Season 4 Episode 2

Confirmed Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2008 on ABC

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  • Four new characters are introduced !

    The rescue team has arrived but are they really here to rescue or fight ? Locke and the others on his side are still travelling toward the others's cabins and Jack and Kate are now meeting with Dan, one of the rescuers. Here is a review of the four new characters added to Lost season 4 : 1) Dan !! : American. we didn't see much from his flashback. Dosen't have a very strong personality from what I see. 2) Miles !! : Asian. Apparently he can talk with the dead. He was found lying on the floor on a beach but when Jack comes to the resuce Miles gets up and points a gun at Jack demanding that he takes him to Naomi. When hes near Naomi's body he talks with Naomi's spirit and finds the truth which is that Naomi wasn't killed by Kate. 3) Charlotte !! : British. From her flashbacks we see that she's a palaeontologist and she also found a polar bear in the desert which was very weird but then again what isn't weird in Lost. She was found in the water by Locke and Claire and all the others. She fell from the tree. Locke takes her with them and then she gets shot by Ben but she was wearing a bulllet proof vest so she didn't die.
    4) Frank !! American. Pilot. He was supposed to be the one flying oceanic flight 815 and hes the one who flew the crew to the island. The helicopter is safe. From what I see looks it like Naomi was their leader and she was working with the man who visited Hurley in the medical center in his flashforwards.

    At the end of the episode it is clear that the crew are here for Ben and Ben has a man on their boat.

    Great episode !! Nice introduction. Favorite out of the new characters : Miles !! He's tough and funny. Good stuff !!
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