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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • -SPOILERS- OMG Patchy is alive, Kate is Pregnant and they are all dead?? I don't know what to think any more

    I was constantly checking the time left for the episode to finish... because I didn't want it to. It was flying. You've all got the feeling when you are watching an episode on the tip of your toes, waiting for the next scene...

    This episode's flashbacks were bad as almost all this season (WHY?!). But the main story blew my mind.

    Patchy is dead (how?); the girl wakes and tells the passengers that the plain was found with no survivors (WTF); Sun has abt 4 more months to live and apparently Kate is pregnant as well (now I get why she and sawyer were needed, it was all a mask to make them have sex).

    I am too excited to even sleep now.

    However, good night, and "see" you on the forums.
  • Sun learns where she got pregant and by whom. Desmond and the gang receive help for their new visitor from a very unlikely source.

    As a whole not my favourite episode but a pretty good one nontheless. This episode had some pretty good if albeit predictable revelations. Sun demands to know from Juliet what happens to pregnant women on this island and to learn more about her research. Juliet finds Sun in the middle of the night and takes her to the same medical station we saw last season with Kate and Claire. Juliet performs an ultrasoud on Sun revealing that she did in fact conceive the child on the island with Jin. Juliet tells Sun she wants to do this because she had to suffer through losing patients and wants to deliver good news once again although we learn later the real reason why she helped Sun.Sun tells her she did give her good news that despite her possibly pending death in 2 months that Jin is the father of the child. Later Juliet goes back inside the station and leaves a recording for Ben claiming she only needs Kate's sample now and that she hates him. This was a nice scene since it shows how Juliet is torn about what she seemingly has to do. Meanwhile Desmond, Jin, Charlie, and Hurley are shocked to see Mikhail appear out of nowhere as they are trying to figure out how to rescue the visitor. Desmond agrees to let Mikhail go if he saves her life. Of course this all leads to the confusion of how is Mikhail alive when his eardrum exploded and he was foaming at the mouth. My only conclusion is that perhaps he was only temporarily paralyzed or something. My only other confusion here was how did any of them know about Mikhail in the first place perhaps I forgot the part they were told or were lead to just assume off sceen sometime through word of mouth on the beach they were told. Anwyway Mikhail saves the woman's life and flees back into the jungle. While tending her to Hurley asks the woman if she is their to rescue them. Hurley says they are the survivors of flight 815 but the woman drops a bombshell and claims the reckage from that flight was found and there were no survivors. All in all a pretty good with one hell of an ending.
  • The reveals just keep coming!

    I don't even know where to start! First Patchy returns, rocking the hell out of his Soviet training. As Bender said, "Clone? Robot? Or long-lost twin? Taking all bets!" We see that Sun made a minor change in Jin's career path, shifting him from a floor manager to gangster. We get a seemingly straight answer about Claire's baby and the Others. Then the filthy crazy hook of the wreckage apparently being found without survivors. Wake up everyone who was harping on those clone theories! I love the tension between Charlie and Desmond developing, especially as Jin saved their hides by grabbing the phone back and Patchy pulls a nice little Ben impression. Juiliette's motives and true plans are still mysterious, but are coming into focus (Juliette's getting Kate's next?), plus its great to see Sun throw a little suspicion on Jack. Seems like I'm saying this every week, but if the hook at the end about the discovery of 815 sticks, this could be the start of the final third of the story.
  • Review

    Lets break this episode down into three parts: The Flashback, Jin and Company, and Sun and Juliet. I thought the flashback portion of this episode was very dry, with not a whole lot of anything that I needed to know. It was fairly obvious from the beginning of the flashbacks that the "Mystery Woman" was going to turn out to be Jins mom, so I dont consider that to be anything big. The flashback in itself was rather boring, with Jin and Sun having there occassional fight when she starts asking too many questions, etc etc. The scene where she met his Dad was interesting, but other then that I thought it was one of the worst flashback stories to date. I thought Sun and Juliets trek out into the jungle was one of the better parts of the episode, with us learning that Jin is the ftaher of Suns baby and we can now stop thinking maybe Micheal and Sun had a breif thing. Juliets mission on the losties side of the camp is exposed, with Juliet trying to get samples of all the woman on the island for whatever reason that they may need them. I thought Suns character showed great emotion with her "Catch-22", granted that was last episode...but still. Desmond, Jin, Hurley, and Charlies story added some humor to the episode that needed something to form a spark and everything in those scenes was perfect. Patchys interaction with the characters was really good and I find it interesting he was after the phone all along. I thought the big reveal at the end that "They found Flight 815" adds to all of us who are "Men of Science". To me that means that they were brought to this island and then people on the outside covered it up, but perhaps we will learn more as the story continues to devolop. Overall, Desmond and companys part of the episode got a 3.33/3.33, Suns got a 3/3.33 and the flashback got a 2.1/3.33, giving me a total of 8.5. Solid episode, but the flashback is the thing that really killed it for me - on island drama was really well done.
  • Actual rating (as can't go much higher): 20!

    Ok, that was seriously messed up. This show still rocks. Had some down moments, ie. Expose, but this episode leading to the finale is going to bring Lost back to its roots. Scaring us out of our minds.

    JJ Abrams has said that they are not dead, so the ending is kinda odd. Did the creators change what happened to them? Or was she lied to? The front of the plane was found on the island & the tail section fell into the ocean so how they found anything is beyond me. They may have found the tail section which could have driffted out to sea & someone picked it up & they just assumed since this is all that's found that no one survived. This whole clone thing? I'm really hoping that's not what's going on. That would really suck.

    As far as the whole Juliet thing goes, she obviously hates what's she doing to these people. Is Kate pregnant? How does she know or does she just assume as she knows about her & Sawyer.

    So many questions. 7 days isn't long enough.

    I really liked Sun. Shame that about the middle of next season she'll probably bite the dust unless they find a cure.

    Oh so many questions. Not enough answers.
  • Sun and Juliet bond as the father of her baby is revealed, Mikhail returns from the dead, and Jin shows us he can do kung-fu!

    This episode was a good one. Well, the flashback was a little weak until the last two parts, but overall, it was a good episode. I really thought that this episode did an awesome job of giving the on-island stuff a good story and made it very exciting. The thing that I thought that made this a stronger episode, was the fact that it covered several stories that were on the island and tied them together well, while it kept them balanced with camera time. We got to watch Sun and Juliet as Sun finally puts trust in Juliet after learning from Kate that she is a fertility doctor. This sort of character development works really well as we see Juliet, eager to gain the respect of the losties, show Sun into the Medical Hatch, where we finally learn the fate of Sun. It is kind of heartbreaking when we learn that it is indeed Jin that is the father of Sun, and not Jae Lee, however, that isn't truly the heartbreaking part. It is the fact that once impregnated on the island, Sun has now been sentenced to her own death. Yet, this question of Jin being infertile is somewhat answered as we learn that the Island in fact has healing and medical powers as men's sperm counts are multiplied five times when on the island. And then, near the end of the episode, Juliet finally reveals that Kate is indeed pregnant from Sawyer as well. In fact, the reason she is doing what she is just may be to find out who is pregnant, just so Ben can have Juliet further her research.

    However, that is only half the story, as the story of the parachutist is continued as Desmond, Jin, Charlie, and Hurley try and save her life. This is brought up as we learn that there is a branch in her side. The odd thing about this is that just as they go to send for help, Mikhail arrives. This may also be a hint to the island's supernatural healing powers. Lucky for us, Jin goes kung-fu on Mikhail, as the Russian tries to make a run for it. Under his capture, they force him to save the parachutist in exchange for letting him go. And, again luckily, we find he was a Russian medic, so he undoes the puncture from the branch and saves the parachutist's life. However, Charlie and Jin still act suspicious, as we learn that this character is still unable to be trusted. This comes up when Mikhail tries to get away with the satellite phone that Hurley found with her. Yet again, this show still teases with us, as a huge thing is revealed. Flight 815 was found by rescuers and there were no survivors. So then, what the hell is really going on? I guess that answer will be getting answered next season, for I think that the Others are gonna be answered this season. Anyways, the flashback was alright. It was pretty much just a further look into the family of Jin and showed the starting of the broken relationship of Sun and Jin as they both went behind one another's backs to keep their secrets from being revealed. The sad thing was, the flashback was sort of bland, well, that is until we learned that Jin's mom was still alive and had a touching moment with Sun and Jin's father. Other than that, this flashback was rather uneventful. With all that said, it was the good balance of characters and on-island stories, paired together with some answers to some of the smaller questions that kept the episode awesome. Sure, the flashback's loss of relevance and entertainment did hurt it some, but in the end, it had its moments. Also, the episode still proved to me that there is still a lot to LOST that hasn't been answered yet, and that just gets me excited.
  • A face from the past re-appears... again. Also, two shocking happenings occur.

    Ok. I'm gonna do my review a little differently this time. Gasp. I think this will make it a better and more interesting read.

    Flashbacks- The flashbacks were bad. That's about as blunt as I can put it. The only thing I liked was finding out why Jin started working for Mr. Paik. Other than that, they weren't all that great. This flashback again supports my opinion that all the major character's flashback stories are wrapping up and their backgrounds are pretty much all "colored in".

    Sun & Juliet- This part was good. It was a little boring and slow at first, but once they got to the Medical Hatch, things really got interesting. I knew, you knew, most of just KNEW in the back of our minds that Claire, Kate, and Rousseau missed SOMETHING back in Maternity Leave. And sure enough, there's a secret door. The ending (to that story) was awesome.

    Desmond & Co.- The best part of the episode. The writing and acting was the best here, and this was the most interesting part. Patchy comes back. Then he leaves again. Sigh. The Parachutist says that people found the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 and all the people on-board were dead. So did the government stage the finding of the wreckage? It appears so.

    Mikhail: ... I've already died once this week.
  • Sun asks for help from Juliet while Desmond and company try and save the life of the person that came from the down helicopter.

    This episode was good. It was a little better than last weeks but not by much. Once again I didn't see much of the pivotal characters. It seems Lost is trying to make us informed and care about the "minor characters" on the island. But anyway, Juliet once again has another interesting dynamic to her because it seems she is working for Ben true, but she isn't enjoying it. Maybe she is just using the Others to just better her life on the island. The whole person falling out of the helicopter gave us some information that was crucial. To leave this spoiler free, it shows how much money and power the Others have, and that's all I got to say about that.
  • Sun's baby is indeed Jin's. The child was conceived on the island, however, so Sun may not live past her second trimester.

    Well, as many fans thought, 'D.O.C.' did stand for 'Date of Conception.' Juliet tells Sun (after leading her to the same station where Claire was taken to in a much earlier episode) that the baby was conceived 53 days ago - meaning that the father is Jin, which make Sun feel all 'sunny.'

    The flashbacks focus on Sun. Jin is obviously included, but Sun is the prominent figure. A few things we find out: Jin's mother was a prostitute, and, if I was interpreting things correctly, it is in fact Sun's 'fault' that Jin ended up turning into 'Bruce Lee meets the Terminator' during his time of employment under Sun's father. The other focal point of the episode was the parachuter, who is saved by 'Mikhail Gorbachev,' the very same Mikhail who is supposed to be dead. Mister eye patch somehow survived when Locke threw his body into the 'force field.' I'm sure that will come into play eventually. I LOVED the teaser sneak-peek we saw for next week's episode at the end of this episode. Looks as if Locke is going to try and persuade Sawyer to kill Ben. Don't see that happening....

    When all is said and done, this episode was just slightly above average, if that.
  • Fantastic episode. A couple shocking moments highlighted a well presented (and well-acted) story. Anytime they make the story exciting and have well-crafted dramatic moments, it ususally makes for great episodes--and this one certainly was.

    The two shocking moments really bring this episode to an exceptional level, but it is supported by a story that kept me tightly glued. First, seeing Mikhael was a surprise that came out of nowhere, and very welcome. I was disappointed when he [apparently] died, because he is so entertaining, so I'm excited to see him back. I think the simplest explanantion is that whatever injuries he suffered from the fence may have been severe, but due to the healing powers of the island (previously established), he was able to overcome them. And, of course, the parachutist's revelation that the wreckage of Flight 815 was found, and there were no survivors, was a real WOW moment. A possible explanation is that the Others, or some other entity, did not want anyone searching for the real Flight 815, so they arranged for false wreckage to be found, but then the question is who is involved who has such resoruces. Other, more mystical or amazing explanations, may be the case, but that's the fun, now wondering.

    I thought the actress who plays Sun did an amazig job when she found out the date of conception. Her initial tears, seeming from sadness at the realization that she and her baby were going to die, were either clarified as, or evoleved into, tears of happiness, due to her realization that Jin is indeed the father. Here, one of Sun's greatest misdeeds, and possibly the reason for her not being a "good person" and therefore not list-worthy, was her extramarital affair, which seemed to had resulted in a pregnancy. Yet, since Jin is actually the father, Sun is, in a way, granted some level of reprieve in having to suffer directly for that misdeed, since at least the child is Jin's. Will this lead to Sun's undoing? We've seen in the past, when someone was given the chance to "pay" for their wrongdoings, or at least seek forgiveness, and then have failed to do so, that they have suffered (Eko refusing to apologize for what he had done, which then resulted in his death). Since Jin is the father, Sun may not feel the need to account for the affair, or tell Jin, thereby not paying for what she had done, which may lead to an unfortunate end. But we'll see. Either way, Sun explored many facets of her character in this episode (in the present) going from happiness to anger to fear to relief to joy, all in ways that made perfect sense, given her context.

    I liked the flashback as well. Not one of the best, but a good one. What was particularly revealing was finding out that it was Sun who was responsible for creating the circumstances that led Jin to the path of working for her father and doing some unpleasant things. Here, Sun's motivation, to protect Jin from a very painful revelation about his mother, is good. But the steps she takes to ensure that, leads to Jin becoming a person that he did, who was not truly him, one who does bad things. So we see another bad side of Sun (further highlighted by the ease with which she threatens Jin's mother's life). It was also an interesting tidbit to learn that who Jin's father really is is a mystery, one I imagine will be revealed down the road.

    The story with Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, and Jin was really enjoyable to watch, as it was more about the story, action, and surprises, than about character--which was a nice balance to the rest of the episode. I've covered the surprises, but it was also fun to se Jin display his fighting skills. One additional thing that I thought stood out was Desmond's very strong and open hostility toward Charlie. This is not entirely new, as we've seen Desmond get more and more frustrated with saving Charlie's life, only to have to do it again; and certainly Desmond's belief that since he saved Charlie this last time that it cost him the culmination of his vision, Penny's arrival, frustrates him further. But the anger with Charlie, and their confrontations, seem to be escalating. Also interesting was Desmond actions and perspectives. When Charlie characterized the Others as being killers, Desmond noted that by his count, the 815 survivors had killed more Others than the other way around, as if he was making the observation that they may be no better than the Others. As well, Desmond felt particularly obligated to "keep his word", something that is a recognizable characteristic of Ben. But the idea of the surviviors and the Others having many similarities, and their difference being only a matter of perspective, is an ongoing theme that was advanced here.

    I was glued to the tv this episode, and it delivered big time. The final four eps, by thier descriptions, look amazing. Ever since the return of Lost in Februrary, the show has been amazing, as was tonight's episode.
  • So much to think about!

    WOW! That was amazing. I cryed when Sun found out that Jin was the father because it was a really happy moment and a really sad one at the same time. I don't want Sun to die. Her and Jin have been my favorite characters from the begining. :( Juliet save Sun! Speaking of Juliet. She still seriously bothers me but I think I like her more now just because of the "I hate you" she gave to Ben after she finished her recording. So she is in the camp to take samples from the women...wait does that mean that Kate is pregnant!? whoa just thought of that. Could Kate be? Is that why she wanted her sample (or whatever she said) or is she just getting it from everyone? I guess Ill have to talk about that in the Forum.

    Anyway, about Naomi (if that is her name). That was the best twist and reveal EVER on LOST. I am in love with this show (and yes I would marry it). Did the Others stage it? Or the government...[insert your theory here]. Did someone put them there or is it just the Others making sure that no one comes looking for them and happens upon their island. Hmm I thought that you can't find your way back or whatever. AHHH with every bit of information they give us only puts out hundreds of more questions. Oh and I'm proud of myself because this is the neatest and more coherent review I've ever written! WOOOO!

    ONE MORE THING!! How great was Mikhail?!?! I love that he isnt dead. Mikhail = new favorite Other.

    yeah I dont know how to spell his name either. :)
  • Excelent episode

    I really like this episode , we got to know more about the parachutist and some one returning from the dead ?
    we had different laguage from the parachutist that we learnd after that she said "Iam not alone".
    Sun and juliett finds out if it is jins baby or not, and learn a more about julietts intensions with being with the losties.
    Yunjin kim shows that she is a brillinat actor in this episode They also makes us unsure if jack really is working for the others or not.
    and as always it has a brilliant twist at the end ! !
  • 1 little, 2 little, 3 little, 4 little revelations.

    Okay, it was released that we would find out in this episode who the father of Sun's baby is. But for three other revelations of note to be revealed is amazing. *I am happy that it is Jin's baby, I so am. But now Sun, like Charlie, is marked for death. She has been given "the black spot." Or has she? And I'm not sure how I feel about that. I love the character.

    *One-eyed dead guy is not so dead. What the hell? I hope they don't leave that one hanging for too long.

    *Now we know why Jin worked for Sun's father, and just why Sun was truely able to be strong enough to rebel against him in the first place.

    *They found the plane? They found the plane???!!! Just where is this island and what is happening to these people anyway?

    Best moment in the episode:

    Juliet - I hate you.

    Reason the episode did not get a perfect 10:

    Hurley has really gotten his act together lately. Fixing the car, Ping pong for no nick names, and convincing Sawyer to be nice was groundbreaking for him. Now he's sudden;y such a dumbass that he fires off the flaregun and lets slip about the phone? When did he revert to the Hurley of two months ago, the pre-Libby Hurley? Not cool, very bad writing in an otherwise awesome episode.
  • So we finally start to get answers in what may be one of LOSTs finest episodes so far

    Well my word, this episode really did have absolutely everything you could want from an episode of LOST. *Suspense over who the father of Suns Baby is. Yay for it being Jins, but is anyone else still hoping for a shock twist to reveal it's Michaels?

    *A crazy kung fu fight with Jin and a dead guy

    *Said dead guy being alive (WTF?) do the others come with a fake suicide pill type thing where if they bite down on it, they die for a little while? After all we learned in "Left Behind" the fence wasn't actually on. I hope the writers have something good planned for him and he's actually quite an interesting fellow.

    *The ending i'm assuming is one of the game changers? That ending could have easily been a season finale ending and it was soooo good, here's hoping that the writers can come up with something earth shattering for the finale.

    *Loads more Juliet, oh how i love her but she doesn't feel that way about Ben it would seem. Her "i hate you" on the Dictaphone was one of the stand out moments in the episode, she really is the best thing to happen to lost....ever.

    The episode gets a perfect 10 from me, mini revelations, the acting was spot on, excellent writing and shocking twists
  • Bored me....

    Again, i don't think this episode deserves it's current rating of 9.5 or the 10's that are being given.

    This episode didn't particularly wow me, I forgot about it around 15 minutes after watching it, completely unmemorable, lost feels to me little as if it is running alittle dry, or at least season 3 is, season 1 and 2 were excellent, season 3 started off terrible, and so far, nothing feels tremendously memorable beyond the man from the man from tallahassee.

    Do i care that she may die?
    honestly, no, if it was season 1, certainly, but she has felt like a prop this season, to far in the background, the implication that she could die had me apathetic.

    This felt pretty average to me personally, you could argue that the story has progressed, but it seems more like running in circles.
  • Another character doomed to die, great.

    In the past couple of weeks, Lost has begun to win me back. But this week it stooped back down to the level it was at after Stranger in a Strange Land. Using the same storyline again (kind of) with the whole doomed to die thing is annoying me, and two months is about 60 days which is also about 40ish episodes means this is going to be one hell of a long storyline if Juliet was telling the truth, which I doubt. Kate being pregnant means that storyline will occur again as well. I'm very frustrated about the whole "All the 815ers are dead. If they want to shoot down purgatory theories, shoot them down!! Say something like "Satellites searched every area of the Earth, but couldn't find this island or something. Grrr...just waiting for the Greatest Hits.
  • Never fails to deliver, and for all those fans who were loyal to the show even through the dry patches the pay off was ten times sweeter, what an ending is all I can say.

    Well the last line is surely what everyone is talking about. But as for the mains parts, they were magnificent too. See the thing is that it had the 3 lost elements executed wonderfully. The past story was so touching, like it showed us the full view of Jin and Sun, and everytime we watch an episode that has got to do with Sun we find so much more about her character, it's not just revolved around the incident, it's around her too. Now for Desmond's crew, the return of that dude was just out there, you see him and you say didn't he fry his brains a few episodes ago???? And that intense fight scene with Jin, you really get into it ( I hope that doesn't put me in the violent light lol). And but of course the nail in the coffin with the ending, how were they no survivors, who are they then!!

    WOW! Again, another fantastic episode. Sun is doomed to die, but at least the baby is Jin's.

    Patchy is back, and we get a Chuck Norris-like fight between him and Jin. YOU GO JIN!

    Patchy is alive and can save a woman with a branche in her lung, didn't see that one coming.

    Desmond, Patchy survived a human microwave, you really think a flare gun would kill him? Although it might make a serious burn on the guy.

    So they found Oceanic Flight 815, huh? And there were NO survivors? If that doesn't classify as a Lost-classic scene, well, than you seem to have forgotten Lost.
  • There were no survivors.... they were all dead.

    Yes! Another great installment to season 3 of lost. It is now officially my fav. season. A great episode overall with an astounding ending, and shocking bits and pieces all throughout. Turns out our Russian friend did not die and he is back! Juliet is off with Sun having a good old time working for Ben and going after Kate now. While our friend from the sky luckily survives and is able to say the last incredible words at the episodes end. "They found flight 815. There were no survivors, they were all dead"
    Crazy episode cant wait for the finale its going to be great!
  • Ok. I have to say it....

    I am really surprised that some reviewers could give this episode a low rating. To all low raters on this episode: You know-this IS a story. Which means not every episode can be full of shock and awe. This is why a tv series has the opportunity to be much better than a movie because they have the time to really develope their storyline much much deeper than a 1 1/2 hour film. Thus if you take a step back, calm down, stop waiting for the big BANG, and consume the story as a whole, you will be amazed at how much more you would enjoy a good tv series like this. For example, how could anyone NOT care for Sun's story or in one reviewer's opinion, not care if she lives or dies? She has been a rock in this series. I find her and Jin's story very interesting. This story is giving us a look into the lives of an Asian couple, a very proud and devoted Korean man and his beautiful wife who's father is a crime boss of a sort. Both however deeply in love, but also both deeply rocked with shame and guilt. If you think about it, it's really deep. But how could we ever know that if the writers didn't take quality time to develope that story? We need to know the people on this island to really be able to relate to each of them in their various situations on and off the island. I mean, not EVERY character's story can be equally as intense and definitely not at the same time-that would be suicide for any show. It has to have balance. I say that because you must remember-however we may try to anticipate the direction the show is going, we still have to respect the story for what it is. It's someone else's story. We have no choice but to trust the writers to give us what we ultimately tune in for-and that's entertainment. The story gets deeper and deeper and I personally appreciate the intensity and intrigue level the show has maintained so far. The acting is always good, the characters are very interesting, and the writers, director, and producers are doing a great job at telling such a broad story in the allowed time per episode as they can-but it is natural for some episodes to be a little less intense and more story broadening than others. I know it is sometimes frustrating to not know and have to wait, but honestly that is exactly how I like my Drama/Action TV. When I watch 24, I expect more action but Lost has long ago established itself as a very multi-character driven action drama. You don't drink a Merlot like Kool-Aid. Take your time, enjoy the experience and take advantage of EVERYTHING this show has to offer. (i.e. the setting-the beautiful shots of this island that bring the world of Lost alive and make it believable- also the music that keeps you on the edge of your seat when someone is running through the jungle or make you feel the pain of someone's heart breaking). I mean they pay people good money for this stuff and there's a good reason why. It is an art. Enjoy it. Maybe those of you who are often disappointed with these episodes should wait and watch the season on dvd. Look at it this way, the equivalent to watching a season vs. a movie is as if you were only allowed to watch apprx. 4 min. of a movie once a week for 24 weeks. Take your FAVORITE movie and chop it up into 24 pieces at about 4 min. a piece and tell me if EVERY four minute piece has the same level of intensity, suspense, and information. Impossible, right? Yes, but each piece is important even if not so much to you but to the writers, directors, and producers who's story you are watching. Well, I can't express my point any clearer than this and sorry for the long review but I hope to have helped some of you to enjoy not only this show but anything you invest your time in watching. Not every show is good, but this show one of the great ones of todays time. This was a another great episode for a great season of Lost. Not comparing it to any other season, or any other show for that matter-But for what it is. This is GREAT tv.
  • Wow..."Lost" is amazing!

    great episode...another amazing chapter in this second part of season 3...anybody who claims Lost has declined just isn't watching or was never a true fan. With the exception of "Stranger in a Strange Land", these last few episodes have been as good as anything previously done. Excellent plots, answers for all, great acting, suspense, shocks, thrills, suprises...I feel sorry for those who are not watching anymore. For the 12 million or so that are still tuning in every week, lets enjoy the ride..its only going to get better.
  • who wants to get answers when the questions are so much more interesting?

    lost is getting weirder and more exciting by the episode! mikhail still alive and a stranger fallen from the sky, speaking a different language each time she opens her mouth, revealing shocking information about flight 815. if the producers hadn't excluded the possibility of this being purgatory, i'd be back at this theory.

    what happened between sun and juliet was really moving and i'm not too sure anymore about juliet not switching sides to be with the "losties" in the end. sun is in a very difficult situation between her love towards jin and her love towards her unborn child and her own will to survive and there was some wonderful and very credible acting of yunjin kim involved in showing this ambivalence of emotions.
  • Happy/sad day for Sun.

    I am so happy that the baby is Jin's. Now we have to deal with Sun maybe only lasting for a couple months. And it was interesting to see the puzzle pieces fit a little more together when it came to their past. Now that I know Juliet is still working for the Others, I do not trust her or have any pity for her. I know she is hating what she is doing, but she is still doing it. Is their anything she does, just because she is nice? I don't think so, everything she does is for the Others. Jack is acting a bit more weird. I really don't know what to think about that. It will be interesting to see this new girl and what she has to say, and how she is connected to Desmond. And of course, Hurley always is there to make me laugh.
  • It was pretty good but yet again another filler episode.

    I have loved all most all of season 3, this episode was not bad but it really was a filler episode. Nothing really that important happened other than the shocking ending that they have already found the reckage of Oceanic flight 815. I was also shocked to learn that Sun may die but after thing about it she won't die until about season 5 anyway because they have done only three months on the island since they crashed. The flashbacks were extremly boring but it was nice to see Mikhal again after everyone thought he was dead. We really didn't get to learn much about the new charactor but why did they let the Dharma guy go? I hope the next episode is really good i can't wait. So Juliet is still taking samples for Ben but seems to not agree with his methods. So overall i am really enjoying what i have seen so far. I know that the next few episodes will be fantastic. Starting to think that season 3 is the best.
  • Overall, this episode is another success for the resurgent third season. Several mysteries are clarified and connected in this installment, defying the popular stance that the series is adrift.

    It has become popular among critics and former fans to portray “Lost” as a series without a plan or purpose, tossing out mysteries with no intention of resolution. Most recently, a critic for Entertainment Weekly even went so far as to insult the remaining fans for “making excuses”, pointing to the ratings as proof that the emperor has no clothes.

    Of course, ever since “One of Us”, the season has been ripping through one of the best resolution phases in recent memory, answering long-term and short-term questions while giving the “Lost” world better definition. Just in this episode alone, several items are clarified and resolved, and the writers are operating on a first-season level. Interpreting these episodes as “too little, too late” sounds more like petulance than objectivity.

    Usually the Jin/Sun episodes are something of a break in the action, a chance to pause and reflect on some of the less prominent characters. This was likely by design. Looking back on the series as a whole, Jin and Sun have had several flashback episodes. This particular episode puts their entire history into context, and reveals a long-term strategy on the part of the writers. Sun’s pregnancy wasn’t an example of “reaching for straws”; it was crucial setup of an important step in the show’s progression.

    This is one of the inherent strengths of “Lost”. The writers take the time to build up information and context over time, so when the payoff comes, it makes sense and feels genuine. Sun’s pregnancy and the circumstances thereof would have had little impact without the initial knowledge of what the couple had overcome on the island. That took some time to develop. Now that minor plot thread intersects with the larger issue of the Others and the plans they have for the survivors.

    Not to mention, of course, the connections to the unusual properties of the island itself. Mikhail’s reappearance will, no doubt, be labeled a “jump the shark” moment by those who believe themselves clever by using the term. However, it pertains directly to the amount of damage that a human being can experience on the island, yet survive. Mikhail states it clearly: healing is enhanced on the island, and they’ve all experienced it.

    On the one hand, this is a clever way to get around situations where a character is wounded. Given the slow progression of time, characters would be out of commission for a season or more (think Locke after “Lockdown”). This gives the writers a chance to get the characters back in action sooner rather than later. The genius comes in making that convenience a direct plot point, something vital to the Others and the island itself.

    Juliet now reveals that the island makes men super-virile, and most likely, it makes women super-fertile. This enhances the possibility of reproduction, which would be useful for an island with a relatively low population. If there was an indigenous population dating back thousands of years, replenished by vessels lured to the island by unusual means, then the hyper-reproductive qualities would keep the culture viable.

    However, this also underscores the fact that something on the island has changed. Ben was able to get a life-threatening tumor, which shouldn’t have happened. Women have been dying, but only if the child is conceived on the island (something that eliminates Claire and Danielle from the list). The operative question is why the island would foster fertility, yet affect a fetus in a way that kills mother and child. And that points back to the relationship between the Others and the Dharma Initiative.

    It also explains, rather elegantly, Ben’s decision to bring Kate and Sawyer along with Jack at the end of the second season. On the one hand, they were manipulated into a relationship that would push Jack into compliance. But much of what they experienced themselves was about pushing them closer, driving them towards a relationship. Ben was monitoring them, right down to the moment of consummation. Now, in retrospect, the reasons make perfect sense: they wanted pregnant women for their fertility research, without the risk to their own people.

    If this is the case, then it’s in the Others’ best interests to stage another attack on the JackLocke tribe to take possession of the pregnant women (and probably Aaron). Other members of the tribe might be pregnant as well. Whatever the case, Ben must see this as the pragmatic solution to their problem, much as the abduction of the children serves a rational purpose.

    So many issues are clarified by Sun’s plot thread that it could have dominated the hour. Instead, the subplot involving the lovely Naomi, the parachutist from the previous episode, delivers something even more shocking. Apparently the world believes that Oceanic 815 crashed in the middle of the ocean with no survivors, based on physical evidence.

    This revives the theory that the crash was a planned event. Even if Ben honestly didn’t know about his medical condition, it doesn’t preclude the possibility that he was ready to bring in new blood. With the right kind of resources (say, the Hanso Foundation and the Widmores), a plane crash could have been faked. This one piece of information suggests that there was a reason why the plane was off-course by 1000 miles, something not explained by the “chance” mishap with the Swan Station.

    Within the density of the episode, it’s easy to miss the little things. Sun follows up on Sayid’s scene in “One of Us” by hitting Juliet with several important questions, and Juliet’s reaction is priceless. In fact, Juliet shines in this episode, because her motivations remain complex and conflicted. The dynamic between Desmond and Charlie is also noteworthy, because it reveals how far Charlie still has to go. After all, he’s no longer trusting the one person who has repeatedly risked his own life to save his.

    Yunjin Kim is always beautiful, but her range in this episode is astonishing. It’s easy to see why the producers wanted to give her a prominent role. Andrew Divoff adds his usual perfect shading to Mikhail. Even Hurley’s scenes have an intriguing context. The complexity and depth is the key to “Lost”, and this season, it has definitively returned.
  • This episode was the equivilant of being tortured for 42 years, stabed in the chest, and then.... having none of that happen, and live and peace and harmony for an eternity. Short story short... it was Awesometastic!!!!

    Wow... what a great episode.
    Most people don't really like Sunbacks/Jinbacks but I just thing that's because they don't want to read while watching Television.
    I personally like them... always great acting in them.
    And this one leaves them all behind.
    Despite the fact that this Flashback is all Sunback, and no Jinback (save for the Sun/Jin scenes) in was phenomenal.
    Turns out Sun is the reason Jin has to do all that crap he does for Sundaddy.
    It's all Sun's fault! Figures, I never really liked Sun... and now, it makes the most sense not to like her.
    I mean, I'm starting to like her now, it's just that I think Jin deserves better sometimes.

    On island, the stuff with multi-language girl was weird...
    And Patchy is BACK!!!!! WOAH! I had no idea that was coming.
    I'm glad I haven't read spoilers lately.

    Well, Jin is awesome, he can roundkick people, he's like my hero now.
    This episode was great with humour, although, not as much as Catch-22. The stuff with the flaregun was sweet!

    Plus, Jin is the baby daddy... I'm relived.
    Sorry Jae, you failed again.

    Plus, the reveal at the end about the plane being found explains a ton of things, while still... makes me extremely confused... did the other's fake a plane crash!?

    Who knows, but this episode was full of surprises... I only deduct a .1 because... well, it didn't have Claire in it much... and it could have been funnier.

    Good stuff overall though!
    I give it 107 out of 108 stars!
  • Sun finds out about the D.O.C of her pregnancy, Desmond and Co try and rescue the woman that jumped down from the sky with the help of a familiar face.

    I loved this episode well written again and the fight scene even though was short was fantastic. Jin was good. Finally we now know the father of Sun's baby is Jin which was a relieve for Sun in a way but also means she will most likely die, I hope not. Juliet left a message for Ben, I am beginning to think she's not all that bad just doing as she is told because Ben has something against her or something.

    The flashback was ok no too revealing as we know from previous flashbacks that Jin's father is a fisherman but we now know Jin met Sun's mother as well. Mikhail is still alive didn't see that one coming, and like the first encounter with the survivors there was a fight scene. It was cool stuff, Jin's kick was superb, for a second I thought Mikhail will get the better of him. Now to the most important part of this episode which I feel is the ending scene where the parachute girl says something about no survivors on flight 815, now thats interesting. There's got to be an explanation for this, yeah I think the most obvious explanation is that the crash was covered up to make it seem there were no survivors by Ben or Jacob or whoever is the leader of the others. What if otherwise, thats there were really no survivors on the flight. I will like it that way, the biggest mystery of all on lost that will be.
  • WTF.The Lost writers are really become lost to me.

    I think the Lost writers are writing themselves into a corner which will leave Lost fans disappointed at the conclusion of this series. The "no survivors" revelation is probably a red herring that the writers will conveniently forget about in the end. Claire managed to survive her child's birth although she was already pregnant by the time she was on the island.Sun-Hwa should have been suspicious that Juliet choose the middle of the night to bring her alone to a hidden Dharma medical station. She was even stupid enough to thank Juliet for showing her the sonar image of her fetus. Come on, do all the castaways take things at face value all the time. I become quite annoyed by how easily manipulated all the Flight 815 castaways have become. Why did Sun-Hwa need to reveal that she had an affair if Jin is the father of her child and the fetus was concieved on the island? More ammo for Juliet to use to manipulate Jin and Sun-Hwa. The resurrection of Mikhail and his clim about injuries also makes no sense since plenty of folks had died and been injuried on the island.The decision to let Mikhail go only goes to show how weak Jin, Charlie, and Hurley are in the presence of a dominating personality such as Desmond and Jack. Even Sawyer , John Locke and Sayid have become weak characters who are easily manipulated by the Others.
  • The Dark side of the Sun? Ive always loved Sun but in this episode she showed everything of her dark side. Juliet was amazing, Charlie was fantastic for once and Jin too. The storyline was much different then expected

    Most of knew Juliet was going to take Sun too the medical station to "help" with the baby but I did'int know the reason why in terms of Sun finding out if she was going to die or not. Im glad it's Jin's but the whole scene between Juliet and Sun leading up to this were great they looked worn out, cold made the scenes have an emotional tone. I agree Jack is still good but Sun was the only person not afriad to tell of her suspisions and call out Juliet. On the Juliet side she never revealed to much since shes still working with the others but Kate it pregnanent! This is shocking, I dislike the plot only becasue it puts Kate in the spotlight ahead of Sun. plus how many of us think Kate is going to have the baby full term? not me. The D.O.C for Kate was defently on the Island no way for 3 months she has prounced around while pregnanent. The flashback was good I figured the woman was jin's mother but I never knew she left. Sun different she was great she was offenseive, shes great with words and being pursuasive and a liar and looks good doing it. Must say though she is madly in love with Jin but everything Jin has done to protect her was Sun always trying to protect him. Speaking of Jin he had some great judo moves he did on Mikhail, who helps them with the fallen woman hired by Penny. This woman reveales flight 815 was found and there was no survivors! This brings up shocking news but even more it reveals this Woman was looking for Desmond rather then the survivors. Mikhail I think has been in contact with the Others and wanted the phone to help contact with the outside world.

    Until next week
  • This was an excellent episode and gave us lots to think about.

    The more we see Sun’s back story, the more we realize she isn’t a shy little Oriental flower. She’s more a cast iron plant. She’s very tough. She knew exactly what she was getting Jin into when she took the money from her father. I guess she felt that the alternative of not giving into the blackmailer would have been worse for Jin. She threatened the blackmailer, who was Jin’s mother and a former prostitute btw, with being rubbed out if she was heard from again. The part of Sun’s story I don’t like, now that I know that she knew exactly what was going on, is that she was going to leave Jin because of the way his “job” was affecting him. She had an affair with another man when she knew exactly what Jin was going through. I am glad, though, that the baby is Jin’s baby. I’m hoping that Juliet will come up with a cure in time to save Sun and the baby.

    Are other women, such as Kate, pregnant? Or are they keeping tabs on them to see if they become pregnant. With the men having 5x more sperm than usual and no condoms or birth control pills available, I guess we’ll be having a bumper crop of pregnant women!

    I loved it when Juliet gave her postscript to Ben after leaving her message for Ben and turning the recorder off. I was hoping she wasn’t doing what she’s doing willingly. I wonder if Ben is holding the fate of her sister and nephew over her to get her to betray the Losties this way. It has to be something big, or I don’t think she’d comply.

    Mikhail is alive. If the island’s miraculous healing powers saved him, why not Ben? Why did Ben even get sick in the first place? Why is it taking him so long to heal? It also makes the problem of the women getting pregnant and dying more mind boggling.

    Naomi says Flight 815 was found and all on board are dead. Of course, the problem with that statement is we know they are not all dead. The Others are so rich and powerful and ruthless that they will and can do anything that’s in their best interest. It was probably not a problem for them at all to set up a fake crash. They don’t want the world out there looking for the occupants of that flight, and stumbling upon the island!

    This was an excellent episode and gave us lots to think about.
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