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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • WTF.The Lost writers are really become lost to me.

    I think the Lost writers are writing themselves into a corner which will leave Lost fans disappointed at the conclusion of this series. The "no survivors" revelation is probably a red herring that the writers will conveniently forget about in the end. Claire managed to survive her child's birth although she was already pregnant by the time she was on the island.Sun-Hwa should have been suspicious that Juliet choose the middle of the night to bring her alone to a hidden Dharma medical station. She was even stupid enough to thank Juliet for showing her the sonar image of her fetus. Come on, do all the castaways take things at face value all the time. I become quite annoyed by how easily manipulated all the Flight 815 castaways have become. Why did Sun-Hwa need to reveal that she had an affair if Jin is the father of her child and the fetus was concieved on the island? More ammo for Juliet to use to manipulate Jin and Sun-Hwa. The resurrection of Mikhail and his clim about injuries also makes no sense since plenty of folks had died and been injuried on the island.The decision to let Mikhail go only goes to show how weak Jin, Charlie, and Hurley are in the presence of a dominating personality such as Desmond and Jack. Even Sawyer , John Locke and Sayid have become weak characters who are easily manipulated by the Others.
  • The ending was great, and I'm happy how Sun took the news.

    "D.O.C." stand for "date of conception." "Date of conception" is when the mother conceived her baby. In this episode, the title focuses on Sun. Previously, Sun took a pregnancy test and she found out that she was pregnant. She wasn't sure if the baby was Jin's though, so that tore her up the most. Juliet also just recently told Jack and Kate that women who get pregnant on the island die and lose their baby. Leaving Jack and Kate worried for Sun's future. This is also a Sun/Jin-centric episode.

    The flashback of the episode mostly focused on Sun finding out about Jin's family the hard way. It also showed Sun protecting Jin when he needed it most. The flashback was OK for me. It didn't really reveal anything too interesting, but it was fine.

    On the island, Jack and Kate confront Sun about her pregnancy. Sun then seeks Juliet's guidance to find out when she conceived the baby. Juliet is also more than willing to help. There are some trust issues though. My favorite plot for the episode. It wasn't even that good.

    Meanwhile, Jin, Hurley, Charlie and Desmond run into a very familiar face on the island. The man helps them with the woman that landed from the helicopter. This plot was OK. I didn't really enjoy it so much.

    The ending of the episode was really great. It was definitely the highlight of this episode.
  • Bored me....

    Again, i don't think this episode deserves it's current rating of 9.5 or the 10's that are being given.

    This episode didn't particularly wow me, I forgot about it around 15 minutes after watching it, completely unmemorable, lost feels to me little as if it is running alittle dry, or at least season 3 is, season 1 and 2 were excellent, season 3 started off terrible, and so far, nothing feels tremendously memorable beyond the man from the man from tallahassee.

    Do i care that she may die?
    honestly, no, if it was season 1, certainly, but she has felt like a prop this season, to far in the background, the implication that she could die had me apathetic.

    This felt pretty average to me personally, you could argue that the story has progressed, but it seems more like running in circles.
  • Another character doomed to die, great.

    In the past couple of weeks, Lost has begun to win me back. But this week it stooped back down to the level it was at after Stranger in a Strange Land. Using the same storyline again (kind of) with the whole doomed to die thing is annoying me, and two months is about 60 days which is also about 40ish episodes means this is going to be one hell of a long storyline if Juliet was telling the truth, which I doubt. Kate being pregnant means that storyline will occur again as well. I'm very frustrated about the whole "All the 815ers are dead. If they want to shoot down purgatory theories, shoot them down!! Say something like "Satellites searched every area of the Earth, but couldn't find this island or something. Grrr...just waiting for the Greatest Hits.

    Juliet speaks to a tape recorder: Ben. Its 6 A.M. on Saturday morning. Kwon is pregnant; it was conceived on island by her husband. He was sterile before he got here. I'm still working on getting samples from the other women; I should have Austen's soon.
    So KATE AUSTEN is pregnant exactly like Sun, and who’s the father??, it might be Sawyer!!!
    Kate is next to go and check her D.O.C (date of conception) and she would be part of the others experiment.
    So, I wonder if Juliet would be able to continue with Sun’s and Kate’s experiment….
    Can’t wait for “The Bring”!!!
  • Sun's baby is indeed Jin's. The child was conceived on the island, however, so Sun may not live past her second trimester.

    Well, as many fans thought, 'D.O.C.' did stand for 'Date of Conception.' Juliet tells Sun (after leading her to the same station where Claire was taken to in a much earlier episode) that the baby was conceived 53 days ago - meaning that the father is Jin, which make Sun feel all 'sunny.'

    The flashbacks focus on Sun. Jin is obviously included, but Sun is the prominent figure. A few things we find out: Jin's mother was a prostitute, and, if I was interpreting things correctly, it is in fact Sun's 'fault' that Jin ended up turning into 'Bruce Lee meets the Terminator' during his time of employment under Sun's father. The other focal point of the episode was the parachuter, who is saved by 'Mikhail Gorbachev,' the very same Mikhail who is supposed to be dead. Mister eye patch somehow survived when Locke threw his body into the 'force field.' I'm sure that will come into play eventually. I LOVED the teaser sneak-peek we saw for next week's episode at the end of this episode. Looks as if Locke is going to try and persuade Sawyer to kill Ben. Don't see that happening....

    When all is said and done, this episode was just slightly above average, if that.
  • We learned a lot of the same stuff we knew about pregnant mothers on the island and about Sun's relationship.

    I feel like the last two weeks action could have been condensed in to 1 show and I would have been very content. I felt that for the last 2 weeks I was sitting around waiting for something to happen. I guess, I liked the Russian reappearing, but this is not going to sell the show. Yet, did anybody not know that Jin was the father? Or were not thinking that it meant Sun still is going to be here to the end of the show's run. In addition, Locke's father has been tied up for a month and they spend two weeks developing a girl from the sky who has still told us nothing. Okay, we now hear that they don't exist. We have so much going on we don't need more characters and more fake-intellectual
    -sci-fi-twilight-zone elements. Please, no "life is a dream," "the world is invented in the split mind," "we see the future but change it," or "we are not really alive" junk. We have great characters, conflicting interests and a misguided experiment in utopia. WHY must we get into this "Doctor Who" crap?(and I watched that show as a kid, but there is too much stuff going on to need gimmicks). Make me happy and bring back Locke and Sayid. I repeat, Locke's father is tied up in a closet! Learn from the Sopranos, a little wait brings tension, but a long wait brings disinterest.
  • It was pretty good but yet again another filler episode.

    I have loved all most all of season 3, this episode was not bad but it really was a filler episode. Nothing really that important happened other than the shocking ending that they have already found the reckage of Oceanic flight 815. I was also shocked to learn that Sun may die but after thing about it she won't die until about season 5 anyway because they have done only three months on the island since they crashed. The flashbacks were extremly boring but it was nice to see Mikhal again after everyone thought he was dead. We really didn't get to learn much about the new charactor but why did they let the Dharma guy go? I hope the next episode is really good i can't wait. So Juliet is still taking samples for Ben but seems to not agree with his methods. So overall i am really enjoying what i have seen so far. I know that the next few episodes will be fantastic. Starting to think that season 3 is the best.
  • I couldn't edit the Trivia, but if someone could please add this bit of info...

    I'm from Brazil, and would like to add some information about the scene where the parachute girl says something in Portuguese.
    As stated by the person who added the Trivia thing, she says "Eu não estou só", which means 'I'm not alone'. But, even though the person said she has a Brazilian accent, I have my doubts. In my honest opinion the weird accent she has sounds exactly like the accent of those two guys in the end of season two who also spoke Portuguese. While the way they speak sounds a lot like Cariocas (people from Rio de Janeiro), both scenes were shot with actors that are either not native speakers of Portuguese or from other Portuguese speaking countries (Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, European Union, Guinea Bissau, Chinese S.A.R. of Macau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe) that would have a similar accent. If you (are from Brazil and) listen very carefully, you will notice that they sound a lot like foreigners learning Portuguese.
  • Having become a cynic, i was quite impressed by this episode. But to be honest- the flashbacks do very little in the way of the aiding the narrative anymore.

    A Sun and Jin flashback. Wonderful! Perhaps they are some of the most ineffectual characters on the islands, but nevertheless this episode works fairly well due to the flashbacks and the central issue of pregnancy, which is part of the reason Juilet is on the island.... Obviously the cliffhanger of this episode will leave us "hanging" for somewhat long.... I am pretty sure, whatever happens in the end of Lost, not at all the ends will be tied up and we will be dissatisfied. Oh, where are the days of Season 1 and Season 2... where interesting things happened...
  • A not so shocking flashback...

    I really don't care for the Sun flashback episodes, they aren't as juicy in character development as the others have been. So, I was a little upset with this episode...Who didn't see it coming when the woman who was black mailing Sun was Jin's mother?...As soon as the word prostitute came up on screen, I knew right then and there. Also, the Date of Conception angle was nicely done, we found out that Jin was the father of her baby, and not the guy who took a swandive off the building. With Sun finding out she's pregnant with Jin's baby that was concevied on the island, that means Sun is going to die, in say 6-8 weeks (I think that's what they said), if that's the case she's still going to be on the show for awhile since they've been on the island 89 days, and it's the shows third season. The most schocking part of the episode came at the end (as always), when Nessa from Las Vegas said that they found the plane, and there weren't any survivors...Now, this brings up a few more questions, like...Is it a government cover-up?...Is she lying?...I think she's lying, since she said she wasn't alone, and few episodes back in the Juliette flashback, the television said the plane had mysteriously disappeared...Who knows what's going on...I'm just enjoying the ride.
  • The Dark side of the Sun? Ive always loved Sun but in this episode she showed everything of her dark side. Juliet was amazing, Charlie was fantastic for once and Jin too. The storyline was much different then expected

    Most of knew Juliet was going to take Sun too the medical station to "help" with the baby but I did'int know the reason why in terms of Sun finding out if she was going to die or not. Im glad it's Jin's but the whole scene between Juliet and Sun leading up to this were great they looked worn out, cold made the scenes have an emotional tone. I agree Jack is still good but Sun was the only person not afriad to tell of her suspisions and call out Juliet. On the Juliet side she never revealed to much since shes still working with the others but Kate it pregnanent! This is shocking, I dislike the plot only becasue it puts Kate in the spotlight ahead of Sun. plus how many of us think Kate is going to have the baby full term? not me. The D.O.C for Kate was defently on the Island no way for 3 months she has prounced around while pregnanent. The flashback was good I figured the woman was jin's mother but I never knew she left. Sun different she was great she was offenseive, shes great with words and being pursuasive and a liar and looks good doing it. Must say though she is madly in love with Jin but everything Jin has done to protect her was Sun always trying to protect him. Speaking of Jin he had some great judo moves he did on Mikhail, who helps them with the fallen woman hired by Penny. This woman reveales flight 815 was found and there was no survivors! This brings up shocking news but even more it reveals this Woman was looking for Desmond rather then the survivors. Mikhail I think has been in contact with the Others and wanted the phone to help contact with the outside world.

    Until next week
  • An over all good episode.

    I have to say that I rather enjoyed this episode. It did not have a whole lot of suspense, it was more emotions, which was a nice little change this week. The scenes with Sun and Juliet going to the Staff were very well done. I loved the little "fairy tale" that Juliet told Sun, and then at the end when Sun told Juliet that she gave her good news, even thought she is going to die, I guess it was kind of a Cath-22 for Sun (no pun intended). I'm not really sure if I believe that Sun is going to die thow, with how the ratings are going, I don't think the producers would be brave enought to kill her. I also loved when jules said "I hate you" to the recorder, to bad she had all ready turned it off.
  • Ooo... Don't mess with Sun's family!

    I just loved Yunjin Kim's performance in this episode. I always wanted to see Sun use her "mob princess" role at least for a little while. Well she didn't really gloat that much about how powerful her family was, but I was waiting for her to say something like that to someone who threatens her or Jin. It's just sad though that she now believes she might die in a couple of months but at least she was happy to know it was Jin's baby, but how is she going to tell him she slept with someone else. Also the jungle scenes with Desmond and the others were cool. We get to see more of Jin's fighting moves! Although I wished that Desmond would have let Charlie punch Patchy at least once! That got me a little annoyed with Desmond. And lastly, Hurley firing the flare gun then saying "Oops" got me cracking up for a while.
  • Never fails to deliver, and for all those fans who were loyal to the show even through the dry patches the pay off was ten times sweeter, what an ending is all I can say.

    Well the last line is surely what everyone is talking about. But as for the mains parts, they were magnificent too. See the thing is that it had the 3 lost elements executed wonderfully. The past story was so touching, like it showed us the full view of Jin and Sun, and everytime we watch an episode that has got to do with Sun we find so much more about her character, it's not just revolved around the incident, it's around her too. Now for Desmond's crew, the return of that dude was just out there, you see him and you say didn't he fry his brains a few episodes ago???? And that intense fight scene with Jin, you really get into it ( I hope that doesn't put me in the violent light lol). And but of course the nail in the coffin with the ending, how were they no survivors, who are they then!!
  • It's Jin's baby!!!

    I loved this episode, it really set up to the finale of season 3, that I am guessing. The flashback sequence in this episode I enjoyed, I just love Sun/Jin episodes so much. This time Sun must spare Jin shame because his mom is blackmailing him. I think Sun is really a underrated character, she is awesome. I loved the part when Jin's mom said "Just because I gave birth to him, doesn't mean he's my child" and then Sun goes "My family is very powerful(or something like that)." Then Sun says "My husband thinks you are dead, don't make me make that a reality" or something like that. So I just love Sun.

    Sun and Juliet's whole relationship was well played and well written. I thought the acting was really good, I feel sorry for both of them, but stricken by surprise at Sun's happiness when she knows she is going to die, but it's Jins baby. She just looked so glad and smiling, it truly proves how much she loves Jin. Also at the end I also felt sorry for Juliet having to do all that, and then the ever so faithul "I hate you".

    I wonder what the lady really said to the Other guy in italian, I bet she didn't say thank you. The Hurely conversation with her at the end was... suspenseful. Can't wait.
  • :S confused

    Ok first of all i have to say this what the hell is going on with this show, i went from sorta understanding it to not having a clue in a short 40 minutes I have been wraping my brain about it but I cant find an explanation.

    First of all sun finds out what happens to pregent woman then her and juilet go on a trek to the Staff staion (the one kate and claire went to in meternity leave) then they go to a secret room where there is a mmachine the tells her the DOC date of conception then they find out that it was jins baby and not the other guys. She then gets Sun to go wait outside while she hides everything again when she gets a tape recorder out and says "ben its 6am on saterday, Kwon is pregnet, the fetus is healthy was conseved on island with her husbund he was sterol before they got here, i will have samples from the other woman, i should have Austons soon, i will report back when i have more, I hate you" soo Kate is pregnet :0

    Then Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley try to save the girls life who fell from the sky, then Mikal comes out of know where they capture him and make him fix the girl then they let hime go

    in the end Hurley and the girl are talking and she says that they found the plaine 815 and all the survivors were dead another :0.

    so im confused, any ideas message me please im dying to know.
  • The owls are not what they seem...at this point, it is unsure what Juliet is really up to? After the stunt Michael pulled last season, the survivors should be weary of the Others.

    Juliet is really, really good at being bad. Yet, what is she up to? On the first few weeks on the island, Sun did not seem very intimate with Jin, she seems very interested in Michael. I thought maybe Michael was the father, which we will see once the baby appears (NIP/TUCK season 1). Kill Charlie already, he is annoying. Naomi is either a spy for the Others or Penny's father.
  • hmmm ..

    That girl, Naomi, where is she from? Cause she's spooked one thousand languages! To bad, she was saying something and Nikolai said something else! They shouldn't let him escape, at less not alive :D, now he will go and tel Ben about the helicopter! And about the satelite phone!

    And wow, what is Juliet trying to do?! I mean, since when she want's to help Sun?! To bad cause Sun didn't watch her when she was register on the reportofon for Ben! If Juliet wanned to kill Ben, I don;t understand why is she helping him in all that he does?! I hope they'll figure out quickly who's Juliet with trully!
  • great episode

    Desmond, Charlie, Hurley and Jinn find a body of a female in the forest. One of the others who is supposedly dead reappears alive and well. This episode is a Sun flashback episode, we get to learn more of what happened in Korea. We get to see more of what was happening with Sun and Jinn. Juliet helps out Sun in the present, Juliet helps her figure out when the baby was conceived. Stuff happens with Desmond and the other guys in the forest. The mysteries aren't completely solved in this one, but the story plays out really well, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • A truly cool episode!

    Jin is amazing when he whoops Mickail's backside. Flying kicks and everything. Jin suddenly got cooler than he ever was before... and that was pretty cool.
    Lost keeps getting better.
    Juilet is creepy, I can't work out whether she is nice and creepy or a baddie and creepy. Jack is getting more sinister by the day.... what did the others do to him. & the parachuter speaks in several tongues... what is that all about. Can't wait to see how it untangles.
  • Actual rating (as can't go much higher): 20!

    Ok, that was seriously messed up. This show still rocks. Had some down moments, ie. Expose, but this episode leading to the finale is going to bring Lost back to its roots. Scaring us out of our minds.

    JJ Abrams has said that they are not dead, so the ending is kinda odd. Did the creators change what happened to them? Or was she lied to? The front of the plane was found on the island & the tail section fell into the ocean so how they found anything is beyond me. They may have found the tail section which could have driffted out to sea & someone picked it up & they just assumed since this is all that's found that no one survived. This whole clone thing? I'm really hoping that's not what's going on. That would really suck.

    As far as the whole Juliet thing goes, she obviously hates what's she doing to these people. Is Kate pregnant? How does she know or does she just assume as she knows about her & Sawyer.

    So many questions. 7 days isn't long enough.

    I really liked Sun. Shame that about the middle of next season she'll probably bite the dust unless they find a cure.

    Oh so many questions. Not enough answers.
  • Sun learns where she got pregant and by whom. Desmond and the gang receive help for their new visitor from a very unlikely source.

    As a whole not my favourite episode but a pretty good one nontheless. This episode had some pretty good if albeit predictable revelations. Sun demands to know from Juliet what happens to pregnant women on this island and to learn more about her research. Juliet finds Sun in the middle of the night and takes her to the same medical station we saw last season with Kate and Claire. Juliet performs an ultrasoud on Sun revealing that she did in fact conceive the child on the island with Jin. Juliet tells Sun she wants to do this because she had to suffer through losing patients and wants to deliver good news once again although we learn later the real reason why she helped Sun.Sun tells her she did give her good news that despite her possibly pending death in 2 months that Jin is the father of the child. Later Juliet goes back inside the station and leaves a recording for Ben claiming she only needs Kate's sample now and that she hates him. This was a nice scene since it shows how Juliet is torn about what she seemingly has to do. Meanwhile Desmond, Jin, Charlie, and Hurley are shocked to see Mikhail appear out of nowhere as they are trying to figure out how to rescue the visitor. Desmond agrees to let Mikhail go if he saves her life. Of course this all leads to the confusion of how is Mikhail alive when his eardrum exploded and he was foaming at the mouth. My only conclusion is that perhaps he was only temporarily paralyzed or something. My only other confusion here was how did any of them know about Mikhail in the first place perhaps I forgot the part they were told or were lead to just assume off sceen sometime through word of mouth on the beach they were told. Anwyway Mikhail saves the woman's life and flees back into the jungle. While tending her to Hurley asks the woman if she is their to rescue them. Hurley says they are the survivors of flight 815 but the woman drops a bombshell and claims the reckage from that flight was found and there were no survivors. All in all a pretty good with one hell of an ending.
  • Makes you wonder and ponder alot about the island...

    This episode makes me wonder heaps.. how this that 1 eyes guy come back to life? and back in season 1 while i was at work i was told by a friend that everyone on the island was dead and that they were lost souls.. and now in this episode we have sumone whos just got onto the island and tells them the plane was discovered and everyone was dead.. which backs up what i heard from a friend like 1 year ago.. cant wait till next week i hope im not right..
  • The cover up of flight 815.

    So the 815 wreckage was found and all aboard are dead. It's my guess that this is a front for the outside world set up by the Others. At this point it's apparent that they are a highly secure top secret operation. The flashback scenes from "one of Us" showing their Miami location gives me the feeling that they have tremendous resources. I expect to find out that they staged a crash to put a stop to any chance of an investigation. Basically our heroes have been unknowingly trapped since they arrived on the island. They are the Other's lab rats.

    This episode thickened a few other plots. Sun concieved on the island, she's now doomed. Her only chance of survival is to become Juliette's newest subject. A willing lab rat. Given the affects the island has on sperm count, this may have turned out to be a scenario that the Others have been hoping for, which also may explain why they've basically left them alone to operate their very own society on the beach instead of rounding them all up in a cage. Maybe they were letting nature take it's course.

    I like how they've now made us suspect that Kate may have possibly been impregnated. We did learn Sawyer has a daughter this season, so we know he hasn't necessarily mastered old fashion birth control methods such as pulling out.

    Juliette's expression of hate for Ben confirmed for me that she's generally good natured and is operating against her own will. I'm sure Ben dangled some false promise in front of her in order to get her to cooperate.

    Mikail somehow survived. I'm dying myself to find out the story on this. It may end up being one of those unanswered questions for a while, but that's cool, it gives me more time to theorize on it. I'm not one of those fans who will damn the writers for making me wait.

    Oh yeah, Jin's kung fu was excellent. Been a while since we've seen that kind of action on the show.
  • It was fairly a good episode, until the end. Agaian questions arise, and I hope the answers are not those predicted ages ago.

    Lost makes you feel Lost every time you watch it. So many things happen and so many things are revealed that sometimes you cannot grasp what is really happening. This was one of those episodes where the writers try there best to create questions as soon as answers are given.

    Mikahil is not dead, and I am more than happy about it. His short appearances already have shown that his character is exceptional, like all the other Losties. However, he was presumed dead by the electromagnetic field. How is he still breathing, when it was clear that he died? Maybe the electromagnetic field does not in fact kill anyone. What is more confusing is what was he doing in the jungle. His objective may have been to establish any connection with the outside world, maybe by noticing that someone new was on the island.

    The flashbacks were again a bit lame to say the least. Nothing was really revealed about Sun and Jin that had not been revealed before. The only new revelation was that Jin’s mother was a prostitute, but I can see nothing interesting in that. Juliette’s interest in Sun again seems very innocent, honest, and true. Well, I always had the feeling that there is more to Juliette, and she is not just a manipulative person only concerned about her personal gain. This was accentuated by the poignant words “I hate you” obviously addressed to Ben. Clearly, she is made to do things, what I cannot understand is what Ben has that she wants. We now have two characters that we expect to die. Sun is the new convicted, and if it were true, that would be a shame. However, something more seems to be happening, as Juliette seems to have found her new lab guinea pig, on which to perform experiments.

    The last scene again left a great deal of suspense, but a great deal of contempt on my part. What does the new woman mean all passengers were dead? I hope that this is not some kind of purgatory: first because that would be a rather lame idea, and second because the writers have already denounced such notion. However, I do not really believe in this theory, as if it was true, how is it people still die on the island? If someone is dead, how could he die again? Questions, questions, questions........I hope we get some answers.
  • Setting it up for a grand finale

    There really wasn't anything worthwhile in this episode.As was expected after juliet comes to meet the survivors she hooks up with Sun,which seemed to be the plan from the beginning.As with many episodes this season,the writers seem to have a knack to make us watch the next episode just hoping for more answers.The same happens here as well as the crashed pilot mentions something interesting right at the end.

    It should be an interesting episode this week probably written with an intention to set up a grand finale.But the way things are going nothing but a miracle can help resurrect this sagging series. We really need more answers
  • Review

    Lets break this episode down into three parts: The Flashback, Jin and Company, and Sun and Juliet. I thought the flashback portion of this episode was very dry, with not a whole lot of anything that I needed to know. It was fairly obvious from the beginning of the flashbacks that the "Mystery Woman" was going to turn out to be Jins mom, so I dont consider that to be anything big. The flashback in itself was rather boring, with Jin and Sun having there occassional fight when she starts asking too many questions, etc etc. The scene where she met his Dad was interesting, but other then that I thought it was one of the worst flashback stories to date. I thought Sun and Juliets trek out into the jungle was one of the better parts of the episode, with us learning that Jin is the ftaher of Suns baby and we can now stop thinking maybe Micheal and Sun had a breif thing. Juliets mission on the losties side of the camp is exposed, with Juliet trying to get samples of all the woman on the island for whatever reason that they may need them. I thought Suns character showed great emotion with her "Catch-22", granted that was last episode...but still. Desmond, Jin, Hurley, and Charlies story added some humor to the episode that needed something to form a spark and everything in those scenes was perfect. Patchys interaction with the characters was really good and I find it interesting he was after the phone all along. I thought the big reveal at the end that "They found Flight 815" adds to all of us who are "Men of Science". To me that means that they were brought to this island and then people on the outside covered it up, but perhaps we will learn more as the story continues to devolop. Overall, Desmond and companys part of the episode got a 3.33/3.33, Suns got a 3/3.33 and the flashback got a 2.1/3.33, giving me a total of 8.5. Solid episode, but the flashback is the thing that really killed it for me - on island drama was really well done.
  • Sun learns that pregnant women on the island die before they give birth. She confronts Juliet and eventually Juliet gives her an ultrasound and we learn the paternity and the date of conception of the baby. We also learn about Jin's past.

    A pretty good episode. I was pretty shocked to see Mikhail alive. I suspect that passing through the invisible fence probably just knocks you out but does not actually kill you, explaining why he is still alive. Also the writers of Lost have said 1000 times they are not in purgatory so I suspect that the others probably faked the finding of the plane. It was nice to see some more development of Sun and Jin while at the same time advancing the plot some. I wonder if Kate might be pregnant now as well with Sawyer's baby... I'm looking forward to next week.
  • Yeah perhaps not as good as previous episodes but the story was put together nicely

    Last weeks 'Catch-22' left me in huge suspense because of the fantastic ending.
    I was a little annoyed because we didn't hear much more about the new lady so we have to wait another week for the answers. The Sun, Jin flashback was decent, I liked the fact that Jin's parents are both alive which he didn't now about.
    But we find out that Sun is going die because of her pregnancy but the baby is Jin's! Poor Sun she has about 3 months left to live and she'll probably get sick in the last week also. THE best part was Mikhali's return! We all thought he was dead but we are proven wrong, (that was 'Par Avion') but he seemed keen on his death so it's not surprising.
    He was forced to help save the women by first-Aid. The rest of the episode was just OK. I'm impressed with the story but I've seen better. The next one looks excellent 'The Brig' It's called. It only get's better right?
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