Season 4 Episode 2

Confirmed Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on ABC

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  • New Characters.

    In a flashback, we see rescuer Daniel upset while watching footage of underwater wreckage of Flight 815. Back on the island, he tells Jack and Kate that he's there to rescue them, but needs to use their phone, in private, to talk to the people on his chopper. While walking, Kate finds a box that had been dropped from the helicopter with a gas mask in it. They confront Daniel about that and about the fact that he's carrying a gun. He admits rescuing them is not his only objective. The three of them find Miles, who pulls a gun on them, wanting to know the truth about Naomi. We flashback and discover that Miles appears to speak to ghosts to make money. Back on the island, he demands to be taken to Naomi's body, where he apparently talks to her ghost and finds that Jack and Kate are telling the truth. Juliet and Sayid arrive with guns blazing, so Miles and Daniel must drop their weapons. Meanwhile, Locke's group of survivors asks him questions about the barracks, about seeing Walt, and about why they are keeping Ben alive. They then discover Charlotte who, in a flashback, we see finding a Dharma polar bear's remains in the middle of a desert. Charlotte is held captive by Locke and his group, who do not want to be rescued. She then gets shot twice by Ben, who has stolen a gun. Thankfully, she was wearing a bulletproof vest. In a fourth flashback, we meet Frank who watches the newscast about the underwater Flight 815, calls a hotline, and says that they are wrong about the dead man who they are claiming is the pilot. He says he knows this because he was supposed to be flying 815 that day. On the island, an injured Frank shoots up a flare. Jack's group finds him and Frank shows them that he was able to land the helicopter safely. In a final flashback, a team consisting of Charlotte, Faraday, Miles, and Frank is being put together by Naomi and Matthew Abaddon, who we last saw with Hurley in the institution. They're planning a mission to the island, and Abaddon assures Naomi that they won't find any 815 survivors there. Back on the island, Frank discovers that Juliet isn't one of the 815 survivors and tells Miles and Daniel. Miles pulls out a picture of Ben, demanding to know where he is, revealing that finding him is the real reason they came to the island. Back in Locke's group, they are about to execute Ben. So that he won't get killed, Ben reveals that he knows everyone who arrived on the chopper. He rattles off information about Charlotte and her group, and says that he knows they've come for him. How does he know? Well, he has a man on their boat, of course.