Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • We finally learn the father of suns baby and get another episode heading in the "answering questions" direction. Fans have no reason to complain anymore as the writers are doing a terrific job at this point.

    I loved this episode and it actually managed to get my eyes off the computer screen and onto the television screen for every minute of airtime. This is a great feat let me tell you because im really attached to my computer and it had just returned back to me after three days of being repaired. The pace of this episode was great as a long deserved and needed sun-jin centric episode unfolded. So Sun's baby's father is infact Jin due to a pentupled sperm count on entry into the island. I'm a little confused when this happened though considering that Jin and Sun weren't speaking for the longest period of time and only recently I can understand them ever copulating. The Sun and Juliet reaction was definitely very captivating and furthermore it revealed a lot more of the character sketch we can expect of Juliet. It seems her way of communication with the others are hidden phones in almost all the different hatches present on the island and considering how well it is spread out, that gives her a lot of chances to get information through. I like the Kate revealation that Juliet was supposed to check up on Kate's baby. So, is this baby supposed to be Sawyer's or her ex-husband? The Hurley and new girl interactions were revealing. Finally, it is revealed that there was infact a cover-up of the crashing of Flight 815 which explains the lack of rescue teams. Patchy's return (I keep forgetting his name) was interesting and I would love to see what role he plays in the season finale to come. All in all a solid episode that actually managed to provide a fair lot of answers with reducing the questions to a bare minimum. Season 3 seems to continue the trend of strong episodes as we enter into what should be the best of the three season finales.