Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • Say it isn't so! Sun must die?? This is also what I would call a catch-22... she won't win either way. But at least it's Jin's and not baldy's. Or should I say, Mr Clean II?

    Yikes. So now we know the origin of the whole Jin the hitman story, that his mommy was a prostitutey, blackmailing crazy-woman, and who the baby's father was! This is sounding a lot like a soap opera, huh? Anyways, in an interview with TV Guide, Yunjin Kim (the actress who plays Sun) answered that it would be the very end of the series when they find out who the baby's father is. Shy a season or two, but still pretty close. But don't we all prefer sooner rather than later? We see a bit more of Juliet's soft side, and her longing to give good news once again, and Mikhail makes a comeback! He's just too awesome to have died, and Carlton kept hinting at his return in the podcast way more than once. But could anyone have thought of the bombshell dropped at the end? DUDE. They're all dead! The interwebbers are going crazy putting up their purgatory theories from the golden days of Season 1 yet again. Gosh, I can't believe we have to WAIT to see what the heck miss Naomi has to tell us now... and please speak in one language, not three. I couldn't tell if it was Portugese or Italian or Spanish or Chinese or what! Well, until 319 The Brig...
    (Let me add a note - I am super super psyched to see The Brig - Sawyer will be bad @$$ and take on a 'common enemy' he and Locke share... my money's on mr. Anthony Cooper...)