Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • :S confused

    Ok first of all i have to say this what the hell is going on with this show, i went from sorta understanding it to not having a clue in a short 40 minutes I have been wraping my brain about it but I cant find an explanation.

    First of all sun finds out what happens to pregent woman then her and juilet go on a trek to the Staff staion (the one kate and claire went to in meternity leave) then they go to a secret room where there is a mmachine the tells her the DOC date of conception then they find out that it was jins baby and not the other guys. She then gets Sun to go wait outside while she hides everything again when she gets a tape recorder out and says "ben its 6am on saterday, Kwon is pregnet, the fetus is healthy was conseved on island with her husbund he was sterol before they got here, i will have samples from the other woman, i should have Austons soon, i will report back when i have more, I hate you" soo Kate is pregnet :0

    Then Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley try to save the girls life who fell from the sky, then Mikal comes out of know where they capture him and make him fix the girl then they let hime go

    in the end Hurley and the girl are talking and she says that they found the plaine 815 and all the survivors were dead another :0.

    so im confused, any ideas message me please im dying to know.