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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • Finally the real LOST is back ! :)

    After the crapy season 2 and the weak start of season 3 finally the suspense is back :) LOST > all once again.
    One thing sux tho the writers said the charecters aint dead... Where the hell are they then ! its good to play with the viewers minds but not so mutch and so often cuz it gets boring after the 100000th question with no answer, i hope this aint some crapy conspiracy theory to fill our heads till they finish their season. Anyhow i hope the show returns to its original suspense and adventure aura that gave me chills from the opening credits :)
  • An ugly secret is revealed; another one may be hidden

    By now the story of Jin and Sun is approaching one of an epic love story, mainly in the amount of obstacles that have divided the two, even during the marriage. 'D.O.C.'s flashback takes place before the ones we've seen showing their marriage, reveal some stunning secrets about their families, including one that if Jin were ever to find out, he really might not be able to forgive.

    All his life Jin has been ashamed of his family. We already know his father was a humble fisherman, and that he hid this before he began courting Sun. Which is why it came as something of a shock to learn (indirectly) in 'The Whole Truth' that Sun has always known about, and has been helping protect Jin. Now, in this flashback we learnt hat the truth was even uglier. Jin's mother was a prostitute, and his father--- the only compassionate parent we've met on this show--- even hid it from his son, though he raised him while he was never certain of the boy's parentage. Now decades later, an older woman claiming to be Jin's mother blackmails Sun by threatening to expose her role to her father.

    Which leads us back to Mr. Paik, friend of humanity. Sun seems to have hid from her husband the evils that he did, but it was never clear that she knew. Now in her confrontation, she reveals she's always known, and it has sickened her as much as anybody else. Now she demands money to play the blackmailer, and the very act of protecting her new husband is what put him under Paik's thumb to begin with. He was working in a non-criminal capacity for him before, the money she asked for transferred the shame to her husband, who never wanted to be in debt to this man even now.

    Up until now, Sun has had our sympathies in most of these flashbacks, but now that we know she's been holding back from her husband even more than he has, it takes a huge amount away. Before we could understand why she went into the arms of Jae Lee. Now it seems like she made her husband a monster, and then tried to run when she didn't like what she saw. And now Sun's secrets are coming back to bite her.

    Perhaps it's not surprising that Sun is the person who calls Juliet on whatever the hell's she's doing, but enough her anger is genuine fright, which becomes even clearer when Juliet tells her that all pregnant women on the island eventually die. She then goes with Juliet back to a familiar place --- the Staff station, where Ethan kept Claire, and which Claire and Kate discovered a little later. This time, Juliet shows that there was useful material inside it-- including an ultrasound. Though the science that Juliet presents shows either that she's not the worlds best fertility specialist--- or that the writers got really lazy in researching their facts--- the scenes with her and Sun are pretty powerful anyway. Mainly because Sun is so frightened that she reveals a lot more of the reasons for her fear, and because Juliet genuine wants to give some good news after years of pronouncing death sentences when dealing with pregnancies. The irony is, she delivers one this time, but Sun takes it as a sign for rejoicing, because it's means the baby is Jin's , and that the island really did heal her marriage. Juliet seems to take it well, too--- until she goes back into the station, and records a message for Ben about the ultrasound she just performed. Even then, we still can't help but sympathize with her, especially after she turns off the recorder and says, no doubt in honesty: "I hate you." Still, this will have an effect on Juliet, and is probably the impetus for what happens next.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Desmond's party is still trying to learn information from the woman who fell out of the sky. Problem is, she seems to be speaking in every language but English, and she's got a tree branch through her chest. Before they can figure out what to do, another figure emerges, and this is a bigger shock--- it's Mikhail. How exactly he survived the cerebral hemorrhage in 'Par Avion' is a question that has never been satisfactorily answered, and we certainly don't get one now, but they strike a Faustian deal in which he tries to save this woman's life. He does so, and then tries to steal the sat phone that she was carrying. Charlie doesn't want to, but Desmond allows Mikhail to escape---- an action that will end up costing them dearly in the end. This again, brings up the issue of which of the sides has done more to hurt the Other. Desmond brings up the fact that the Losties have killed five of the Others, while only two of their people have died. But all of the actions that the Losties have taken have been in reactions to ones that the Others have been made. When the final bell is rung by the end of the season, the factors will have changed far more, but it must be said that even now, everything the Losties have done can be justified, while the Others don't even try to defend their actions. Maybe they've been along so long they've got their own definition of what civilization means.

    Eventually, the woman recovers and finally begins speaking English, and when she learns who these people are, she is shocked but not for the same reason they are--- Oceanic 815 has been recovered, and there were no survivors on board. Even now, it's still not clear what this woman knew about the flight, and what she was keeping from the survivors. But there is a lot more to this story that I don't think has been clear explained even a couple of seasons later.

    'D.O.C.' ends with a moment of good news for one character, but one that also puts her in more definitive danger than anyone else on the island. Even if the Others don't come for her on Juliet's instruction, she will be dead some time in the next two months. This will reflect her actions, and as we know Sun is good at keeping secrets. But all her lies have mainly hurt her husband, and this one could lead to far worse consequences than the others.
    My score:8.5
  • The Ending of Sun Flashbacks?

    Objective - » Since Juliet explained what happens with the pregnant woman in the Island, it was a matter of time, until Sun became the Main Character of an episode. Her episode appears in a good time, since after that, the last 5 episodes of this season simple can be mind blowing. The 3 focus are: Sun in the Island, her flashback and Desmond trying to save this unknown woman that arrived on the Island.

    Flashbacks -» The presentation began simple, than the set of the complication phase was unexpected. The Best of the Complication phase is her conversation with Jin father, this man simple portrays perfect his role, yet was simple drama, that make difficult not to feel sorry for Jin and his father, simply excellent. Her interaction with her father don´t were behind, simple perfect, when you finally know, why Jin has to work for him and why was that type of work, was Sun fault after all. The Climax was when she have to lie to Jin, a little Sad, when you known is sad destiny. The ending have one more surprise, but I think the majority of the audience could catch it from miles.

    Sun Event on The Island -» The presentation begins very simplistic when Jack came to see her. Then the complication is set when Kate can´t lie very well and Juliet tells the truth. Then, the two of them, go to the medical station, to see the Date of Conception, so if was on the Island, she will die, but if was not in Island, then she will be safe. The ironic thing here is that the first option is what would make her more happy, because she love Jin. You have some information about the Island rules, which make sense, since Locke can walk. The climax is what you can expect, dramatic. Desmond Event On the Island -» Very interesting also. The presentation already happened in the last episode, but then the set complication phase bring one character back, which is a great surprise. His fight Jin was cool. The complication phase was only about taking care of that unknown woman and knowing one more rule about the Island. Didn´t notice the climax, but the ending was strong.


    1 - Plot Holes: Gold. Didn´t Notice

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Gold. Hard to notice that scenes that are just there to buy time.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: Sun Flashbacks is full of surprises. Her event in the Island too. Desmond mini plot have a great surprise too.

    4 - Action: Gold. Great Fight.

    5 - Funny: None.

    6 - Drama: Gold. There isn´t a character that I can feel more sorry than Jin. Sad Faith.

    7 - Tension/Fear: .Bronze. Maybe to know Sun faith.

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Silver. You want to know Sun faith? Want to feel more sorry for Jin? Want to know one or two information about the Island Rules? Want a mind blowing ending? Then this episode is for you

    If wasn´t for the next great episodes, I would rate this episode with a 9. Recommended.
  • Jin's a Daddy, The Staff returns and the survivors are all dead!

    Many of the season 3 epiosdes, from "Enter 77" onwards can be put under the "Revealing" category and for those that complain about not getting answers or the story not moving forward this was a positive thing, proving that the creators had chosen their time to start answering stuff.
    Once again D.O.C. is another smart exercise in this choice, giving us more information and hints. We find out what happens to pregnant women on the island that try to conceive there, the fact that Jin and Sun did conceive on the island, blowing out the theory that Jae Lee was the father. There are also some hints that Juliet may not be a mole in the camp because she wants to help Ben, even though she has to, and that Kate Austen is Pregnant too, thanks to Sawyer. D.O.C. may not be as revelatory as some other episodes but it does a job of keeping the answers coming at a more consistent nature, as minor as some of them may be.
    However, the final revelation is enough to send fans reeling in their own theories. Since Season 1 an early theory was the "Purgatory" theory, in which the survivors were all supposed to be dead. That theory was discredited by the writers as being untrue. But Naomi Dorrit's words to Hurley would suggest otherwise. It seems more likely that what Naomi told Hurley was a cover-up attempt. The pacing of the episode is quite slow at times, but that is to be expected with a Jin/Sun episode. However, it does have ample time for some jungle action with Des, Charlie, Hurley, Naomi and Mikhail, who was last seen in the present being seriously electrocuted on the sonic security fence. His reappearance only gives more credence to the theory that the island has immense healing properties, something that has become all the more clear this season. Even Sun's miraculous pregnancy can be tied into the island's healing properties. Jin was sterile before crashing on the island. Add to that Locke's ability to walk again, Rose's cancer being cured and now Mikhail resurrected, ou can't ignore the fact that the island has the healing powers, probably made possible by the high level of Electromagnetism on the island. But how is it then that it can choose who should heal, quickly or at all? Ben hasn't made a recovery and some people have not even survived, ala Boone. It could be that, like Boone, those that have perished have all been,as Locke states, "Sacrifice[s] that the island demanded". If that is the case then who is pulling the strings? If electromagnetism is the cure then who is controlling the cure?
    Not only does Mikhail survive but he also hints that on the island wounds heal differently on the island and that Naomi's punctured lung [no less] should heal in a day [or maybe a half!].
    Since Season 1 we have learnt that the island has the power to heal but how and why is still not clear to us.
    The fight scene between Jin and Mikhail is amazing and, not since Season 1 and the fights with Ethan Rom and Jack have we witnessed such a brilliant display. Not only has Jin's sperm count risen but his abilities in Martial Art have too!
    For all the fights and tension with the guys and one Gal the main story is devoted to Sun, who once again gives a wide range of emotions, sometimes all in one scene or shot. Sun is conflicted with many emotions, just like Juliet. They make a good pair!
    This episode may be slower but that doesn't make this episode any less compelling. It is all about the acting performances, as many of them have been lately. The performances here are not as electrifying as in "One of Us" but they are just as emotional. Both Elizabeth Mitchell and Yunjin Kim display a wide range of emotions making their characters all the more complicated. When Juliet is talking into the Dictaphone to Ben, you think she is all bad and working in Ben's best interest until her sudden last line, "I Hate You", which suddenly changes the tone of the scene. What is up with Juliet? I think that she has agreed to do what Ben has told her to do but in this mission senses a chance to get herself of the island or at least is trying to mix with people who want to leave like her.
    It is still not clear but it would seem that Juliet is taking the "Every Man [or Woman] for Himself" motto that Sawyer holds dear to his heart.
    The pacing of this episode may be rather mixed but certainly events throughout add to the growing momentum of this season as it heads to its close.
    And if you thought the quality here was good just wait.....
  • A Sun-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I absolutely loved this episode. I thought that all of the story lines in this episode were great. When I first started watching the show by buying all of the seasons on DVD, I have to admit that I didn't really like the characters Jin and Sun all that much, but the more I watched the show and the more I learned about them, the more grew to like them. Now, I absolutely love Jin and Sun and all of their flashback episodes. I thought that the flashbacks of Sun's life in this episode were great. I also loved Juliet's involvement with Sun's story line since I'm also a huge fan of the character Juliet. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • A well done Sun/Jin episode.

    Its somewhat brave of the writers to include a SunJin episode at the season's endgame. They are the characters who always have much slower episodes than the rest, and more episodic too.

    But now that Sun has a major storyline that is connected to the island, I think it was a smart decision. This was a great episode all around, much better than last week's "trek".

    One of the greatest things was the flashback which many seemed to hate, but... I loved it.

    Especially the part where Sun meets Jin's father. Amazing performance by the man, and very meotional series of scenes too.

    I also liked how Sun stood up for herself and her husband at the end of the episode. And.. I was completetly surprised that the "mystery woman" was actually Jin's mother.

    This episode also continues a recurring theme of Lost and that's how every decision has a consequnce... and not just for the one who makes the decision. It is basically Sun's indirect fault that Jin ended up working and doing horrible things for Mr. Paik.

    The island portion was a huge improvement over the previous episode aswell. Sun and Juliet return to the medical station to find out who the father of the baby is. It's Jin! Great and bad news too. Great: it's Jin's! Bad: Sun's going to die soon unless rescue happens...

    Can you say dramatic?

    The sideplot, Desmond and co; superb! Mikhail returns, literally from the death just to manipulate a group of losties...again. I've to say the fight with him and Jin was superawesome.

    Now, onto the ending... unlike last week's lackluster ending, this week we got a jaw dropping moment. The newly arrived stranger has something to tell Hurley.

    That, 815 was found. And everyone died.


  • A sun episode mixed in with a present and flashback with the island, infertility and Juliet's ability to help, we also discuss the morale aspect of shame, the shame of one's origins.

    We have SUn tending her garden, and for some reason I am getting tired of them playing on the kidnap episode everytime we have this scene, it's getting tiresome for sure, but this time it was Jack, come to talk to Sun about her pregnancy, she is a bit reluctant, but he assures her that it is just routine type of questions and now that he is back, he has alot of people he needs to ask questions of.

    We get alot of flashbacks of Sun, they start with her getting off the cellphone with Jin, sitting at a bench and getting approached by a lady with a newspaper and asking if thats her, she says yes, then after initial chit chat, it is asked that $100K be paid or that her husbands shame would become public knowledge. She goes and asks her Dad for the money and gets it, Jin finds it and presumes it for something else and asks her to return her fathers money.

    The jolly boys outing is now turned more into a medical mystery as they have to fix up the unknown parachutist, she is incoherent and mumbling in a lot of different languages, but Hurley understands the spanish for "I'm Dying", they check her and she has something sticking out of her side, Des orders Hurley to check the medical bag, Des volunteers to run back to the beach but Charlie says that it's not safe to go running through the jungle and it is an 8 hour walk one way.

    Des says they have to do something as nobody knows they are there, just as Hurley is looking through the bag, he then fires off a flare gun, but as it wasn't dark then the impact is not quite the same, but the "oops" from Hurley was class.

    Flashback Sun and Jin are in their new apartment, Sun looking through boxes and sorting it all out, but she asks if there are any pictures of his family, but he just says that they did not have a camera when they were growing up, he gets really uncomfortable regarding the topic for sure.

    Sun talks to Kate regarding how unusual Jack has been since getting back from the others, Kate says that it is because he was kept prisoner, promised to be let off of the island. Sun tells Kate that she thinks he might be now working with the others in order to get her baby as he was asking about it earlier. Sun asks Juliet directly and gets a very blunt answer, that all pregnant women on the island have died, leaving Sun in shock.

    The boys are still having trouble with the parachutist,trying to save her when Mikhael appears, he turns and runs, but is caught by Jin, he promises he can save her if he is released at the end as if they had never come across him, which they promise to do, he is also able to translate some of the mumblings, all the same, I'm dying, but in various languages.

    The Flashbacks for Sun, incorporate two ket things, one is paying off the whore mother of Jin, she tells her that Jin believes her dead, that if she hears from her in any form, knowing how powerful her family is, she doesn't want that to become a reality. Then the next one she is walking down a fishermans pier, to a boat and meeting Jin's father, she gets invited in and has a good time, but told by her father in law she must never mention the meeting to his son, as he would then suffer the shame.

    As Sun is sleeping that night, Juliet goes into her shelter, wakes her and tells her that there may still be hope, that she may still have a safe pregnancy, but she will need an ultra-sound, that there is a medical facility nearby that will help her determine this, Sun says that they did not find one, but then Juliet says that they were not looking in the right place.

    Mikhael maanges to stabilise the wound and the patient and then says that he will leave now, they agree, he's only gone 2 steps before Jin is after him, the others play chase, then they discover that Mikhael has swiped the sat phone before leaving but spotted by Jin, they release him.

    Sun asks Juliet why she is helping, she explains that it was years ago that she was able to smile and tell other ladies that they were pregnant and all is going to be okay, it's been along time for that and she wants it to go ahead once more. Sun explains that she's been with another man, Juliet says the DOC will tell them how long she has been pregnant and maybe who the father is. After taking it we find that Jin is the father but it was conceived on the island.

    Back at the parachutist, Hurley gets asked who he is, he explains about the plane etc, but the parachutist says that they found flight 815, all were dead and there were no survivors. "What..>" says Hurley.
  • yep

    After learning that the Others' pregnant women died before giving birth on the island, Sun allows Juliet to examine her in the Dharma medical station. Juliet reports back to Ben. Desmond meets a living Mikhail in the jungle and allows him to help save the life of Naomi. Flashbacks show Sun being blackmailed by Jin's biological mother, whom Sun thought to be dead. Sun is going to die or is she one of my favourite questions of the series so far, because imagine the storylines that would erupt next season with Jin and Sun, I just can't wait to find out there.This episode was a interesting one we also get to see Jin kick some Russian butt and the staff station agian.
  • Sun !! Absolutely love her :)

    Finally more Sun and Jin flashbacks but this time we meet Jin's parents. Jin's mother was a I don't want to say it and Jin's father was a fisherman and apparently Jin told Sun his father was dead to avoid the shame of where he came from. That really angered me. There is no shame in having a fisherman as a parent or even being a fisherman. Fishermen work hard to get the fish and they work hard to earn a living so for that I respect them, I know this isn't to the point but I just wanted to give my oponion about that. Jin's mother threatens Sun to expose herself as what she was unless Sun gives her a hundred thousand dollars. In this episode Sun finds Jack acting really weird so she starts discussing the probability of him wanting her baby because he's working with the others with Kate. Then Kate assures Sun that Jack wouldn't do such thing and then Kate tells her about Juliet's research so Sun explodes in Juliet's face. Juliet sneaks out in the middle of the night and tkaes Sun to the medical station and opens up a room which wasn't found by Claire and Kate before. Juliet then runs a few tests on her and finds out that the baby was concieved on the island so that meant that Sun was going to die. I really hope Sun dosen't die I mean she is a really good character and her flashbacks are my favorite flashbacks. Also in this episode the woman who fell on the island with a picture of Penny and Desmond is treated by the man who we have seen dying in that force field thing the others had in their borders so I found that him being alive is really odd. After the girl who fell out of the tree is awake Hugo starts asking her questions and then he tells her that they are the survivors of flight 815 but she claims thats impossible because the plane of flight 815 was found and there was no survivors..that freaked me out !! Very good episodes. My three favorite parts where : A. When Juliet tells Sun that she's helping Sun because she wants to give good news again. B. The fight scene between Jin and the man who Desmond let go after helping the hurt woman. C. When Juliet tells Sun that the hidden room is where they took the pregnant women to die. Favorite character from this episode : The favorite position is shared between Sun and Juliet. Friends's oponions : 1) 8 out of 10. 2) 8 out of 10. 3) 7 out of 10. 4) 10 out of 10. 5) 8 out of 10.

    This episode put the spotlight on Sun !!! Great stuff !!
  • Sun loses either way.

    Sun has flashbacks to when she met Jin's parents. His mother is thought to be dead, but Jin did lie about his fater's life. Sun gives 100 thousand dollars to Jin's mother to avoid giving Jin the shame of his parents.

    Sun learns what happens to pregnant women on the island. Juliet tells her that they all die. Juliet can help her by finding out the date of conception. If the baby is Jin's, then she will die, but if the baby is Jae's (with whom she had an affair with), she will live. The baby is Jin's, which means she will die soon. Desmond, Hurley, Charlie, and Jin meet Mikhail, who was thought to be dead. He saves the woman's life and is let free after a deal. The woman tells Hurley that they find the plane of Oceanic flight 815 and all the passengers were dead. Juliet updates Ben on Sun.

    This episode was great! I'm glad the baby is Jin's, but she still had the affair. The ending was interesting! The Mikhail thing was weird. This episode gets a 10!
  • It's Jin's baby!!!

    I loved this episode, it really set up to the finale of season 3, that I am guessing. The flashback sequence in this episode I enjoyed, I just love Sun/Jin episodes so much. This time Sun must spare Jin shame because his mom is blackmailing him. I think Sun is really a underrated character, she is awesome. I loved the part when Jin's mom said "Just because I gave birth to him, doesn't mean he's my child" and then Sun goes "My family is very powerful(or something like that)." Then Sun says "My husband thinks you are dead, don't make me make that a reality" or something like that. So I just love Sun.

    Sun and Juliet's whole relationship was well played and well written. I thought the acting was really good, I feel sorry for both of them, but stricken by surprise at Sun's happiness when she knows she is going to die, but it's Jins baby. She just looked so glad and smiling, it truly proves how much she loves Jin. Also at the end I also felt sorry for Juliet having to do all that, and then the ever so faithul "I hate you".

    I wonder what the lady really said to the Other guy in italian, I bet she didn't say thank you. The Hurely conversation with her at the end was... suspenseful. Can't wait.
  • Lost!Lost!Lost!

    After learning that the Others' pregnant women died before giving birth on the island, Sun allows Juliet to examine her in the Dharma medical station. Juliet reports back to Ben. Desmond meets a living Mikhail in the jungle and allows him to help save the life of Naomi. Flashbacks show Sun being blackmailed by Jin's biological mother, whom Sun thought to be dead. Sun is going to die or is she one of my favourite questions of the series so far, because imagine the storylines that would erupt next season with Jin and Sun, I just can't wait to find out there.This episode was a interesting one we also get to see Jin kick some Russian butt and the staff station agian.
  • Super moments, super surprises and it is never easy in this island - because you can never be sure who you will meet next.

    They are building a really exciting ending for this season. Now we learn that the man who should be dead, is alive and he is up to something. The mystical woman from the sky is talking all different languages and I am quite sure he lied to the rest of the party about what she said after they tried to make her feel better.

    The other storyline concentrates on Juliet and Sun as she is pregnant and they seemed to be interested about that. Sun is having hard time to be sure who is the father and she does not feel herself comfortable around her but Juliet plays her role well, and gains her trust. Also her action gives us ideas what she is up to. And it does not look good.

    That + the ending of the other storyline - that the woman says - the flight was found and no survivors. Wow.. they killed the hope.
  • Maury Povich shows up with a paternity shocker!

    With the reveal that women who conceive on the island eventually die, the obvious question was how this affected Sun, who was pregnant and not sure who the father of her child was. If it was Jae Lee, she could be safe since it happened off island, but have to face a constant reminder of her mistake. If it was Jin, she could face a death sentence, but possibly experience some peace. Sun had to find out the problem with pregnant women on the island eventually, and Juliet's arrival to the beach serves to give her access to the tools to tell her the truth.

    Her thoughts could've been on her time with Jae, but instead they focus on another time she felt coerced into burying a secret, and the cost it took on her and Jin's lives. Sun's major flaw is that she will lie to protect her interests, regardless of who will be harmed in the process. In this episode, to pay off Jin's mother she borrows a large sum of money from her gangster father, who in turn hires Jin to do his dirty work to pay off the debt. Essentially, Sun is responsible for both her and his husband's character flaws.

    Unlike the past, her ability to bury the secret of her affair (even if Jin has some idea that it happened) offers a possible road to redemption for her. With Jin being the father, she can completely put her affair behind her, even if that means he has to die for it to happen.

    There is one problem that may never be addressed due to the handling of the reveal of the fetus' age. According to Juliet's estimates, Sun's baby was conceived around the time of their estrangement in "…in Translation". It seems unlikely that they would have sex at that time. However, sperm can live for some time after sex, and considering the island's power, it could help survive for longer than on the mainland.

    The island's treatment of pregnant women juxtaposes against the fertility of men. Men on the island produce five times more sperm than those off, but if a child is conceived, the mother will die. It's almost like the island has some deep rooted misogyny or adamant opposition to sex.

    One of Juliet's purposes in the main camp is the collecting of samples from the women of the camp, particularly Sun & Kate. On that note: what exactly would she get to use as a sample? This adds more to my theory that they wanted Kate and Sawyer to have sex in hopes that she would get pregnant. Considering they are having more sex, Kate's likelihood of pregnancy grows, unless there is some birth control they don't show.

    Since Sun was a willing participant, Juliet was easily able to go to The Staff to relay information to Ben about Sun's pregnancy and her status with the other castaways. It's unlikely she would be able to get samples as easily from the rest of the women. However, her willingness to participate in Ben's plan is questioned when she says she hates Ben after she finishes recording her message. This could be reluctance or her venting after playing along for the tape recorder.

    While it was the B-plot, the continuation of the search party provided the bigger moments. For starters, Mikhail survived the sonic fence. Obviously it was tough to describe that event in my "Par Avion" review as I try to avoid explicit spoilers of future episodes, even if they aired months or years earlier. Whether the fence was designed to stun a person or wasn't at its full capacity isn't clear yet.

    Having Mikhail survive places him in a position to alert the Others to this new arrival. He is also a medic (clearly he didn't spend as much time in combat training as Jin), which allows him to help save Naomi. When she mentions she is not alone in Portuguese, he mistranslates it as thanks for saving her life. This adds some mystery to her and possible ulterior methods for reaching the island.

    Desmond's negotiation with Mikhail, save Naomi in exchange for his freedom, is rather controversial. Charlie, who in addition to what happened in the last episode has had several bad encounters with The Others, is obviously the most opposed to Desmond's plan. The brief peace they made in "Catch-22" is dashed in this episode, as they continue to argue over the fateful decision to let Mikhail go.

    An element that would've been interesting to explore is Mikhail wearing the Dharma jumpsuit. This would've piqued Desmond's curiosity. This could've been a logical spot for them to explain why he is the only Other who wears Dharma jumpsuits, but sadly, it was never touched upon.

    His attempt to take the satellite phone is also a worthy cause of alarm. Obviously, The Others would want that technology, if only to have an advantage over the castaways. It's still not clear if the phone will work again, although Hurley has a little fun talking to "his mom". But having a phone and Naomi both are big advantages for the castaways.

    One problem with Naomi's multi-linguistics: why wouldn't she speak English first since that's what they were speaking. It makes sense for Rousseau to try several languages when she was interrogating Sayid in "Solitary", but not here, unless Naomi was so disoriented from her fall and punctured lung that she couldn't make sense out of what they were saying. "One of Us" showed a brief glimpse of news outlets' coverage of Flight 815's disappearance. With the arrival of Naomi, we find out what the rest of the world believes what happened. While it is far more realistic for them to all be dead as the result of the crash, it isn't a confirmation that the characters really are dead and in purgatory, much to the chagrin of those still clinging to that long debunked theory. Instead it implies a conspiracy: someone or something very powerful, like Mittelos, wanted to get these people to the island and to give them enough reason not to look any further. Mikhail not translating properly adds to the possibility that she is on their side.

    This episode is another solid installment, setting up the pieces for the conclusion of the season while throwing in a few answers. Once the cliffhanger is seen as something other than an obvious cop out, it adds a new layer of mystery and peril to the survivors. Someone has big plans for them, but who?
  • A great episode.

    Why "D.O.C." is one of the best episodes of Lost:
    1. Patchy is alive!
    2. The coolest fight scene yet! Jin kicks a$$!
    3. An emotional and involving flashback. Even though Sun and Jin don't actually meet in this episode, we get more insight into how much they love each other.
    4. A shocking ending. They found the plane? There were no survivors? What???
    5. Juliet gets more development as well. "I hate you". She's going to betray Ben!
    Honestly, this episode was just plain fun to watch!
  • Yeah perhaps not as good as previous episodes but the story was put together nicely

    Last weeks 'Catch-22' left me in huge suspense because of the fantastic ending.
    I was a little annoyed because we didn't hear much more about the new lady so we have to wait another week for the answers. The Sun, Jin flashback was decent, I liked the fact that Jin's parents are both alive which he didn't now about.
    But we find out that Sun is going die because of her pregnancy but the baby is Jin's! Poor Sun she has about 3 months left to live and she'll probably get sick in the last week also. THE best part was Mikhali's return! We all thought he was dead but we are proven wrong, (that was 'Par Avion') but he seemed keen on his death so it's not surprising.
    He was forced to help save the women by first-Aid. The rest of the episode was just OK. I'm impressed with the story but I've seen better. The next one looks excellent 'The Brig' It's called. It only get's better right?
  • We finally learn the father of suns baby and get another episode heading in the "answering questions" direction. Fans have no reason to complain anymore as the writers are doing a terrific job at this point.

    I loved this episode and it actually managed to get my eyes off the computer screen and onto the television screen for every minute of airtime. This is a great feat let me tell you because im really attached to my computer and it had just returned back to me after three days of being repaired. The pace of this episode was great as a long deserved and needed sun-jin centric episode unfolded. So Sun's baby's father is infact Jin due to a pentupled sperm count on entry into the island. I'm a little confused when this happened though considering that Jin and Sun weren't speaking for the longest period of time and only recently I can understand them ever copulating. The Sun and Juliet reaction was definitely very captivating and furthermore it revealed a lot more of the character sketch we can expect of Juliet. It seems her way of communication with the others are hidden phones in almost all the different hatches present on the island and considering how well it is spread out, that gives her a lot of chances to get information through. I like the Kate revealation that Juliet was supposed to check up on Kate's baby. So, is this baby supposed to be Sawyer's or her ex-husband? The Hurley and new girl interactions were revealing. Finally, it is revealed that there was infact a cover-up of the crashing of Flight 815 which explains the lack of rescue teams. Patchy's return (I keep forgetting his name) was interesting and I would love to see what role he plays in the season finale to come. All in all a solid episode that actually managed to provide a fair lot of answers with reducing the questions to a bare minimum. Season 3 seems to continue the trend of strong episodes as we enter into what should be the best of the three season finales.
  • Very Nice Episode

    This was a really good episode for me. I quite liked the flash back parts of this one for a change.

    In this episode Sun finds out that women who become pregnant on the island die. She follows Juliet to the hatch where Claire was taken previously to find out if the baby was conceived on the island. The flash backs show Sun finding out that Jin's parents are still alive and when Jin's mother tries to blackmail her she is forced to ask her father for money in order that Jin is not shamed by his mother being a prostitute. This was particularly revealing as we learn that the real reason Jin has to work for her father is because of this as her father sees this as Jin's debt. I really liked this story line.

    Sun discovers that Jin is definitely the father of her child, but this also means she will die. This all made for a really good episode.

    Elsewhere on the island we discover eye patch guy is still alive, but we don't know how. Just wouldn't be Lost without some unanswered questions though. At the end of the episode helicopter girl reveals that the remains of oceanic flight 815 were found and there were no survivors. I thought this was a really good way to end the episode as it makes us believe no one is looking for them as their families will think they are dead and that their has been a cover up probably to keep secret the location of the island. Overall pretty good episode.
  • Great episode!!

    Great episode!! Very Exciting! Great story lines. Sun doesn't like the fact that Jack is being so nice then she gets mad at Juilet. I think it is better that the baby is Jin's because now we know Sun concived on the island and see if she is the first woman to survive and the only one who concived on the island because Claire concived off the island. So Kate is pregnant?! That is a shock it is expected since she slept with Sawyer. I want to see Jack and Juilet sleep together. So Juilet must really hate Ben but I don't blame her since all the things that happened.
  • Having become a cynic, i was quite impressed by this episode. But to be honest- the flashbacks do very little in the way of the aiding the narrative anymore.

    A Sun and Jin flashback. Wonderful! Perhaps they are some of the most ineffectual characters on the islands, but nevertheless this episode works fairly well due to the flashbacks and the central issue of pregnancy, which is part of the reason Juilet is on the island.... Obviously the cliffhanger of this episode will leave us "hanging" for somewhat long.... I am pretty sure, whatever happens in the end of Lost, not at all the ends will be tied up and we will be dissatisfied. Oh, where are the days of Season 1 and Season 2... where interesting things happened...
  • Juliet takes Sun to "The Staff" to learn the true identity of her babies father. While Hurley, Charlie, Jin, and Desmond race to save Naoimi with the help of Mikhail, who is apparently not dead. Sun's flashback is pretty cool too.

    A solid episode. Very adventurous and fun to watch, especially Desmond's group. Their faces when Mikhail came of the jungle were priceless. Sun's flashback was pretty cool, and showed how Jin got promoted in Mr. Paik's business. On the island, Juliet and Sun were very emotionally about Sun's baby daddy, and for a moment there, I was once again bewildered by Juliet when she said "I hate you," while finishing recording something for Ben about Sun's pregnancy. Part of me trusts her, and part of me hates her. As for the end of the episode when Naomi tells Hurley that they are all dead, my first thoughts were "The writers are toying with us. They're not dead. Pshh"
  • EXACTLY why I watch this series! Yet another amazing episode with an amazing ending! Last week, I predicted that this episode would be the least awesome of the last seven episodes of the season; I was completely wrong.

    What a great episode! A lot of people are saying in their reviews that they didn't really like the flashbacks, but I think that's what really made the episode great in my opinion. For this review, because of my broken wrist, because there aren't any easter eggs this week and because I just typed out a 2100 word recap for the episode, I'm not going to write as much. Well, I probably will, but let's just say I wont.

    Anyway, I've always thought that Yunjin was the weakest actor on the show, but I think that she really showed that she has a lot of talent this week. Especially in the scene with Juliet when she find out that, although she is going to die, the baby is Jin's. The entire scene was acted perfectly by both women.


    Wow. Usually in an episode, one story is better than the other; this week, however, both stories were perfect in every way.

    Storyline A tells of Sun and the aftermath of her finding out from Juliet that all pregnant women have died on the island. In the episode, Juliet convinces Sun to follow her to the medical Dharma station, the Staff, so that she can help Sun find out the D.O.C. of her baby. And, if you watched the episode, you should know that D.O.C. stands for date of conception and is important because, if Sun conceived off-island, she will live, the baby, however, will be Jae's not Jin's, but, if she conceived on-island, then, although it means the baby is Jin's, she wil die. At the station, after explaining to Sun that a male's sperm count is 5 times greater than it is off-island--meaning that Jin could have very well been cured of his infertility, Juliet shows her a hidden storage room behind the lockers that houses all of the equipment that was originally located in other parts of the station. While there, Juliet performs an ultrasound to see and measure Sun's fetus; thus deducing the D.O.C. In the end, the answer is bittersweet because, even though it turns out that Sun was impregnated on-island and, thus, she will die, Sun is elated that the baby is, in fact, Jin's.

    I LOVED this part of the episode because it answered so many questions and seeing Sun and Juliet together was a real treat. The two of them together, Elizabeth Mitchell and Yunjin Kim, make an amazingly talented acting duo. In this part of the story, we learned that Jin is the father of Sun's baby, that Jin was really cured of his infertility (Male's sperm count: 5x greater on-island), that Sun was impregnated on the island, that Juliet has lost 9 patients to this pregnancy "disease," and that the Others have not abandoned the medical station as we had previously thought. Overall, the Sun/Juliet/Pregnancy storyline was put together extremely well, was written with perfection, answered questions while raising new ones, and it was satisfying end to one aspect of Sun's on-island life and a great beginning to her on-island death. Depressing, I know.

    Despite the greatness of the main story, Storyline B was what really made this episode great. Picking up exactly where last week left off, this part of the episode tells of the attempt to save the parachutist's life by Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, Jin and, of course, the not-so-dead Mikhail.

    After discovering that Naomi, the parachutist, is slowly dying due to a punctured lung, the party of 4 attempts to save her life. Even when all seems lost in terms of hope for Naomi, a familiar face with an important skillset appears, shockingly, in front of our 3 survivors + 1 hatch man due to the flare that Hurley accidently launched in the beginning of the episode. After agreeing to help, as long as they let him go, Mikhail treats and Naomi's wounds; thus saving her life. But, right when it seems that Mikhail, like Juliet, was actually trying to help our LOSTies, he attempts to steal the satellite phone. Jin, being the awesome, awesome hitman/quick-thinker that he is, takes Mikhail down after noticing that the satphone has gone missing. Nevertheless, Desmond refuses to go back on his word and still lets Mikhail go free. Finally, in one of the most SHOCKING moments in LOST history, despite it's easily understandable explanations, Naomi tells Hurley that "No. No, Flight 815. They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead." Holy s**t is right!

    Despite the pure goldeness of the main story in this episode, I thought that the story with Desmond, Jin, Hurley, Charlie, Naomi, and Mikhail was much more intriguing, probably because of the last line. Either way, I think this part of the episode really complemented the other because, while the storyline A answered questions, this one raised new ones. More so than the other storyline, the writing and acting was magnificent; especially Henry Cusick. There were also some really great lines such as Mikhail's "As your friend pointed out, I've already died once this week," Charlie's "They started it!" and that entire little interaction between him and Desmond. My favorite theory on Naomi's last line is that it was a cover up by either Dharma, the Others, Hanso, Mittelos, or the government. I really think that is a great answer. Other than that, there isn't really much to talk about in this section because I really have no explanation for why Mikhail is alive (But, as the producers have said, that will be explained in the coming weeks) and everything else is kind of self explanatory. Overall, this part of the episode was pure genius! Pure. Frakkin'. Genius! I love LOST!


    Why didn't people like the flashbacks? I have no idea.

    The flashbacks this week told the story of Sun, soon after she married Jin, and her discovery of his parents.

    In the flashbacks, we learn that Jin's mother is alive and that she was a prostitute, that Sun was the reason Jin was forced to become Mr. Paik's hitman, that Sun knows Jin's father is alive and that she had met him, that she knows what her father really does to get what he wants, and we learned that Mr. Paik is a robot (Seriously, watch the way he moves when he bends down to open the safe. Creepy!)

    The one scene that stood out to me in the flashbacks was the conversation between Mr. Kwon, Jin's father, and Sun. The writing during that scene was really well done, very emotional, revealing, and had superb acting. Because of that scene, the scene between Sun and her father, and the final scene with Jin and Sun, I though these flashbacks were some of the most, in lack of a better word, heartbreaking and they really showed a lot about Jin and Sun's relationship.

    Moreover, I really liked how the flashbacks furthered the theme of Sun being a liar. They didn't overdo it, but it was definitely shown.

    Overall, even though the flashbacks didn't advance the on-island story, they were very entertaining, emotional, well written and somewhat informative.

    Things I Noticed:

    -The story of Jin's father not knowing if the child was his or not was very similar to the on-island story of Jin and Sun. Like Jin's mother, Sun has been with many men and she is not certain if the child is Jin's. I loved the tie-in.

    -"It's not purgatory and they aren't really dead." That's right! In response to this week's episode, Damon Lindelof, himself, said the previous statement. What does it mean? My guess is that there is some huge cover up and everyone in the outside world thinks that the passengers of Oceanic 815 are dead. Oh snap! It could be some big conspiracy or it could even be as simple as a 'white lie' by the government or Oceanic to bring closure to the families of the passengers. It's depressing...

    -The picture of Jin and Sun is different when Jin's mom first points at it and when the camera shows a close up of it.

    -The satphone prop is, obviously, not a full faced touch screen. Look at it when Hurley is 'talking' to his mom at the end of the episode.

    -The beginning of the episode is very reminiscent of the moments before Sun is kidnapped by Charlie in "The Long Con."

    -Mr. Paik is a robot. Watch him bend down to open the case. He totally is.

    -Juliet is very, very, very, very conflicted/complicated. I love it!

    -Naomi says, "I'm not alone," not "Thank you." You can tell that Mikhail knew this and was using the language barrier to his advantage. Just watch his reaction to what she says and you'll see it too.

    -Naomi knows a crapload of languages!


    -MIKHAIL IS ALIVE!?!?!?! What!? Totally awesome!
    -What's really going on with Flight 815?
    -Was Sun right about Jack?
    -Will Sun be saved?
    -How often and why is Juliet making those tape recordings to Ben? Does it have anything to do with "See you in a week?"
    -What kind of samples, Juliet!? Why Kate?!
    -Does Jin know that Sun kind of led to his horrendous job?
    -Which scene was the one that had to be re-shot? (Important, I know)
    -Why is Naomi on the island!?
    -Since Naomi actually said that she wasn't alone, does that mean there was someone else in the helicopter and she doesn't know it crashed?


    Hey, way to go Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz; you really showed that you have talent in writing! I'm not saying they haven't written good episodes, obviously, but you can really tell that they aren't as strong in writing as the Other writers are. Nevertheless, I really liked the writing in this week's episode. It was very emotional and very funny (which is what Kitsis and Horowitz write best--humor, that is).

    -After he shoots off the flare Hurley: Oops...
    -Mikhail: As your friend pointed out, I've already died once this week.
    - (On the satphone) Hurley: Mom?
    -All of the interaction between Mikhail and our LOSTies was really well written

    Next Week on LOST:

    Woo! Locke-centric! It's going to be an on-island flashback so that makes it even cooler! Oh, and it was written by the two geniuses themselves--Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse!!!!! Whoo! Do I smell another Lockdown? Or even a Deus ex Machina, perhaps?

    Based on it's on-island centricity, who it was written by, and how badly I predicted what D.O.C. would be, I'm going to have to say that The Brig is going to have an overall rating between 9.3 and 9.5. Can complainers really be complaining anymore? How can you say this season has been anything less than awesome!? Only 4 freaking weeks until the finale!!!! Aahhhhhh!!!
  • What a great episode......

    I really liked this episode, its starting to build up to the finale! (cant wait). Im still not sure on Juliet's character. She seems to be nice when she is with Jack but i think her loyalty is with Ben as she thinks he is the only way off the island, which in the end i dont think is. Jin and Sun's story was ok i suppose but to tell the truth Sun realy bored me but Jin kicks ass haha. Mikhail must of not died :) i wonder where he ends up!. time will tell................
  • Who cares about the stupid triangle? Jin/Sun is the great love story on this island.

    Sorry about the english.

    Unlike some peple, I always found Jin and Sun 2 of the best charactes in Lost. And, as far as "romantic storylines" are concerned, Jin/Sun is billions of times far more interesting, real, complex and deep than the annoying Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle (saving one or 2 moments).

    This episode reminded me "...in Translation", to me the best "character development" episode in this series ever. I don't know exactly why, this episode is very different from that one. Maybe because their story, even when there's nothing to do with the island and the mysteries, is interesting enough to forget about the rest. The best scene in this episode is when Sun finds out that Jin is the babe's father. She showed a incredible mix between happiness and sadness (more happiness I believe). Just great.

    Another highlight was Mikahil's return. Incredible. Some characters are so good that even with short appearences, showed more than characters that are there since the pilot episode (Charlie is still my biggest example here). Aparently the "eletromagnetic field" was not strong enough to kill him and the island "healing process" helped him. This is defenetly a guy we should look foward from now on. He seems to know a lot (and I'm not talking about the multiple languages skill).

    Naomi was also very interesting. Apparently speaks many languages (the most revealing was the line "I'm not alone" that she spoke in portuguese), and add more mystery about what the hell is going on on that island. And the final scene, to me the best cliffhanger since "Par Avion". I don't dare speculate about what Naomi said, I just expect that nobody starts to think again they're in purgatory or some s**t like that. That's just retarded. To me the answer will be either far more complex or far more simple than we expect.

    And I'm wating for it. BTW, Juliet is still full of s**t. That scene with her turning the tape recorder off just shows that she will do whatever she needs to do to get what she wants, no matter how many people suffer.
  • Exciting episode. Wish they did more with the 'new arrival'

    I found this episode very exciting. The series is starting to increase it's pace and it's making me impatient for new episodes. Juliet's character is still a mystery to me. Sometimes you swear she is not working with the others, then you find out she is, only her loyalty is questionable... to both the survivors of the plane and to the others. I wonder where she will end up come the end of the season. Personally, I think she is just working with Ben because she thinks he's her only way off the island. But if wants to be free, then she might have to work with the survivors.

    Time will tell.
  • Setting it up for a grand finale

    There really wasn't anything worthwhile in this episode.As was expected after juliet comes to meet the survivors she hooks up with Sun,which seemed to be the plan from the beginning.As with many episodes this season,the writers seem to have a knack to make us watch the next episode just hoping for more answers.The same happens here as well as the crashed pilot mentions something interesting right at the end.

    It should be an interesting episode this week probably written with an intention to set up a grand finale.But the way things are going nothing but a miracle can help resurrect this sagging series. We really need more answers
  • I'm not generally a emotional TV person, but the scene of Sun bursting into tears and slowly forming a smile after being told the results was fantastic.

    OK, lots of elements in this week's episode to discuss.

    First, our dear friend Sun. Yunjin Kim is such a delicate actress. People say she is underused, but I think she's much more powerful in smaller doses, otherwise she would lose the effect. One of the advantages of Lost's large cast is the fact that the characters don't have to be as fully sketched out immediately as other shows, and it means that three years into the show, we are still learning about our island friends. I am really glad that it's Jin's baby (although it would have to be, in order to have any relevance to the Others), and also that Juliet seemed to genuinely want to help her. I'm not generally a emotional TV person, but the scene of Sun bursting into tears and slowly forming a smile after being told the results was fantastic. Juliet's tape recording, followed by a weak "I hate you" was also very telling.

    Her flashbacks were good too. I, however, watch TV in a very "in the moment" manner...I do not try to figure out what's going on, or try to predict events like most people. This means that I am genuinely shocked by surprises that I would assume most people figure out early on, such as the fact that the woman blackmailing Sun was actually Jin's mother. Show of hands of how many people actually knew who the woman was before the reveal.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, our Russian friend Patchy (I mean, Mikhail) makes a mysterious reappearance after previously being zapped by the sonic fence. Although he mentions the island's fast healing powers, could that be the only reason for his survival? That was a pretty gruesome death. And what a time for Desmond to decide to be honorable. For the first time ever, I was cheering for Charlie (see line of the week below). Although Mikhail doesn't seem to be the stool pigeon type, I'm sure he'll reappear again soon.

    And finally, the big shock of the week. I have a small problem with the big ending reveal, not so much with the surprise itself, but that now people all over the world are going to be groaning, saying "so they're all dead? What a rip-off" and crap like that. Of course, they're not all dead (the writers have told us this many times). More likely, the question is who would go to such trouble as to fake a plane wreck and dead passengers. And if it indeed was a setup, wouldn't the friends and family of the Losties know that it wasn't really Flight 815? Or is there something else going on here?

    Next week is a Locke episode complete with "on-island" flashbacks. Looks like we'll learn what happened when he saw his father in the "box" and it also looks like one of my previous theories comes true...

    Line of the week:
    Charlie: You stole [the phone]?
    Mikhail: How could you respect me if I didn't try?
    Charlie: How 'bout I take your other eye? Would you respect that?
  • :S confused

    Ok first of all i have to say this what the hell is going on with this show, i went from sorta understanding it to not having a clue in a short 40 minutes I have been wraping my brain about it but I cant find an explanation.

    First of all sun finds out what happens to pregent woman then her and juilet go on a trek to the Staff staion (the one kate and claire went to in meternity leave) then they go to a secret room where there is a mmachine the tells her the DOC date of conception then they find out that it was jins baby and not the other guys. She then gets Sun to go wait outside while she hides everything again when she gets a tape recorder out and says "ben its 6am on saterday, Kwon is pregnet, the fetus is healthy was conseved on island with her husbund he was sterol before they got here, i will have samples from the other woman, i should have Austons soon, i will report back when i have more, I hate you" soo Kate is pregnet :0

    Then Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley try to save the girls life who fell from the sky, then Mikal comes out of know where they capture him and make him fix the girl then they let hime go

    in the end Hurley and the girl are talking and she says that they found the plaine 815 and all the survivors were dead another :0.

    so im confused, any ideas message me please im dying to know.
  • Say it isn't so! Sun must die?? This is also what I would call a catch-22... she won't win either way. But at least it's Jin's and not baldy's. Or should I say, Mr Clean II?

    Yikes. So now we know the origin of the whole Jin the hitman story, that his mommy was a prostitutey, blackmailing crazy-woman, and who the baby's father was! This is sounding a lot like a soap opera, huh? Anyways, in an interview with TV Guide, Yunjin Kim (the actress who plays Sun) answered that it would be the very end of the series when they find out who the baby's father is. Shy a season or two, but still pretty close. But don't we all prefer sooner rather than later? We see a bit more of Juliet's soft side, and her longing to give good news once again, and Mikhail makes a comeback! He's just too awesome to have died, and Carlton kept hinting at his return in the podcast way more than once. But could anyone have thought of the bombshell dropped at the end? DUDE. They're all dead! The interwebbers are going crazy putting up their purgatory theories from the golden days of Season 1 yet again. Gosh, I can't believe we have to WAIT to see what the heck miss Naomi has to tell us now... and please speak in one language, not three. I couldn't tell if it was Portugese or Italian or Spanish or Chinese or what! Well, until 319 The Brig...
    (Let me add a note - I am super super psyched to see The Brig - Sawyer will be bad @$$ and take on a 'common enemy' he and Locke share... my money's on mr. Anthony Cooper...)
  • Sun goes on a trek with Juliet to deal with some baby momma drama. Who is the daddy? Jin or the other guy? Oh, and Jin's mom's a ho. Juliet is still playing both sides, as far as I can tell.

    For the record... I totally called the Sun's little transaction was going to be the cause of Jin's promotion from car dude to personal ass kicker. His secret shame is what caused Sun's father to up the ante in the marriage to his daughter. Juliet divulges a bunch of island secrets regarding pregnant women and the secret death room in the Medical station hatch. Her truly cryptic message at the end of the episode (only a few days left, kate might be carrying sawyers little island baby either from the cage desperation or from the tent rape or sawyer) followed with an unrecorded "and i hate you" was pretty awesome. Juliet is slowly becoming one of my favorite and most interesting characters on the show.
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