Season 4 Episode 2

Confirmed Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on ABC

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  • It took sixty minutes to reveal that four new people were all selected to come to this island. Trust me when I tell you, John wasn't the only one who wanted to shoot someone for some actual, relevant answers

    So, let's review, shall we?

    The helicopter lands and we're introduced to a new character. The losties then go find the other three of his teammates.

    For an entire episode, we get to find out that these people were chosen for a mission and that that mission was going to be dangerous. Now, this wasn't a bad episode. It really wasn't. The problem is, nothing relevant happened. 1.) We already knew that the place was discovered. That we got to see it tonight was nice, but hardly relevant.

    2.) Two of the four backstories were worthless. The only thing we found out that was interesting at all about the four newcomers was that asian guy can relate to the dead and the drunk dude is a pilot. Now, we could have found that out in a number of other ways, I feel that these flashbacks really missed the point.

    3.) The ultimate payoff and reveal is that they're after Ben? Um, ok. Fantastic. Now what? Sixty minutes to find out that they're looking for Ben? It's never good policy to drag something on for an hour that could have been summerized in a five second sentance. For example, Jack meets nervous guy, asks "Why are you here". He says: "Rescuing you isn't our top priority". Jack goes "What is?" Nervous guy says: "Oh, we're looking for a dude named Ben. Do you know him"? This whole thing could have been solved in the first scene.

    I guess my whole beef with this episode is that with only eight new episodes left this season and only 48 left before the end, I feel that this is one of those throwaway hours that really did nothing to advance the story or get us any closer to anything.

    I learned more in the 14 second teaser at the end of the episode than i did the 60 minutes proceeding it.

    Still a good season, still a fantastic show, but this episode was more frustrating than thrilling and that in and of itself is a disappointment.
  • Are they good ... or are they bad?

    Holy cow, I just can't decide are the rescuers good or are they bad? Are they good for the Losties but bad for Ben? Are they good for Ben and bad for the losties? Man ... so many questions. Each of the rescuers had a really interesting storyline on their own, it looks like we'll get some extra flash backs which will be exciting. I really liked this episode because we're again introduced to new and interesting people. I really thought this episode was paced well and well written. I loved the way the characters were coy as well as hard. It'll certainly be interesting to see how the rescuers are integrated into the island, and which side they integrate with.
  • This is REAL Lost season premiere! Each new regular is dynamite; no Ana-Lucias, Paulos, or Nikkis here.

    An exhiliarating introduction to four (maybe 5) recurring characters, a reinvigoration of Ben's villiany, an over-the-top, can't-believe-he-wrote-this-in-a-week musical score, a recommittment to at least one of the island's central mysteries, and a break from the usual format make for a memorable stop in the Lost journey.

    While the season premiere transitioned us from the events of the season three finale into the world of the two opposing camps, this episode felt like a more typical Lost season premiere, disorientingly introducing the new element that will ostensibly be the main conflict of the season.

    Appropriately, then, the old characters felt well-defined, particularly, Locke, who we see basking in his unchallenged leadership while still somewhat fumbling the ball in high-pressure situations. The Jack / Kate dynamic also feels right; in this episode, they work together for a common goal without Kate's betrayal shenanigans, and without real hints of the 'quadrangle.'

    What's impressive is the high quality of the new actors and characters. Ken Leung, Jeremy Davies, and Lance Reddick especially give their characters a zeal that we haven't seen a newcomer give since Ben & Eko. Like they did in season two, the Lost writers have introduced us to a sad and dysfunctional new ensemble that will no doubt prove a foil to our two remaining camps. I think that even though Ana-Lucia was ultimately a failure of a character (perhaps due more to the actress than the writing), that season two tail section had a certain made-you-want-to-watch-more quality. Season three, by comparision, only really shared Ben and Juliet as major Others characters, and ben was already known to us.

    The episode's unique flashback structure is effective--some fans will undoubtedly see any flashback-instead-of-flashforward episodes as Lost going into a slump, so having these chracters get their flashbacks out of the way all at once was clever and refreshing.
  • "I'll tell you what we're doing here!" Great episode, love the new characters, especially Daniel.

    Another great episode from Lost. I think we have a better idea of what Matthew Abbadon meant when he said last episode, "Are they still alive?" Perhaps the survivors are able to leave the island and keep the freighter people on it. I'm glad that Ben is still important in the show. I have a feeling that Ben is going to end up paying for killing all of the Dharma people. And how the hell did a Dharma polar bear end up in Africa? As far as the flashbacks went, I'm glad that we know a little something about each of these new characters, so that they aren't a total mystery. Especially with Daniel, it makes us care more for them, which could be mind games the writers are playing with us, when they turn out to be really bad. I'm sure they are not just there to pick up Ben and leave, otherwise it could be a real short trip for them.

    Overall, great episode. Can't wait for more.
  • Lost, the show that can play some serious tricks on you.

    Lost, the show that can play some serious tricks on you. This episode features right after what happens in "The Beginning of the End" and believe me, you will need to watch this one twice. Not saying that I don't love the intricate story-line and confusing for the first time watching of the episode, but this one is probably the hardest to follow. New characters are introduced and they just pile on you. So unless you have time to stop and think...don't watch this until you do. By the end of the episode you kinda have a clue about what just happened and the occasional theories so that really helps. This is definitely one episode that I would suggest re-watching. I actually really liked this episode and I liked it a lot more then "The Beginning of the End". I'd recommend watching it...slowly, and pay attention.
  • It is amazing how an episode where so little happened can be so engaging!

    Oceanic Flight 815 was found! This episode begins with a scene that gave me chills: the wrecked footage of the plane on the bottom of the ocean.

    Cut to Daniel, one of the newbies, who seems particularly confused and upset. Not much is revealed in his flashback, but on the island we find out he is horrible at lying, but apparently a genius physicist. His acting skills are perfect and fill a void for a trait most shows overlook: awkwardness. He is a welcome addition to the Lost island and I can't wait to see more of him.

    Next comes Miles, apparently someone to call when there is something strange in your neighborhood. He is a ghostbuster. That sounds as ridiculous as having a show about visions of George Micheal, but it is very well done and seems almost believable! Despite conning the woman and being very paranoid, he seems to have some redeeming qualities. His character seems to fill a void left by Ana Lucia with him being all nervous and sarcastic.

    Next up: Charlotte Staples Lewis, or CS Lewis. Her backstory provided one of many "Lost moments" in this episode: finding a Dharma logo in a Tunisian desert by a polar bear's skeleton! That moment alone made this a great episode. Also, I don't know if it is bad acting or amazing acting, but her character seems to be hiding something big. If the latter, she did a great job of portraying a liar.

    Finally, the lucky guy who got drunk before going in to work one day at Oceanic: Frank. Seeing Greg Grunberg in his flashback was great, especially after having him only on Heroes for the past few years. We didn't get to see much of him and he is probably the least interesting of the newbies, but he seems better than Nikki and Paulo at least!

    As for what happened in the episode, not much of anything. This episode can be considered an introduction to the characters that will most certainly play a large role this season!

    I think the winner for best acting in this episode (and season) has to go to Mr. Emerson. His portrayal of the manipulative Ben was perfect in this episode. His final words of this Lost episode ensured that the rest of season four will be great.

    Why the 9.5? No Desmond!
  • wasted 60 mins !! what was this episode about

    let me ask you this question again What was this episode about
    it was so out of LOST that I literally started thinking what was it about
    i mean this show is heading nowhere there is so much substance in the first season and
    all they are doing here is doing now is wasting time !
    how many of you actually thought they are survivors
    they are just playing tricks to make viewers think about the survival by showing future flash-forwards. It is stupid ! I mean if you really enjoyed this you may not have a life ! ! !
    Hopefully i like to believe that you are not so easily stupified
  • There has been so many revealing information on this episode. The one that keeps me puzzled not the whole Vincent coming back, not the whole taller Walt, not the whole choice for the four to go to the island...

    The revealing of the helicopter team; was tonight. Daniel Faraday; showing him seeing the Flight 815 crying on his couch. Why? why was he crying? Could it be he knew someone, or could it had been he was suppose to be on that flight?
    Miles Straume; a Ghost buster man? Can speak to the dead...what special connection will he bring to the island. Will he be able to tell us the people we see occasionally be either dead or alive? Jacob? Walt? Boone? ect.. Charlotte Staples Lewis; the woman who seems to be interested in the Dharma experiment. She found a polar bear's skeleton in the desert with a Dharma collar...why?
    George Minkowski; the pilot of the helicopter...the pilot that should of been on Oceanic Flight 815. He knows there's more to this islands secret...they all do...They're main objective; finding Ben!
    There has been so many revealing information on this episode. The one that keeps me puzzled not the whole Vincent coming back, not the whole taller Walt, not the whole choice for the four to go to the island...the puzzling part. Why was Locke and Ben both shocked over Hurley being able to see the shack? and why did Hurley quickly change the subject? I'm looking very much forward to the next episode.
  • So Lost just raised the bar for itself with this fanatstic new episode. All kinds of interesting new developments and questions to be answered, such as the ones in my (108 word) review:

    Why is Ben Linus so damned important to these four new people? Why is Oceanic Flight 815 on the bottom of the ocean? What IS up with that black smoke monster? Whatever happened to Michael and Walt after they left the island... was that really Walt who appeared to Locke? Why was there a polar bear skeleton and a Dharma Intiative logo in that excavation site in Tunisia? Is Miles really a Ghostbuster? When did Matt Parkman change his name and decide to pilot airplanes? (well, that was shown in the first episode, but I digress) I look forward to finding the answers in the coming episodes.
  • Because I have a man on their boat!

    Season 4, you sure as hell know what you're doing. Only two episodes in and damn things are going soo good. This episode was excellent! We were thrown so much new information and so much excitement that I simply cannot wait for the next episode. Ben pulls some crazy **** on us showing how committed he is in what he believes in. I love all the new characters, they add so much excitement to everything. Seeing a helicopter sitting on the island made me very excited, and I just wanna know who the hell is that man on their boat... Michael perhaps.
  • Newcomers on the island...

    Now, we have a change to met with the newcomers to the island, whose helicopter crashed on the island at the end of the previous episode. So, most of the episodes goes for running around the island and picking up the crew members and thanks to the flashbacks we get more idea who they are and more and more hints that they are not out for good. They are after Dharma, I am quite sure what they want from them. And some character development too - it is building up some kind of dark scenario of events what will follow and the words Hurley said last episode - he wishes that he had not gone with Locke. What is going to happen?

    But the end.. it was worth it all - finally it comes out that Ben does know something and maybe that is their greatest advantages against the new people.
  • The Survivors meet the people who parachuted on to the island, and boy are they and interesting group. More importantly, they have something to hide.

    Great episode, very revealing, and just some darn fine television from Lost this week. This episode was engrossing, interesting, exciting, and it made you think. Some of the reveals were very intriguing and this episode was a showcase of one of the best things about Lost:

    Sometimes it's what you don't see or it's what isn't revealed that makes it great. Though we all love that great release of a big secret being revealed, if you reveal too much it gets boring and loses focus.

    There are four new people on the island, they parachuted in from a helicopter that was launched from the boat. The first one, Dan, meets up with Kate and Jack, but is rather uneasy as he contacts the mysterious George. Using the satellite phone, they track down Miles, who can talk to dead people (interesting). The next new person, Charlotte parachutes in and gets stuck on a branch above some water, she cuts herself down and is met by Locke and his crew. The final person, the pilot of the chopper named Frank, sets off a flare and is met by Jack, Kate, and crew.

    Seems that Dan is a physicist who was saddened by flight 815 going down, Miles is a ghostbuster who uses a vaccuum cleaner?, Charlotte is a cultural anthropologist who found something interesting in Tunisia, and Frank is a pilot who claims that the pilot of flight 815 wasn't who the media announced he was.

    Meanwhile Jack gets the drop on Dan and Miles with help from Sayid and Juliet. They also meet up with Frank and find the helicopter Sawyer beats the crap out of Ben and does so again after he tries to kill Charlotte, and just as Locke is about to blast on Ben for what he did, Ben gives a Spectacular reveal-he gives Locke and company info about the people on the boat, how you ask? He has a man on the boat! This is getting interesting, real interesting.

    Another big reveal was the finding of a polar bear skeleton in Tunisia, what makes it weirder, it had a Dharma collar with the Hydra logo on it! Something is screwy here...To make things even more interesting, Naomi and crew were hired by Matthew Abbadon! There is something very creepy about this guy.

    The acting was really good, not as good as last week, but still good. Michael Emerson is an awesome actor and he did it again this week, his portrayal of Ben is nothing short of awesome. Jack showed some level headedness and foresight, but he is still ruled by his emotions which could be an issue. Terry O'Quinn also had a stellar performance by enhancing the enigmatic characteristics around Locke, and growing more into his role as a leader.

    The direction and cinematography fit well with the pacing of the episode which enhanced the mood and feel of the show. The dialogue was good, but it was kind of sparse, that can be good or bad, but given the nature of the episode it was acceptable.

    Overall, Lost is off to a great start. If things keep going this way, it's going to be an intense season.
  • A new approach... and it's a superb one.

    Well, what can I say? Oh. My. God.

    Lost season 4's direction is really surprising to me. The writers are definitely going with the Sci Fi approach more than ever.

    The new characters for example. They are all connected to the island somehow.I liked how they were introduced, each one of them got a short flashback sequence. The new actors/actress done a good job, though I wish Kristen Bell would've been casted as Charlotte(as she was meant to, it's a pity the writers of Heroes offered her a role first).

    I really liked Ken Leung(Miles) and Jeremy Davies(Dan)'s performance. Their characters are also great, as they seem to be the opposite of each other(Dan is hesitant whereas Miles is a badass). The episode's beginning wasn't much of a shock if you followed the find815 interactive game. I did, and, yes, I was still surprised. However if you didn't I bet your jaw dropped! Just as powerful start as in the season premiere. The island plot was great, but very similiar to the previous episode. Trekking and more trekking, just now there are 2 groups. Every scene with Ben in it was gold worthy. Michael Emerson was the best actor on the show before season 4, but now he's simply one of the best actors ever. His play with his facial expressions is brilliant... I thought the "meat" of the episode, though, was in the flashbacks. Each flashbacks sequence introduced a mystery, rather than developing character - but it's okay: I think at this stage it's the right thing to do. I loved the cliffhanger. The first episode of the season didn't really have one, this one did. The focus is back on Ben as it's revealed part of the mission of the new characters is to retrieve Ben. However, Ben appears to have a spy amongst them...

    This season really feels "deep", and the mythology is getting more and more complex. So the obvious is inavoidable: the show is turning into a Sci Fi. With a ghost buster, several ghosts, a plane that's crashed yet it's not, a polar bear from the island found in the wrong place - the writers are setting the tone for the big endgame that's luckily still a couple of episodes away, but you can feel it coming.

    Lost is always about questions and characters. Of course there'll be answers - eventually - but until then, enjoy the ride.

    Because that's what Lost is. A rollercoaster.
  • Another interesting episode by LOST.

    Another interesting episode by LOST.

    4 new characters got on the island. They have 1 item on the agenda to get Ben. In the end Ben reveals to Locke that he has a man on their boat.

    Strange things happened in this episode like a Polar Bear skeleton with a Dharma badge in Tunisia. What does Dharma has to do with Tunisia?

    Also why is the Oceanic 815 shown in the bottom of the ocean and everyone is proclaimed dead?

    And why is Ben so important to these people, that they sent a team of 4 people to do their upmost to get him?
  • A slower pace, but still provided us with a lot of exciting information. Solid episode.

    With the introduction of 4 new characters everyone (hopefully) realised that this episode would never be as fast paced as the last few have been. However, even though a lot of time was spent introducing new characters there was still a lot of interesting stuff going on. This episode put a lot of preassure on the acting abilities of the new cast members and luckly they didn't let us down. We were introduced to them through revealing flashbacks, one character's flashback, Miles, even continued to suggest the idea of spirits existing as he appeared to talk to a troubled spirit and maybe even that of newly departed Naomi. As the title suggests, we were also treated to a bit more about the apparent discovery of 815, and thanks to the second last of the 5 flashbacks we might be able to confirm that it is a fake reckage. The real set up for the episodes to come, however, was in finding the real purpose of the team searching for the island, Ben, who claims to have "a man on their boat." It will be interesting to find out more about the man who questioned Hurley in the premiere, and now appears to be in charge of setting up the team looking for Ben. Bring on the next Lost!
  • In this episode in a series of flashbacks we get to meet the strangers landing on the island.

    I am sure glad the writers got this episode out of the way early on. We are introduced to the four new strangers that have landed on the island through a series of flashbacks. I have to admit with the presence of one of the new strangers it does rule out one of the theories that the people on the island are dead or in purgatory so that's a good thing. I am really glad to see that Ben is starting to become his self again. I didn't really how they were putting Ben in a smaller role but I am glad to see him step up and be the center of attention again. Also I am very happy to see that Locke is taking this leadership role that the island has given him very seriously. That is very awesome that everyone that went with him actually believes in him and that with him they will be safe. It's good to see that I am such a huge Locke fan. Anyway the rest of this episode was pretty good. I can't wait for next weeks!!!
  • Another great episode...new character's introduced

    While this episode wasn't as good as last week's it was still very solid. There were plenty of WTF moments for me and that's the way i like it.

    the episode starts off with familiar scene from find815, a mini-side story that any Lost fan needs to play. Nothing surprising there. Next, we are shown Daniel in what I assume is a flash-back of him crying after watching the news of 815's wreckage. Not sure how to take that.

    Daniel is a scientist of some sort (forgot what he called himself), who seems to be very sketchy but the nicest of the group. Throughout the episode we meet the rest of the frieghter bunch. Miles, a ghost whisperer with an anger issue. Charlotte, a cute british chick with a bullet-proof vest, and Lapidus, the pilot with a drinking problem...that doesn't seem to mix...oh well.

    As far as questions raised this episode. My first one is
    what the hell is a dead polar bear doing in the desert?..this has to be something with time-travel/dimensions Second is, of course, what is the frieghter bunch intentions on the island, They were told by Abbanddon that there were no survivors even if they found them...sounds like he want's them dead to help with the cover up. Charlotte seemed to be doing the best job acting like the survivors savior than anyone else, but that's ruined by her bullet-proof vest.

    The last question is, Who is Ben's guy on the frieghter. My opinion is probably Michael, i'm guessing Ben/Jacob knew about the frieghter and Michael being a spy was part of the deal for getting off the island...probably wrong...but ohwell

    can't wait until next week...already forgot what the promo's told me...but i like surprises
  • Don't people like puzzles anymore?

    We all know by now that LOST drives many impatient viewers crazy with unanswered questions. Just take a peek at the forum here to sample the madness. A popular discussion is who are the people on the freighter and why are they really here? Well here's the episode that that spills the beans.

    They're here looking for Ben. There you go, a tangible answer. One piece for the puzzle. So hey, whiney ill-attentive complainers... go stick that up your- I'm mean, go stick that in the puzzle and start to see the big picture. Try to have some fun with it like the rest of us nerds.

    If only Sawyer knew about Miles Strom when Naomi first showed up on the island with her phone, I'm sure he would've sang "who ya gonna call?"... Yes that's right, one of Ben's headhunters is a bonafide ghostbuster, fully equipped with a fancy dustbuster. At first, even I found this ridiculous, but I did not fret and moan, I remembered Locke and had some faith.

    Abbadon did tell Naomi "every member of this team was selected for a specific purpose". Someone who can commune with spirits? Well there's a nugget! Jacob's kinda ghostly, no? Jack's dad still kickin' around, ay? Maybe this is going somehwere.

    We also have an anthropologist that could come in handy with so many unanswered issues about origins and developments. Polar bear remains in the Tunisian desert tickle your fancy? How'bout we slap a Dharma Initiative collar round that sucker? Quick! send her out to the 4 toed statue.

    A physicist that could indulge us in natural sciences such as magnetic anomolies. Farraday's already privy to the light on the island. He commented on how "it's strange out here [the light]. It doesn't scatter".

    Oh, and a pilot. A pilot that was supposed to be flying 815. Get excited people! Don't you have pulses?

    Other points worth noting...

    The cow that Lapidus stumbled upon, I guess he's homless now that the Flame station is kaput. Maybe he's looking for that nice one-eyed man who used to fill his troff.

    Since we're discussing Lapidus, in the scene where he's listening to the news report, did anyone notice the conveniently timed static on his tv? "NTSB said that..." ~static interference~ "...recovering the bodies will be next to impossible". I don't know, it may or may not turn out to be nothing.

    Finally, I really didn't think they were even gonna touch this but they did. Locke acknowledges that Walt had gotten taller. We were all thinking it so I guess it had to be done. Kudos to the writers for not treating us like idiots who wouldn't notice such an inevitable technicality.

    My overall feeling on this new season so far is that it they've managed to create great momentum. Being that we have a confirmed endpoint, the series now feels a lot more fluid then we're used to. It's rolling.

    Oh and hey, complainers? I almost forgot. The question posed last week about Naomi's sister was answered too... A mere one week later. How's that for a turnaround?
  • Now we're talking!... Lost is back! *May contain spoilers*

    Last week I felt a little bit weird because Lost premiere didn't gave me goosebumps, my hands or feet weren't cold and I didn't finished the episode wanting more... Don't get me wrong, S04 premiere was good, but it didn't feel like Lost...

    Yestarday's episode "confirmed dead", on the other hand, brought all those feelings back... Lost is here, with new characters that I liked (some more than others... I liked Miles a lot... what's with that guy?), island action, secrets, 815 found (great to see that after playing the game last couple of weeks)and a whole bunch of new questions to think about.

    Why do the want to get Ben? and why Naomi had Desmond picture if who they were after was Ben... I would really want to see Desmond confronting Freighter people... In summary, this was a great episode, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next... Who's the mole??? Greeeat!!!
  • Setting the pieces in place to lead us to the future we have recently seen in "The Beginning of the End."

    At first, the back stories of the Not Penny's Boat people really cast this episode in a different light. They were the ones who were clueless and "lost." They were being surrounded and manipulated by people who another reviewer likened to "the others." This would have been an interesting direction for the episode to take but it was probably better that it did not. We got the point and the show moved on.

    Some of the things happening with our survivors in this episode really seem like contrivances. It seems that Jack got extremely lucky when Sayid and Juliet showed up to echo back to "The Hunting Party." Jack's extraordinary willingness to go along with these people and Kate's pointless presence has gotten old. Jack is really on a roll making bad decisions. Kate follows him and doesn't utter a word until Juliet shows up. So with all that being said, I am rooting for the Locke tribe. But it has its own flaws. Locke struggles with earning everyone's trust when he wants to take a detour to the cabin. Hurley seems a little antsy to go back to the cabin himself. But Locke wins some hearts and minds when he illustrates how he took a bullet from Ben just days ago. Sayid was the sheriff of the original tribe. Towards the end of season 3, Sawyer joined him in this role while Sayid (partly) and Jack were gone. Now Sawyer is the sheriff of the Locke tribe. He is ready to meet out justice on Ben twice. Locke stops him the first time but the second time he nearly does the job himself... until, of course Ben says exactly what he knows will get him saved. Abaddon appears again, not as creepy this time, to explain to Naomi that the other 4 members of her team were chosen for a reason. This could be because these people have some connection to the island. The first flashback showed Dan weeping over the crash of 815 and not knowing why. Later, Charlotte uncovers a Dharma polar bear collar and looks at it as if she recognizes it. There are probably more connections than those mentioned here. I still believe these are loosely related to Dharma. That provides an explanation as to why they are seeking out Ben. It also begs the question of what they want with Ben. If Locke or Sawyer kills him (I concede this is not likely), how would that change their "primary objective"?

    Overall, we got a good follow up to the season premiere. The plot advanced a lot in this episode and many people probably enjoyed it more than the premiere for this reason. But I prefer a little more emotion and reflection in the stories. "The Beginning of the End" was a reflection of the events of "Through the Looking Glass." "Confirmed Dead" really begins the on-island story that will culminate in "The Beginning of the End" with Hurley attempting to persuade Jack to "go back."
  • Great episode. I have four topics I want to talk about.

    This was a great episode. I think even better than the season opener. I have four topics i want to talk about:

    1) So the dude that said he was working with Oceanic was accociated with Naiomi. Is this strange to anyone else?

    2) You know the guy that crashed on the rocks and then pointed a gun a Jack. Well, when i saw him with that gost in that ladies room I could of sworn those pictures on the wall downstairs were of Eko. I will have to watch that again.

    3) That is strange. They really did find the plane! BUT... I had a theroy. Maybe the others put a replicate Oceanic 815 and put it in the trench so they would not be found. I have no idea. Its just a thought. That would explain the ring.

    4) Ben said he has one of there people. Could this be Mikial? That is my best guess. Who knows. Why do they want Ben? How did the person that sent these people after him know about Ben? He moved to the island when he was 10 or so. How is this possible that he did something to them that they want revenge?
  • A revealing episode!

    The producers for "Lost" promised that the storytelling would accelerate now that the timetable for completion was in hand, and fulfilling that promise certainly seems to be at the forefront of their minds in this particular installment. At first glance, this episode seems to introduce unnecessary new mysteries to the overall puzzle, but in actuality, the picture is coming into focus.

    In terms of the "present", the narrative advancement is incremental but incredibly important. Splitting the rescue party between Team Shepherd and Team Locke is an unexpected but welcome twist. It prevents the likelihood of ignoring Team Locke completely whenever telling stories about the rescue party, and with the revelation about Ben and the true purpose of the "rescue", this speeds the flow of information.

    This time around, the flashbacks follow a more conventional format, which in turn is more unconventional in terms of "Lost" itself. Each act is prefaced by a flashback for one member of the rescue party, in order of introduction. In nearly every case, the members were reacting to the news that Oceanic 815 had been found at the bottom of the ocean.

    Footage of the remains confirms that someone faked the crash site, though the circumstances remain hard to judge. It seems to resurrect the theory that Ben and his post-Dharma organization made sure no one would be looking for the true survivors, but there's the small issue of timing. Ben's organization wouldn't have had the information necessary to fake a plane crash that quickly. However, it's certainly clear that someone faked the crash, and that means the true fate of Oceanic 815 may not have been circumstantial after all.

    Whatever the case, this would appear to debunk the theory that the rescue party was in some way meant to pre-empt Penny Widmore's efforts to find Desmond. That doesn't mean that Penny's father is off the hook, since it still appears that he knew about the island and happily contrived to get Desmond there ("Live Together, Die Alone"). All the evidence still points to the Hanso Foundation and their connection to the legacy of the Dharma Initiative, especially given the nature of the rescue party itself.

    The first member of the rescue party is Daniel Faraday, who takes the news regarding Oceanic 815 rather hard, despite having no reason for such a response. According to Faraday, he is a physicist (hence the clever character name), but that doesn't seem to be the complete story. For one thing, his comments suggest an interest in fringe theories regarding electromagnetism. As it happens, unusual electromagnetic fields play a vital part in legitimate research into "paranormal" events, and they would certainly be important to anyone with fringe theories on the subject.

    The second member of the rescue party is Miles. He sells himself as a professional "ghost buster", it seems, and that puts him in the category of con man. That could explain his paranoia to some extent; he may also have a military or mercenary background. Even so, his abilities do seem to be real to some extent (even if it's an intuition on the level of Frank Black from the series "Millennium"), and psychic abilities are nothing new in the "Lost" mythos.

    The third member of the rescue party is Charlotte Lewis. Once again, on the surface, she appears to be a simple anthropologist, but her flashback and dialogue suggest something more. She certainly recognizes the Dharma symbol, and that suggests that she's been studying the appearance of similar remains throughout the world. Like the rest of the team thus far, it suggests a keen interest in the paranormal and historical/geographical anachronisms (like polar bears with Dharma collars in the middle of Tunisia).

    The fourth member of the rescue party is Frank Lapidus. Unlike the rest of the rescue party, Lapidus seems to have little interest in the paranormal. Instead, his flashback reveals a far more interesting tidbit: he was supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815, and he's aware that the remains are fake. His presence on the team is revealing, to say the least.

    The final flashback is devoted to Naomi, but it says far more about Matthew Abbadon (he of the demonic name). Abbadon's emphasis of the party line, that there were no survivors of Oceanic 815, strongly suggests that his organization was behind the fake crash site. It also leads to the speculation that his organization was behind the actual crash on the island, given the fact that Naomi is aware of where the plane actually fell. One interpretation is that Naomi was being told to ensure none of them escaped the island. (Perhaps because two of them already have, and presumably Abbadon is well aware of that fact.)

    Taken in context with the other members of the rescue party, it's not a stretch to speculate that the team members were chosen for very specific purposes. It has been strongly hinted that elements of the Hanso Foundation are connected to the legacy of the Dharma Initiative as well as the Widmores. Naomi's possession of Penny's picture suggests that Abbadon's organization is connected to the effort to trap Desmond on the island, which further implicates the Widmores and Hanso. The Dharma infrastructure has remained intact to the extent that food drops continue. While one might assume that the drops were still for Kelvin, the fake crash suggests that someone knew about Ben's Others and their inroads into the rest of civilization.

    What if Abbadon's organization knew about Ben and the Others, and their Purge of the Dharma Initiative? What if that organization had been planning to take back control of the island? Ben may be aware that a small mercenary force is waiting on the boat to take control, since he has a man there. Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte are all ideal choices for scientific study of the island, its history, and its properties. Frank would be an inconvenient voice to be silenced, presumably trapping the "science team" on the island once Ben and the Others were eliminated or taken into custody. The survivors of Oceanic 815 might have been intended as test subjects for new Dharma experiments, or a means of destabilizing the Others and making them vulnerable.

    This is important, because in the future, Abbadon is very keen on getting Hurley to reveal if anyone else remains on the island, as seen in the previous episode. That suggests that something went very wrong with the mission to find Ben. Taken in that context, Team Shepherd's decision to control the relationship with the "rescue party" is a rather good one, and could point to the eventual circumstances of the "Oceanic 6" situation. The speculation that the "rescuers" are repelled, yet Abbadon's organization learns about six survivors, forcing the "Oceanic 6" to leave to protect the remainder, continues to be a viable theory.

    Team Locke, on the other hand, is still trying to find its course. Locke is still operating on visions and instinct, probably in conjunction with Jacob, and that disturbs Ben greatly. Ben's stock is rapidly declining, and that makes him dangerous. Meanwhile, Sawyer is more than happy to take control if necessary, and it's only Hurley holding him back. Hurley and Locke now have the cabin in common, and that ought to lead to some interesting conversations, to say the least. Ben's operative on the boat, and their method of communication, ought to provide a ready source of exposition.

    After the first season, which was all about the main group of survivors, each successive season has introduced new characters intrinsic to the respective season arcs. The second season featured the tail section survivors and their impact on the tribe. The third season was all about the struggle against the Others. This season appears to be about the threat of Abbadon's organization, which is tied directly to many unanswered questions about the island and its history. The trend of introducing new characters as a challenge to the existing cast continues, and thus far, the process continues to be successful.
  • Wow, this show is definitely getting back on track...

    Season three was bumpy, let's admit it. While it ended fantastically, it started in the dumps. "Lost" so far this season (and I know this is only the second episode) has gotten back to the amazing storylines, conspiracies, and plot twists that made this show so good during its first two seasons. I think people will have mixed reactions to this episode because there was a LOT of mythology in it. The introduction of the four new characters was pitch-perfect. It definitely made up for the trainwreck that was Nikki and Paulo last season (although I loved the episode in which they were killed off). I wish we had more than eight episodes this season, although with the writers' strike very likely nearing its end, perhaps we may get a full season. This episode was definitely in the top 5 best.
  • Great episode as usual! =)

    I liked the episode! and it was nice to find out that the Dharma are not just on the island but are doing the same thing all over, and possibly for many many years, as we have never seen the Dharma logo that was on the polar bears collar, so i am guessing they have different stations all over the world, as we have seen polar bears on the island, in tropical weather, and the polar bear in the desert, a very dry atmosphere, both very drastically different climates for a polar bear to survive in!

    Some people are speculating that it is Mikhail who is Bens source on the freighter, but if that is the case, i wonder how he got there? considering it also looked like he got blown up by the grenade that caused the flood to kill charlie, but i guess as we have seen Mikhail does not seem to die very easily, maybe he can't die, who knows, and also some think it is Micheal on the frighter, i think this would make more sense, as ben could have given them directions to the freigheter, as we know ben does not want anyone to leave the island so i can't see why he would just let Micheal and Walt leave!

    My question is, i wonder what will happen to the helicopter, as i dont think that this is what they leave the island on, too obvious if you ask me, something will definatly happen to it, possibly another Locke sabotage! and out of all of the questions Locke could have asked Ben before he said he was going to shoot him, why ask what the monster/smoke is, he could have asked anything! aand it just left us thinking we were going to get some answers and then we did not find out what it is! speaking of which, it has not shown itself in a while! so i think someone must be activating it!

    Next episode looks interesting! looking forward to it and hopefully find some answers, or maybe not! =)
  • Not a classic, but a really great episode non the less

    Great episode, feels really fast moving and progressive, alot of stuff happening, not a moment squandered, all in all a great episode that feels alot more like the first season of lost with a sense of mystery and unpredictability to it.

    There are no moments that particularly stand out above others, instead the episode seems peppers with lots of little great moments, and a surprising amount of charecters and content crammed in, if this episode is any indication of the episodes to come, looks like we are in for a treat.

    No doubt this episode will get heavily overrated on the basis that it is a newer episode, as with most of the general concencous rating on tv.com.
  • Interesting........very interesting.

    Things are picking up with this 4th season of lost. To be honest, I`ve never been so interested in a Lost season before..
    The Rescuers have things to hide, we knew that. It was good to have a little introduction though multiple flashbacks. I like the Daniel guy, he is cool and funny. Now why are they really on the island? Apparently for Ben. Why? My guess is that they are Dharma and want Ben because he took down Dharma. Now does the Oceanic 6 end up trading Ben for their rescue, Hurley being the bridge between the two groups of people(given that we know he left the island)? Plausible theory IMO.
    Ben was great, Mr Smart as always, I love this guy. Great acting but I was happy to see Sawyer beat the crap outa of him after the Kate comment. Also, I bet Ben`s spy is Michael.
    Now Locke possibly bringing the survivors to the cabin is a very interesting perspective.
    The fact that the oceanic 6 are considered Dead as the plane and passengers were found may be cover up or a sci-fi, if its the latter, they better come up with a great idea.
  • The survivors come face to face with their supposed 'rescue', as four strangers arrive on the island.

    After a mind blowing opening sequence, this episode picked up right where the previous left off with Daniel Farady introducing himself to the group. The pace quickened in a matter of moments as he, Kate and Jack went in search of the other people who were part of his crew. This episode was awesome, and introduced four new characters to the show in a very mysterious but yet, somehow more revealing, fashion than new characters from previous seasons.

    The first three flashbacks shed light on who these people from the freighter were, and the final flashback showed us why they were selected and it was quickly revealed why they were there. For Ben. The ending sent chills down my spine and as always, I can't wait for the next episode. Michael Emersen was brilliant in the episode. Rebecca Mader and Jeremy Davies were also standouts, and I'm looking forward to more from their characters.

    All in all, an amazing episode, that is sure to shape the direction that this series is now heading in.
  • It's always fun to get LOST and boy do I get lost! Just when you think you got in figured out....

    This new season is off to a running start. There are so many twists and turns and connections. I was sure I had them all figured out. But then new players are thrown into the mix. They all seem so random but they are not. I just hope these poor folks last longer than the members of the tail section of the plane. Just when I would figure one out, they'd get bumped off. When Ben shot Charlotte, I actually yelled at the TV! The best thing about this show is that you can just never guess what's coming next. When the pilot Frank was clawing his way to the top of the hill, I was thinking "what's at the top, will he run into Locke, will Jack be there?" No, it's a cow. I just have to laugh. And of course, I have to tune in next week to find out who Ben has on the boat!!!
  • They are confirmed dead!

    In this amazing episode,4 new characters are being introduced to us! Dan (A physicist),Frank (A pilot who was supposed to flight the oceanic flight 815), Charlotte (A Cultural Anthropologist) and Miles (A spiritualist) . The opening scene of this episode is one of the greatest moments in lost history! We see the ocean of a sea and two submarines communicating to each other trying to find something. Suddenly they discover the oceanic flight 815 and afterwards they are all confirmed dead!
    This episode includes a freighter-crew flashback. We learn what each one of them was doing in the period of the discovery of the fake Oceanic 815. Dan was devastated without any reason when he learnt the news, Charlotte went in an excavation area in Tunisia where a skeleton of polar bear was discovered-having a dharma symbol on its collar, Frank called the oceanic hot-line to complaint that the dead pilot they found it's not the real one, and Miles visited a house where a grandmother asked him to communicate with her dead grandson.
    On the island, Jack,Kate,Juliet and Sayid find Dan,Miles and Frank while Locke and the rest encounter Charlotte. As we find out later on through a flashback, the 4 freighters are sent from Matthew Abaddon along with Naomi to find Ben. My question is why these 4 have been selected and not somebody else? Plus, Ben confesses that he has an associate in the freighter. Who could it be?
    It scores 10/10 and i am looking forward to watch the 3rd episode of this awesome season!
  • After a bust up at camp Locke, Ben reveals he knows more about the people from the helicopter…

    So, the episode starts with someone looking under the sea, in probably a submarine. We're not sure what they're looking for, if anything, and all seems to be normal. Until - boom - they find an airplane at the bottom of the sea! An airplane that isn't broken into three pieces, an airplane that in fact, looks too intact, but then another - boom - and apparantly it's Flight 815! Ok so now we're thinking, it must be a flash back because Naomi said that the plane had been discovered and everyone was found dead.

    Then zoom in on the guy who crash landed last week from the helicopter, he's watching the footage on the news and he's in tears! Again we're thinking, hmm maybe it's a flash forward?! Why is he so upset about the "discovery" of Flight 815 if he hadn't been on the Island yet?

    Back to the Island and this guy mentions that there were four, including him, who jumped out of the helicopter, so now Jack and Kate have another mission on their hands - to help this guy find his helicopter friends! This guy seems a bit jittery though, like he's hiding something.

    They find one of his helicopter friends, who after a flash forward or flash back (who knows at this point?!) appears to be some sort of ghost buster. He points his gun at Kate and demands to know where Naomi's body is. Apparantly he can speak to the dead?! Ahh Lost never ceases to dissapoint with the surprises!

    So Locke and co. stumble accross one of their other helicopter friends and from her flash back (yes, I've come to the conclusion that they were all flash backs by now ) we see that she discovered a Polar bears remains in the desert! and that's not all, a Dharma logo thing! By this time we're like, OK, so she's part of Dharma? And it's Dharma who have come to the Island to take back what's theres? Who knows…

    The last guy that Jack and co. find is the pilot, and wait for it, it turns out he was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815 that day of the crash, oh and one more thing - apparantly he knows from the footage of Flight 815 that it is a fake, because the Pilot never took off his wedding ring, and in the footage he wasn't wearing one!

    This comes as no surprise really, because we all know it's fake footage, but still…

    So now all the helicopter people have been discovered it starts to become clear that they aint there to rescue the Losties. When they discover Juliette is a "native" they quickly become aggressive, asking where he is… after showing them a photograph, it's clear that they have come to the Island to find Ben, and I'm guessing it isn't to ask how his rabbit is!

    After a bust up at camp Locke, Ben reveals he knows more about the people from the helicopter… and then - boom - the episodes over and we have to wait for more! Ahh Lost just gets better and better!

    My review and more at www.lost-isle.net
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