Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • EXACTLY why I watch this series! Yet another amazing episode with an amazing ending! Last week, I predicted that this episode would be the least awesome of the last seven episodes of the season; I was completely wrong.

    What a great episode! A lot of people are saying in their reviews that they didn't really like the flashbacks, but I think that's what really made the episode great in my opinion. For this review, because of my broken wrist, because there aren't any easter eggs this week and because I just typed out a 2100 word recap for the episode, I'm not going to write as much. Well, I probably will, but let's just say I wont.

    Anyway, I've always thought that Yunjin was the weakest actor on the show, but I think that she really showed that she has a lot of talent this week. Especially in the scene with Juliet when she find out that, although she is going to die, the baby is Jin's. The entire scene was acted perfectly by both women.


    Wow. Usually in an episode, one story is better than the other; this week, however, both stories were perfect in every way.

    Storyline A tells of Sun and the aftermath of her finding out from Juliet that all pregnant women have died on the island. In the episode, Juliet convinces Sun to follow her to the medical Dharma station, the Staff, so that she can help Sun find out the D.O.C. of her baby. And, if you watched the episode, you should know that D.O.C. stands for date of conception and is important because, if Sun conceived off-island, she will live, the baby, however, will be Jae's not Jin's, but, if she conceived on-island, then, although it means the baby is Jin's, she wil die. At the station, after explaining to Sun that a male's sperm count is 5 times greater than it is off-island--meaning that Jin could have very well been cured of his infertility, Juliet shows her a hidden storage room behind the lockers that houses all of the equipment that was originally located in other parts of the station. While there, Juliet performs an ultrasound to see and measure Sun's fetus; thus deducing the D.O.C. In the end, the answer is bittersweet because, even though it turns out that Sun was impregnated on-island and, thus, she will die, Sun is elated that the baby is, in fact, Jin's.

    I LOVED this part of the episode because it answered so many questions and seeing Sun and Juliet together was a real treat. The two of them together, Elizabeth Mitchell and Yunjin Kim, make an amazingly talented acting duo. In this part of the story, we learned that Jin is the father of Sun's baby, that Jin was really cured of his infertility (Male's sperm count: 5x greater on-island), that Sun was impregnated on the island, that Juliet has lost 9 patients to this pregnancy "disease," and that the Others have not abandoned the medical station as we had previously thought. Overall, the Sun/Juliet/Pregnancy storyline was put together extremely well, was written with perfection, answered questions while raising new ones, and it was satisfying end to one aspect of Sun's on-island life and a great beginning to her on-island death. Depressing, I know.

    Despite the greatness of the main story, Storyline B was what really made this episode great. Picking up exactly where last week left off, this part of the episode tells of the attempt to save the parachutist's life by Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, Jin and, of course, the not-so-dead Mikhail.

    After discovering that Naomi, the parachutist, is slowly dying due to a punctured lung, the party of 4 attempts to save her life. Even when all seems lost in terms of hope for Naomi, a familiar face with an important skillset appears, shockingly, in front of our 3 survivors + 1 hatch man due to the flare that Hurley accidently launched in the beginning of the episode. After agreeing to help, as long as they let him go, Mikhail treats and Naomi's wounds; thus saving her life. But, right when it seems that Mikhail, like Juliet, was actually trying to help our LOSTies, he attempts to steal the satellite phone. Jin, being the awesome, awesome hitman/quick-thinker that he is, takes Mikhail down after noticing that the satphone has gone missing. Nevertheless, Desmond refuses to go back on his word and still lets Mikhail go free. Finally, in one of the most SHOCKING moments in LOST history, despite it's easily understandable explanations, Naomi tells Hurley that "No. No, Flight 815. They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead." Holy s**t is right!

    Despite the pure goldeness of the main story in this episode, I thought that the story with Desmond, Jin, Hurley, Charlie, Naomi, and Mikhail was much more intriguing, probably because of the last line. Either way, I think this part of the episode really complemented the other because, while the storyline A answered questions, this one raised new ones. More so than the other storyline, the writing and acting was magnificent; especially Henry Cusick. There were also some really great lines such as Mikhail's "As your friend pointed out, I've already died once this week," Charlie's "They started it!" and that entire little interaction between him and Desmond. My favorite theory on Naomi's last line is that it was a cover up by either Dharma, the Others, Hanso, Mittelos, or the government. I really think that is a great answer. Other than that, there isn't really much to talk about in this section because I really have no explanation for why Mikhail is alive (But, as the producers have said, that will be explained in the coming weeks) and everything else is kind of self explanatory. Overall, this part of the episode was pure genius! Pure. Frakkin'. Genius! I love LOST!


    Why didn't people like the flashbacks? I have no idea.

    The flashbacks this week told the story of Sun, soon after she married Jin, and her discovery of his parents.

    In the flashbacks, we learn that Jin's mother is alive and that she was a prostitute, that Sun was the reason Jin was forced to become Mr. Paik's hitman, that Sun knows Jin's father is alive and that she had met him, that she knows what her father really does to get what he wants, and we learned that Mr. Paik is a robot (Seriously, watch the way he moves when he bends down to open the safe. Creepy!)

    The one scene that stood out to me in the flashbacks was the conversation between Mr. Kwon, Jin's father, and Sun. The writing during that scene was really well done, very emotional, revealing, and had superb acting. Because of that scene, the scene between Sun and her father, and the final scene with Jin and Sun, I though these flashbacks were some of the most, in lack of a better word, heartbreaking and they really showed a lot about Jin and Sun's relationship.

    Moreover, I really liked how the flashbacks furthered the theme of Sun being a liar. They didn't overdo it, but it was definitely shown.

    Overall, even though the flashbacks didn't advance the on-island story, they were very entertaining, emotional, well written and somewhat informative.

    Things I Noticed:

    -The story of Jin's father not knowing if the child was his or not was very similar to the on-island story of Jin and Sun. Like Jin's mother, Sun has been with many men and she is not certain if the child is Jin's. I loved the tie-in.

    -"It's not purgatory and they aren't really dead." That's right! In response to this week's episode, Damon Lindelof, himself, said the previous statement. What does it mean? My guess is that there is some huge cover up and everyone in the outside world thinks that the passengers of Oceanic 815 are dead. Oh snap! It could be some big conspiracy or it could even be as simple as a 'white lie' by the government or Oceanic to bring closure to the families of the passengers. It's depressing...

    -The picture of Jin and Sun is different when Jin's mom first points at it and when the camera shows a close up of it.

    -The satphone prop is, obviously, not a full faced touch screen. Look at it when Hurley is 'talking' to his mom at the end of the episode.

    -The beginning of the episode is very reminiscent of the moments before Sun is kidnapped by Charlie in "The Long Con."

    -Mr. Paik is a robot. Watch him bend down to open the case. He totally is.

    -Juliet is very, very, very, very conflicted/complicated. I love it!

    -Naomi says, "I'm not alone," not "Thank you." You can tell that Mikhail knew this and was using the language barrier to his advantage. Just watch his reaction to what she says and you'll see it too.

    -Naomi knows a crapload of languages!


    -MIKHAIL IS ALIVE!?!?!?! What!? Totally awesome!
    -What's really going on with Flight 815?
    -Was Sun right about Jack?
    -Will Sun be saved?
    -How often and why is Juliet making those tape recordings to Ben? Does it have anything to do with "See you in a week?"
    -What kind of samples, Juliet!? Why Kate?!
    -Does Jin know that Sun kind of led to his horrendous job?
    -Which scene was the one that had to be re-shot? (Important, I know)
    -Why is Naomi on the island!?
    -Since Naomi actually said that she wasn't alone, does that mean there was someone else in the helicopter and she doesn't know it crashed?


    Hey, way to go Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz; you really showed that you have talent in writing! I'm not saying they haven't written good episodes, obviously, but you can really tell that they aren't as strong in writing as the Other writers are. Nevertheless, I really liked the writing in this week's episode. It was very emotional and very funny (which is what Kitsis and Horowitz write best--humor, that is).

    -After he shoots off the flare Hurley: Oops...
    -Mikhail: As your friend pointed out, I've already died once this week.
    - (On the satphone) Hurley: Mom?
    -All of the interaction between Mikhail and our LOSTies was really well written

    Next Week on LOST:

    Woo! Locke-centric! It's going to be an on-island flashback so that makes it even cooler! Oh, and it was written by the two geniuses themselves--Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse!!!!! Whoo! Do I smell another Lockdown? Or even a Deus ex Machina, perhaps?

    Based on it's on-island centricity, who it was written by, and how badly I predicted what D.O.C. would be, I'm going to have to say that The Brig is going to have an overall rating between 9.3 and 9.5. Can complainers really be complaining anymore? How can you say this season has been anything less than awesome!? Only 4 freaking weeks until the finale!!!! Aahhhhhh!!!
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