Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • I'm not generally a emotional TV person, but the scene of Sun bursting into tears and slowly forming a smile after being told the results was fantastic.

    OK, lots of elements in this week's episode to discuss.

    First, our dear friend Sun. Yunjin Kim is such a delicate actress. People say she is underused, but I think she's much more powerful in smaller doses, otherwise she would lose the effect. One of the advantages of Lost's large cast is the fact that the characters don't have to be as fully sketched out immediately as other shows, and it means that three years into the show, we are still learning about our island friends. I am really glad that it's Jin's baby (although it would have to be, in order to have any relevance to the Others), and also that Juliet seemed to genuinely want to help her. I'm not generally a emotional TV person, but the scene of Sun bursting into tears and slowly forming a smile after being told the results was fantastic. Juliet's tape recording, followed by a weak "I hate you" was also very telling.

    Her flashbacks were good too. I, however, watch TV in a very "in the moment" manner...I do not try to figure out what's going on, or try to predict events like most people. This means that I am genuinely shocked by surprises that I would assume most people figure out early on, such as the fact that the woman blackmailing Sun was actually Jin's mother. Show of hands of how many people actually knew who the woman was before the reveal.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, our Russian friend Patchy (I mean, Mikhail) makes a mysterious reappearance after previously being zapped by the sonic fence. Although he mentions the island's fast healing powers, could that be the only reason for his survival? That was a pretty gruesome death. And what a time for Desmond to decide to be honorable. For the first time ever, I was cheering for Charlie (see line of the week below). Although Mikhail doesn't seem to be the stool pigeon type, I'm sure he'll reappear again soon.

    And finally, the big shock of the week. I have a small problem with the big ending reveal, not so much with the surprise itself, but that now people all over the world are going to be groaning, saying "so they're all dead? What a rip-off" and crap like that. Of course, they're not all dead (the writers have told us this many times). More likely, the question is who would go to such trouble as to fake a plane wreck and dead passengers. And if it indeed was a setup, wouldn't the friends and family of the Losties know that it wasn't really Flight 815? Or is there something else going on here?

    Next week is a Locke episode complete with "on-island" flashbacks. Looks like we'll learn what happened when he saw his father in the "box" and it also looks like one of my previous theories comes true...

    Line of the week:
    Charlie: You stole [the phone]?
    Mikhail: How could you respect me if I didn't try?
    Charlie: How 'bout I take your other eye? Would you respect that?
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