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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • Mikhail is back?!

    Compared to the last two episodes this episode doesn't have many turning points, but those it has are seriously going to be discussed a lot.

    First, Sun finding out what happens to pregnant women on the Island led to interesting scenes of Juliet, which is robbing the scene more and more, pleasing me a lot since the character is a really strong and dense one. I'm just not really sure why the Island makes distinction between women who got pregnant before and after getting on the Island. Also, the idea leads to some questions. First, why Claire had a crisis whilst Rousseau didn't? Plus, by Juliet's experience Sun has only two more months of life, which led me to the idea every character is destined to die one or way or another.

    This idea I got after crossing the killing spree factor with what Naomi said in the end of the episode, that Oceanic Flight 815 was already found and everyone on it died. Of course this could be one of Ben's misleads to impede people from finding the Island when looking for the flight.

    What matters most about this episode, though are the things that happened involving the Naomi character. After shooting a flare gun by accident, Hurley, Sun, Desmond and Charlie are encountered by Mikhail, or the same thing that tricked Eko passing as his brother and probably the same thing that Jack saw passing as his father on the beginning of the first season. Anyway, Mikhail saved Naomi whilst she said in five different languages rather that she was dying or that she isn't alone.

    Impossible not to stay tuned to find out what comes next!
  • The owls are not what they seem...at this point, it is unsure what Juliet is really up to? After the stunt Michael pulled last season, the survivors should be weary of the Others.

    Juliet is really, really good at being bad. Yet, what is she up to? On the first few weeks on the island, Sun did not seem very intimate with Jin, she seems very interested in Michael. I thought maybe Michael was the father, which we will see once the baby appears (NIP/TUCK season 1). Kill Charlie already, he is annoying. Naomi is either a spy for the Others or Penny's father.
  • A not so shocking flashback...

    I really don't care for the Sun flashback episodes, they aren't as juicy in character development as the others have been. So, I was a little upset with this episode...Who didn't see it coming when the woman who was black mailing Sun was Jin's mother?...As soon as the word prostitute came up on screen, I knew right then and there. Also, the Date of Conception angle was nicely done, we found out that Jin was the father of her baby, and not the guy who took a swandive off the building. With Sun finding out she's pregnant with Jin's baby that was concevied on the island, that means Sun is going to die, in say 6-8 weeks (I think that's what they said), if that's the case she's still going to be on the show for awhile since they've been on the island 89 days, and it's the shows third season. The most schocking part of the episode came at the end (as always), when Nessa from Las Vegas said that they found the plane, and there weren't any survivors...Now, this brings up a few more questions, like...Is it a government cover-up?...Is she lying?...I think she's lying, since she said she wasn't alone, and few episodes back in the Juliette flashback, the television said the plane had mysteriously disappeared...Who knows what's going on...I'm just enjoying the ride.
  • Tense and more mysteries Hurrah

    Brilliant episode of lost, the series is finally back to the standard it once had. This episode has everything, mysteries, emotion, more questions and more tension. I've never really liked the sun/jin flashbacks but this was seemed alot better, nice to tie up some stuff and we finally know who the father is. The greatest news and also the saddest news for Jin. Great to see the return of Mikail, i think most people thought he wasnt dead he seems very mysterious and how does he know the wound would heal in a day hmmm more myserty to island. Not long left till the finale of lost and it all points to being fantastic.
  • "Eu não estou só", the parachutist told,then Mikail translated it as "Thank You For Helping me",well he lied!That phrase was pronounced in Portuguese and the real meaning is:"I´m not alone",So the question is: Who was in the helicopter with the girl?

    Was it Penny, or Jacob? One think for sure, she knows who Desmond is... and if it was Penny probably she is the reason Mikail was running in the jungle... maybe he was trying to capture her... who knows... About Jin and Sun... I was very happy that the baby was Jin´s... because it gave more strength to the theory of the miracle properties the island has... but on the other hand, she can die if she doesn´t get off the island one the next 2 mouths... following the time every season goes, that will be in the last season of the show (5th) so thats nothing for the next days....

    I really don't want to talk about the end, because it was prrety creepy, and I really don´t know what to thing besides - DHARMA STUFF Good episode
  • hmmm ..

    That girl, Naomi, where is she from? Cause she's spooked one thousand languages! To bad, she was saying something and Nikolai said something else! They shouldn't let him escape, at less not alive :D, now he will go and tel Ben about the helicopter! And about the satelite phone!

    And wow, what is Juliet trying to do?! I mean, since when she want's to help Sun?! To bad cause Sun didn't watch her when she was register on the reportofon for Ben! If Juliet wanned to kill Ben, I don;t understand why is she helping him in all that he does?! I hope they'll figure out quickly who's Juliet with trully!
  • great episode

    Desmond, Charlie, Hurley and Jinn find a body of a female in the forest. One of the others who is supposedly dead reappears alive and well. This episode is a Sun flashback episode, we get to learn more of what happened in Korea. We get to see more of what was happening with Sun and Jinn. Juliet helps out Sun in the present, Juliet helps her figure out when the baby was conceived. Stuff happens with Desmond and the other guys in the forest. The mysteries aren't completely solved in this one, but the story plays out really well, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Juliet helps Sun discover the baby's father and tell her about the fate of pregnant women on the island.

    A revealing episode. It reveals who is the father of Sun's child and it hints at Kate being pregant. It doesn't reveal whether Juliet is honest or not. She IS still in contact with the others (if tenuously) but she does NOT seem to like it, in fact, she explicitly says she hates it and I felt she was genuine in her desire to help Sun and be able to tell her good news.

    This episode also reveals that the outside worlds considers everyone on the plane dead, as apparently the plane wreck was found, including the bodies and there were no survivors. It does not reveal who the woman is that fell from the sky and neither does it explain why Mikhail is alive again. People on the island do seem to have amazing healing capabilities, but not enough to bring back people from the dead. See Boone, Shannon and Lucia for starters.
  • What a great episode again...

    Like Hurley said at the end : What???. Oh my god, what a conspiracy theory it is. But after all what we watched I dont believe this girl Naomi must be in the game. Ben's team or the master team I dont know. But I think she is the key of this season. The last 5 episode will be turn around her
  • An over all good episode.

    I have to say that I rather enjoyed this episode. It did not have a whole lot of suspense, it was more emotions, which was a nice little change this week. The scenes with Sun and Juliet going to the Staff were very well done. I loved the little "fairy tale" that Juliet told Sun, and then at the end when Sun told Juliet that she gave her good news, even thought she is going to die, I guess it was kind of a Cath-22 for Sun (no pun intended). I'm not really sure if I believe that Sun is going to die thow, with how the ratings are going, I don't think the producers would be brave enought to kill her. I also loved when jules said "I hate you" to the recorder, to bad she had all ready turned it off.

    Juliet speaks to a tape recorder: Ben. Its 6 A.M. on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant; it was conceived on island by her husband. He was sterile before he got here. I'm still working on getting samples from the other women; I should have Austen's soon.
    So KATE AUSTEN is pregnant exactly like Sun, and who’s the father??, it might be Sawyer!!!
    Kate is next to go and check her D.O.C (date of conception) and she would be part of the others experiment.
    So, I wonder if Juliet would be able to continue with Sun’s and Kate’s experiment….
    Can’t wait for “The Bring”!!!
  • The father is in...it's JIN.

    It's finally done with. Sun got pregnant on the island. Do you consider that relief or just more bad news. This means she's definitely going to die and the way Juliet was smiling, she just found a new opportunity. I thought Yunjin rocked the episode because she had to play two different characters at one time: the mistress and the wife. That was just tough. And I'm really intrigued now with this woman we call Naomi. What's her deal? How many languages can one person now? At any rate, is Penny coming? I really need to know.

    Here's my complete review on my site: http://www.thetvwatcher.com/lost3_18.html

  • A truly cool episode!

    Jin is amazing when he whoops Mickail's backside. Flying kicks and everything. Jin suddenly got cooler than he ever was before... and that was pretty cool.
    Lost keeps getting better.
    Juilet is creepy, I can't work out whether she is nice and creepy or a baddie and creepy. Jack is getting more sinister by the day.... what did the others do to him. & the parachuter speaks in several tongues... what is that all about. Can't wait to see how it untangles.
  • Is it just me or has Lost never been better?

    Me and Lost are a lot like Jin and Sun; our relationship has fluctuated much over the years. Originally I began watching purely out of curiosity. I'm a big fan of TV in general and the 10 million dollar pricetag for the opening episode told me this was going to be a show unlike any other (which didn't neccesarily mean it was a good thing). Then I was suitably intrigued by the mysteries and enjoyed chatting about theories with friends at school. I was also, although slightly frustrated by the stagnant story lines of Season 1 (especially the god damn hatch), willing to wait it out because I thought it was all going to end after season 1. And so I waited, and waited, and witnessed first hand how wrong I was.

    Still, by this time it was too late. I was essentially in the mentality of a crack addict; I was not really enjoying each hit all that much but all I could think about was the next one, which may just bring the answers that always seem just over the horizon (perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, I did enjoy the season 1 and 2 episodes a lot, but I just felt a little cheated by how slow it was moving). And so I came back for more, my fanatically devotion being driven ironically by a lack of answers rather any a true enjoyment of the show. But now everything's so very different. I don't know whether its the lack of breaks (although I suspect its just the quality of the stories) but Lost is suddenly moving along at a cracking pace, and I find myself really loving these recent episodes more than I ever have.

    Take 'DOC' for example; now I've said before on one of the forums that Jin and Sun's flashbacks are more or less as interesting as a 44 minutes single shot of an elderly man getting his feet rubbed. And yet this completely reinvented my interest in these two characters. The writers deserve an award for turning perhaps the least interesting characters (outside Bernard and Rose) into real edge of your seat ones, and I thought the pivitol clinch of this episodes - the knowledge that if the baby is Jin's, Sun will die and if it isn't she'll live - was absolute genius drama. Sun herself developed immensely as a character, clearly not taking any crap from Juliet and then having the strong will to deal with her horrible fate, not to mention the revelation that she was behind her father hiring Jin to do his dirty work. Hats off to Yunjin Kim for without doubt her best performance so far.

    Meanwhile, the B story was a nailbiter two, with the strange return of Mikhail whose refusal to die is making me hate him all the more. And if theye's one thing I love more than hating Others, its seeing them get beat down. Ethan's comeuppance was a highlight of Season 1, and seeing Jin lay into Mihkail had me literally shouting at the screen.

    Finally, in the greatest twist since finding Desmond in the hatch, Naomi revealed that Flighty 815 had been found with no survivors. Whether this is a Hanso (or Mittlewerk) arrangement to stop anyone looking for the Losties remains to be seen, but those last lines thrilled me quite a fair bit.

    Although we didn't really get many answers at all, for once I really didn't mind. In fact this episode really raised more questions than it answers (namely what will happen to Sun, how is Mikhail alive, who Naomi is and how 815 was found) but who cares?!?! The ride that 'DOC' took us on was enjoyable and fill with tense drama. As far as I'm concerned Lost has never looked better.
  • We learned a lot of the same stuff we knew about pregnant mothers on the island and about Sun's relationship.

    I feel like the last two weeks action could have been condensed in to 1 show and I would have been very content. I felt that for the last 2 weeks I was sitting around waiting for something to happen. I guess, I liked the Russian reappearing, but this is not going to sell the show. Yet, did anybody not know that Jin was the father? Or were not thinking that it meant Sun still is going to be here to the end of the show's run. In addition, Locke's father has been tied up for a month and they spend two weeks developing a girl from the sky who has still told us nothing. Okay, we now hear that they don't exist. We have so much going on we don't need more characters and more fake-intellectual
    -sci-fi-twilight-zone elements. Please, no "life is a dream," "the world is invented in the split mind," "we see the future but change it," or "we are not really alive" junk. We have great characters, conflicting interests and a misguided experiment in utopia. WHY must we get into this "Doctor Who" crap?(and I watched that show as a kid, but there is too much stuff going on to need gimmicks). Make me happy and bring back Locke and Sayid. I repeat, Locke's father is tied up in a closet! Learn from the Sopranos, a little wait brings tension, but a long wait brings disinterest.
  • Finally we find out that Jin is the father of Sun's baby!

    This was a very good episode once again! I'm relieved to see that Juliet isn't entirely "bad", but rather trying to save herself. That's why she's still working with the others and it's not that she wanted to harm anyone. I hope she'll come around and eventually stop double-dealing...
    Mikhail is still alive which really came as a surprise. We saw him die!!
    That woman is probably from the Dharma Initiative, isn't she? At the end of the previous episode I thought it might be Desmond's ex for a second. But I was wrong, there's a whole new secret to discover! Who is she? What's she doing there? Why did she have the picture of Des and Penny?? And why's she speaking so many different languages?
    I can't wait. Especially after that woman said that flight 815 was found and had no survivors. What's wrong there? I'm dying to find out. And I am really looking forward to the big finale which is supposed to be like the hugest deal ever!!
  • A rather normal pedestrian episode until the last line.

    So after the producers have assured us the island is not purgatory and I’ve long since let go of that theory they have go and throw this at us. The thing is how can everyone be dead when The Other’s and Juliet appear to be real people from the real world. What about the chick who parachuted onto the island and got a stick in the lung. Is she really dead also.

    In a way it makes perfect sense. You never hear of a plane crash where half of the passengers survive. I have the feeling the last few episodes aren’t going to give us any real answers either. But instead we’ll see Locke continue to get more and more flaky and weird.
  • Mikhail is still alive! We saw him dying! People think, they are all dead, but the Lost Podcast says, that's not the case! Sun got pregnant on the island, but she still has 2 months to live, so she'll live till the finale, probably. And Juliet is not bad!

    This episode was probably the most exciting Jin-Sun centric one. It showed us, that Jin had to work for Sun's father, because she wanted to protect him. By doing that, she almost destroyed her relationship with Jin. Juliet has her reasons to do the things she does. And although I even think, that Ben told her to tell Jack to kill him, so she would be trusted (he knew Jack wouldn't do it, he wanted Kate and Sawyer to live) by Jack, she is good. She just wants to get off the island. Sun probably knows, what's going on with Jack, since she said, that he works with The Others now. Mikhail, who got killed, is alive. And Hurley, once more, has reasons to believe, he is not really there. Naomi probably (correct me, if I'm wrong) didn't say, "Thank you" in Italian. Maybe she said something important, and Mikhail knows it, but has to keep it a secret. This really will keep me guessing till "The Brig" takes that position, and gives me something to guess about.
  • A good episode that answers some questions, and leaves some fun new ones!

    Sun finally finds out that Jin is the father of her baby, which is good news to her, and yet she also learns she's doomed to die, as all pregnant women who've concieved on the island have. Desmond and co try to help an injured woman who's landed on the island, and Mikhail, who died in a previous episode, shows up and helps them. He only helps them in order to escape again, and trys to steal the radio that the lady brought with her. At the end of the episode, she comes to and Hugo tries to explain who they are and that they are Lost. She says that's impossible because their plane was already found, with them all dead onboard. This was a fun ending to the episode, which will fuel the fire of those who always thought they were already dead, and yet I don't think they are.

    Other fun stuff: Juliet declares her hatred of Henry, and Mikhail explains how people sometimes heal on the island.
  • Jin kicks some butt, we find a secret compartment in the medical hatch, and there are no survivors of Flight 815!

    It was nice to get Sun and Jin involved more in the story. I loved Jin's roundhouse kick to Patchy! I found it interesting that Jin has been a victim in all of this: his mother ruining his life by abondoning him as a baby and by blackmailing Sun which caused her father to hire Jin to repay the debt (money owed to Sun's father) by getting involved in the mafia. The secret compartment inside the medical hatch was interesting. So now we have Sun's life and Charlie's life hanging in the balance.

    I found the bit of information concerning flight 815 really interesting. So I am guessing The Others somehow faked the flight wreckage so people would stop looking for loved ones on the flight. I guess the only one really looking
    is Desmond's girlfriend Penny. I think Michael and Walt are still floating around out there and will probably make it back to the island before the season 3 ends. Wonder if they happened to see the helicopter crash and maybe pulled a survivor or two out of the water and brought on board their little boat.
  • There were no survivors! Mikhail is still alive!

    To some this episode up id say that the end of the episode was a pivotal moment for lost.everybody has been under the impression that it was a basic plane crash somewhere on a mysterious island that the outside world cannot find.
    but how wrong we all was.
    this not only is a excellent plot point, but in my opinion also solidifies losts long term future. a story line like this along with all the other plots simply cannot and wont be solved by the end of season 4.(lets go to season 5!) long live lost! episode good points off the top of my head:
    -Jin showing how much of a maniac he is finally!
    -Mikhail showing up
    -Naomis revelation
    -Juliets interaction with Sun, again fooling us (well it did me!)

    The Brig preview is looking gooooooooooooood :)
  • Ok so we have a pregnacy and someone is back from the dead...things are starting to heat up

    Ok so another good episode of lost. they've been getting things right lately in furthering the stroy. Sun was a focal point and her pregnancy WE have flash back of her life right after her marriage with Jin...i thought there were a little dumb. we find out about Jins past and suns relationship with her father which is cool, but i don't know. it was kind of a chessy flashback that didn't fit as well. i know the point was the whole honour thing but i just wasn't into it. So anyways we find out who the babies daddy is and find out its a lose lose situation. If its Jins she dies because they conceived on the island, if its not jins she will live but with the knowledge and shame of that. so we find out who babies daddy is and find out that julliet knows more than we think and is doing stuff that she might not want to be doing. We also have the girl who parachuted down. people call her naomi. she speaks in several languages and shes hurt. all of a suden some one comes back that we weren't expecting. Anyways things happened and they save the girl. Hurley tells her that they are from ocianic 815...and well a great ending here! i won't spoil it but lets just say that this brings up about 10000000000000 more questions! i'm escited to see how it all ends this season.
  • The cover up of flight 815.

    So the 815 wreckage was found and all aboard are dead. It's my guess that this is a front for the outside world set up by the Others. At this point it's apparent that they are a highly secure top secret operation. The flashback scenes from "one of Us" showing their Miami location gives me the feeling that they have tremendous resources. I expect to find out that they staged a crash to put a stop to any chance of an investigation. Basically our heroes have been unknowingly trapped since they arrived on the island. They are the Other's lab rats.

    This episode thickened a few other plots. Sun concieved on the island, she's now doomed. Her only chance of survival is to become Juliette's newest subject. A willing lab rat. Given the affects the island has on sperm count, this may have turned out to be a scenario that the Others have been hoping for, which also may explain why they've basically left them alone to operate their very own society on the beach instead of rounding them all up in a cage. Maybe they were letting nature take it's course.

    I like how they've now made us suspect that Kate may have possibly been impregnated. We did learn Sawyer has a daughter this season, so we know he hasn't necessarily mastered old fashion birth control methods such as pulling out.

    Juliette's expression of hate for Ben confirmed for me that she's generally good natured and is operating against her own will. I'm sure Ben dangled some false promise in front of her in order to get her to cooperate.

    Mikail somehow survived. I'm dying myself to find out the story on this. It may end up being one of those unanswered questions for a while, but that's cool, it gives me more time to theorize on it. I'm not one of those fans who will damn the writers for making me wait.

    Oh yeah, Jin's kung fu was excellent. Been a while since we've seen that kind of action on the show.
  • I was actually a bit sceptical about this episode. I mean come on, another Jin and Sun episode? How wrong was I :D

    I was actually a bit sceptical about this episode. I mean come on, another Jin and Sun episode? At first I hoped they would focus more on the characters before they met as I think that would be quite interesting. For instance, finding out how Sun found out about her father's company and how she has dealt with it all these years. Anyway, a few minutes in the episode i realized this would not be the case. Even so, I think the flashbacks were very nicely done in this episode. It didn't really take over the story either, like they sometimes do. I enjoyed learning more about Jin's parents and the fact that Sun knew about Jin's heritage all along. And we also finally learned why Jin starting working for Mr Paik and why Sun would have even allowed that in the first place.

    The highlight of the episode for me was definately Mikhail's return. I tried to avoid spoilers about this but as it happens a lot since I practically live on tv.com, I noticed a lot of people hinting about it. Still, this guy is my favourite Other, hands down and I love seeing him again. His conversations with Desmond were very intense. I thought the beach-storyline was very depressing this time. I did enjoy it though, don't worry :) It's just Sun is one of my favourite characters and having her find out she will die in the next two months was very painful to watch. Because Junjin Kim is such an amazing acctress, you really feel her pain when you watch her. Great casting guys! Especially with Juliet's "I only answer when I feel like it" attitude.

    As for Juliet, I am really stuck in the middle with her. With some scenes I love her so much I want to hug her and the next I just want to... I dunno, push her down the stairs or something.

    Still, putting that aside I thought the entire episode worked really well together and by the looks of the last five minutes of this episode the final few will be very intense!
  • Sun learns that pregnant women on the island die before they give birth. She confronts Juliet and eventually Juliet gives her an ultrasound and we learn the paternity and the date of conception of the baby. We also learn about Jin's past.

    A pretty good episode. I was pretty shocked to see Mikhail alive. I suspect that passing through the invisible fence probably just knocks you out but does not actually kill you, explaining why he is still alive. Also the writers of Lost have said 1000 times they are not in purgatory so I suspect that the others probably faked the finding of the plane. It was nice to see some more development of Sun and Jin while at the same time advancing the plot some. I wonder if Kate might be pregnant now as well with Sawyer's baby... I'm looking forward to next week.
  • Ooo... Don't mess with Sun's family!

    I just loved Yunjin Kim's performance in this episode. I always wanted to see Sun use her "mob princess" role at least for a little while. Well she didn't really gloat that much about how powerful her family was, but I was waiting for her to say something like that to someone who threatens her or Jin. It's just sad though that she now believes she might die in a couple of months but at least she was happy to know it was Jin's baby, but how is she going to tell him she slept with someone else. Also the jungle scenes with Desmond and the others were cool. We get to see more of Jin's fighting moves! Although I wished that Desmond would have let Charlie punch Patchy at least once! That got me a little annoyed with Desmond. And lastly, Hurley firing the flare gun then saying "Oops" got me cracking up for a while.
  • I couldn't edit the Trivia, but if someone could please add this bit of info...

    I'm from Brazil, and would like to add some information about the scene where the parachute girl says something in Portuguese.
    As stated by the person who added the Trivia thing, she says "Eu não estou só", which means 'I'm not alone'. But, even though the person said she has a Brazilian accent, I have my doubts. In my honest opinion the weird accent she has sounds exactly like the accent of those two guys in the end of season two who also spoke Portuguese. While the way they speak sounds a lot like Cariocas (people from Rio de Janeiro), both scenes were shot with actors that are either not native speakers of Portuguese or from other Portuguese speaking countries (Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, European Union, Guinea Bissau, Chinese S.A.R. of Macau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe) that would have a similar accent. If you (are from Brazil and) listen very carefully, you will notice that they sound a lot like foreigners learning Portuguese.
  • Argh Matey!!! A beloved Other rises from the dead!

    It was a shot out of the blue when out of the jungle comes Patchy/Mikhail. Im so glad he isnt dead - the guy has charisma and wickedly wry smile - a high COOL factor. He even dead-panned "Ive already died once this week..." This week???? How many times exactly has he died? The episode mainly concerned Juliet taking Sun to the Staff/Medical hatch to find out when she conceived her child...Jin apparently is the daddy! Apparently the Island is better than Viagra... The Island apparently sends sperm counts thru the roof but kills off pregnant women(and this makes sense how?) And the new arrival, Naomi provides shocking news that Flight 815 wreckage was found, somewhere else, with everyone aboard dead... WOW, whats going on here? Are the people on the Island dead? I believe the producers have already discounted this. Are the Losties copies of the real Flight 815 passengers in some Star Trek-like parallel/mirror universe? Or are they real and the dead passengers from the other Flight 815 copies/clones planted by Dharma in another location? All this is assuming Naomi is telling the truth.

    The flashbacks continue to be the weak point - they a simply go on a little too long. The whole thing about the payoff by Sun to Jins real mother was overly long. I like LOST more when they are spending time on the Island searching for answers. Next week Crazy John Locke is back in action... whats he going to blow up next???
  • It was fairly a good episode, until the end. Agaian questions arise, and I hope the answers are not those predicted ages ago.

    Lost makes you feel Lost every time you watch it. So many things happen and so many things are revealed that sometimes you cannot grasp what is really happening. This was one of those episodes where the writers try there best to create questions as soon as answers are given.

    Mikahil is not dead, and I am more than happy about it. His short appearances already have shown that his character is exceptional, like all the other Losties. However, he was presumed dead by the electromagnetic field. How is he still breathing, when it was clear that he died? Maybe the electromagnetic field does not in fact kill anyone. What is more confusing is what was he doing in the jungle. His objective may have been to establish any connection with the outside world, maybe by noticing that someone new was on the island.

    The flashbacks were again a bit lame to say the least. Nothing was really revealed about Sun and Jin that had not been revealed before. The only new revelation was that Jin’s mother was a prostitute, but I can see nothing interesting in that. Juliette’s interest in Sun again seems very innocent, honest, and true. Well, I always had the feeling that there is more to Juliette, and she is not just a manipulative person only concerned about her personal gain. This was accentuated by the poignant words “I hate you” obviously addressed to Ben. Clearly, she is made to do things, what I cannot understand is what Ben has that she wants. We now have two characters that we expect to die. Sun is the new convicted, and if it were true, that would be a shame. However, something more seems to be happening, as Juliette seems to have found her new lab guinea pig, on which to perform experiments.

    The last scene again left a great deal of suspense, but a great deal of contempt on my part. What does the new woman mean all passengers were dead? I hope that this is not some kind of purgatory: first because that would be a rather lame idea, and second because the writers have already denounced such notion. However, I do not really believe in this theory, as if it was true, how is it people still die on the island? If someone is dead, how could he die again? Questions, questions, questions........I hope we get some answers.
  • Loved It! One of the best episodes ever! Of course, they are all always good. :-)

    When Sun came up to Juliet it was awesome cuz it looked like Sun was gonna punch Juliet right in the face if she didn't get some answers. I can't believe that Sun was stupid enough to go with Juliet though. If I was Sun, I would have like said some excuse to get Juliet to go away, and then go get Jack to follow behind them, in case anything bad happened. It was obvious from the beginning that Juliet was still working with Ben. Ben just wanted her to get the "inside scoop" on things. Juliet should stop working with Ben, since she obviously doesn't like it.
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