I just have no idea where!
    Locke and Ben both seemed upset when they suspected that Hurley saw the cabin. There are some predictable moments like the dog running and Ben taking the gun. What secret is Ben protecting anyway?
    I think the picture they had of Ben was taken off the island. I like the reference someone posted about the similarities between Charlotte S. Lewis and C.S. Lewis. Coincidence...? Part of the master plan or just a way to throw the viewers off?
    This is definitiately an episode you don't want to miss and hopefully the sign of the best season so far!
  • Ok what was that all about?

    A huge amount of things happened in this episode which makes a change on Lost. So in this episode we get to see all of the rescuers who each seem to have a differnet motive. But what is made clear is that they are not intrested in saving the Oceanic survivors. They want Ben for some reason. Also what was all the flash forwards about with all of the resvcuers surviving? And why is one of them able to speak to spirits? Perhaps the biggest question made in this episode is the Polar Bear which is found in the Desert with a Dharma tag! And it appears the remains are millions of years old! So it seems that atleast Sayid, Juliet, Kate and Jack will be going back to the ship...but who exactly is Ben's spy? and why o why is Ben still alive? how many times can that guy escape death? Well The whole Locke thing is getting very weird, him taking orders from Walt. Well John seems to be letting Ben live a little longer but i wonder why the team want Ben. I am also intrested in finding out more about the fake Oceanic crash. Why is it being covered up? Who has the power to do something like this? And who is the guy who seems to be pulling the strings begind the opperation? Well this episode did answer a few things like what they are doing there, but it also raised more questions. I hope we are given some answers soon as i really want to find out what exactly is going on. But overall this was a brillient episode and i hope more are like this. Lets start getting to the answers soon!
  • After a bust up at camp Locke, Ben reveals he knows more about the people from the helicopter…

    So, the episode starts with someone looking under the sea, in probably a submarine. We're not sure what they're looking for, if anything, and all seems to be normal. Until - boom - they find an airplane at the bottom of the sea! An airplane that isn't broken into three pieces, an airplane that in fact, looks too intact, but then another - boom - and apparantly it's Flight 815! Ok so now we're thinking, it must be a flash back because Naomi said that the plane had been discovered and everyone was found dead.

    Then zoom in on the guy who crash landed last week from the helicopter, he's watching the footage on the news and he's in tears! Again we're thinking, hmm maybe it's a flash forward?! Why is he so upset about the "discovery" of Flight 815 if he hadn't been on the Island yet?

    Back to the Island and this guy mentions that there were four, including him, who jumped out of the helicopter, so now Jack and Kate have another mission on their hands - to help this guy find his helicopter friends! This guy seems a bit jittery though, like he's hiding something.

    They find one of his helicopter friends, who after a flash forward or flash back (who knows at this point?!) appears to be some sort of ghost buster. He points his gun at Kate and demands to know where Naomi's body is. Apparantly he can speak to the dead?! Ahh Lost never ceases to dissapoint with the surprises!

    So Locke and co. stumble accross one of their other helicopter friends and from her flash back (yes, I've come to the conclusion that they were all flash backs by now ) we see that she discovered a Polar bears remains in the desert! and that's not all, a Dharma logo thing! By this time we're like, OK, so she's part of Dharma? And it's Dharma who have come to the Island to take back what's theres? Who knows…

    The last guy that Jack and co. find is the pilot, and wait for it, it turns out he was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815 that day of the crash, oh and one more thing - apparantly he knows from the footage of Flight 815 that it is a fake, because the Pilot never took off his wedding ring, and in the footage he wasn't wearing one!

    This comes as no surprise really, because we all know it's fake footage, but still…

    So now all the helicopter people have been discovered it starts to become clear that they aint there to rescue the Losties. When they discover Juliette is a "native" they quickly become aggressive, asking where he is… after showing them a photograph, it's clear that they have come to the Island to find Ben, and I'm guessing it isn't to ask how his rabbit is!

    After a bust up at camp Locke, Ben reveals he knows more about the people from the helicopter… and then - boom - the episodes over and we have to wait for more! Ahh Lost just gets better and better!

    My review and more at www.lost-isle.net
  • They are confirmed dead!

    In this amazing episode,4 new characters are being introduced to us! Dan (A physicist),Frank (A pilot who was supposed to flight the oceanic flight 815), Charlotte (A Cultural Anthropologist) and Miles (A spiritualist) . The opening scene of this episode is one of the greatest moments in lost history! We see the ocean of a sea and two submarines communicating to each other trying to find something. Suddenly they discover the oceanic flight 815 and afterwards they are all confirmed dead!
    This episode includes a freighter-crew flashback. We learn what each one of them was doing in the period of the discovery of the fake Oceanic 815. Dan was devastated without any reason when he learnt the news, Charlotte went in an excavation area in Tunisia where a skeleton of polar bear was discovered-having a dharma symbol on its collar, Frank called the oceanic hot-line to complaint that the dead pilot they found it's not the real one, and Miles visited a house where a grandmother asked him to communicate with her dead grandson.
    On the island, Jack,Kate,Juliet and Sayid find Dan,Miles and Frank while Locke and the rest encounter Charlotte. As we find out later on through a flashback, the 4 freighters are sent from Matthew Abaddon along with Naomi to find Ben. My question is why these 4 have been selected and not somebody else? Plus, Ben confesses that he has an associate in the freighter. Who could it be?
    It scores 10/10 and i am looking forward to watch the 3rd episode of this awesome season!
  • The survivors come face to face with their supposed 'rescue', as four strangers arrive on the island.

    After a mind blowing opening sequence, this episode picked up right where the previous left off with Daniel Farady introducing himself to the group. The pace quickened in a matter of moments as he, Kate and Jack went in search of the other people who were part of his crew. This episode was awesome, and introduced four new characters to the show in a very mysterious but yet, somehow more revealing, fashion than new characters from previous seasons.

    The first three flashbacks shed light on who these people from the freighter were, and the final flashback showed us why they were selected and it was quickly revealed why they were there. For Ben. The ending sent chills down my spine and as always, I can't wait for the next episode. Michael Emersen was brilliant in the episode. Rebecca Mader and Jeremy Davies were also standouts, and I'm looking forward to more from their characters.

    All in all, an amazing episode, that is sure to shape the direction that this series is now heading in.
  • Wow, this show is definitely getting back on track...

    Season three was bumpy, let's admit it. While it ended fantastically, it started in the dumps. "Lost" so far this season (and I know this is only the second episode) has gotten back to the amazing storylines, conspiracies, and plot twists that made this show so good during its first two seasons. I think people will have mixed reactions to this episode because there was a LOT of mythology in it. The introduction of the four new characters was pitch-perfect. It definitely made up for the trainwreck that was Nikki and Paulo last season (although I loved the episode in which they were killed off). I wish we had more than eight episodes this season, although with the writers' strike very likely nearing its end, perhaps we may get a full season. This episode was definitely in the top 5 best.
  • Great episode. I have four topics I want to talk about.

    This was a great episode. I think even better than the season opener. I have four topics i want to talk about:

    1) So the dude that said he was working with Oceanic was accociated with Naiomi. Is this strange to anyone else?

    2) You know the guy that crashed on the rocks and then pointed a gun a Jack. Well, when i saw him with that gost in that ladies room I could of sworn those pictures on the wall downstairs were of Eko. I will have to watch that again.

    3) That is strange. They really did find the plane! BUT... I had a theroy. Maybe the others put a replicate Oceanic 815 and put it in the trench so they would not be found. I have no idea. Its just a thought. That would explain the ring.

    4) Ben said he has one of there people. Could this be Mikial? That is my best guess. Who knows. Why do they want Ben? How did the person that sent these people after him know about Ben? He moved to the island when he was 10 or so. How is this possible that he did something to them that they want revenge?
  • The Survivors meet the people who parachuted on to the island, and boy are they and interesting group. More importantly, they have something to hide.

    Great episode, very revealing, and just some darn fine television from Lost this week. This episode was engrossing, interesting, exciting, and it made you think. Some of the reveals were very intriguing and this episode was a showcase of one of the best things about Lost:

    Sometimes it's what you don't see or it's what isn't revealed that makes it great. Though we all love that great release of a big secret being revealed, if you reveal too much it gets boring and loses focus.

    There are four new people on the island, they parachuted in from a helicopter that was launched from the boat. The first one, Dan, meets up with Kate and Jack, but is rather uneasy as he contacts the mysterious George. Using the satellite phone, they track down Miles, who can talk to dead people (interesting). The next new person, Charlotte parachutes in and gets stuck on a branch above some water, she cuts herself down and is met by Locke and his crew. The final person, the pilot of the chopper named Frank, sets off a flare and is met by Jack, Kate, and crew.

    Seems that Dan is a physicist who was saddened by flight 815 going down, Miles is a ghostbuster who uses a vaccuum cleaner?, Charlotte is a cultural anthropologist who found something interesting in Tunisia, and Frank is a pilot who claims that the pilot of flight 815 wasn't who the media announced he was.

    Meanwhile Jack gets the drop on Dan and Miles with help from Sayid and Juliet. They also meet up with Frank and find the helicopter Sawyer beats the crap out of Ben and does so again after he tries to kill Charlotte, and just as Locke is about to blast on Ben for what he did, Ben gives a Spectacular reveal-he gives Locke and company info about the people on the boat, how you ask? He has a man on the boat! This is getting interesting, real interesting.

    Another big reveal was the finding of a polar bear skeleton in Tunisia, what makes it weirder, it had a Dharma collar with the Hydra logo on it! Something is screwy here...To make things even more interesting, Naomi and crew were hired by Matthew Abbadon! There is something very creepy about this guy.

    The acting was really good, not as good as last week, but still good. Michael Emerson is an awesome actor and he did it again this week, his portrayal of Ben is nothing short of awesome. Jack showed some level headedness and foresight, but he is still ruled by his emotions which could be an issue. Terry O'Quinn also had a stellar performance by enhancing the enigmatic characteristics around Locke, and growing more into his role as a leader.

    The direction and cinematography fit well with the pacing of the episode which enhanced the mood and feel of the show. The dialogue was good, but it was kind of sparse, that can be good or bad, but given the nature of the episode it was acceptable.

    Overall, Lost is off to a great start. If things keep going this way, it's going to be an intense season.
  • Because I have a man on their boat!

    Season 4, you sure as hell know what you're doing. Only two episodes in and damn things are going soo good. This episode was excellent! We were thrown so much new information and so much excitement that I simply cannot wait for the next episode. Ben pulls some crazy **** on us showing how committed he is in what he believes in. I love all the new characters, they add so much excitement to everything. Seeing a helicopter sitting on the island made me very excited, and I just wanna know who the hell is that man on their boat... Michael perhaps.
  • Lost, the show that can play some serious tricks on you.

    Lost, the show that can play some serious tricks on you. This episode features right after what happens in "The Beginning of the End" and believe me, you will need to watch this one twice. Not saying that I don't love the intricate story-line and confusing for the first time watching of the episode, but this one is probably the hardest to follow. New characters are introduced and they just pile on you. So unless you have time to stop and think...don't watch this until you do. By the end of the episode you kinda have a clue about what just happened and the occasional theories so that really helps. This is definitely one episode that I would suggest re-watching. I actually really liked this episode and I liked it a lot more then "The Beginning of the End". I'd recommend watching it...slowly, and pay attention.
  • We are proud to to present to you: The rescue team! Fasten your seatsbelts, because introducing new characters has never been more exciting.

    It's not easy bring a goup of four new characters into a show that's been running for lready three years. Well, that couldn't have done it any better. While normally episodes like this one slows down the show (remember "the other 48 days" in season two?!), "confirmed dead" manages to combine the backstory of the team-members with things we wanted to see for a while anyway (I don't wanna give stuff away for people who haven't seen it yet).

    Every member of the team lands on a different part of the island, which gives us the chance to see all the Losties, even though they are heading in different directions. They bring a lot of questions with them to the island but also a lot of answers. They're just not willing to tell them....yet.

    "confirmed dead" got me really excited about season 4. It's a well written, throughout interesting episdoe. It has written LOST all over it and gives me the feeling the answers are coming our way....really!
  • Not our primary objective... oh yeah :)

    Lost is getting better and better with each single episode.
    This one was another great installment - finally we are getting back the real lost-feeling. The moment when jack, kate, sayid and juliet see the chopper and when miles reveals why they are really on the island respectively - that is lost in perfection.

    "Confirmed dead" is probably one of the best episodes of all four seasons. The four new characters fit perfectly into the show and their introduction was chosen well. Only thing that was not so good was the fact that charly seems to be forgotten by "every single person on this island".
  • four new guys join in LOST!

    after jack and kate meet daniel faraday,the clumsy scientist (his name is kinda funny,though),they search for another team members.

    first,they found miles.in my opinion,he's another weirdo since desmund.they both have a sixth sense power.and miles power is talking with ghosts.eww..creepy!and one more thing.why they cast an asian guy to be a ghost mediator?it's so cliche.

    on john locke group,they meet with charlotte.(another hottie since kate and shannon!and with her british accent?urrgh!i love her).
    charlotte is a paleontologist,but john (and ben) seems not trust her,and suddenly ben shoot her.oh ben!what a bad move!
    but she still alive,thanks to her vest.

    and then,jack group found another team member.i forget his name,but he's the pilot.and for another surprise to us,the helicopter is there!so it might be a chance for them to get off the island?(i'm kinda boring with the island,though)

    and for the mystery for this episode,yeah,the four of them coming for this island not to saved the survivor of oceanic 815,but to finds ben!
    i hope ben died in the next episode!haha.
  • Great addition to an even twisting plot.

    The episode "Confirmed Dead" is one of the most compelling in recent additions to the show. We were introduced to four new character. Each with a special incite or "ability" to add to the already intricate cast. We also find out more about the Darmah Initiative. How did a polar bear get in the desert? Why was there a plane at the bottom of the ocean and how did it get there? All said and done the was an excellent addition and left us with great expectations of future episodes. It will be interesting to see how new characters are used to give us incite to the island.
  • There has been so many revealing information on this episode. The one that keeps me puzzled not the whole Vincent coming back, not the whole taller Walt, not the whole choice for the four to go to the island...

    The revealing of the helicopter team; was tonight. Daniel Faraday; showing him seeing the Flight 815 crying on his couch. Why? why was he crying? Could it be he knew someone, or could it had been he was suppose to be on that flight?
    Miles Straume; a Ghost buster man? Can speak to the dead...what special connection will he bring to the island. Will he be able to tell us the people we see occasionally be either dead or alive? Jacob? Walt? Boone? ect.. Charlotte Staples Lewis; the woman who seems to be interested in the Dharma experiment. She found a polar bear's skeleton in the desert with a Dharma collar...why?
    George Minkowski; the pilot of the helicopter...the pilot that should of been on Oceanic Flight 815. He knows there's more to this islands secret...they all do...They're main objective; finding Ben!
    There has been so many revealing information on this episode. The one that keeps me puzzled not the whole Vincent coming back, not the whole taller Walt, not the whole choice for the four to go to the island...the puzzling part. Why was Locke and Ben both shocked over Hurley being able to see the shack? and why did Hurley quickly change the subject? I'm looking very much forward to the next episode.
  • "I'll tell you what we're doing here!" Great episode, love the new characters, especially Daniel.

    Another great episode from Lost. I think we have a better idea of what Matthew Abbadon meant when he said last episode, "Are they still alive?" Perhaps the survivors are able to leave the island and keep the freighter people on it. I'm glad that Ben is still important in the show. I have a feeling that Ben is going to end up paying for killing all of the Dharma people. And how the hell did a Dharma polar bear end up in Africa? As far as the flashbacks went, I'm glad that we know a little something about each of these new characters, so that they aren't a total mystery. Especially with Daniel, it makes us care more for them, which could be mind games the writers are playing with us, when they turn out to be really bad. I'm sure they are not just there to pick up Ben and leave, otherwise it could be a real short trip for them.

    Overall, great episode. Can't wait for more.
  • Questions, more questions with every episode. But this is exactly why I love Lost so much.

    Wow... what an episode
    Five flashbacks four of them for the new chracaters of season four. But let's start with the flashback of a dead person, Naomi. We see Naomi talk to Matthew Abbadon, who stresses out, that every member of the team was selected for specific purpose, but what purpose?
    Miles Straume, the ghostbuster, might have been chosen to talk to a dead person on the island. But whom, can it be Jakob?
    Daniel Faraday is a physicist, who might be sent to the island because of the electromagnetic fields?
    Charlotte Staples Lewis is a cultural anthropologist. Is she there to study the organization of the others?
    Frank Lapidus is an aircraft pilot who was originally scheduled to pilot Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Was he drinking,because he was feeling some sort of guilt of not flying the 815. Now he has the chance to be on the island by flying the helicopter.
    Their primary objective is to hunt for Ben Linus.But why?
    Questions, more questions with every episode. But this is exactly why I love Lost so much.
  • Flashbacks are back!!! OMG i was so happy. no spoil-forwards. awesome!

    this was a great episode & had exactly what makes this show fantastic, the character development that i've been talking about all along. jack, has learned from the others how to not get taken advantage & not giving away too much information & to listen just like ben. like ben he pretended to be something he isn't to learn what the "rescuers" intentions were (ben in the swan) & he even had the losties in the jungle with guns (mr. friendly captured michael & kate) to get the upper hand. it was a surprise & more importantly the kind of change that slowly jack has been embracing in himself.

    ben shot charlotte which was a great scene. even if she had on a vest. i'm glad they aren't a military unit but a weird group of people with their own strange area of expertise. more weirdness to add to the island! sweet. miles is an arrogant character & hopefully sayid will shoot him soooner than later. of course, it's great when they make jokes at the expense of the fans when locke goes "what is the monster?" very funny.

    i like that they found an ancient polar bear, tying together the polar bears, dhama initiative & desmond's time travel episode (flashes before your eyes). i was actually able to enjoy this episode & forget about the awful spoilfowards.
  • The show is coming back!

    Loved it! The show is coming back to be as good as it was before!
    In the beginning there were some parts of Find 815, the final part when Sam was with the sonar looking for the Black Rock! I think this "rescuers" are from The Maxwell group...but why are they looking for Ben? How does he know about them? I love this Lost's misteries!
    What about Vincent? Long time I haven't seen him! Didn't Walt take Vincent with him?
    But my biggest question is how did they find that underwater plane, if the real one is on the island? Maybe the bald black guy has something to do with this!
    I can't wait to see another episode!!!
  • A new approach... and it's a superb one.

    Well, what can I say? Oh. My. God.

    Lost season 4's direction is really surprising to me. The writers are definitely going with the Sci Fi approach more than ever.

    The new characters for example. They are all connected to the island somehow.I liked how they were introduced, each one of them got a short flashback sequence. The new actors/actress done a good job, though I wish Kristen Bell would've been casted as Charlotte(as she was meant to, it's a pity the writers of Heroes offered her a role first).

    I really liked Ken Leung(Miles) and Jeremy Davies(Dan)'s performance. Their characters are also great, as they seem to be the opposite of each other(Dan is hesitant whereas Miles is a badass). The episode's beginning wasn't much of a shock if you followed the find815 interactive game. I did, and, yes, I was still surprised. However if you didn't I bet your jaw dropped! Just as powerful start as in the season premiere. The island plot was great, but very similiar to the previous episode. Trekking and more trekking, just now there are 2 groups. Every scene with Ben in it was gold worthy. Michael Emerson was the best actor on the show before season 4, but now he's simply one of the best actors ever. His play with his facial expressions is brilliant... I thought the "meat" of the episode, though, was in the flashbacks. Each flashbacks sequence introduced a mystery, rather than developing character - but it's okay: I think at this stage it's the right thing to do. I loved the cliffhanger. The first episode of the season didn't really have one, this one did. The focus is back on Ben as it's revealed part of the mission of the new characters is to retrieve Ben. However, Ben appears to have a spy amongst them...

    This season really feels "deep", and the mythology is getting more and more complex. So the obvious is inavoidable: the show is turning into a Sci Fi. With a ghost buster, several ghosts, a plane that's crashed yet it's not, a polar bear from the island found in the wrong place - the writers are setting the tone for the big endgame that's luckily still a couple of episodes away, but you can feel it coming.

    Lost is always about questions and characters. Of course there'll be answers - eventually - but until then, enjoy the ride.

    Because that's what Lost is. A rollercoaster.
  • Loved it!

    I watched Confirmed Dead last night, and once again was truly amazed by the episode. In fact, this one is definitely better than the S4 premiere. The 4 new characters, I can't remember all their names, but one that stands out in my mind is Charlotte and also Dan. Was it Dan...? Aargh. I love the pilot, he is fantastic, but I can't remember his name for the life of me.

    Once again, Michael Emerson delivered a fantastic performance as Ben, I particularly loved the part when Ben "shot" Charlotte, but she was wearing a bullet proof vest. And is it possible that Alex geniunely loves Ben, the man she grew up thinking was her father? Her face when Locke was going to shoot Ben was brilliant, and so real. It was also a pleasure watching Terry O'Quinn in this episode, he never fails to impress me and is now turning Locke into one of my favourite characters.

    Although, did anyone else notice that the group got over Charlie's death rather quickly? I would've expected more sadness from Hurley and Claire, but no.. just pre-occupied with Locke and Ben's decisions and moves.

    Overall, wonderful, wonderful episode, great performance by all cast members, and a very intriguing story to go along with it!
  • A baby step back from the premiere (I just preferred it), but this episode had something different to it, something that spells out, "this season is going to rock."

    Well we are introduced to a bunch of new characters. Something I'd like to point out about them... they're interesting! Last time Lost introduced more than one character to us, it was the pair of Paulo and Nikki, I'd hate to repeat the tragedy that was, and before that we had Ana-Lucia, Mr. Eko, Libby and the rest of the Tailies. I was not fond of much of them, maybe only Libby, but that is as far as I go with appreciating that mob of annoying characters led by the infamous Ana-Lucia Cortez.

    So yeah, this episode was really a breath of fresh air as far as new characters go. The flashbacks were a little confusing at first, but I learned to pick up after awhile. This episode wasn't centered on just one person, and that kinda' made it feel odd for me, but not uncomfortable, just odd.

    This episode doesn't arouse me much, but it makes me more excited for future episodes.
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